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  1. Mate I had a Darlington save which was full of useless crap that nobody else wanted or looked at. Basically just Sunderlands rejects because of an affiliate link with players like Jack Diamond. Absolute sensational legend for me always 10+ goals even 10+ assists some seasons and entertaining player but the downside was, Darlington are skint and I would love to have sold a bunch of players I had like that but I couldn't because they were actually rubbish. I even had him on long term deal and his value still stayed really low despite being 1 of the best in the league. A lot of pros and cons to these kind of players but very enjoyable and satisfying to being able to get the most out of them.
  2. Yeah, that was my first thought but as it happened last season as well i thought my ass man was a moron so i have signed Sam Vokes as my new number 2 now lol. June 2022 i am in now.
  3. Thanks man, I don't suppose you know why my players do not go on holidays at the end of the season?
  4. They got relegated 2nd season on a Man Utd save i had so i brought Chilwell Ndidi and Maddison for 110m lol. Onto my Salford update ... We are going up, say we going up, We are going up, say we going up !!! Eieieio Up the football league we go. I love the drama this save is giving me. Pre-Season was an actual nightmare, My assistant manager Chris Lucketti decides to start pre-season just after my final game and has done the same this season as well, Is this a bug or is he just rubbish? Adding to that nightmare was my player CA stars which all seemed very low like across the board 2.5 stars but with abit of form i got most of them back up again. I also couldn't find pretty much know body to sign and James Garner couldn't be reloaned. All i did was loan Callum Gribbin and sign Callum Hulme on a free from Leicester. I couldn't decide on Daniel Kemp, Anthony Giorgiou so they accepted but then i cancelled. Beni Baningime wouldn't coming on loan deciding to move for 8m to Napoli who then listed him for loan to anyone but me. I also had Stadium expansion meaning we moved to Salford City Stadium which i believe is where the Rugby league team play until March. Despite only 2 signings and a bunch of signings from my head of youth who all sat in my youth squads and nothing special i actually had my best start to a season so far. The table quickly took shape with Preston 8 pts clear and me in 2nd 5 pts ahead of Bristol Rovers around october/november time. With Haugaard unhappy Alfie Whiteman was now in goal until a hip injury forced me to put big Jakob back in goal. Eventually just before january after some solid displays he decided Salford was his home he wanted to stay and i gave him a new deal. A happy ending meaning i now know i have 2 solid keepers with Camm still my HGC sub. I had wanted a more natural ball playing defender but could only really achieve Ed Francis who was left footed as well, great, but i didn't against it. Baldwin and Oconnor took a more back seat rule as there touch passing n vision is very bad. Previously i had been rotating my hole squad so every gets sameish minutes but the CAs where scaring me so Hughes and Streete played nearly all year. I am also suffering a lot of injuries at FB/WB so Osei-Tutu arrived in jan who ended up being LB until he got sent off with a game to go. Midfield is where i like to play. My wingers are development pride. Buckley-Ricketts and Dearnley had spells upfront to rest JJ and i saw enough in Gwargis and Bowler last season to keep them another year on loan but what my signings of Hulme and Gribbin did was allow me to have 2 right footed playmakers and 2 left with Charsley and Walker and also had Gribbin IW and Walker Winger at times to play Hulme and Thorpe in the middle in a creation overload for JJ. I had written off Thorpe and a number of my players last season and pre-season but they all came into their own this year. I know the squad so well now, i know where i can move players in game to get me a goal or who can make an impact off the bench when i need it most and once i got on role i looked unstoppable. Pozo come in in January to rest Thorpe mainly, he was rubbish. Upfront with Rooney gone JJ doubled up in games and won the golden boot in a very clinical improvement but he also signed a new deal at Arsenal meaning another loan is a must. Sinclair janaury signing was ok, mainly penalties. Overall i'm pretty happy with everyones goals and assists but this team has no chance staying in the Championship. The run in was a tired mix of disaster and injuries. Massive february and moving back to the Penenisula was awful. Needing a draw and Charlton to lose last day was a real nail biter with morale absolutely shot and the last 3 all away from home i thought i wasn't going to do it but i think i got a bit lucky. I was top in spells but Preston centurions deserve the title. Target next season is to make a start on breaking up this team. Ball playing defenders, Ball winner, New playmakers and wingers, new strikers, i still haven't tested my 4231. The contracts are all renewed so it will be a case of signing what i can and ditching these heroic players. 1.67m transfer budget is nice as i have spent 0 money yet. 117k wages is a 33k boost. I can adjust it to 4m but i think i'm going to stick with free's and loans for next season.
  5. Yeah, i kicked off the last game in 4th and ended up 9th so gutted. I also forgot to mention after i got promoted i rejected 500k for Tom Walker from Hull and now start of this season rejected 150k for Jakob Haugaard from Tenerife. It's so good the chairmen are actually allowing me to reject bids because the core group of players i have i absolutely love.
  6. Thanks mate, Update above from my first year, slightly gutted but we march on.
  7. Thanks for your support lads, Really enjoying this save, Season 2 update below: Season 2020/21 9th in League 1 The fairytale almost continued, As you can see i only needed to draw John Terry's Rotherham on the last day for a place in the play-offs, Tottenham's Jack Clarke did his best to help me out but i fell at the last hurdle. It might not be a bad thing as i can continue to build the squad and the club. The first half of the season was pleasantly surprising but i noticed everytime i got near the play-off i started dropping points and falling away again so i got Joe Garner on a great no wage loan deal to try and take me to that next level and it worked as i spent most of the last months in the play-off spots until the last day unfortunately. As i said before it's still a very good season because i am way off Championship level. The board has announced stadium expansion costing 3m. With some massive clubs in League 1 i was expecting a much lower finish so im very happy. Transfers were quite slow moving. I signed up Hughes and Baldwin on permanent deals after their loan spells and renewed Kitolano and Tyreece John-Jules then i didn't really know where to buy and where to stay loyal. Players like Ravel Morrison were interested but i couldn't stretch the wage budget enough to accommodate them. Aaron Phillips a playmaker chose Burton in the Championship and i was trying my best to get hold of Freddie Woodman but couldn't get deals over the line. Aidan O'Niell was another player but i had work permit issues. Burgess went back to Scunthorpe and no transfer/loan deal seemed viable. Next update ill show my staff so far, The Head of Youth loves signing players lol. Ryan Loft became the new target man but i couldn't get rid of Ranger so he sat in U23s. Cameron Borthwick-Jackson was a long drawn out deal but i really wanted him to replace Dan Jones. CBJ did break his ankle early season so Jones got a few games before he left for a small sum. Peter Gwargis replaced Thomas-Asante whom i placed on the development list with Kian Yari but there were no takers so U23 football for them. Josh Bowler replaced Lloyd who left. Bowler was sensational in spells but my first choice options Buckley-Ricketts and Dearnley in particular was sensational with 10 goals and both now natural in their deeper wing roles. I do love a double barrel name. Demeaco Duhaney replaced Spence who again couldn't get rid of. He's a proper attacking option as i felt Spence and Threlkeld were too similar. Alfie Whiteman came in to be a 3rd keeper but only played 1 cup game. My targets for next season is promotion and i think i can achieve this with some smart additions. Hughes and Streete have ball playing capabilities but i think a more natural option is whats needed. Upfront replacing Rooney with another poacher if possible will be key. Keeping hold of the loans especially Garner as well will also be massive.
  8. I have just had an amazing and really enjoyable first season with Salford and thought id share with you guys. As you can see from the screen shots i used 2 formations and had flipped versions of them as well because i had wingers/inverted wingers full backs/wingers and left/right footed playmakers. I decided on these formations to get the most out of the better players already at Salford and to incorporate new signings which i didn't want to be too loan heavy as they already had quite a lot at the start. They are both similar systems and im looking at a 4231 version as well with a false 9/shadow striker infront of the 2 playmakers. They rely on a deep forward having a runner out wide and centrally. The false 9 can be changed to a target man but id really try any supportive role upfront. A CM-A could also work instead of Mezzala so lots of flexibility which involve a lot of easy to find players. Pre-Season was all about getting rid of the players i didn't want and signing players that i did want who were younger or better and who i can look to make profit from in the future. In goal Letheren and Neal were both the wrong side of 30 and 2 n half, 3 star doesnt really cut it when i looked at scout reports they had already found Jakob Haugaard, hes 6ft 6 and Danish so that really settled it for me, i got him on trial to stop nashville coming in and once i could convince him to sign for 2.5k, done deal. I added Letheren and Neal to the unwanted list but with no takers they stayed in u23s whilst Haugaard got 55 games conceded 38 and got 22 clean sheets. Amazing keeper backed up by Adam Camm promoted from the U18s for the HGC player who did actually play 4 cup games. conceded 2 with 2 clean sheets with shoot-out wins against Everton u23s, Fleetwood in the leasing.com trophy. Right back was much the same. Got rid of Scott Wiseman but didn't really need to in the end. Signed Jordan Spence, I was going to get Oscar Buur on loan but opted for a full signing instead. He and Threlkeld did really well. I will say at this stage its very handy to have internationals at this level because you can postpone your matches and give the rest of your squad a rest which is very useful. Centre backs, i love. Hughes and Burgess both 6ft4. Hughes decent with the ball. Baldwin 6ft1 very handy and then i signed Remie Streete 6ft2 also good with the ball. Jones and Hogan both added to the unwanted list. I got 8 goals from my attacking corner set up which could have been a lot more but i rotated almost 50/50 to keep them all happy. Burgess looked like he'd sign for an Ozzie club in jan so i picked up Scott Oconnor from Newcastle when he contract expired but he never played. Left back. Touray added to the unwanted list, kept Jones and loaned Kitolano as Brandon Williams rejected me. very good full back and wing back options. Right wing was awful, Conway signed for scottish club in jan when his contract expired and i terminated Jervis. I did trial Jay Emmanuel-Thomas but he signed for Oxford so i promoted Thomas-Asante because i knew of him from Barnet a year or 2 ago and i also got Isaac Buckley-Ricketts for a different option. Left wing i picked up Zak Dearnley for an inside option to back up Lloyd and he IBR both progressed to 3 star CA due to games played which i didn't plan on but Lloyd had a bad injury and i flipped my system. Advanced Playmaker. I was excited about Tom Walker who was down as an ML but could play centrally, great technicals. I got 5 assists in the first game but only ended up with 11 overall. Towell was the right footed option and the 433 came from trying to fit them both in which worked well but i mostly played the 442s. I never really tinckered system in game, kept on balanced etc, instead i let each system show me what they could do for 6-12 games each. Smith was super sub. I got rid of Whitehead because i didn't intend on playing a 10 but then in jan i reverted to type having already signed Kian Yari i got Harry Charsley because his contract expired lol. Deep-lying playmaker i intended to get Beni Bangingime or Joe Garner on loan but i looked at a footballmanagerblog i think that was the name of it as well and trialed all the English guys. Tom Thorpe then signed for me and was solid until he got injured so i got Yari in panic before my mate reminded me of Jack Rodwell and Tom Adeyemi. Surprisingly Rodwell was cheaper and also an absolute beast on corners, heading in 6 mainly in the leasing.com trophy from the attack ball from the edge. My cbs had both posts with the striker on mark keeper with a lurker and 2 in the box. Strikers. Rooney poacher, John-Jules advanced, Ranger target man, Feruz false 9. I ditched Armstrong and 6ft5 Dieseruvwe. Kamar Moncrieffe got 2 in 6 when JJ had an injury as well, Rodney unfortunate to miss out. Rooney got 15 and a lot of crucial ones in the run in and the trophy final, JJ got 10, loads of pace. Ultimately 1 of my best ever seasons at this level started off pretty bad actually because after about 18 games my record was something like 6 wins 6 draws 6 lost and i was over 20 pts off Colchester but i wasn't losing to badly and once i the FA Cup started everything just clicked and i clawed it back, won the trophy final, the run in was tense but got it done. Massive effort from the lads, i love these players its going to be hard to build a team for league 1 because i like these players so much but ill keep you posted. Sorry very wordy, I had to share, i have really loved this season.
  9. that's everybody advice, defend lower, that's why fifa is ruined. A team like Leicester with Vardy is like a tramp on chips for over the top balls. My advice would be put 1 of your cbs on cover duty so they get a head start on it. If your a possession side its perfectly plausible just to leave 2 cbs and a dm back and for them to stop all the counter attacking bs in football nowadays.
  10. Can somebody please tell me how to set Tottenham up, im tired of rage quitting!!!
  11. I don't understand the tactics on this game, nothing works, specially with Tottenham. just rage quit again after losing 3-0 at wolves 31-8 on shots … I had the 8, im doing everything wrong
  12. I have got to say this 353? Are you sure? Looks like a 343 or 523 to me. As for the instructions, Id suggest a tactical style over being that basic.
  13. Team fluidity is purely based on how many support roles you have. For me personally on FM19 i won back to back leagues at Celta Vigo with a 4231 structured positive But having said that on FM20 i play nicer football and score more goals with a 4231 very fluid balanced.
  14. Hi Guys, Hopefully i have attached screenshots correctly. I am a Tottenham fan but have struggled to get into a good save with them on FM in recent years. So i decided to go with a simple tactic of custom control possession taking off short passing and adding run at defence and also counter in transition with a focus on team fluidity. My plan was to get Son running off Kane so that they are the 2 main goals threats with Dele as a 10 getting goals and assists which has and has not worked. Kane was top scorer with 31 in 55, i feel he could get more but i chose not to sign another striker and he had some spells of tiredness through-out the season. He also only got 4 assists. Sonny got 13 goals 9 assists which wasn't great and Dele was even worse with 10 goals 4 assists. The rest of the side i just left on support. I had hoped my right hand side would get more assists but Lucas got 12 assists. Davies got 13 assists from left back though which i liked. In reviewing my season ill take top 4 with a league cup win but i was so good at times it was a season of what could have been. The alarm bells were ringing in pre-season when my tactical analysis popped up with the opposition final third entries - central. Its an issue i have tried to rectify and have lots of ideas but not really sure how to fix. Do i defend narrow, do i put 1 of the CMs on defend, do i put do a stopper/cover combo at CB or do i be more cautious/defensive. As a result, away from home i have struggled specially in big games but on the positive side i had a run of 12 wins in a row. At this point its worth noting my transfer business as i sold Toby n Jan for 25m each to Liverpool and Eriksen rejected 65m to United so went PSG for 60m, I could have achieved 65m for him if i had waited for Kehrer to sign for 5m from PSG first in hindsight. In Game 1 away to Leicester defending centrally was a real problem, I lead through Harry Kane but fell behind on 83 minutes before Dias equalised from a corner in stoppage time. Another positive for my tactic is my set pieces have shone as a goal source. Dias got 9, Sanchez 8, Foyth 4, Kehrer 2, Kane also scored a bunch of his 31 from marking the keeper. in games 2/3 i picked up very easy wins at home to Newcastle and Burnley before being demolished at Anfield as Liverpool hammered me 5-1. I bouced back well with 5 wins in september including 4-1 v Barcelona but october saw 2 more defeats. 3-2 away the San Siro despite mounting a 2-0 comeback and guttingly 3-0 at Chelsea, I also drew at home to arsenal and Lille in the CL before a home draw to liverpool which i went on to win on penalties. November saw 3/3 prem wins including at home to man utd and 2 away draws in the CL. December was largely pleasing but lost away to Man City 3-0 and drew at home to Watford 0-0. The last game of the year away at Arsenal was pivotal, I was 2 pts off top and leading 1-0 i was going top of the table but arsenal turned it round to win and the first game of 2020 was at Palace which i lost 2-0. Going from 2 pts off top, to top, to being 8 pts off top was gutting but the reaction to this was fantastic picking up 12 straight wins including a 9-0 v Colchester at half time but i told them to prove a point and they just breezed the 2nd half. I also beat Chelsea (H), Bayern (H), Man Utd (Cup Final) and Arsenal (A) on penalties in the FA Cup 5th round. The next pivotal blow to my campaign came in march with 2 home defeats back to back to Watford 1-0 and Man City 3-2 because after the brilliant run of wins taking me back to within 5 pts off the title, i ended up now 11 pts off but i think it was actually more because of games in hand. Then came April where all the goals dried up and tiredness for Kane became an issue again with the international breaks in November/March really draining for him. I lost 4 on the spin and threw my hole season away. Leading 2-1 after the home leg in CL to Barcelona i lost 2-0 at the Nou Camp followed by an extra time defeat to Man City in the FA Cup Semi-Final 1-0, Lost 4-0 at Old Trafford and 3-1 at home to liverpool. May then was a dead rubber but 0-0 away to Burnley, 3-0 win home to norwich and lost 3-0 away to West Ham. Next season i have to address the gaps in midfield and try to be more dynamic going forward so would welcome any ideas on that. I was thinking Mezzala support for Ndombele and having Winks DLP as hes comfortable sitting on support or defend. Transfer wise i want to get rid of Vorm, Gazzaniga if i can, KWP if i can, Foyth if i can, Rose, Wanyama and Lamela and bringing in, Max Aarons, Ben Chilwell and Jadon Sancho. I have promoted Skipp and Parrott already. Not sure if i want Lo Celso.
  15. Thats just piling risk on risk with some more risk. Ok risk v reward but thats crazy. I would change to balanced or cautious if your gonna use to many risky player roles. The fluidity is good but too many player makers. Id have a Mezzala attacking with a Carriliero and maybe put the other Deep lying playmaker on support and at least 1 of the front 3 has got to be attacking to get the most out of the false 9, Id simply play a deep lying forward at first.
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