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  1. oblongata21

    Wonderkids from minnow nations

    Well Denmark wont the European Championship in 1990 after coming in as a replacement for Yugolsavia, so these things do happen I dont understand what the big deal is about having minnow countries produce decent players, these things do happen. There's players like Billy Ketkeo from Laos and Wesley Lautoa from New Caledonia that have played in the French first division, both were first team players. I think its great that these smaller countries produce world class players. Even here in Australia, the likes of Tim Cahill, Harry Kewell, Mark Schwarzer, Bosnich and Viduka are proof that countries regarded as small on the world stage are capable of producing decent players. I think FM got it right
  2. oblongata21

    Painkilling Injections

    I had something similar than this recently, but it was for the FA cup final and then the Euro Cup Final. I had Moussa Dembele who was my leading striker. I gave him painkilling injections for the FA Cup Final, and after that game it gave me an option to give him another dose for the Euro Cup Final. I assume that if you give one dose of painkiller, you can give another after, but it was only 5 days between those games for me.
  3. I did that and figured out which file it was. Found others with the same problem but apparently you just have to wait much longer for the game to setup than you otherwise would for some reason. Main thing is that its working perfectly now. Thanks for the help
  4. I saw your note about waiting 15 minutes for the game to get past the setup phase. It still seems to freeze when we are setting up the game, I waited 30 minutes but it didnt seem to progress at all. Did the 15 minute thing depend on your computer speed and/or number of other leagues you have added?
  5. I uninstalled the game, deleted all the editor data i had, and removed all the stuff i had downloaded, and now it seems to work.
  6. Ill give it a go and let you know
  7. Hi Felix Here is the file. Let me know if there is anything else I need to do DxDiagd.txt
  8. Yep will do as soon as i can get to it. Thanks Felix
  9. Hi guys, Everytime Ive try to start a new games the game freezes. It gets to the part "Setting up game database" then it stops responding (Not Responding according to task manager). Ive tried deactivating all my downloaded databases, starting without the winter update, starting with just one league, and Ive even gone as far as uninstalling then reinstalling the game, with the same result everytime. The game doesn't crash, it just freezes. Not sure if i can get any information without a crash dump
  10. I seem to get runs similar to that everytime i play with generated fixtures, rather than the real fixtures. I dont think ive ever had it as bad as you got there though, thats a nightmare lol. At least there's only one loss though, so you've done alright
  11. oblongata21

    National team disappears

    I had an issue with that with African teams, but when i investigated properly, i noticed they were currently playing an international competition in which only domestic based players were allowed to play for the national team. Not sure if that happens in europe but maybe check it out and see?
  12. I just started the game after the last update and now im getting lag in the 3D match engine too. This happens mainly when a shot is taken or there is a long pass, but occurs at other times too. Didnt have the issue before today
  13. oblongata21


    Ive had the same issues. Scouting seems so much more cumbersome from the previous versions, its almost easier to look through team lists and just sending your scouts to look at a player you pick, rather then sending them out on a 6 month assignment. And i agree with Spursfan, i used to enjoy the scouting element of the game, but now its not so fun.
  14. Dont need to restart the game for this right?
  15. oblongata21

    Goal not registered

    Hi Nic, i tried to get one but the game froze up and I had to close it down. I was unable to get one. If it happens again I will make sure i get it