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  1. Alongside a Sant Andreu save a few years ago this my favourite FMCU save
  2. I’d try giving Alli the get further forward PI, there’s probably a lot of space for him to arrive into
  3. @tomlcfc Leicester's attractiveness is 10 which I feel is slightly harsh, especially when Derby's is also 10. Bournemouth's is 11, the same as... Blackburn
  4. I've tried both, the DWs don't play too differently to WMs. The HB doesn't perform like it does with a 4 at the back system either
  5. I hate it so much. In friendlies I've tried playing very high up to try and avoid the issue of the space in behind the full backs bu we're susceptible to long diagonals in behind. I've trialled playing very deep as well to compress the space but still the wide players don't pick up opposition wingers - I'll have to try the WMs on defend
  6. PF-A/S IW-A* RPM Mez-A WM-A** DM-D WB-S** BPD-D CD-D WB-A** SK-D Is what I'd say is how we played Saturday. * Stay wide ** roam from position Vardy (or any striker with it it) is frustrating of FM because of his tries to beat the offside trap trait, his positioning is too high up regardless of role
  7. I had that on one of these challenges previously, I don't mind using that but would prefer a different one
  8. Is it suitable for mac? My preferences screen says my resolution is 1280 x 800, tbh I've never really understood or learned about screenresolution
  9. When/if you finally win the league I think it will be the most well deserved top flight win I will have seen on these forums
  10. It's not appearing in the skin drop down on the preferences page for me.
  11. I got 15 points with Burton in the Championship once
  12. Have you considered all Channel Islanders or is it Guernsey only?
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