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  1. That's pretty unrealistic as to what should happen. Do you have this save game to upload to the cloud service? I believe this is a change that we could be making - I know it's been discussed here and makes a lot of sense.
  2. Thanks for the save games - I've continued the save game from before on our internal build and it's not repeating for me - the players mentioned all appear in the squad lists as per usual. But I'll keep trying to see if it ever repeats for me. Thanks.
  3. It could be argued too that the board should be more proactive and do the upgrades without needing to be asked, especially when they have the resources to do so.
  4. Hey @gxL2o62DcgGQ2RNW - They don't actually have to be in a mentoring group to pick up traits - any influential player in the squad can provide them (which I'm guessing the striker in the main team is). It's more likely if they're in the same mentoring group as the player supplying the trait, but can still happen if not.
  5. It shouldn't make a difference (assuming both games are at the same ground). Do you have a save game from before this Champions Cup fixture is scheduled which changes the training schedule? Thanks.
  6. I do think there is some element of realism that we are trying to implement with this. It is a bit of a balancing act that if a manager went to a new club and demanded some new facilities after they just took the job that the owner would probably not consider the request. You can ask for new facilities in the job interview too but I guess that doesn't quite work when adding in a new manager which is a bit of a limitation of the system. This is a good example of the limitation. I'll raise this as a discussion point and see what responses I get. Thanks for this.
  7. No problem - Best of luck in your future management endeavours!
  8. Hey @Mongoosier2 - Do you have a save game from before you added this league? That is the point where I think it goes wrong. Thanks.
  9. Can you try something for me? Load your save game and then open the FM Menu and select Game Status. Change the manageable teams from JD Cymru Premier to all. This should make the jobs appear on the Job Centre (once you continue the game).
  10. Ah understood. Investigating now and trying this out. Thanks.
  11. I believe it has been changed so the rating doesn't change automatically when praised. Thanks.
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