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  1. Have also been playing some FM18 recently and (for me personally) it has been a pretty enjoyable experience, much more diversity in terms of ME events and all sorts of lovely goals being scored
  2. The tactic doesn't look bad to me considering your team's stature in the league. If you were a bigger side I would consider a more attacking LB role and upping mentality to positive but other than that it should be solid. Only thing is you haven't said what style of play you want so I can't comment on the TIs I would add, but it should perform decent with minimal anyway.
  3. Yes, I don't think he means you should be trying to control the DM space of the opposition instead of their zone 14.
  4. The 'progress' tab under 'development' is probably a better gauge for whether he is actually declining or not as the arrows shown on the profile screen can be a bit misleading in that regard. As for the side preference, I believe SI staff have confirmed that this doesn't impact performance in game and is more for the AI to make more realistic/appropriate team selection decisions. I would pay more attention to the preferred foot and play them on the left/right side respectively dependent on if they are left/right footed.
  5. People also need to realise that this app is not built to be some sort of magical wand that creates unbeatable tactics nor is it meant to say that certain role/duty combinations are completely unplayable. The app is in beta and says it will 'show you where you can improve your tactic when you're struggling.' therefore it is meant for newer players who may not understand how combinations can play out in the match engine.
  6. I definitely think it should be taken with a pinch of salt - case in point it showed my tactic as having low solidarity but I got 25 clean sheets in the league season with the least goals conceded by 8, however I don't think it's a bad tool for beginners who may make what more experienced players think of as glaring errors. It does also provide the source for different warnings so people can understand why there may be something wrong with the tactic rather than just being told that it needs to be changed. Of course as others have mentioned it doesn't factor things such as the club's stature in the league, your players etc.
  7. Very nice tool thanks for highlighting it. Especially liking the custom 'tactical style' labels they have. For anyone who can't find it with a google search it's https://ratemytactic.web.app/ Edit: Also I would say that people should make sure they use it as a general guideline that highlights potential shortcomings rather than as gospel (which of course applies to essentially any advice given online).
  8. I would start by stripping most if not all of those TIs since you seem to have every single possible option selected.
  9. Think this is just a somewhat common event in the game - I've had it happen a few times with players like De Ligt and Arthur.
  10. I believe 'shoots with power' is meant to be a decent trait for players who lack technique like this guy but I think his composure will let him down a lot regardless.
  11. A bit confused on what you mean by this. Could you elaborate?
  12. How can he not play horizontal passes when literally every player around him is on support duty? nobody is attacking space
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