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  1. It happens sometimes. Im pretty sure Manchester United won a Champions League final against Bayern Munich this way. Trailed the whole game 1-0 then scored twice in stoppage time. Its not likely but it can happen.
  2. I guess its down to personal choice. I tend to ignore 90% of what he says, and that includes the training aspect as well. Some of the suggestions made during a match dont make sense. For example suggesting short passing, then suggesting direct passing 2 minutes later.
  3. -Shoots with power at own goal during opposition corners -Clears ball off goal line into woodwork (and back into the goal) -Clears ball into keeper/teammates backside (and scores own goal)
  4. I never play with it because it screws up all the custom databases I have loaded And I would like the create a club mode to allow you to choose whether you use the update or not. Being forced to use it is a tad annoying
  5. You dont have to start a new game. Apply the fix then wait til the squad for the international team is next picked, then everything should be back to normal.
  6. Hi all, Im trying to start a create a club game without using the 19.0.3 update, but everytime i do it, it automatically chooses that as a default choice. It normally wouldnt be a problem, but I have a few custom databases that arent compatible with it, so I want to use the original database. So, is it possible?
  7. As tarrantino said, google it to figure out how to fix it so it appears.
  8. Oh this reminds me of the game I lost to Southampton as Newcastle. 3-0 up at the 75th minute and lost 4-3. They scored in the 76th minute then 3 in the last few minutes Two of those in injury time.
  9. Further more to this, if you apply the national team fix, dont panic if they still have greyed out players when you go back into your game. When the next selection date for the team, real players will be chosen.
  10. I lost 14-1 to Arsenal in FM16 as Newcastle To be fair I had a defender sent off in the first minute, then had a midfielder sent off before the 10th minute and then I had 2 players injured. It was a dark day lol
  11. That makes perfect sense, i thought it may actually be concentration but now thinking about it, my players do seem to get burnt by the oppositions wingers towards then end of the game.
  12. I can sort of see why with regards to mentality, but it doesnt seem to matter if I change it or not. I will try the wing back thing, that makes a lot of sense, and the passing shorter thing also makes a lot of sense. I will also try to the regroup thing, because now that you mention it, my players tend to "over commit" on pressing when we arent in possession Does defensive width make a difference?
  13. Hi all, im playing as Newcastle with a 4-2-3-1 wide formation with gegenpress. I have wing backs on support, my DLP AND AP on support, wingers on support, and my attacking midfielder on attack. Im not doing too badly with regards to scoring goals, and my team seems to be playing at a reasonable level, but I am having real issues with protecting a lead. 5 out of my last 11 games I have given away 1 or 2 goal leads, and one 3 goal lead. The majority of these goals have occurred after 80 minutes. Ive tried a number of things, like dropping my central mids to DM's, playing cautiously, putting my wing backs onto defensive, but nothing seems to work. My team just go to sleep. So I am wondering what factors affect holding a lead? I thought a players/teams concentration level but Im assuming its more than that. Should i create a "park the bus" tactic for the last 10 minutes? Thanks!
  14. Does the lower rated player fit better into your tactics than the higher player? Having talent doesn't count for much if youre playing tactics that don't suit their style of play. Morale also has an effect
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