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  1. Thanks Christopher. Yeah, I notice this quite a lot, not just the big teams, but obviously the league is set in advance and tournaments like the CL are knockouts. I'll chalk it up to confirmation bias... it's very odd, but I've won the first 2 of these games, so not too bothered right now haha! Thanks for looking into.
  2. Hey So I end up playing the same team 3 or even 4 times in a row. Sure it can happen in real life but it happens often. I would describe it as "the game caches teams you've played recently; if you have a cup draw coming up involving one of those teams, sometimes you are more likely to draw the team you are recently playing against." Sure, could be confirmation bias It can happen in real life but not this often surely. Look at my schedule here. I have had this before and I will again. The only technical reason I can think of is above; the game chooses them based on them being a recent opponent. Or maybe it is a truly random selection within the draws and I'm merely a victim of confirmation bias! Take a look though - how often do you see this in real life? How often do you get the same team on consecutive occasions in different tournaments?
  3. Happy with VAR but I've yet to see a goal actually count .. is it possible? I know in real life it almost certainly skews to "no", and I have no issue with the decisions being made. ... But do any of these goals actually get awarded? I don't remember any in 333 hours of play heh
  4. It hasn't changed place, but players won't talk to you if they are unhappy with you. There is usually a status button on the squad or tactic screen, but if you've made him unhappy the option will vanish as he's blanking you! I wonder, since you mentioned it's an under performing player, if you've already had a negative conversation for the player where he disagreed and spat his dummy out? Easy way to find out if this is so and solve - choose another player, your captain for example, and see if there is a "speak about teammate" option - if the player in question has an issue your captain might be able to talk to them FOR you and solve it, removing the block. .. Players are prissy primadonnas
  5. No. Half time is when I either resurrect my team or when I demand they do more. I cannot fathom saying nothing - it's like throwing away one of the more directly powerful ways to address your whole squad. I have some sort of sick exploitation of Liverpool's mentality going on. We might be winning by 2 or 3 to nil and I'll ALWAYS say I'm not happy or want to see more. And they always get fired up. As to how to get them to this point? Think about what effect, positive or negative, an option is likely to have - put yourself in the shoes of a footballer who wants to do better cause they almost all do - and make sure to choose the right tone for the intent, eg. "Passionate: I believe you have got what it takes". Remember it is a squad game. You're not just talking to your primadonna striker. The shouts system is great for getting the best out of players (I "demand more" and "show some passion" and barely anything else) And another note on morale. Playing time seems to cure almost all psychological ills and grievances (don't worry about losses for the players' sakes as long as you remember you can confront them about poor or praiseworthy performances). I've even had players who handed in transfer requests change their mind just because they're being used. After they stop talking to me - which probably helps And if a player breaks out from the pack negatively - and it's not something you can otherwise do something about, which is a short list - consider asking if they're really right for the club. The whole dynamics layer has a huge effect on how their morale develops and it is naive to think the only factor in a transfer is footballing ability.
  6. The coach relationship is on the player's overview As for the players relationships I can't find them anywhere
  7. Basically yeah the player should understand the rules that you can't register a player for two CL teams in one season. What were his complaints? I think this is something you might be able to deal with in dialogue (haha, I'd love to be able to tell a player he's being stupid). I think you'll need a screenshot of this, or the save game can be dragged and dropped to their cloud, just post what you have saved it as https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4
  8. How would you determine somebody's "natural" ability, out of interest? With the caveat you can only observe, not change anything....
  9. Natural to me implies, like it says - it's there already. You're born with it. And you'd think in 90% of cases, if you're a natural position, and you're getting into professional football, somebody would find it. (And I'm sure it happens with players who only find their true role out later - like in life! You might be a natural pianist, but if you never try, you won't know!) I think it's only right you can't fake being born with something - but not to say that someone who has grafted, continues to graft, at an "Accomplished" level isn't as good or even superior. (The difference may indeed be the effort; unless you're hung up on pure numbers, in FM I think you can train an Accomplished player to be one of the greats) I find no problem with Natural not being something you can work towards - as long as Accomplished has high ceilings. I don't think, with the right training, approach, and ability, there would be much difference between Natural and Accomplished at all. Certainly, when I use an Accomplished player I find it is possible to get top-drawer performances out of them. Accomplished isn't nothing. I tend to think it's just a different route to the same place.
  10. I'm in the PL. Anyway I'm off for the night, need to get into something else. Heh. A bug gets confirmed and people come out saying "it doesn't affect me!" Sure I've done that plenty of times. Well good for you - why aren't you busy playing?
  11. Understood and agreed, but I only started mass-resting as a last resort, when I already had 7 players injured... (I did look after my main striker with lots of rest since I bought him, but he's literally one of the only players not to get an issue, so it doesn't seem like it's rest either) Look, there's an issue, I'm glad it's OK for you but it's not for me, and you don't seem to be doing anything I haven't tried! I think I will have to wait. My team isn't even top of the injury table! So it does seem to be something beyond just what the user can control...
  12. Maybe, but my schedule is packed with rest and recuperation days, I send them all on rests for days at a time, I am juggling three totally different tactics... And I just had to ragequit cause my winger got taken off with an injury, then my striker, then a midfielder... all in the first half! I have 7 players out injured as it is... Time to park this game for tonight lest I injure myself!!
  13. Same. I also don't think Rest all players is working (I've raised it) I'm changing lots of my training to Recovery to cope
  14. Excuse me if I'm being dense I want to train Joe Gomez (passing: 12) in a passing trait, but the answer I'm getting from any coach and on any PPM under passing seems to contradict itself It's a bad idea... because it does suit players with the passing ability... like him. Should it be "isn't" the case? It isn't clear what the issue is. Uploaded my save as: poorpassinglfc.fm
  15. Doesn't this option work? My latest save uploaded to the cloud still shows this (I've manually rested most of my squad but if you filter by INF on the squad screen you'll see Becker, Clyne, VVD aren't rested) The screenshots are for my first test on Dec 1st, but I rested all players for 2 days on Dec 4th too and the above players still aren't rested (the others I rested manually) - this save was taken just after Resting All and pressing Continue once allplayersrested.fm (If you want to see the Dec 1st save as per these screenshots it's still visible under poorpassinglfc.fm) Calendar is at dec 1st: I advance it. Squad > Rst isn't shown by everyone who I haven't already manually rested? I can rest them, they don't have Recall to Training But I am manually resting players and that has Recall to training ... So is "Rest all players" actually working? Best case scenario, the Rst icons aren't working? Or is something interfering? It would explain why my players ALWAYS need a rest! I've been hammering this function cause of injuries lol
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