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  1. Waiting for this to hopefully start a long career game
  2. How many years has this been tested over?
  3. What's changed with American Samoa I'm just about to start the season and don't really want to start again as I'm running all the leagues you had from 2 days ago
  4. Any ideas on when the next release will be?
  5. Does anyone know if this works with the latest update?
  6. (FM16) England Lvl 9 database

    glad you got it sorted
  7. (FM16) England Lvl 9 database

    don't know then cant remember what I done but it seems to be working fine now
  8. (FM16) England Lvl 9 database

    well it created a game ok, so fingers crossed will be ok now as I plan on starting a long career game with this now
  9. (FM16) England Lvl 9 database

    think I have got it working somehow now run it through editor and verified it now it appears correctly and allows me to select county leagues, just setting it up now to see if it appears properly when created new game
  10. (FM16) England Lvl 9 database

    definitely something wrong with it, hopefully he comes back on tonight and can sort it
  11. (FM16) England Lvl 9 database

    tried this on its own and still doesn't work
  12. (FM16) England Lvl 9 database

    Just trying this but for some reason doesn't give me the option to select lowest league for England have just this file kit file and the fake name fix installed
  13. Fm 15 events file

    Can anyone send me a copy of the original events file for fm15 I deleted it by mistake