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  1. It’s a pointless stat and the one I dislike the most in football
  2. Fosse

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    @tomlcfc can you remove "tries to beat offside trap" from Vardy please? The trait sees him caught offside upwards of 5+ times a game whereas he's never averaged more than 2 a game in every season he's played for us. He's going to be played as an attack duty forward by 90+ % players too so as part of his role will do it naturally. Ghezzal seems much slower than 14 A and P and Evans' pace is a bit generous too. Maguire's passing is too high, he's very comoftable on the ball but his passing range and ability is quite ordinary. IIRC he has "knocks ball past opponent" as well but I can't remember ding that in games. Ndidi's positioning is a bit harsh. I'd imagine you've already earmarked Chilwell for changes. Maddison has "shoots from distance" but I don't think he does attempt a particularly high number of long shots. I'm not much of a fan of Mendy IRL but even so his stats are bit stingy, his positioning is 10 in game. Iborra and Silva are a bit too good compared to their performances for us. Admittedly I only watched about 3 U23 games last season but Darnell Johnson seemed very solid and his profile is mediocre in game.
  3. Too many penalties, goals originating from throw ins, set pieces and the second ball of set pieces, Crossing seems unbalanced and dribbling feels too easy. The tactical additions are good, I'm especially enjoying being able to adjust the line of confrontation but the game feels like caricature football, too arcade and akin to Ultimate Team, not realistic and tense football.
  4. Fosse

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Kurt Zouma has 19 (!) acceleration. I haven't watched him often enough to suggest another figure but 19 acceleration should be reserved for the likes of Aubameyang and Yedlin.
  5. I've only played about 8 games of one save but besides a few early games (as Leicester) I'm getting absolutely battered, my tactic isn't particularly attacking and I'd say it's fairly conservative if anything. DLF S AM A WM A CM D CM S WM S FB S CD D CD D FB S (The fullbacks were more aggressive initially but they were being beaten quite high up the pitch or caught out of position) GK D Cautious or balanced and rarely do I use any TIs. I get opened up by dribbling far too easily and I've tried engaging higher and more intensely but that just makes me easier to play around and sitting deeper gives the opposition too much space. Individually my players aren't great but they're mostly mid table standard and I had to turn it off earlier because I just couldn't be arsed seeing my players being waltzed past time after time. I've given out plenty of advice on here, by no means am I an expert but it's massively frustrating to feel so helpless. I'll start another save with a different side because I don't really like playing as us but I thought the familiarity would help, unfortunately not
  6. Dribbling seems too arcadey and unrealistic, I don't have any data but it seems like in every single move a player will successfully take on at least one player
  7. Fosse

    Teams with no trophies

    Bochum haven’t won a major trophy
  8. The worst is that "we should try and put more crosses because we're winning most of our headers today", it totally lacks any context and it makes me wonder why that piece of 'advice' was even put into the game.
  9. You can push me for an answer all you like but I'm going to keep repeating the same thing
  10. Promoted first or second season with a 4141, in a not very interesting turn of events I'm also playing a 4141 with my Bochum save on FM18, finish 5th consecutively and then 4th in the mid 2020s.
  11. Bochum’s squad has been a bit unbalanced for a few years, especially last year. I agree with the consensus that you need more mobility and creativity from midfield but there’s not too many great passers in the squad
  12. Fosse

    3-6-1 A Logical Step

    Manchester United played a 361 of sorts against Spurs which reminded of the same SV article. Your roles and duties seem a bit passive, even on control. The numbers in midfield allow for more variability especially as nobody aside from the forward and AM are going to be routinely in the box.
  13. These things happen in real football too. How many times do you hear commentators say, "You just couldn't write it?"
  14. There isn’t a huge difference between a CM-D and a BWM-D