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  1. Hey @Showerman and @callamity. Either of you got a save with this happening? Thanks.
  2. Thanks @Helmsley. Seems to be an issue with lots of different teams having an odd schedule in February and March.
  3. Hey @AlexTheTall - A Superettan team should definitely be entering the cup. Do you have a save game where you haven't been entered where you should be? Thanks.
  4. Hey @Helmsley. Did you upload a save game to the cloud? And if you did, what did you call the file? I'd like to investigate. Many thanks.
  5. Do you have a save game at this point? I'd like to investigate why this game isn't being played. There was a known issue on older save games, where the last game wouldn't be played.
  6. Yeah it's probably still a valid bug. Thanks for uploading the save. Much appreciated.
  7. Hey @Evix - can you upload the save game to the cloud? I've had a go at trying to repeat this with Legia and friendly fixtures for the reserves, and it didn't repeat. Thanks.
  8. Hey @AlexJames - do you have a save game before you press the accept? Thanks.
  9. It's with a coder that is investigating. I couldn't see any clear reason why he is ineligible.
  10. Perfectly acceptable as I'll just continue the game until then. Cheers.
  11. Thanks @gsimpson1978 for the save game. I'm looking into it.
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