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  1. Hey @Kylod - It is not currently possible to do so. Thanks.
  2. That's a bit odd - Have any other files been deleted or is just FM related files?
  3. Hey @jimbo22 - Have you tried the steps that Jimmy recommended? Thanks.
  4. Not a huge fan of how the Packers led for 0 seconds against my Lions this year and won both games.
  5. She probably has a good chance of winning the series. Noel Edmonds going in the jungle tonight should be ridiculously funny too.
  6. We (the Lions) are missing Kerryon Johnson and Marvin Jones. Not ideal. Basically Golladay vs the Bears defence at this point.
  7. I swear normally in the Apprentice if you lose a task when you have excellent knowledge of the subject area, you tend to get fired. Especially as project leader. It's so weird that Tom didn't get let go.
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