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  1. How does one get the logos to work? Also thank you for your work as always every year
  2. Sad! FCE were NASL loyalists.. not a good sign to see them gone. Also pretty much confirms they'll be looking to play CanPL
  3. The same reason as FC Edmonton? It's assumed if CanPL get's off the ground they will switch
  4. Nah I hate how it's always San Marino or Gibraltar or Andorra that gets sacrificed.. I'd prefer it if was the EX-USSR countries like KAZ or AZE that got cut
  5. But the CFA technically is playable should you get relegated from Tier 3. If there's problems with reserve teams why not just make the reserve teams unplayable like how Jong Ajax/PSV are, instead of the entire league?
  6. CFA is French 4th Tier. It can be activated with the standard version of the game but you can't manage in it unless you get relegated from the Championnat National SI have previously said it's due to reserve teams such as here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/401947-Can-t-select-teams-in-French-CFA-Division But like I said it's a bit of a cop out seeing how you can activate it. The CFA is made up of 4 divisions of 16 teams (Group A-D) usually there's about 4 reserve teams per group.. how is that any different to Segunda B3 which features reserve teams from Barcelona, Espanyol, Vi
  7. Why is the CFA always made unplayable from the start? I understand that SI have said because the CFA features reserve teams but that's such a cop out. How is it any different to the Jupiler League where Jong Ajax & Jong PSV compete or the Spanish lower tiers?
  8. Impressive thanks for this Dan & Thanks for not doing County Cups I like many others find them bothersome
  9. Not entirely true Does the team consist only of Romanians or are foreigners accepted? We organise trials to find new players before every season and nationality is not important. If the player is considered to be of help, our arms are wide open. For the moment however, the team only consists of Romanians. BWE doesn't only sign Serbs either, Wellington just signed Dylan Fox from there who certainly isn't Serb lol
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