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  1. Hey @emperon le door den le dig demon - Do you have a save game from before the club world cup fixtures cancel the testimonial?
  2. Hey @Guy Bar - We've got an issue like this logged to be looked at by a coder. Thanks for raising
  3. That certainly doesn't look right at all. Do you have a save game from before the bank loan was taken out? If not, just uploading a save will do. Cheers.
  4. Hey @Cassius99 - Could you upload a save game before you change a long serving captain and I'll take a look? Thanks.
  5. Hey @Beltsu - Do you have a save game from just before you get summoned so I can take a look? Thanks.
  6. Hey @FCArsenal - Do you have a save game before you joined Udinese? Thanks.
  7. Hey @Xlander822 - Do you have a save game from before you join Inter that I can look at? You obviously shouldn't be judged on events before you joined. I've attached instructions below.
  8. Hey Nick - We've got a bug logged for us to fix this issue. Thanks for raising
  9. Hey @Jorge666 - This is a logged issue that is under review. Cheers.
  10. If you upload a save game just before they retire and let me know who the staff members retiring are, I'll take a look
  11. Do you have a save game before you noticed the history disappearing? Thanks.
  12. Can the user provide a save game so we can take a look? The financial differences between League 2 and League 1 aren't that large, and the reputation does take time to grow. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the save game - this issue is still under review with a coder.
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