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  1. Hey @coo772 - what is the earliest save that you have from the season before?
  2. Thanks guys - this is under review. For now if you press "Previous - Select Competition" where the settings should be and then select "Next - Settings" it should appear.
  3. We're going to try and do something for this - it's on our radar.
  4. The setting to Pounds by default is intended behaviour but we're reviewing whether we should change how it works. The baseline date being 2000 is just the standard we use throughout the game. The three letter competition names is also being reviewed.
  5. Hey @pdstanbridge - Can I get a few steps to reproduce? For me, this is working as it should when I have tried. Thanks.
  6. Hey @zatinho - even with the error it still shouldn't be crashing. We're reviewing this.
  7. Have you got this save for me to look at? Doesn't sound right honestly. Thanks.
  8. Hey - Using your save game I've logged a bug about the draw date repeatedly being moved back. For me the draw does eventually take place though. It takes place between May 10th and May 17th and the second round starts playing fixtures on Wednesday 21st May.
  9. I checked with a coder about this. It's a harder fix then just moving the games - because we have to play 16 games in before Christmas and get in the domestic cup and international breaks and European dates, it's going to cause some sort of congestion. It's something the coder is still looking at.
  10. Awesome thanks for clarifying. I can see that on the editor for some reason it is only set as using the Remote Review and not using the pitch side monitors.
  11. Could you upload the save game with this? Sounds like an issue with teams having training camps in places that they shouldn't.
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