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  1. Season review - 2020/21 (Season 1) So the season has been completed, and, well... We did it. Our first ever trophy in our first ever final. It was a pretty poor performance in the final but we did what we had to, yet another side that has proven it can grind it out when needs be. We did very well really, we did dodge Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, but we had to win away at just about everyone else decent so we've definitely earned it. This means Europa League next season as well. The league campaign was also quite productive when all is said
  2. Sheer madness I don't think I've ever seen a month quite as crazy as April 2021 on my save, considering we have nothing to really play for, just get a load of this! 7 games 3 wins 4 defeats 5 games had a 4+ difference 19 scored 12 conceded 7 wins in a row for Sivasspor before coming here 7 for Isaac Kiese Thelin Sadly, just one goal off the all-time record win for the Turkish league as Besiktas recorded a 10-0 win in the 80s. That was quite extraordinary though. I keep saying it - we seem to have this real tendency to batter someone, well this wa
  3. I kept saying it - but we're playing really well. Yet another very good performance at home and once again, Isaac Kiese Thelin bags a hatful. He's the form striker of the league. I'm at a point where I think it's hard to not make a real effort to keep him. Problem is, his parent club Anderlecht can't overlook this, they will probably try and keep him.
  4. What planet are this lot on? How do they seriously go from those expectations this season to that next season? Whilst I think we might get a European spot next season, it is mental to expect us to challenge for the title already. Give it another 3 years.
  5. Squad analysis As this summer is quite a key one, I'm going to throw the players into three different categories, largely to familiarise people with some of the squad I guess really. To stay, still to be decided, to go... To stay Haris Hajradinovic (CAM) - Probably our best player, a typical creative number 10 Ozil type of player, obviously not as good, but I gave him a new deal earlier in the season. Aytac Kara (CM) - Has performed really well, two footed and quite well-rounded in his game. He does have the big game bottlejob syndrome (that said, scored a last gasp
  6. Nice try, but unfortunately for SI, it was totally expected as a seasoned player, I know their game by now, better luck next year. Although £500mil probably wouldn't be able to cover the wages Galatasaray and Fenerbahce will pay out to Premier League has beens in the next couple of years! As for Kasimpasa - we're actually really doing quite well, I'm genuinely quite impressed, and we've already earned our first crack at some silverware. The league form is improved for the most part, but most impressively... We've had an excellent run to
  7. A bit of an update... Not a great deal to really say, as stated this season was always a bit of a nothing season to me because we're playing with a squad that I see no future here for 90% of them - and that's either because they're not good enough, high wages, or foreign, or in some cases, all of those. That's not to say I will get rid of everybody immediately who comes under one of those categories, but I think if you come under two of them, you're gone, and very few of my squad are safe in my opinion. We're doing basically as expected. An outside b
  8. I'd consider doing that. I like the idea of finding players from those kind of areas, problem is there's no benefit to it in that I am limited by rules in how many foreign players I can have. There's a similar rule in Russia, but the difference in Russia is that Belarusians aren't considered as foreign whilst Turkey's is just simply Turkey. I've potentially got my first signing coming and it's an Ivorian!
  9. I must have some kind of link to Erdogan, I did Basaksehir before totally unaware of the link there and now this too, I noticed their ground was named after him after I'd already got it running, when the idea all along was just to pick what seemed like a middle of the road Turkish side. I think by default you have to focus on Turkish talent somewhat, but the method in this madness is going to be similar to what I did at Annecy, and most other clubs, I just can't resist scouring for those bargains and the fact there's no restriction on non-EU is a help as it means we can actually bring in
  10. The rules and details in Turkey - The top tier which we are in has 21 teams for this season, having done some research, it before had 18 teams but due to the covid hit 2019/20 season, they stopped relegation for a year yet still allowed the three teams to come up. From next season there will be 20 teams, with 4 going down this season to be replaced by 3 coming up. - There is a rule of 16 foreign players in the squad. We currently have dead on 16. - There are rules relating to two things in-particular that catch my eye. Your match squad must contain a Turkish goalkeeper, and your
  11. Welcome to the new save. I had been thinking of doing one a bit like this for a while, but we move to Turkey. I am sure plenty read it, but the most recent save was with FC Annecy in France. That turned into one of my best saves, possibly ever really, I achieved both cup and league success sooner than I expected to, but in a quite sad way (and I can testify this as a Leicester fan), when you've hit the summit, there is a bit of a feeling of... now what? Things were still going well, but it just wasn't quite as satisfying anymore unfortunately. It was on the whole however a big success.
  12. To be honest, I think I'm done with this save now. I'll explain quickly what's happened. --- Strasbourg 1-1 Annecy - blew it late. Annecy 3-3 Lorient - 3-1 up late on, blew it. Nantes 2-1 Annecy - Took the lead in the first minute, blew it and lost to a rubbish side. --- This leaves us 4th and pretty much guaranteed to finish in the Europa League. To be honest, I think winning the league has killed this save, I just can't be bothered. I need to be progressing and we've stagnated. I just haven't really got the patience anymore and think it's time for a new sav
  13. Ndiaye is shown below, I quite like him actually, don't think he's anything special, but he's not bad either and could prove to be an option. A lot of the idea with improving your facilities is simply to improve even your lesser players. Whilst Ndiaye was never considered the joker in the pack for me, he will probably forge a decent career at Ligue 1 level, as will probably a few of them. Ndiaye actually reminds me of a bit of a mix of Rafael and Fougeu. I've been under the impression that the star rating rates your players according to the rest of your squad, rath
  14. Strange... The only word I can really use to describe this last few games. We have yet another win over Marseille, but followed it up with what I can only sadly describe as probably the most pitiful result in my tenure, and that includes two cup defeats to third tier sides. Given we're chasing a Champions League spot, just how the hell do you go down 2-1 at Troyes who had NINE points. Caught by a new manager bounce is my immediate excuse, but there's still no serious excuse we can make for not putting them away. Such a damaging result. We've then beaten Dijon 3-0, but matchday 33 has
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