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  1. Thanks @sureup. Definitely seems like a bug that shouldn't be happening. I've logged this to be reviewed using your save as an example. Thanks.
  2. Hey @sureup - Do you have a save game before the players gained their new nationality status? Thanks.
  3. Hey @DokteurHaisse - I've just noticed this happening with one of my many save games I've got on the go. It's been logged to be reviewed. Thank you for raising.
  4. Hey @Earnie is God! do you have the save so I can investigate? Thanks.
  5. @ntyjmvlk51 - It's logged to be changed by the coding team.
  6. Thanks @Jaketomsett - Appreciate the information you've provided.
  7. Thanks @Jaketomsett - Did you end up playing games on a Saturday/Monday/Wednesday pattern?
  8. Hey @endrieq - Do you have a save game where they don't register the players? Would be useful to get this corrected, as they should be registered if under the league allotted spaces. Thanks.
  9. Hey @超级足球狂热迷, can I have a save game where this has happened? I've just tried and on my game, it is played over 2 legs. Thank you.
  10. Hey @BLURRY, can you upload a save to our cloud service so someone can investigate? Many thanks.
  11. Thanks @kevbk6222 for the save - I'll take a look now.
  12. Hey @JH287 - do you have a save game with this issue that I can take a look at? Many thanks.
  13. Our coders are still looking at this issue and it is currently with them.
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