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  1. Thought I'd post this hoping it might help a bit since we have pretty much the same squad (I'm in a 1st season chelsea save in november) and want to play similar football - more so as a result of trying to design a tactic to get the most out of the squad and overperform rather than play through the middle specifically. (that 1-0 loss in the CL slightly irks me, jorginho missed a pen and we wasted a few chances ) Also been using a 433 against 2 striker formations with a halfback since getting the right shape for ball progression in a 4231 against 2 strikers in FM can be
  2. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure it is still bugged in FM21 and it doesn't show properly so you can't use it Pretty annoying since it is a useful tool
  3. Just understand that playing as a team like Chelsea inherently makes it very difficult to play through the middle against most teams since they're most likely going to set up in a low block and congest space in the centre, which also kind of makes the advanced forward redundant since there will be almost no playable space behind the defensive line As Experienced Defender said with a raumdeuter I would prefer to see a centre forward who will pull the centrebacks around and create space for Werner to move into or atleast act as a pivot for one twos with his back to goal to allow a player to
  4. So don't change anything? I think the TIs are overkill to the max but at the end of the day if the tactic works for you I don't see the point in making changes
  5. Could you post a screenshot of the player's profile?
  6. Mark tighter OI with wingers on support duty I think is the closest you can get without using PIs on the winger
  7. Love the depth of these, especially the creativity in the man city recreation
  8. Personally I would try messi as a Trequartista rather than a F9 and watch to see if he drops deep enough. Even though nominally you would expect the F9 to drop and play through balls, I feel that the mentality might be a bit too low to allow messi to do messi things. Another option I would try would be to play him on the right as any of AP-a, AP-s or Trequartista with an overlapping fullback and a more positionally responsible CM on his side to allow for space creation for messi. Essentially a simple overload the right side to unlock the left/centre. In terms of mentality and TIs I would just
  9. Like Atarin said, the fundamental core of football tactics is space. So to try and counter the opposition you ideally want to restrict the space they like to play in i.e. if they play through the middle then try to congest it, if they like to play with attacking wingbacks + a winger cutting inside make sure your fullbacks aren't left in a 1v2, and of course you want to ideally attack the space that they leave as a result of their formations natural structure or through their player movement e.g. bombing wingbacks, a mezzala who pushes right up to the edge of the box in the halfspace (and ideal
  10. Does anyone know if there are any impactful under the hood effects that duty has aside from changing player mentality? e.g. assuming TIs are adjusted as much as possible to be balanced/mixed would a player play the same with a positive mentality play the same regardless of his duty? Of course there are seperate implications for the tactic around the player but I'm interested in the specific players behaviour as a result of his duty
  11. In the schedule view for training you can see how each day's workload effects each unit rather than just the overall workload view you get on the calendar, so that could help to see if you might be specifically training your attacking unit too hard
  12. Does the 'tackle harder' PI increase how often the player will try to tackle or whether they will go for aggressive potentially fouling tackles? or both? Asking because I noticed the PPM counterpart 'Does not dive into tackles' says it decreases the likelihood of the player engaging in tackles however the PI description is slightly ambiguous for this
  13. Good read, I like the point on selecting a mentality for a desired attacking style and using contrasting instructions to create a specific style of play. I'm interested to know if you have had any success with high pressing/possession based tactics using lower mentalities since most of the time when you see those they're done with balanced mentality or higher, as I think the main worry is that you end up with possession for possession's sake rather than possession with intent to create chances.
  14. Stop trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Every tactic you've posted is using midfielders that have no business playing in a double pivot, case in point Puig is literally unplayable in a 2-man midfield, he has terrible positioning, tackling, marking etc. so all defensive responsibility will be on Braganca = exposed defensively. As much as you are worrying about tactics, having the correct players for the system and their role in that system is just as, if not more important. And as others have pointed out people have given you very in-depth responses and are getting you to ask your
  15. Have also been playing some FM18 recently and (for me personally) it has been a pretty enjoyable experience, much more diversity in terms of ME events and all sorts of lovely goals being scored
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