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  1. I've just had my most successful season (probably the only full season I've completed tbh) by getting Bochum promoted as 2. Bundesliga champions but it was an absolute chore. Despite having one of the better technical sides in the division I ended up 1-0ing my way to the title through set pieces and my striker converting a a very difficult chance or spring from a corner every other game. The shot volume from both sides was poor and I didn't concede many open play goals either despite having defensively mediocre fullbacks. My general observations are (I've not read this thread at all this FM iirc): Poor crossing locations and decisions (notably running into the opposition defender before crossing) Lack of forward movement from CMs The understanding of space is frustrating from players Not enough penetrative passing The positive is that defending is much more realistic and it looks more like professional football more often than previous additions but at the cost of enjoyment on my part.
  2. You have a lot of instructions, there's far too many to be able to explain exactly what they do with your system and how they interact with each other
  3. I agree they'll be our main in rivals in years to come because of Forest and Derby's promotion allergy and they're already challenging for 7th too but it's slightly too high in my opinion (and you're more than welcome to disagree, obviously!). Writing this out I've now realised that to;s probably fine as it is actually
  4. December 2018/19 We've signed Tom Bayliss, he's not going to play much yet (if it all tbh) but Mendy is off to Palace whilst Silva and Iborra are both ageing.
  5. November & December 2018/19 I don't know what to do, the life has drained out of me and the squad, there's no movement or vibrancy despite me watching games on full mostly. I think I'll have to change formation rather than tweaking mentality and instructions because it's just not happening. I can't argue with that.
  6. I think Spurs is a weird one, personally there's other teams I dislike more than them - I could perhaps understand the bitterness from some sections of our support if they'd pipped us to the title but they didn't but appreciate generally our fans dislike them. I'd say Birmingham City (as an example rather than a specific team) are about the same level as Northampton (if not more of a game I'd look forward to), a local game but not really a rivalry. I don't think I've ever met a Cobblers fan. Peterborough is probably fair enough as it is, its very much one sided but its nice to get one over them. Stoke, I agree there's a bit of needle there and about right. I'd say most Leicester fans I know ( another caveat I know) don't mind them at all. Wolves rivalry rating is too high imo, there's a bit of history with Walsh & Bull, MacGhee etc and we're similar sides now but again I think most of our fan base don't really care
  7. @tomlcfc I think some of our rivalries could do with being reviewed. Portsmouth for example developed through being similarly placed sides in the 90s but there's no rivalry to speak of now. Northampton and Notts County aren't rivalries they're just local and we never play them anyway unless it's a friendly.
  8. October 2018/19 Kettering are in the same division as Coalville and Barwell, I wanted one of them
  9. October 2018/19 Poor starts for Coalville and Barwell.
  10. October 2018/19 I'm a bit surprised to the board agreed so soon, but Susan Whelan (CEO) is slightly in favour of promoting youth players which was also the philosophy I requested immediately after starting which I suppose helped.
  11. September 2018/19 A much better month than August, bizarrely we gave a penalty away in each game aside from the Cardiff one where we missed one ourselves. The scenes we like to see. Gomez is probably there because of the brace he scored against us. This also happened, Bruno Berner is a former left back of ours - it's a bit odd I always play as him but y'know it just feels more natural than a scrawny 21 being a top flight manager.
  12. September 2018/19 A much improved performance and result once again, we gave a penalty away for the third game running and fortunately Schmeichel saved the second penalty he's faced in a row. They didn't really threaten aside from Benteke being a massive b*stard and some set pieces but our issue was creating good chances as Barnes picked the ball up in our half and basically did this from our half to the goal: except the barging. Maddison scored from Barnes laying the ball off with his thigh I think which was werid, Maddison added his second with a nice curling strike from outside the box.
  13. I've thought about doing a SWOT analysis before too haha, one of my favourite ever threads on here - keep it up!
  14. It's certainly difficult, that's why I've given myself a target of having the squad being Leicester(shire) born in 5 seasons time, thinking about it might not be long enough - if I'm struggling too much then it'll become a youth only save instead or perhaps opened up to the East Midlands (wouldn't really want to be playing players born in Nottingham or Derby though ). I've been following Barnes career very closely since I watched him make his debut in our 5-0 thrashing in Porto, he was MK Dons best player and every Barnsley fan I've ever met in Sheffield (one) has loved him. He ran over to the away fans for that goal didn't he? That's what we all wanna see. You're right about James, tidy player but he's a perma-crock unfortunately
  15. September 2018/19 September gets off to a much better start, we were still probably the worst side on the balance of play but we caught them on the counter well. We were all over the shop with defensive set pieces so if training it specifically doesn't improve matters I'll have to rejig them. Barnes scored a tidy finish, had one narrowly rules out for offside and generally impressed; earning him a spot in the TOTW. What a boy.
  16. August 2018/19 A spectacular start. We were second best and unbelievably porous conceding well over 60 shots across the 3 competitive games, our setup is fairly balanced but chopping and changing has costed us so far. The Palace game was entirely my fault as Josh Knight proved he's nowhere near ready.
  17. I hadn't seen this thread until now, great stuff. My own FMCU mirrors a lot of the local stuff but not sure I have the patience or the will to do spreadsheets
  18. See this is this the sort of stupid inconsistency I thought would blight this save I've used the editor to recall Harvey Barnes and George Thomas because what good is the club enacting a La Cantera policy if our best two attacking players are on loan? *New rule* To further display my inconsistency (or ineptitude, if you like) I'm adding a new rule which make it less easy to skirt around my own rules and that the matchday 18/matchday squad should always have at least on player that is born in Leicestershire (or Harvey Barnes ). Preseason 18/19 Mostly to gain fitness, cancelled a load of friendlies in China bar the obligatory game I couldn't cancel because I didn't want to do so much travelling - but it turns out it was a training camp and I'm an idiot. The other games weren't as easy as I'd hoped but we had quite a few players retuning late from the World Cup. Darnell Johnson, Josh Knight and Hamza Choudhury featured a lot which is a step in the right direction.
  19. KDH and Darnell Johnson are both born in Leicestershire, not listed in game though
  20. I'll sign this lad, not that he's any good but he was the year above me at school and I if pay slightly over the odds and loan him back - it'll swell their coffers and hopefully set them on their way up the leagues I'll do the same for Loughborough Dynamo and Barwell
  21. Set up a scouting filter to have a scan at players that meet the criteria, Che Adams and Tom Bayliss are the pick of the bunch but I'm not convinced of their ability to play at a higher level, unfortunately.
  22. The rules and objectives The long term aim is to have a squad full of players born in Leicestershire Always have at least one player that meets the criteria in the the matchday squad Unable to purchase any players that aren't born in Leics (however I can renew the contracts of existing players) Harvey Barnes is a definite exception, despite being born in Burnley (because his dad, Leicester-born Paul Barnes was playing for Burnley at the time) is a fan of the club and grew up here. Oliver Burke spent his formative years in Melton Mowbray as far as I'm aware so he's another exception. I'm also toying whether or not to make myself unsackable for amount of time after 2023 but it'll be very much an emergent save I feel . The squad Disappointingly only one first teamer is Leicester born (Choudhury) and I had to promote him from the U23s in game! Josh Knight has the potential to be but he's not ready for league football yet. I neglected to mention George Thomas is out on loan at Scunthorpe too And here's the main man, I cannot recall him from his loan which is a shame (I since have).
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