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  1. Body language is an interesting one, hopefully it doesn’t feel like a meaningless obligation in the same vein as press conferences
  2. I feel like most FM players are purists and we want to play progressive football but sometimes just going direct is the obvious solution. I won 5/5 available trophies in my first seasons with San Lorenzo. If things weren't working I'd often change my Inside Forward to a Wide Target Man, he's not the strongest but he's 6'2 (188cm) and a good header of the ball so dominated most fullbacks, who seem to be especially small in Argentina. It seems a bit unrealistic fiddling with player roles when you can occasionally just play to a specific strength.
  3. Have you had many bids for Fernando? I can't remember reading about any
  4. Increasing attribute masking or adding more ambiguity to external players’ attributes is probably something that should be phased in. It’s unrealistic that after a weeks scouting that you know a player’s natural fitness or concentration. For most clubs now it’s not the manager that says make a bid for player x, maybe the player should encouraged away from that behaviour.
  5. The user has massive advantages over the Ai, even if you're an average player you'll do well in the long term because you'll easily build a better squad than who you're up against. I'd say I'm decent at the game but still find it a struggle to break into the top 4 with Leicester in the first few seasons. This year feels a bit easy compared to others because there's a bit of meta with set pieces and crossing, if you utilise those property you can turn an average team into an unrealistically successful one
  6. Do you have other South American leagues loaded? Quite often in confederations outside of Europe most teams barely have any non-greyed out players which makes continental completion really easy
  7. Joao Fernando might have gotten those injuries anyway, it’s rare that a player goes through a career without a couple of serious ones. The same thing could have happened if he had broken through at 21 instead of 17.
  8. Chelsea bought Pulisic quite a while before he actually joined didn’t they? So it’s not wildly unrealistic.
  9. I’m currently managing in China as part of a Pentagon save and you can only have foreign players on the pitch at any one time. Probably half of the foreign players Chinese clubs buy on FM hardly ever play. Makes it doubly frustrating that players kick up a fuss about leaving.
  10. Junior is still a child and he’s played a lot of senior games with no proper pre-season. Obviously FM is just a game but in those circumstances in real life it wouldn’t be surprising if he was perma-knackered.
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