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  1. 2028/29 season review - season 9 The last few games were a bit boring as by that point there was nothing to play for. We beat Toulouse, lost at Marseille (who eventually won the league for the first time since 2010, and the first time PSG haven't won it since 2017) before draws with Bordeaux and Nice, to eventually finish 7th in the table. I've real mixed feelings about this going forward. I think it's a good league finish, I mean, it is our highest ever, and the obviously really important side of the season was we won a trophy way before I expected to get our hand
  2. April 2029 Well this was the month of our biggest ever game. I wanted Europe through league position after a really bright start but things really were beginning to slip away from us after a poor March, and this month was the chance to turn it around, but really, I just wanted that cup above all now. I mean that would get us into Europe anyway, but actual silverware is always the priority at the end of the day. You're in it to win trophies. The thought that FC Annecy could get their hands on a trophy was a wild one, yet here we are. The problem is, going into the game, we look absolu
  3. I think centre back. Maybe ensure is given sufficient protection as he's a bit lacking defensively but he's got a good personality so I expect him to improve all-round, he's also quick and decent on the ball. He will make errors but I think in time he'll become very good.
  4. Likewise! Hopefully it goes a little better than March. I can forgive the PSG loss, the third straight 2-0 defeat at the Parc des Princes, as I made a load of changes to an already knackered team, but the next two results were infuriating. Monaco was just plain rubbish from us from a defensive point of view even if we did create quite a bit ourselves (and if we're searching for positives, at least Jimborean scored again). The Rennes defeat however was a total error from me. 1-1 at half time and I left the game playing without realising - no subs made as 10 man Rennes (r
  5. Well well well, this has all gotten a bit interesting again December was a fantastic month that convinced me we really have to get Europe of some form this season, we were flawless and produced possibly our most impressive win yet - beating the league leaders at home. We got a bit fortunate at Bordeaux but I'm sure I'll cope. We made hard work of Beziers for a while but a much changed side took them apart in the end and should've won far more comfortably than we did. I had no idea what this would be the start of though. For some reason,
  6. Your left back is a typical FM to me - he is good and I'd 100% persist with him but you do wish there was a bit more of an end product with these players, it's infuriating that often the best way is to retrain a midfielder to play there, though that's kind of what Liverpool did with Alexander-Arnold. I suppose the crossing is the only 'meh' thing really though as he's good at everything else and is still only 20. Beard is a quality all-round player - I notice he comes as well from TNS. What is it about that club? I'm convinced they're the best club on this game to get a bargain from. Gout
  7. This is not a drill Shock news coming out - FC Annecy sell out a game!
  8. I do keep things relatively simple and I think I make up ground on the other clubs simply by being very prudent in the transfer window. I'm very fussy with spending money a lot of the time and I'll hold it against myself if a big money signing doesn't quite work out. Tactically I really find you don't have to do anything too special. I quite like putting them in a pretty sensible formation, applying a couple of fundamentals like a higher tempo and higher pressing, but nothing too drastic, I don't want to micromanage how and where the players pass the ball, I want players who'll make good decis
  9. I'll have to have a real read through again and put some context to it. I did have a look at some of your Grenoble players and signings and it felt similar to me in the sense that you were getting a lot from a little - a lot of players who look average at Ligue 2 level have proven to be a success in Ligue 1, maybe playing in a steady set up with an all-round positive feel about the club works even better on this than in previous versions. It's not to say your players were poor, from what I saw, just more that they're producing more than you would expect, similarly to a lot of ours really.
  10. I need to have a proper read of yours again sometime soon. Skimmed through the whole thing at once. Have you played on much further? What year are you in? I think every transfer both in and out you just simply have to weigh up everything. I don't stick rigily to signing younger players but they just tend to make the most economical sense - but Duplexe Tchamba for example, 29 years old, not wanted by Toulouse who we finished ahead of, but he ticked enough boxes for me to make the move and it's worked out. I've said a few times in here but the Hurtado sale at Las Palmas, whilst a shame, was
  11. Big news this month - Andoni Rentero has left the club for China. It's a tricky one. I didn't want to lose him, but there are a number of reasons I've gone for it. - Their initial offer was £6mil. I thought it was ridiculous but I know Chinese clubs have stupid money so I kept trying to negotiate for about £30mil. They caved in at £20mil rising to £25mil. Which is a new record sale. - He's good, but he's not completely irreplaceable anymore. In-fact, Jimborean's probably outperformed him on the left. - This season, though his rating is good, his actual at
  12. I switch between three, but they're all relatively similar, generally based upon availability of players and the level of my opposition. I do play this game however which I try and 'throw' the opposition somewhat by switching between two very similar systems, but throwing it asymmetrical to the other formation. I will show you what I mean in a minute. I have my 'attacking' system which is this. Simply employed against teams I think we're better than, of which there are evidently a growing number of them. But we still have to be careful. It's very open and I do thin
  13. You know when you feel things have clicked... Well here we are. I said I felt great about summer, but was I about to look an idiot? I'll be honest, I was quite confident that we would have a good season. So far, so it has proven. We started the first two months really well. Nice was a good test on the opening day as it's a decent side, but a beatable one, and we passed the test with flying colours. Lorient I may have spoken about before but they are the most bonkers team in this league - they play this completely open 3-4-3 formation and it leads to frequent games
  14. Summer 2028 This was always going to be the interesting one. We survived our late scare last season after cashing in on Goutidis and now sit in Ligue 1 with a decent amount to spend, something we've never really had before at this level, so really - this in theory has to be the summer where we make some real strides forward and bring in some quality. Well, the first move, funnily enough was a bit of a type of signing I would make as a struggling side, but one that made sense simply by virtue of how well he fits and how much we needed an alternative. Duplexe Tchamba joins for £525k fr
  15. 2027/28 review - season 8 First of all, just to conclude how it finished. We were fine. The Nantes win set it up, and the Toulouse win sealed our survival. We have survived the inevitable second season slog, with a bit of money in our pocket - with facilities improvement on the way. It's positive stuff, even if the season was very much up and down on the pitch. The key performers It's becoming a bit of a theme - but once again I find Breyton Fougeu is the top scorer and Andoni Rentero wins player of the season. Rentero was particularly impress
  16. Agree on both counts. Better will become available to us but I think for where we're at they're both fine, but this summer we may be able to upgrade.
  17. Think your assessment is fair. I saw him loan listed in Ligue 2 and he was comforably better than my best striker at the time so I got him in, and he did that well that I made it permanent. I do think he lacks an all-round game, I'd describe him as probably a bit of a poor mans Timo Werner (in form!), that kind of style, obvious limitations but lethal if you can keep getting him in behind, which is why I think he's so effective on his day. This season is very odd in terms of his performance. He's finished on 17 goals, but he only scored in 7 games.
  18. This is him. For some context, this is my other striker, Samuel Amaro. I like both players but I do think we'll eventually need upgrades. I do have my eye on a very interesting striker this season - will largely depend on budgets if we get him in.
  19. You're not wrong. He was phenomenal last season, he seemed to score every other game, but he's been largely disappointing this season and has boosted his goals tally with two ridiculous games. Has a player ever hit 6 goals and 4 goals in games in the same season? He was one off matching an all time Ligue 1 record with the 6 goal haul. I like Fougeu, absolutely lethal when he's on it, but he hasn't been for a lot of this season. In fairness to him though, we don't really create enough. I think it's just a symptom of having for the most part, not particularly great players for this level. I
  20. I never learn - stop doubting this lot! Incredible. The first half an hour was so embarrassingly abject yet it felt like as soon as we had a chance, Nantes just totally fell to bits. Fougeu when he turns up is absolutely ridiculous. He's scored 10 of his goals in 2 games.
  21. Pain in Paris Well it's bad news in the cup. Despite taking the lead in the second half, we succumed to a 2-1 loss to Paris and exit the cup in the quarter finals. Whilst this is my best ever cup performance at Annecy, it's comfortably my most frustration - and that was only compounded by Paris running into 2nd tier Le Havre at home in the semi finals, so I think we've seriously passed up a chance at a cup final here. They don't come around very often. The game itself, we were a bit unlucky, we had the better of it but losing both Rentero and Fougeu was always likely to hit us in one
  22. Kid in a sweet shop In all seriousness that's very harsh, but the departure of Goutidis leaves a big gap in defence and we did have a number of potential targets lined up. We ended up buying our second choice - welcome to Annecy Jakub Janek! He was, admittedly, the second choice after the first one turned us down due to our league position, which I found a little odd from somebody playing in Colombia who was willing to join us in the summer despite the prediction of 18th, and we now sit 11th, but each to their own. Janek joins for a club record of £2.3mil from his
  23. It's happened - Goutidis has gone. The biggest fee received in the clubs history and by some distance too, £15mil that could rise - as well as 40% of any profit Villa make. I'm sad to lose him, he's typified everything good about us in the last few years, a bit rough round the ages, a bit flawed, but improved beyond belief and is really going places, hardly ever let us down. What a superb use of £10k.
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