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  1. Especially when you have 35 shots with 18 on target, to their 3 with 1 on target
  2. First season with Newcastle i thought i was being to succesful, i ended up finishing 6th, and was sitting in the top 3 for the first three quarters of the season. I also destroyed Man City 4-0 in the first game of the season. Im in season 2 now, and despite signing some better players (Balotelli, Kieren Tierney, David Luiz, and Bruma on loan), i seem to be struggling a lot more than I did with my weaker team in the first season. I think it comes down to many things though. Its no good having great players if they have low consistency, or are lazy (Balotellis training). Plus it also pays to have a strong team cohesion, and morale. To sum it up, I think its easy to build a successful team if you can get all these points to work in unison, but it still presents a challenge in actually getting there in the first place
  3. I found a couple from scouting Northern Africa for young players with a good PA and as @john1 said, you can usually just scroll through national teams which you can scout. Just because a league isnt playable, doesnt mean that regens arent there to be found
  4. There isnt a heap of them but from my experience you can usually find 2 or 3 players above 150-160PA per save. Or maybe I just got lucky?
  5. Im 36 been playing for about 8 years. Played FIFA manager for a couple of years prior to that but it sucked so decided to give FM a go and havent looked back since
  6. I guess its more down to a matter of personal opinion on whether you like it or not, but seeing as you dont want to download the demo, that is kind of hard lol. For the most part, I am actually enjoying this a lot more than FM18. If you like micro managing training and the challenge of keeping team morale high, then you'll probably enjoy this a lot. I think the ME is slightly better than previous versions, although its obviously not perfect and as always, a work in progress. And i dont know what others are talking about when they say tiki-taka etc doesnt work, Ive actually had no issues with it in my save, seems to be working well for me.
  7. Prior to Foss' release, I used another Japanese database and the exact same thing happened. Dont think its the database problem, perhaps its the game itself?
  8. I wouldnt count Las Palmas as a small team, yes they are in Liga Adelante but they were just recently relegated from the La Liga after a few seasons there. And over the years have spent quite a few years in the top division.
  9. I meant 2019, but its ok. I put it in : Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\editor data Works perfectly
  10. Actually never mind, i found it, forgot about that one
  11. Whats the pathway? Or is that: your Steam installation>/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2018/data And you create the "editor data" folder if its not there?
  12. We extract it to here? your Steam installation>/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2018/data/database/db/1910/lnc
  13. In my current Newcastle save I picked up a spanish kid in my youth intake, with a 5 star potential rating. I was curious to see how good he was, so using the in game editor, i took a peak at his maximum potential, and it's 197!!!! Ive never ever had a player that good in my youth intake in the many years Ive played, pretty stoked haha
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