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  1. According to the in-game panel (the touchline tablet), almost every AI manager in almost every shape or formation plays at least one mezzala. This bothers me for several reasons - firstly, there can't be that many mezzalae in the English lower leagues, or that many managers who want to play with them; secondly, conventional wisdom suggests that playing such an aggressive role as a mezzala in a 442 or a 4231 is a bad idea, but they all seem to be doing it. Is this a problem with the tablet, like, are my probably analysts mistaken?
  2. It feels. slightly too easy to make a killing in the transfer market this time round, although I'm not totally sure if this a bad thing - it might signal more aggressive and pre-planned squad-building from the AI, which would be a good thing I guess. Maybe it's something to do with Brexit? For example, I just sold a young English centre-back for £13 million - I bought him for nothing from TNS, loaned him out to Doncaster in League One for a year (average rating 6.56), he's never played a game for me (Oxford in the Championship). He's got high potential, it might happen in real life very occasi
  3. One small tweak I would like to see, and one which doesn't seem that it would be all that hard to implement, would be to the promises system. I feel like if you promise someone you're going to play them in centre midfield but you end up playing them in front of the defence, for example, you should be able to say to them - at any point, not at some arbitrary point given to you by the game - 'look, I know I said I'd play you further forward but you're playing well in this position / but such-and-such a player is injured / but such-and-such a player is in great form', or whatever, and get a respo
  4. To be fair after posting in here I got spanked every week in the Premiership and am rooted to the bottom of the league in January, so, eh, maybe I spoke too soon.
  5. I forgot to add, the third factor I've noticed is that newgens seem to be too good right off the bat, with 18 or 19-year-olds more than able to tear up the Championship. Obviously that's true of some players in real life, but I've got half a team of them here, some of whom I've been able to tempt away from top or mid-level Premiership clubs really easily.
  6. My impression is that it might be slightly too easy, although I think that's kind of an imprecise way to think about it. In a sense it has to be 'easy', maybe, since good decisions need to lead to good results in the context of a game; real life it doesn't work like that because there are so many more variables and no developer with an incentive to make it an enjoyable experience, as anyone who's been to Preston will have realised long ago. But yeah, I have just taken Forest Green to the Premiership. We've got an average gate of 5,009 people, and our record signing is a guy - Clarke Oduo
  7. A minor irritation for me is the little pop-up that tells you a player has a knock and suggests a sub. In theory, this is a good quality-of-life adjustment - a quicker way to take off players who pick up niggles during the game, and a reflection of something that would happen in real life where a fitness coach or whatever might have a word in the manager's ear if a player's looking uncomfortable. In practice it's broken for two reasons. Firstly and most seriously, the suggestions for who to sub on are a wee bit off, so they want me to play a striker on the wing when we've got a like-for-lik
  8. Hi - I have a quick question about FM21, although I didn't play FM20 so this might also have ben the case in that edition. It seems like rather than clicking through to your U23s, B team, whatever, you now filter it with the button on the far right. That's fine, but what's annoying me is how it seems to be changing the situation with goalkeepers. Like Neil Warnock, I never name a sub goalkeeper on the bench. On the rare occasions that the goalkeeper gets injured I throw an out-field player in. I also don't like to have a second goalkeeper in the first-team squad, because if you ask the ass
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