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  1. There are pros and cons to the different pitch size dimensions but I would probably say a small size since it allows for efficient pressing and ideally the players are still good enough to create space within this. I'd say it's a very, very small factor in the overall success of a tactic and should be one of the last things you're considering really when looking at the overall picture
  2. Could try watching in 3D? data analyst and sideline are both pretty good settings imo if you want to try something different
  3. This is happening because your DM is on defend and all 5 players ahead of him are on attack duties which will create a clear divergence in positioning. Instead of changing the duty from support to attack for the midfielders in an attempt to create a link to the forwards, I would consider instead drop atleast one of the forward's duty to support. I understand you want them running in behind for the midfielders to feed with through balls, but looking at it logically if both forwards are constantly looking to be on the last defender there is no surprise that they are disconnected from the team; therefore resulting in long balls that don't connect. I would think dropping atleast one of them to a DLFs - I see you tried with both of them (also I don't understand this thing about you having both forwards on the same role? You say you've tried them both as dlf and both as f9 at once? It's no surprise this results a vacated presence on the back line) however I think a Poacher + DLFs combo should result in good link up play between the team and the front 2 without giving much away in terms of direct runs into space.
  4. While settling would not be very kaizen offsetting the balance of the team in pursuit of individual performance improvement wouldn't be very kaizen either would it? From what it looks like the tactic is doing very well, and in a 4231 the 2 are mainly for screening the defensive line, so while having increased attack output would be nice this should overall be first priority. This is assuming you're looking at improving their attacking output anyway
  5. I would second lferreira's suggestion of changing the DM to a slightly more supporting role/duty such as DM/S however DM/D could still work. I think combining this with a change to more attacking roles for the CMs could help to drive the midfield forward while staying compact in the event of transitions and combined with the higher d-line + loe should fit into the tactic well. However would probably tweak this slightly when playing top teams since it would leave vulnerability against the counter with double WB - I would probably go with a DM/D to create a 2-1 block for those situations
  6. For me duties are simple. Excluding the PI differences for roles it is just a case of a mentality change (e.g. going from support to attack changes mentality from 'Positive' to 'Very Attacking'). The mentality name may be different depending on things such as team mentality, the player position (DC, AMC, ST etc.) but the point is that a change in duty changes the mentality. An increase in mentality means the player will be more inclined to take risks since this is what mentality is - a risk spectrum. To answer your question I would say support since you said you want Pepe to use his dribbling to drive into the final third, therefore he will have be slightly deeper initially to receive the ball, and on an Attack duty he might be too far up to do this. This is just how I see it though, I think posting your tactic is a good idea since everyone can give their 2 cents on how to turn your idea into practice.
  7. Missed this post when it was first made and reading through it now was a joy You shouldn't worry about this, even the tactical mastermind that is Pep Guardiola has stated "Ideas belong to everyone and I have stolen as many as I could." learning from the likes of Cruijff, Bielsa and Juanma Lillo.
  8. This is an area I would like to see improved in the match engine for future editions, since many teams including Pep's city form a back 3 by having a fullback tuck inside while the other pushes up, but this is very difficult to replicate within the game
  9. The schedule will automatically be altered to accommodate matches, however I don't know how the game decides because I haven't been paying attention I would guess that it would replace whatever session was in the slot that the match occupies though
  10. What's the reasoning behind this? Just interested since I've never found the BBM to be worse than just a CM-S when used in the correct manner
  11. If you read the original post you will see that there will not be a download link, and you can just copy the settings from the tactic screenshot
  12. Also the example with passing directness and mentality being interlinked can be seen clearly when you switch mentality. For example going from Balanced to Attacking changed passing directness from Standard to Slightly More Direct without me changing anything specifically. However I do agree with you that there are a few aspects of the tactic creator that can be quite difficult to understand through the game's explanation itself. If you need the basics and more covered in quite a simple to understand way I would suggest Rashidi's youtube channel as being one of the best community resources for understanding the game and it's complexities.
  13. Is it not possible to just load up a test save on FM Touch and play a couple games to see for yourself? Most questions I see people ask here can easily be answered by just trying something yourself. And to answer your questions, yes since the instructions are more of a spectrum rather than a case of ‘always play direct’ when selecting more direct, so standard would be in the middle of this spectrum. However certain team instructions such as passing directness are also influenced by the mentality chosen so keep this in mind, e.g. if using ‘Very Attacking’ the standard setting may still lean more towards the direct side of the spectrum.
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