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  1. I’d suggest using the direct or fluid counter preset I think they have more direct passing that should help it doesn’t mean long balls and pass into space
  2. This is what i am thinking... LB - ST - RB WB stretch their defence leaving more gaps for the ST to exploit LW - RW Inside forwards come off their wings trying to generate some rotation and movement on the edge of their area so if 1 of their CB is forced out, the striker can make runs CAM The cam can pick up the ball deep and run at teams with forwards available to link CM This guy can move the ball around link man probably DLP or Carrilero DC - CM - DC You cant really do this with a CM which pretty much why it fails because the CB are too narrow and wing backs are up so the wings are exposed, maybe i need to think about PIs Its like narrow at the back because i cant split the cbs properly with a CM. If i could then 3 man patrol across the back is enough, If the ball breaks down the wings 1 can engage and 2 shuttle across
  3. Thanks for your reply Herne. I too have sometimes removed this instruction because your team just gets to the edge of the box and just really lose all the fluidity you had in the build up. Can i ask how you would go about getting 2 attacking wing backs into this preset 4231 because the problem i was having is you cant really have the CM sitting and splitting the cbs to cover your wingbacks going up and your inside forwards dont drop enough to help keep the ball, in real life managers use rotation which you cant really do in fm.
  4. Hi Guys, Sorry for a bit of simple title on this thread but SOS sounded too desperate but i actually am and this maybe a bit wordy but i want to give as much information as i can in order to explain so that you guys can help me. I am in LLM i have just started a Notts County save and just working my way through pre season matches. I want to build a dynasty up through the football league into the promised land and beyond using a philosophy of things i love in football which is not really formation specific. I will start with the things i love in football. Playing out from the back, keepers playing short, cbs splitting, a midfielder dropping in, his midfielder partner(s) moving the ball around the pitch. Passes that break lines leading to flicks, 12s and combination play. wingers that come inside to shoot through ball or pass to keep the ball not forcing the issue in desperation, i love overlapping wing backs, linking strikers, goalscoring strikers, lower tempos and finally plan b's. Now i have a problem in FM because i have been using the presets and i like them and i have probably tried all of them and there are aspects of all them which i like but they are a bit too 1 dimensional for my taste so i have decided to do a clean slate but i dont really know where to even start because i used to do all my tactics myself, never downloaded until this year when the presets come in and i have opted for the easy way. Sometimes i leave them as they are, sometimes i change them but i never achieve what i really want to do. What do you guys think my plan a and b should be in order to put a tactic together which i like but starting as a clean slate and incorporate as many as the things i love as possible. (I do have an attacking corner routine which i actually put together myself and works well enough for me) It would be great if someone could add me on steam TottenhamBoi90 who likes to chat about fm who plays the game alot and also likes chatting about fm or just reply on the thread and that would be great too id appreciate your help. I look forward to your replies. Thank you for reading.
  5. My suggestion would be use the DM as your deep lying playmaker support and use a cariliero instead to play with your Mezzala. I presume your using 1 of the counter attacking preset tactics? And if not,why not? The DM position has so much more space to playmake from, he should come deep and split ya cbs which will add security when your wing backs go forward. He will also hold the ball longer and bring the ball out allowing your mezzala time to get Higher up the pitch and play his game. He doesn’t need to be so strong defensively, just good enough off the ball to slow the opposition attacks down and disrupt your opponents that way. Add to this a cariliero though and magic will happen. He moves between lines of midfield just helping out the other 2 in the trio, gives an option to your playmaker, wins the ball, keeps the ball and provides just enough attacking threat so the opponents do glue themselves to your mezzala. It’s my favourite trio on fm I mainly play possession but I’m sure your could adapt it to counter attacking. Finally you’ve created a real life Brighton, they are good from set plays and don’t score 3 or 4, 2017/18 season they had 1 of the best defences outside the top 6 with Burnley. It’s a good solid base to build from
  6. Good question mate. Basically i selected the control possession preset as i usually do then tweak it, I always set up the attacking corners as well because the preset is poor and its a good plan B which is important. In this case the trio of roles i have in midfield worked brilliantly well 1st season with Fred Herrera and Pogba but not so good 2nd season as Rabiot and Dier were less suited to the roles with Pogba and his goal numbers went down to about 14. Because of this lack of creativity and probably mobility as well the wide players numbers went down also. I addressed this in the summer and i now have Neves and Tonali with Pogba and everything has boomed again. Its still really in the testing phase but so far i have a conclusion. The better the trio in midfield you have, the better the wide players do and the worse trio you have, the better the striker does, weirdly. Generally speaking the wing backs are sensational, Tierney won footballer of the year for me so i think an advanced forward with attacking roles out wide would work because the possession play is so deep and wide but i have not tried that. I have tried Inside forward support on the right but doesn't really make much difference but it still works. I have also tried a support complete forward upfront with inside forward attack on the left but i haven't tested it as much because it doesn't suit Rashford i think. I have found that Martial loves just picking up in his own half and just flying at the defence but usually is tackled. I did go on 2nd season and secure the treble and the community shield and super cup since that and top in November 3rd season. The only real change i have made role wise now is Upamecano (75m) with De Ligt both Ball playing Defenders. I will probably try Neves Regista next season as well.
  7. Currently managing United in march of the 2nd season, Won FA Cup first season and backed it up with a community shield. I am currently on for a treble but binned off the League Cup both seasons. playin a 4123 based around control possession and some custom corners attacking and defending. My team and roles are as follows... SKS - De Gea, Romero WBS - Dalot, Lirola (12m) BPDD - De Ligt (30m), Lindelof CDD - Smalling, Jones WBS - Tierney (25m), Shaw DLPS - Rabiot (free), Fred CarrS - Dier (60m), Sandro Tonalli (12m) MezaA - Pogba, Barkley (12m) WingS - Lingard, Gnabry (12m) InsiS - Martial, Joao Felix (60m) CompA - Rashford, Lukaku cant get rid of Sanchez to save my life but gave Garner some games last season before loaning him out and now Laird, Chong and Gomes getting some minutes this season. Overall a really enjoyable save, Still wanna add Donnarumma, Upamecano, Chilwell, Rice, Neves, Bailey, Sancho and maybe even Chiesa and maybe another striker to it but these things take lots of time and money lol. Another reason why Lirola, Rabiot, Barkley and Gnabry come in just to make some cash and fill some gaps before more of the big targets arrive.
  8. @warlock I prefer Callum Gribbin because of his set pieces at this level but Callum Slattery P32 4 Goals, 9 assists, 7,03 AVR, not bad. Northampton 2018/19 Mid-Season Review: August was an absolute disaster, lost the first 2 games and the League Cup game before beating Cambridge but 2 further losses had me 21st in League 2. It was embarrassing at times some of the goals i was conceding especially Facey at RB getting caught on the ball and gifting goals, Ward was taking 3 attempts to catch the ball bouncing of his own posts i was in shock how badly i started. I couldn't score or create chances because my foundations were so wobbly. My youthful subs were also not match fit and we couldn't change a game with them if anything we got worse when they come on. September at least, shown some improvement. only 1 defeat, 2 wins 2 draws and a Checkatrade Cup win. I had to rotate the side because we were on such bad form and it paid off. Van Veen banged in 5 goals and the subs now getting some match sharpness really starting to help the teams legs when seeing games out. I did have a big problem as the players rebelled lead by Ash Taylor as the club was underachieving and i just agreed but it split the squad, it was odd timing as our last game of September was a 4-3 win over Mansfield with the winner coming from Sean Whaler in stoppage time. October was exactly what i needed. 6 wins out of 6 in league 2 and a penalty defeat in the Checkatrade Cup. By now the subs are everything. Whaler scores 2 more, Iaciofano scored a brace against Bury and Morgan Roberts also got his first goal. We move from 18th to 4th in the space of a month, fantastic. Manager of the month in the bag as well and all the drama of underachieving is forgotten about and a united squad. November was all about keeping it going and 3 draws in the league before losing the final game of the month kind of did that with a draw against Torquay in the FA Cup, I eventually won the replay and also a Checkatrade Cup win which advanced us out of the group stage, I was happy enough that we hadn't collapsed. Starting to get a few knocks out wide so i decided to give Waters and Morais some games and pleasantly surprised they look to be able to cover the wide areas quite well. The Lyon manager is also furious at my game time for Griffiths at this stage. December is just more rotation, more keeping it going. I keep threatening to get into the automatic promotion spots. I manage 2 wins 2 draws and a defeat to MK in the final game of the year but i was pleased again as we beat Scunthorpe in a replay to get a plum tie in the FA Cup 3rd Round to look forward to at home to Bournemouth. We also progressed in the Checkatrade beating Forest Green to land Luton away in round 3. Overall i am so pleased i have been able to turn the awful start around. We are 8th, 11W 7D 7L 6 points off top so right in the mix where i want to be. I have to do some business in Jan as i have promised to sell Williams without playing a game and we are nearly half a million in debt but we soldier on, loads of contracts expiring, a couple i promised to loan out as well. I do still need plenty in the transfers in column because we are still not even near playing like how i want. Its still a bit of a slog to win games, we don't score enough but we do now have the 2nd best defence in the league which i put down to the possession system, i love it for that.
  9. Sorry for the long wait chaps, I had a little rest from FM but now my Northampton save is ready to go here with a season preview. Northampton 2018/19 Season Preview Transfers IN - Corey Jordan (Loan), Matty Foulds (Loan), Callum Slattery (Loan), Reo Griffiths (Loan) Transfer OUT - N/A SKS - Ward/Coddington/Cornell WBS - Facey/Odoffin BPD - Jordan/Turnbull CDD - Taylor/Pierre/Barnett WBS - Buchanan/Foulds CMS - O'Toole/Foley/McWilliams/Bridge BWMD - Crooks/Kasim WING - Powell/Whaler APS - Slattery IFS - Bowditch/Roberts DLFA - Van Veen/Griffiths/Iaciofano/Williams/Waters/Hoskins/Morais Right so 4-2-3-1 control possession again with 4-1-4-1 DM Wide and 5-2-3 WB also being trained. 2 each used in pre-season friendlies against local sides and affiliates, P6 W6. I didn't wanna sign the same loans as i did with MK Dons so that is the reasoning behind that. As you can see i have too many players and without an U23 squad but keeping them around for now see if i can fit any square pegs in round holes. I am going to have to make and break some promises between now and January but i will have to find a balance between dynamics contract types form and philosophy, that being said i would like to develop youth products Whaler, Roberts and Iaciofano.
  10. @warlock Nice winning League 2 with The Stags. @DefinitelyTaylor Going with my most local side in League 2, Northampton. No U23 squad but never mind.
  11. @warlock thanks for your support. good luck with Mansfield, I had an amazing save with them when they was in the conference took them all the way through got them into Europe, the only thing I didn’t love was the mustard yellow. @DefinitelyTaylor I have had a razz with Macclesfield but they are so poor so will be starting a new save tonight or tomorrow, ideally the lowest predicted in league 2 with an u23 squad
  12. MK Dons 2022/23 Season Review Premier League: 18th (Relegated) League Cup: 4th Round FA Cup: 6th Round Review: A sad sad day on Match Day 37, A 1-0 defeat to Southampton ends MK Dons 2 year stay in the Premier League. I believe i did not sign well enough in the summer and in january to keep my place in the promised land. A massive injury crisis in the first half of the season, A bit of fight after Jan then 7 successive losses plumeted me back down to the Championship and with a 62m balance and 57m budget for next i have now quit my position at MK Dons and am looking to start another save. I have really enjoyed the save but i took them as far as i could.
  13. MK Dons 2022/23 Mid-Season Review Premier League: 15th League Cup: 4th Round Review: After an appalling 5 wins and 11 defeats in the first 16 games the Qatar 2022 winter world cup provided a welcome break between November until new years eve when action returned with the FA Cup. My worst half season by a mile since i have been manager of MK Dons and i reacted accordingly with a lot of signings confirmed for January 1st and i now have 0 loyalty to the players that got me here. The only positives being that CM Tashan Oakley-Boothe and IF Harvey Barnes have definitely improved on what i had and my top 6 away plan of going 433 with a Mezzala has kept the scores down thought Sam Field hasn't really done much in those games. I will show a comparison in my end of season review. I have played all the big 6 away already but i am short on time as i have to go work shortly. Transfers IN: Will Mannion (1.5m), Robert Gunby (5m), Reece Oxford (3m), Jamal Lewis (5m) and Oliver McBurnie (5m) Transfers OUT: Oran Jackson (350k), Lee Nicholls (850k) Currently Transfer Listed: Cargill, Samuelson, Gilbey, McGrandles and Aneke.
  14. @smplfc123 Thanks mate, I wanted to improve 3 positions mainly, CM IF and DLF and i think i have for 1m quid lol. MK Dons Season 5 (2022/23) Season Preview Transfers IN: Beni Baningime (Free), Rafa Mir (Free), Tashan Oakley-Boothe (Free), Harvey Barnes (1m), Mason Greenwood (Loan). Transfers OUT: Carlton Morris (Loan), Joe Walsh (Loan), Jordan Houghton (Loan) Released: Thomas-Asante, Stuart Moore Promoted Newgen: Matt Comer So then, Quite a busy window, I have continued building my MK Dons Premier League side. I finally have a good Inside forward and upgraded my centre midfield. I am lacking depth at full back because i want rotation or hot prospects to avoid any friction it may cause with game time. In midfield i have promoted a youth player who can play Anchorman, BWM and half-back to understudy Beni and to give me the option to go 433, i have got Mezzala Sam Field which may help away at the big 6. I am hoping the improvements in midfield get the strikers a bit more goals and freshened it up again with Mason Greenwood. I also lack some really good bench quality. I do have a very competitive 11 but will struggle if i get injuries. I still have 40m so will access again in January. The Premier League has been moved forward to July so a very short pre-season. 2 wins on a tour of Italy and 3 wins in a training camp in China but let a 1-0 lead slip on my final game at Betis and lost 2-1. Samuelsen, Aneke and McGrandles are all transfer listed in the U23s so my registered squad is as follows... GK - Bulka/Nicholls DR - Wan-Bissaka BPD - Konsa/Jackson CD - Galloway/Cargill DL - Henry CM - Oakley-Boothe/Gilbey BWM - Baningime/Comer WING - Mir/Ginnelly CAM - Gribbin/Dowell INSIDE - Barnes/Nesbitt ST - Greenwood/Sinclair/Postolachi Mezzala - Field
  15. MK Dons 2021/22 Season Review Premier League: 12th League Cup: 2nd Round FA Cup: 4th Round Review: Very happy with my first season in the Premier League. It all started with 7 points in the first 3 matches before reality kicked in. I did manage home victories to Liverpool (1-0), Chelsea (2-0) and Man City (2-0) on the final day. A few hidings away as well Chelsea (0-4), Arsenal (0-8), Man Utd (0-5). I was top after first 2 games and 18th after 20 games but generally a steady season 44 points. Marcin Bulka took over in goal after the 8-0 to Arsenal and then Nicholls got injured for 3 months so i stuck with Bulka, He scored 2 own goals unluckily striking him off the bar and bouncing in but he also got 2 assists. 11th best defence, 20th highest scorers which was as to be expected because i spent all my money at the back. Wan-Bissaka 5 assists and Rico Henry 6 assists were brilliant going forward giving me something ive not had before but abit leaky at the back not blocking crosses getting caught behind them etc but that will improve when i upgrade the rest of the side. Konsa partnered Galloway all season but for about 6 games where i played Cargill, Walsh, Brittain, Jackson and Moore-Taylor. I was very thin in midfield with releasing Kuhl abit too early i got by with Baningime, Gilbey and Houghton. Beni 16 yellows and a red, Gilbey not really cut out for this level. Onto the wing and Mir only scored 6 Ginnelly 2 so not good. Gribbin 3 goals and Dowell 1 goal i believe can do it at this level but havnt got the strikers wingers and inside forwards to go with them. Gribbin also won a player of the month award. Nesbitt was LOL. Upfront Sinclair got 8 goals and top scorer for me which says it all, i did move him to the left though as i was struggling for options. Aneke 2 goals. Virgiliou Postolachi was a punt and half. 4 goals, got a Young Player of the month award and did well, i like him. I was 19th on wages, 2nd on profit made so expecting a good budget for next year to improve in midfield and upfront. January transfers OUT: Brittain (250k), Moore-Taylor (150k), George Byers (150k)
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