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  1. Is it suitable for mac? My preferences screen says my resolution is 1280 x 800, tbh I've never really understood or learned about screenresolution
  2. When/if you finally win the league I think it will be the most well deserved top flight win I will have seen on these forums
  3. It's not appearing in the skin drop down on the preferences page for me.
  4. I got 15 points with Burton in the Championship once
  5. Have you considered all Channel Islanders or is it Guernsey only?
  6. You’re playing very wide with a combination of relatively (for the mentality) short and slow passes. I don’t think all of those instructions are conducive to good link up between players
  7. In game editor on a new save after the update. Yeah I’d forgotten that it would have been the WBA editor. Otherwise spot on
  8. Harvey Barnes' PA is only ? It should be significantly higher imo, I appreciate he's not played many games for us but his promise with WBA was very obvious. On the other hand I'd say Choudhury with the same PA figure is too generous. Again caveatted by relatively few minutes but he looks a bit limited to me, very decent ball winner but lacking in other areas.
  9. I've just had my most successful season (probably the only full season I've completed tbh) by getting Bochum promoted as 2. Bundesliga champions but it was an absolute chore. Despite having one of the better technical sides in the division I ended up 1-0ing my way to the title through set pieces and my striker converting a a very difficult chance or spring from a corner every other game. The shot volume from both sides was poor and I didn't concede many open play goals either despite having defensively mediocre fullbacks. My general observations are (I've not read this thread at all this FM iirc): Poor crossing locations and decisions (notably running into the opposition defender before crossing) Lack of forward movement from CMs The understanding of space is frustrating from players Not enough penetrative passing The positive is that defending is much more realistic and it looks more like professional football more often than previous additions but at the cost of enjoyment on my part.
  10. You have a lot of instructions, there's far too many to be able to explain exactly what they do with your system and how they interact with each other
  11. I agree they'll be our main in rivals in years to come because of Forest and Derby's promotion allergy and they're already challenging for 7th too but it's slightly too high in my opinion (and you're more than welcome to disagree, obviously!). Writing this out I've now realised that to;s probably fine as it is actually
  12. December 2018/19 We've signed Tom Bayliss, he's not going to play much yet (if it all tbh) but Mendy is off to Palace whilst Silva and Iborra are both ageing.
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