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  1. just because Juve have signed some decent players doesnt make it so that the entire serie a does aswell, the milan teams have been signing crap in RL now for years.
  2. Patrick Cutrone scores for fun in the scottish league, he is available on loan and will join permanent if all goes well.
  3. If the agent has a bad opinion of you its harder to get a deal negotiated, sacking said agent lets you get someone else who will be easier to deal with.
  4. Hey Ross I would put him straight in with sub appearances or cup games, in Scottish leagues i am blooding in the youths in first team games and they come on leaps and bounds
  5. other thread creator didnt put half the effort into his post that you did mate.
  6. Im in 2023 with rangers, my favourite player by a long distance is patrick cutrone, he banges in 30 a season without fail every year.
  7. This one at least has some time put into it, maybe a mod can merge them or something.
  8. here is a guy you can get for free in first season.
  9. its just changing some stuff in the editor, quick guess would be rep increase and sugar daddy status on the chairman (going by the investment sponsership saving deal)
  10. So far with valencia this tactic has won me the europa league and then the champions league a season later, my team isnt world class either but my strikers are scoring for fun, negredo scored 53 in all competitions and angelo henriquez got 42 across all competitions. I still havent won the league yet, but last season 3 points seperated me in 3rd from winners barca, with my team having the best goal difference by a huge margin. Top marks Mr Rosler, this is the best tactic i have used for many a FM version.
  11. Most are pretty huge, but if you had one for last years version you can just move that to the new game and it works.
  12. processing speed has gotten steadily slower, didnt really notice until i played fm09 a few weeks ago when i couldnt get steam going.
  13. 350 hours so far and i think 200 of those has been fairly recently, took a long time to get into a long term save on this years version. 789 is my most played, that was on FM12
  14. Only use subs if someone picks up and injury or if someone is performing really badly (below 6.0)
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