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  1. I seem to get runs similar to that everytime i play with generated fixtures, rather than the real fixtures. I dont think ive ever had it as bad as you got there though, thats a nightmare lol. At least there's only one loss though, so you've done alright
  2. National team disappears

    I had an issue with that with African teams, but when i investigated properly, i noticed they were currently playing an international competition in which only domestic based players were allowed to play for the national team. Not sure if that happens in europe but maybe check it out and see?
  3. I just started the game after the last update and now im getting lag in the 3D match engine too. This happens mainly when a shot is taken or there is a long pass, but occurs at other times too. Didnt have the issue before today
  4. Scouting

    Ive had the same issues. Scouting seems so much more cumbersome from the previous versions, its almost easier to look through team lists and just sending your scouts to look at a player you pick, rather then sending them out on a 6 month assignment. And i agree with Spursfan, i used to enjoy the scouting element of the game, but now its not so fun.
  5. Dont need to restart the game for this right?
  6. Goal not registered

    Hi Nic, i tried to get one but the game froze up and I had to close it down. I was unable to get one. If it happens again I will make sure i get it
  7. Goal not registered

    I just had this happen to me too. Goal scored, all the players were celebrating, linesmans flag was down, and my score stayed at 0. Didnt say offside or anything, just went to a goal kick
  8. Injury overkill yet again

    If you check the real premier league injury list, Everton currently has 7 players injured to, and several teams have 6. Occasionally teams will get even more than that as well, its down to luck and player durability. It might seem like a lot, but if you research it actually seems pretty accurate. And the majority of the injuries are short term anyway, I dont understand why people are complaining about this, you want realism, but when you get it, you dont like it? Just use it as an excuse to maybe give some of your young prospects a chance in the first team. Thats why there are reserve teams in most leagues
  9. Hi guys, Ive noticed that a lot of bizarre thigns regarding Chinese teams and the transfer market. Playing as Newcastle, Shanggang purchase Henri Saivet off me, and then immediately put him on the transfer list. Ive noticed this has happened with a number of teams in China, where they purchase a foreign player, (usually a high profile player too), then they transfer him almost straight away. Just seems redundant to buy a player at a high price and do that. Is this representative of the way the Chinese league works or is it a bug?
  10. I have had this a couple of times, once against me, once for. Im not sure if its a bug though, perhaps its just down to the ability of the goal keepers rather than a bug? I mean it has happened in real life before
  11. I dont have the patience for that lol, plus i already started again for the second time, just hoping it doesnt crash now.
  12. I think i get that, i added one player myself, and the faces were off. But i started the game again and I had the same issue. Thats why i thought the other leagues may have affected it. Its ok though, no huge deal, im just happy to have the Japanese league in the game!
  13. So if you have another database loaded, for example i have thailand and taiwan leagues from the steam workshop, then the face wont match up to the correct player?
  14. African Teams dont have players

    I loaded the Ivory Coast league and Egyptian league only, in the game. I just checked the Ivory Coast team and its full of domestic based players only. None of the players from the European teams. The teams affected though are Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Guinea, Libya, Mauritania, Morroco, Namibia and Nigeria Sorry about the pic, have to use phone at moment