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  1. How does one get the logos to work? Also thank you for your work as always every year
  2. Legenda. Will you be doing Eesti or Lithuania as well?
  3. Sad! FCE were NASL loyalists.. not a good sign to see them gone. Also pretty much confirms they'll be looking to play CanPL
  4. The same reason as FC Edmonton? It's assumed if CanPL get's off the ground they will switch
  5. I know this is probably irrelevant given FM18 coming out soon but did you edit the Victoria Stadium getting expanded to 8,000 capacity or will that be done for 18? Thanks
  6. Player history from transferred players gets jumbled.. Like Ryan Norval has 12 games for Parra in 17/18 but his Bonno history says 16/17
  7. It won't work with Karna's Serb 4th tier file but will work with his 3rd tier file..
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