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  1. Wait a minute?? You can install facepacks, logos, and kits on the Android version of the game? How do you do that?
  2. Annoying, isn't it? I was going to have a quick FMT session while on my lunch, but can't get the game to load. I wish I knew how to fix it, as I really want those Doritos!
  3. I'm having the exact same issue. Tried all the things the OP said as well.
  4. @Prank Emperor, you know the thing at the bottom of your posts with information about each season? Do you mind if I do something similar? It looks much better than what I put at the bottom of my posts.
  5. We've done what many thought was impossible, and won promotion to League One. Now to secure the title! Coventry are hot on our heels, so it might come down to the last match of the season to decide who wins it.
  6. If you get promoted, you get promoted. You may struggle in your first Premier League season, but I reckon you can survive and build a mid-table squad at least for the season after.
  7. After losing our first match and drawing our second, I thought we were going to be battling relegation. Our form soon took a turn for the better though, and now we're hovering in and out of the automatic promotion spots.
  8. It would be crazy if you kept the run going, and got into the play-offs.
  9. Nice one! It's so much more exciting when it boils down to the last match or two. I use Imgur as well. I don't have any problems with it.
  10. I bought a new striker, and he scored 8 goals in his first two league games (4 goals per game).
  11. This is eeasily my most nerve wracking match so far. I've never had a penalty shootout go on for so long. What a great win against a Championship side though. We've been drawn away against Blackburn next round. We won't win, but the money from that match will be good.
  12. Good luck next season @Prank Emperor. Hopefully your plans to strengthen your squad and raise the club reputation work in your favour.
  13. I'm trying to do the same with my squad. I'm finding it hard to sign any League Two quality players though. The best I can get is top Vanarama National quality. My low wage budget doesn't help. I've got just under £15k to play with, and any players I try to sign want at least £1k.
  14. I'm feeling the same way after back to back promotions into League Two. If I can stick around for a couple of seasons in the same league and establish a solid first team, I'll be more likely to avoid relegation when I finally make it to League One.
  15. Great job @Prank Emperor. Only one promotion away from the Premier League!
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