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  1. Which league has the earliest start date to begin with in fm22
  2. Does it only happen when managing Hound Dogs or anyone else in that division?
  3. Apparently if you start in 2019 this happens, try starting in 2018, works fine in mine and I have Japan as well
  4. Will download this tonight, had the old version but only just started season, was looking excellent before so I’m sure this is even better now
  5. I want to download but link is broken, can someone please post a working link as I want to start a game with this loaded
  6. Play it when you finish work, that’s my plan if it released before 6pm
  7. Surely I can do better than they have in real life
  8. So decided to start unemployed with game starting end of January 2018 and ended up being offered the job at Gallivare Malmbergets FF in division 2 Nord in Sweden, squad is overloaded with CM and not many free players interested in coming at min, will be a struggle this season but as board only want to survive should be able to achieve this hopefully, then onwards and upwards eventually.
  9. Is it just me or does it seem like there are few bugs this time compared to other beta versions?? I’m actually considering trying to start journeyman save tonight because it seems so good, but can always start again with full version if it becomes buggy........ so far definitely looks the best version yet
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