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  1. Team shape used to be a functional feature that allowed you to control mentality deviations across the team (more structured = more seperation of mentalities between duties, more fluid = each duty will have similar mentalities) as well as controlling creative freedom - more fluid = more creative freedom and vice versa. But now team fluidity is simply a nominal label, as you said the way you organise the duties in the team will change the team fluidity. However (as far as I am aware) it does not actually do anything in the game anymore.
  2. Have a read through this, should help with formulating basic tactics successfully
  3. Yeah, if there's any manager I wouldn't expect to drop to a level lower than what they're used to it's Mourinho
  4. It makes sense that he does this since he has 'Comes deep to get ball' and 'Likes to switch ball to other flank'. Like you said, his traits will make it difficult for him to get the output you want since he will always gravitate towards being a playmaker rather than a pure goalscorer, regardless of his attributes. Still as others have suggested I would play him as a trequartista, potentially with some sort of supporting striker in front to use for one-twos since he has the trait to play them. Also not really sure what the thinking is behind trying to make him press in that system when he
  5. I'd be surprised if he even landed a Serie A job at a club of decent stature now, but then again I'm sure one or two clubs will bite based on his successes in the further and further distant past. I hope for the sake of the fans of any top club that their owners can see he's finished at the top level
  6. To be fair I think the only people that still obsess over possession statistics for the sake of itself are the people who aren't thinking about the underlying principles of 'possession' football i.e. positional play. Like you said, possession is a tool which is treated with different approaches depending on the game model, and all the top coaches treat it as such. I think Spain a few years ago are a good example of how bad it can go when possession is treated as a goal in and of itself.
  7. I actually had no idea that the partnerships don't do anything in game until now, I always thought that it had an effect similar to team cohesion which gives a slight boost to some attributes. Feel like SI missed a trick by not having it actually do anything in game since it is a pretty big factor in real football.
  8. There are some minor parts such as team shape and certain team instructions that are outdated in the guide (e.g. exploit the flanks/middle no longer increases mentality), but the majority of the guide uses fundamental principles of football that will apply to any version of the game.
  9. Probably the most comprehensive guide you'll find
  10. Would probably be inclined to change the carrilero to a more aggressive role like CM-A or Mez-A to provide penetration from midfield but it's a bit hard to say without knowing what issues you are facing with the current tactic.
  11. I would avoid using this player right now as a libero due to his relatively poor mentals (10 decisions, 11 anticipation, 11 bravery) but since he's only 19 he could develop into a very good libero since his technical ability is pretty much already there for the role at bundesliga level.
  12. That actually probably is about right, do you expect to score a corner every game or something?
  13. Don't the no nonsense roles have specific behaviour coded to hoof the ball at the first sight of an opposition player? Doesn't really go well with the desired effect since managers normally employ a shifted fullback like this to achieve numerical superiority against 2 pressing forwards and play out from the back.
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