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  1. Happy with VAR but I've yet to see a goal actually count .. is it possible? I know in real life it almost certainly skews to "no", and I have no issue with the decisions being made. ... But do any of these goals actually get awarded? I don't remember any in 333 hours of play heh
  2. No. Half time is when I either resurrect my team or when I demand they do more. I cannot fathom saying nothing - it's like throwing away one of the more directly powerful ways to address your whole squad. I have some sort of sick exploitation of Liverpool's mentality going on. We might be winning by 2 or 3 to nil and I'll ALWAYS say I'm not happy or want to see more. And they always get fired up. As to how to get them to this point? Think about what effect, positive or negative, an option is likely to have - put yourself in the shoes of a footballer who wants to do better cause they a
  3. How would you determine somebody's "natural" ability, out of interest? With the caveat you can only observe, not change anything....
  4. Natural to me implies, like it says - it's there already. You're born with it. And you'd think in 90% of cases, if you're a natural position, and you're getting into professional football, somebody would find it. (And I'm sure it happens with players who only find their true role out later - like in life! You might be a natural pianist, but if you never try, you won't know!) I think it's only right you can't fake being born with something - but not to say that someone who has grafted, continues to graft, at an "Accomplished" level isn't as good or even superior. (The difference may indee
  5. I'm in the PL. Anyway I'm off for the night, need to get into something else. Heh. A bug gets confirmed and people come out saying "it doesn't affect me!" Sure I've done that plenty of times. Well good for you - why aren't you busy playing?
  6. Understood and agreed, but I only started mass-resting as a last resort, when I already had 7 players injured... (I did look after my main striker with lots of rest since I bought him, but he's literally one of the only players not to get an issue, so it doesn't seem like it's rest either) Look, there's an issue, I'm glad it's OK for you but it's not for me, and you don't seem to be doing anything I haven't tried! I think I will have to wait. My team isn't even top of the injury table! So it does seem to be something beyond just what the user can control...
  7. Maybe, but my schedule is packed with rest and recuperation days, I send them all on rests for days at a time, I am juggling three totally different tactics... And I just had to ragequit cause my winger got taken off with an injury, then my striker, then a midfielder... all in the first half! I have 7 players out injured as it is... Time to park this game for tonight lest I injure myself!!
  8. Seems fine. Top 6 for me, in December is currently LFC (me), three points ahead of... Man U City Chelsea Tottenham Brighton (!) .. Everton keep flirting with the relegation zone. Hope that turns out very realistic
  9. Aaaah I getcha now. ... Maybe I've just invented a new tactic. Keep the ball off the ground, short nodded passes between aerial players
  10. Question about resting players If I rest my whole team from the calendar, say for two days... I can still Rest them from the right click menu. Shouldn't it be Recall to Training?
  11. Gegenpress: Needs stamina, good condition, a decent training schedule with rest and recuperation. I want youngish players with good positioning, tackling, and off the ball, as well as passing for the counter (it's a lot of work to do *all* these... some are virtually the same! I mean, vertical tiki taka is just tiki taka with good aerial players)
  12. Nope, I've come straight from FM18 and before that FM17 and before that, we'll I'd go back years... I'm not a stranger here, certainly not when it comes to submitting actual bugs. I've already posted extensively on my training schedules including more rest and recuperation and manually giving players many, many rest days. I feel I've done as much as I can in-game. Indeed, a mod saw that post, I'm simply further along and can't field a team without youngsters due to injuries piling up. I understand if you're not having the same issue - lucky you! But that doesn't preclude someone else havi
  13. I watch the occasional women's game and I think I'd like to see it represented in FM, but in total honesty I probably wouldn't use that mode / dB as much, if at all. The time is probably right to start thinking about it though. I have always understood FM to be a simulation of association football (this is why futsal is a silly diversion here). Women's football is only going to grow as a part of this.
  14. Looks ace that, exactly what I want. Yeah, re: official dark skin, I did mention in the feedback thread I expected the white parts to be black. I'm coping as it is... But a custom theme this year is certain
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