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  1. Oooops my bad, cheers fenysz, and isthmian. Its working now
  2. Ok, i extracted the files from the folders directly into that folder, still doesnt appear to be working. This is the folder i loaded them into C:\Users\Dan\Documents\Sports Interactive\Editor 2017\editor data
  3. I downloaded the files to that folder, but it doesnt appear to have worked
  4. Can someone quickly explain how to install these? Do we just put it in Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ football manager 2017 \ data \ db \ 1710 \ lnc \ And do you have to delete any other files and any other files we have installed there? (ie, i added someones brazil name, german name, japan team name fix)
  5. What leagues are currently in the pack? Looking forward to the completed product! Definitely cant wait for the japanese league update
  6. Silly question guys, but is this league ready to be downloaded and played? Apologies for that
  7. Must keep an eye on this, Ive been waiting for someone to make the Japanese competition for a couple of years, its just not the same without it. Hopefully they can get this setup for 2018! Look foward to this being finished
  8. Sorry for this, but Im a bit confused about where we exactly extract the files to. Can anyone enlighten me?
  9. [FM2015] Japanese League

    Anyone else had a problem with this? i downloaded the first link and put it in the correct folder but it doesnt seem to be working? :-/
  10. J-League

    Oh thanks, i'll head over there straight now. Didnt actually know there was a download forum, being a newbie.
  11. J-League

    Just wondering if anyone was making the J-League this year, or if anyone actually has made it? It drives me crazy not being able to play without Japan for some reason lol.
  12. When are you guys going to fix goalkeepers? They are still doing incredibly stupid things. Cost me three games in a row. 1st game, Krul stops a ball, on goal line, ball lands at feet...Krul simply stands and watches as a player runs in from outside the penalty box and taps in a goal. None of my defenders moved an inch either, and they were much closer. 2nd game, Krul parries a ball onto post, lands on ground...doesnt budge as ball slowly rolls past his head. He dived after the ball went in 3rd game, basically a carbon copy of the first one. This is incredibly frustrating, especially if you are already under pressure from the board.
  13. [FM2015] Japanese League

    All the players in mine were greyed out to.....exactly what is the file directory the player files are supposed to be in? Just need to see if I got the correct place. Also, does downloading a face pack from another site affect this league? Edit Never mind, removed all the media people like Kraft did and it worked out fine, cheers
  14. Ive played 16 games and havent seen one goal scored from a deadball situation. However, i have seen a lot of shots attempted with 2-3 defenders in front of the player, instead of passing off to a completely open teammate. Im sure SI has picked up on it and rectified the situation, plus, there is still no superior manager game out there....this is the closest it gets
  15. Does this include the German patch which allows real players to be in the national team?