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  1. Sometimes with a change of ownership, the new board will want to go in a new direction and appoint another manager. The reason probably had nothing to do with your performance. I have had saves where a change of ownership put my position in doubt (in the media section of FM) but Ive never actually been sacked before. So maybe you were just unlucky lol I know it happens in real life across a wide range of different sports.
  2. The best I had was 13 wins in a row in the 2nd division in Andorra. I didnt concede a goal for over half of those. Not bad considering i lost my first 3 games. I didnt actually lose a game for the rest of the regular season that year
  3. Fingers crossed! Im really intrigued this year, as the release trailer was pretty unusual. Cant wait to see what it all means
  4. I didnt realise they came out so late in September, i always thought it was earlier. I was wondering when the feature were going to be announced but it looks like we still might be a couple of weeks away going by past years
  5. Same thing happened to me, managing Newcastle up 3-0 over West Ham at about 78 minutes, lost 3-4 Conceded twice in injury time
  6. Yeah i understand what you are saying, i appreciate the difficulty in how hard it is to replicate real life, but it would still be nice to see my striker score just one past the keeper in a one on one. Maybe I should have trained him to lob the keeper? Might have increased my chances
  7. 1v1's in FM19 are horrible. Ive had the same issue I signed a world class poacher who had a knack of getting in behind the defence a lot, but very rarely hit the target when he only had the goalkeeper to beat. Most the time he simply blasted it straight at him.
  8. Youre right, I joined a group there and left almost immediately. Half is a bunch of people playing with overpowered teams, boasting of how they got promoted 5 times in a row then went on to win the champions league the next season. The other half is just whining about how much they hate the game
  9. This is my graphics card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 I checked if it would run on another website its said it doesnt meet the minimum requirements but it says that for other games that run perfectly
  10. I have everything but the 256MB of video RAM, will i be able to play in 3D? When is the demo out?
  11. Yeah, definitely seems like something is not right there, its bizarre.
  12. I'd love to see the stadiums completely revamped, not every stadium has a big football and picnic table and chairs in the corners, they just seem totally unrealistic this year. The regen faces seemed to have also gone backwards, would be a lot nicer to have a wide variety for long term saves. More animations in the ME, a wider variety of animations for crowd etc. Graphics are fine, the animations are the issue for me. More realistic AI managers as well, especially with regards to transfers, for example a team buying 4 world class leftbacks when they already have 2 of the same quality.
  13. I thought professionalism also counted, along with ambition and determination
  14. I had that too, i thought that answer from the chairman was supposed to be from when you ask to improve the youth recruitment. I thought I may have just clicked the wrong question but I guess I didnt. However, i could be completely wrong and the response is ok, but it seems a little weird to me as well.
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