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  1. Looks good @Weiry Any plans to out the state cups in the next release?
  2. nfac38

    FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    aaaand fired! Time to start again
  3. nfac38

    FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Quick question for y'all A lot of my last batch of youth had low determination. How do i change this? Through tutoring yes, but anything specifically?
  4. nfac38

    FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    SC Beira-Mar - End of Season 2017/18 Campeonato de Portugal Prio Manager Profile | Board is refusing to fund a coaching course for my National C Licence *shakes fist* League Table & Results | As per the last update, I knew it was going to be difficult. Just couldn't get going and ended up finishing last in the Promotion Group. Oh well Cup | No real update here. Sporting won it 1-0 against Benfica Transfers | Finances | Finances II | Finances III | Facilities | Squad | Awards Youth Intake | Some good prospects in this one, especially Vitor Silva and Carlos Pedro Season 2018/19 Preview | Game has me struggling this season. The objective will be to integrate a lot of the youth into the side this season and move on some of the deadwood. Will be in Group D again this season
  5. nfac38

    Australian Lower Leagues

    @Weiry how's the project coming along?
  6. nfac38

    FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    SC Beira-Mar - Mid Season Report Just finished the first stage of the Campeonato, thought I'd give an update League Table | Place Graph | Results Started off exceptionally well going 8 undefeated (5W 3D) before losing 2-3 away to ARC Oleiros after I stupidly changed formation after having found some success with a 4-2-2-2 DM wide formation. The second half of the 1st phase started well again but we faded away at the end to finish second in Group D. Have been drawn in Promo Group A with Academica Viseu, GD Braganca, Guimaraes B, Lusitano, Braga B, Salgueiros and Oliveirense. Will be tough. As you can see in the table link, scoring goals is not an issue, just need to try and tighten things up on the defence. Taça de Portugal Lost in the Second Round to SC Olhanense Did rather well to limit them to only three goals considering. I'm sure the two away fans that attended went away happy Squad News Stats | Tactics | Finances I | Finances II | Wages Standout Players Diego Testa | Vagner | Agostinho Ca Hot Prospects Pedro Lima Probably my best prospect. Has to struggle hard to keep him at the team earlier in the season after interest from Segunda Liga teams. His injury, while unfortunate, allows me to keep him for a little while longer Ricardo Santos | Marcio Lopes | Francisco Felix | Hugo Rato
  7. nfac38

    FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Started again, as there was a f-up with the files on my PC. Have again gone for Beira-Mar Squad - the way the players look, it seems ripe for 4-1-2-3 I think
  8. nfac38

    FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Cheers @fabreth - first difficulty will be tying down the core of the squad
  9. nfac38

    FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Going to have a go at this, starting off in Portugal with S.C Beira Mar! Team looks bonkers!
  10. Whoops, Seemed to have fixed my issues by deleting my editor data folder
  11. Tried deleting the preferences folder. This has restored the game to full view but the game crashes at the moment
  12. Hi, Running 17.3.1 on a brand new laptop and only in the last few days has the game refused to progress past either the SI logo or the load screen. It will get to either of these screens then go completely black, needing a ctrl-alt-del to stop the game. DX is up to date, and I've tried launching the game as an admin and in window mode with no success. Have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no change. Game now also appears to be stuck launching in window mode even after removing the windowed instructions. How can I change this back? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. nfac38

    FM 17 - Valencia CF

    So season 1 ended up with us finishing 4th and miraculously passing FFP (no idea how). But in other news, Gaya had his head turned so I shifted him off to PSG. Any good recommendations of attacking left backs?
  14. nfac38

    FM 17 - Valencia CF

    I cant find him on my save. Ended up going for Tissone (free) and Borja Sanchez (for 275k)