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  1. Trying to plug and play tactics just because someone has shown success using it seems to be a common issue at times. You really need to consider whether your players suit the style of play and whether they can successfully carry out the roles within the tactic. On top of this most tactics are not just a static set of roles, duties, instructions etc. and will require tweaking depending on what you're seeing in games from both your team and the opposition.
  2. There seems to always be the common issue with people who are struggling tactically with them selecting every team instruction under the sun then not understanding why the tactic won't work. Have you considered wiping all/almost all team instructions and just trying out role, duty and mentality combinations to create a playing style as a baseline?
  3. With the way the duties are set up on the left side of the pitch I'm not surprised you're conceding on counters. There's no real defensive cover for Shaw when he pushes up since Pogba is also on an attack duty (and a role that naturally will push forward to exploit space). I would probably switch Pogba to a support, and another thing would be to have atleast 1 of the fullbacks on a support duty. Since you are playing a narrow formation they are going to be the only players defending the flank, so if they are caught out of position the opposition wingers are going to have bags of space to work with. I would probably try both of them as Wingback - Support so they can still provide the width needed but won't stray too far ahead and end up leaving a huge gap waiting to be attacked.
  4. Ah I see, I was under the impression that Fluid Counter and Direct Counter served to change the way the team counters rather than just being how they play when the counter isn't on. Thanks for clearing that up
  5. I would have thought the duties would matter in a counter since it's a case of committing players to a transition (so more players on support rather than defend to commit more men to the counter) or am I wrong?
  6. This really doesn't mean anything as long as their attributes are suited to the role
  7. Do you not find trouble with players taking speculative shots as a result of the "shoot on sight" TI? Always just disregarded it as being useless
  8. It's not, neither is "using good teams, you don't generally want to build a tactic on the foundation of a structure mentality.", and neither is "If you want to play with current formation, typically having a high line and more direct approach is suitable". As the saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat. Playing a specific formation doesn't restrict you to a certain style of play, just like there is no reason why structured shapes can't work against good opposition.
  9. If you have a player's additional focus set as something they're already training does it still help them to improve that attribute? e.g training someone as a DLF and setting their additional focus as off the ball
  10. The arrows are the channels - move into channels means your player will try to make runs through these gaps The circle is "the hole" - the space in between the lines where your 10 will normally try to find space in
  11. What's the theory on using fitness in preseason? Doesn't it just train their physical attributes rather than actually improving their fitness? Also as for the scheduling difference I'm in the UK so maybe that is why it's different? Not sure though.
  12. This isn't something you should copy, just an example of what I was trying to say to jaysdailydose
  13. Am I missing something or is my version just different?
  14. Implying that I think 'they are literally spanked on the pitch' is nowhere near me saying Liverpool beating what is argued as one of the greatest PL teams of all time (after them becoming Centurions) 3 times in a row shows that attacking football against better opposition can work. Or do you want me to try and say that a league 1 side would beat man city with attacking football?
  15. If you're going to try to be so condescending atleast read my post properly... meetings. Liverpool have won 3-0 4-3 and 2-1 in their last 3 meetings, all by playing attacking counterpressing football against a team with much more talented players than them. He's saying that weaker teams trying to play attacking football would probably get beaten easily, and I said that liverpool's matches vs city show that this is not always true.
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