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  1. I cant stand press conferences, i end up sending my assistant for everyone now because of those type of things. Its irrelevant and repetative.
  2. Or your 167cm, 60kg player who can only play centreback with a jumping of 3 and a strength of 2
  3. I kind of half agree with you, its very difficult to win a game if your morale is low in FM20, but this sort of does reflect real life. Teams high on confidence often perform better
  4. You either didnt do this, or you added a new league after you had already started a game. There is no other way that older age regens can appear in the game
  5. Yep, in FM19, was playing as Fiorentina, was doing ok and pushing for european football (i didnt make it in the end), got offered a job from Las Palmas who were sitting in the spanish second division. They got promoted the next year and qualified for european football in their first season up, meanwhile i missed out and finished 16th and was sacked.
  6. I think that ones annoying most of us Particularly when they look like they arent even trying to score
  7. Thats happened to me, but with Braga from Portugal. I always get them
  8. I have noticed that that too. It happens quite often, youre about to play a team in the league, cup draw comes up and you get that same team.
  9. I just had this in my current save, playing as Winterthur in the Swiss second division, needed to win the last game and my rival to draw at the most for me to win automatic promotion. I lost all 3 of my right midfielders, and 3 of my 4 strikers. Brought in two youngsters in both postions, and the striker got the end of a right winger cross in the last 10 minutes to put us ahead. It also helped that in my rival teams game, their opponent scored in the last minute to equalise (had the live scores up as i was playing). I love how in some situations, you get tense moments like this.
  10. Thats Albirex Niigata's feeder team. The Singapore league also has a team for Brunei, DPMM FC. Both these teams have won the league over the last 5 seasons Prior to that, they had 3 chinese teams there, as feeder clubs for the Chinese League, Etoile from France also competed, and there was Sinchi, which was a club composed of Chinese players. There was also a Korean team and and African team.
  11. I think the opposition goal keeper deserved a better score than the 6.8 he got (goalkeeper ratings really weird this year)
  12. The media thing needs a massive overhaul. I really cant even be bothered attending press conferences anymore as its repetitive and some of it doesnt make sense.
  13. He should be able to work in Italy when he's old enough I think. If Brazilian is his primary nationality and you are signing him from Brazil, he wont be able to join until he is 18. I could be wrong but thats what I assume is happening here.
  14. Passing it back the keeper from almost halfway when youre very attacking, when youre down by one goal, in the last few minutes of a game. Just happened to me, two games in a row.
  15. World class strikers kicking it straight to the keeper in a one on one instead of actually trying to shoot past him or run around him.
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