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  1. I always get bored of managing Leicester but the squad is absolutely laden with talented young players. Hopefully Ndidi, Chilwell, Maddison, Soyuncu, Choudhury, Tielemans and Barnes have got plenty of PA in the tank
  2. A typical FM19 game in my experience is really drab almost irrespective of who I'm managing or who I'm facing. I'll concede I'm a bit boring and don't really deviate from playing on standard or control but that shouldn't mean both sides create hardly any meaningful chances and have generally quite low shot volumes. Personally, the FM18 match engine was my favourite over the last 5 years. I seemed (my perception could be wrong) to have the most variation of play I can remember, I scored and conceded all sorts of goals and nothing struck me as being overly frustrating because it happened time and time again - like crosses getting blocked because the player crosses too late or runs too near the defender.
  3. Click on the player on the tactic screen and when it brings up the player instructions it has attributes on the bottom of that tab
  4. How do you get up the screen on the tactics page where it shows important attributes for the role on the player selected? I stumble upon it and then never remember how to do it again haha Found it
  5. I'd like to have the option to use the same scale for training facilities for attributes. IIRC they're in increments of 2 so (as an example and not actually the real figure) 16-17 is an 'Excellent' finisher. Another positive is that it stops players from thinking somebody with 13 or 14 passing isn't worth a starting berth for their team because they'd be flagged as 'Good' passer or similar. On the whole though the standard of discussion on this thread is superb. @_Ben_ any thoughts on the matter given you non-numerical attributes career save?
  6. You're already overachieving is it realistic to expect more?
  7. I get bored of Leicester saves easily but there's so much potential in our squad it should be fun.
  8. The detail is once again, incredible.
  9. Counterpressing is too effective in it’s current guise, even players with low concentration, teamwork and workrate attributes will regain the ball too often. Even against much better teams it works too well. Does FM still calculate possession via time in control of the ball rather than by passes? It seems as though there’s less instances of sides playing on lower mentalities having unrealistically high possession numbers but it still happens. Another issue when playing against lower mentality teams is that it dies the feel as though composure is weighted accurately. Quite often despite how aggressively you instruct your team to press the opposition defenders can play out with relative ease. For the sake of some balance the introduction of the LOE instruction is great and I’m really pleased with that
  10. I normally laugh off the comments in these threads saying "worst edition ever !!!" but I've been playing since FM14 and this is the most tedious I've played. It definitely improved in the March update but the lack of variety in games is painstaking. Central midfielder movement is especially bad in my save.
  11. Despite a fairly poor league season this came through in my inbox
  12. Has a profile a bit like Pogba’s
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