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  1. I think it's a bit one way unfortunately. I think it would grow a bit as a rivalry though in the circumstances that have happened on my save - frequently the only local games both sides ever play.
  2. Janvier 2026 This month I am totally braced for the departure of my young defender Triantafyllos Goutidis. I promised him he could go if we got in a replacement, but I've left myself in this peculiar scenario where I have actually signed his replacement (for a club record too), I'm just waiting to see if anybody comes in for him late on. We're covered regardless of what happens, though I am tempted to create the situation where we have both players - we're genuinely fighting for promotion here and this really has presented itself as such a super opportunity. In-fact, I had agreed £1.
  3. They're Annecy's local rivals. Always pulls in our biggest crowd of the season.
  4. This'll be interesting to compare progress. I'm genuinely really enjoying this save. I think it helps when you try and make it a long term thing and actually keep a bit of a diary (well, thread) on what's happened. It was reading a thread on here that prompted it essentially.
  5. Might this be the year... This is getting very interesting now. I'm at the winter break and things look better than I imagined they would have done. We've definitely hit a couple of issues in what's been our weakest month of the season there. The good home form was given a bit of a return to the usual with a 0-1 defeat to Dijon, but we made up for it in the next two games. Clermont was a bit of a shambles, 3-0 down early on and all over the place for a while, but we did nearly come back. Rennes is a tough one to judge, they have made a poor start to life in this le
  6. There was a point where it did just feel like I could do no wrong, watching my team of average third tier level players go away to far better sides and outplay them for large periods felt almost unrealistic. It's levelled out though which is good.
  7. Well well well... It took just seven games of this season to match last seasons tally of 4 wins at home. A perfect record in Annecy - exactly the kind of fundamental basis we need to launch an actual promotion bid. I think it's too early to say we will definitely be involved, but we have a chance, there are plenty of players I expected to use (Vassi and Rastoder in particular) that I haven't really yet. Not just the results but the performances have been superb as well. Troyes was a poor display and the only one of the season so far, and Nancy I've come to the c
  8. An interesting summer It's been a strange one. Issahaku Hammond's departure turned out to be quite a bad tempered one. I had spent a bit of time putting together the contingency plan and I felt Hammond could bring in the biggest fee I'd received for a player yet given it was the likes of Southampton and Lyon expressing an interest. I offered him out, which he was livid about, totally unreasonable for me apparently to offer him out given he won't sign a new deal and has just a year left, and would've no doubt kicked off if I had turned down a bid. Anyhow, it was Southampton he joined, and
  9. I'm going to start making more use from the loan market. I have been avoiding loads as I don't like become too dependant on them, but I think if you can bring in somebody with a view to getting them permanently it's worth it. I think maybe limit myself to 2 a season. I've just brought in a striker on loan who is my best striker and what has it cost me? £250k for a year in wages and that's it. That's nothing really given what we'll get back. Our sustainability does rely on us buying, and selling good youngsters. Hammond's departure has covered this year. I think we have landed a couple of
  10. We've done some super work with regarding recruiting staff. They seem to accept every suggestion I have to improving the coaching or the scouting. I would argue we have first team staff at the level of a Ligue 1 club.
  11. So true. There was a point though where I genuinely felt I could do no wrong. I do look back at that period on this save and wonder quite how we were doing it. We have a comfortably better side now and struggle to hit heights like those. Cheers also. I think next season may be a bit too early, especially with Rennais dropping that's one place gone immediately, but the year after, that is the aim.
  12. SEASON REVIEW 2024/25 (SEASON 5) Player of the season / top scorer What is usually a very dull section dominated by one man, this season we saw a significant change as Romain Spano went from the key attacking player to barely even holding down a place. Leandro Cardoso took the top scorer award with 16 goals, delivering a very good first season at the club. I think what's happened here really is a sign that we have strengthened. The player of the season was Issahaku Hammond, quite comfortably as well, averaging 7.16, scoring 10 and assisting 7 from the right wing. The experiment sunk
  13. At least someone was! Southampton now strongly interested. Sad that we're inevitably going to lose him but we might be able to take in a really good fee here.
  14. We're just really ordinary. That's fine. That's an overachievement. But there are some quite worrying trends I spot with us, and I need to have a serious rethink about how we approach home games. We are routinely good away but awful at home. Our record this season is... Home | 4-4-8 Away | 7-7-3 In-fact, since we arrived in Ligue 2, our records are... Home | 20-19-34 Away | 28-25-21 Now lets be fair, that away record is actually quite remarkable for us. To win more than we've lost is very strange, but we're clearly doing something right there. But that home re
  15. Cheers. Had a relegation release clause upon Laval dropping last year, looked at him in the summer but left it, but I think we're a bit lacking in quite a few positions he plays and he's just a good all-round player. We have got to sort out our home form. Never been good enough at home.
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