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  1. Seeing as I've made a few other comparisons already, I'll chip in with another... he looks like a (very!) young Kevin De Bruyne to me.
  2. Ronaldo owns a stake in Valladolid, not sure if that information is of any use tbh
  3. The standard of players is better than I thought it would be for that level
  4. Are there fake shots in the ME? I can’t recall ever seeing one
  5. What happened in the Libertadores?
  6. They don’t have much cash really, have you offered him a new deal? I’m surprised Kristiansunds got relegated, they normally rise up the league
  7. Trautason should absolutely murder the second division. He’s possibly an Eliteserien 15-20 goal a season striker already
  8. Kirby Muxloe neighbours my village, it’s probably 5 miles from Leicester. Oadby is a Leicester suburb too
  9. I’ve long thought that a player’s professionalism should be a bit more obvious in game. You’re the manager you (virtually) work with these players every day and you know who trains well by seeing them and talking to them. Obviously you have no idea about other teams’ players professionalism rating but with your own it should a bit more explicit than tidbits from their personality, media handling style and coach report - it’s a roundabout way to get information you would already know as a manager
  10. Headed goals seem to be part of the meta this year. During a pentagon save in South Africa I had an appalling LM but he was 6’5 so won games by virtue of just being massive and scoring headers at the back post
  11. He’s still only 17 so strength will only increase you’d think. I wouldn’t be overly surprised if he ended up with 14 or maybe 15. His heading is a bit disappointing, it happens far too often with newgens where you get a big unit with truly terrible heading (not that all tall players are inherently good but most are). His bravery might compensate for that to some degree, he’s going to be winning a lot of headers, they’ll just be a bit directionless...
  12. Fernando is going to be great. Combination of his physicality, work rate and technicality will make him a handful. Ibrahimovic is probably the most comparable sort of player I can think of
  13. I think I’d be tempted to give Joao Carlos more direct or increase risky passes as a PI (even though you prefer shorter passes) . Typically full back is the position that gets the most space on the pitch and he’s got the attributes to really hurt teams from a deeper position. He’s not got the legs to get up and down but he could act almost like a DL Enganche haha
  14. The total number of goals seems balanced in game and that’s what SI strive for but it seems to me that because chance creation is flawed the short fall is made up with too many set piece goals, maybe a bit too tin hat-ty but in a short development cycle some comprises have to be made somewhere
  15. It’s brilliant until it gets to the match. The ME feels flowchart-y and predictable and there’s distinct patterns of play that you see occur too often, plus too many set piece goals and the central play is often poor. Besides that it’s the best FM yet but the last ME I liked was 18, I’d be playing that still if it had the tactical instructions available in 20. Your Guadalajara team that barely scored despite a well crafted system and multiple outstanding players sums it up, even if your tactic was basic and just round pegs in round holes, you should have been quite free scoring
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