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  1. Afraid so. You could however change the rules in the normal editor, but you would have to start a new save for those to take effect
  2. Yeah once you buy it, it should automatically appear in the game I think
  3. Ive noticed this happens with almost every take over. There was one occasion where the 2 signings my new board tried to acquire rejected the contracts, but I kind of agree that there should be an option in the end, whether you as the manager, proceed with the signings or not.
  4. He had a release clause of 15 million so they kind of had to let him go haha. But I was surprised he was interested. I downloaded the in-game editor to see what his PA was, 176 is pretty good, but I think it going to be more of a challenge to keep him at the club more than anything
  5. I had one in each corner of a lower league save last year. With a stadium capacity of 5000
  6. I have something similar with Newcastle, I signed a Brazilian wonder kid (newgen) for 15 million pounds he scored 10 goals in the Brazil Serie A. I was also in discussions with James Rodriguez until Juventus came in and poached him at the last minute. Perhaps its because I finished 4th and scored a Champions League spot the first season
  7. Will this be as a steam workshop file or can we download it here when you are done?
  8. Sorry for the late reply but yeah I can do that. However I forgot how I do that
  9. I signed Neymar to Newcastle for 20 million plus 30% of profit from next sale, as a 17 year old. Funnily enough he turned down a offer to go to Real Madrid and joined me instead but probably because I offered to pay him 100k in his first season.
  10. I know. My point was some people dont like to play realistic. Some people impose rules on themselves, like only buying under 21 players or something. If a board starts buying players for them, it might kind of screw that up.
  11. Are you playing with the same tactic? I hit a brick wall occasionally around the same time too. A while back one of the more experienced players told me that the AI will figure out how to combat your tactic/ tactics eventually, so you need to switch it up a bit towards the second half of the season. However, this also depends on how good your team is and how well they play your chosen tactics. Morale also plays a part. Lose 2 or 3 in a row, then it can have a follow on effect. Win 2 or 3 in a row and it may work positively. I hope that helps, its all very complexed.
  12. The Op's problem doesnt mean the game is broken. I think there are players that will never accept they have played bad, or trained bad. There's a reason the players have individual personalities and attributes like, professionalism, sportmanship, controversy etc. Last year I signed Balotelli, not once did he ever train well (lazy), criticised him a lot, he always disagreed with what I said whil the other players responded positively for the most part. I ended up transfer listing him
  13. I think the French and Belgian leagues will be the best places to look for dual nation regens, but its seems it not working properly. In fact its gone the other way
  14. Its true, definitely more realistic. Just be better to have a choice in the matter. I actually did get a decent player though, luckily i didnt end up with 3 flops. What kind of owner does this anyway? Is my new chairman a sugardaddy? Like an Abramovich
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