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  1. I would say absolutely not, he's been fantastic for me and it just seems like it would feel bad to sell him. You're never going to get money out of the profit clause either.
  2. Downloaded one, until the official dark skin comes out. I just couldn't take the white text boxes blinding me haha. Though I may give this one a try for a bit since it's basically the default without the white.
  3. Finished 4th in the league in the first season, along with winning the FA Cup. Second season won the league, finished runners up in the Carabao and won the FA Cup.
  4. Pretty good year I'd say Mason is looking like he'll be an absolute cheat code this year
  5. After I finally got to terminate his contract, he spent some time as a free agent and then retired. His stats are terrible though.
  6. Hugill is probably going to slot into the backup striker role for me after he finishes his current loan. Hopefully that will allow me to get Edouard off the books. Shoretire may be one more loan off, but we'll see. Elanga looks quite good in my save as well.
  7. Onto the 2022/23 season! After doing the double last year, it seems only natural to try to consolidate our position at the top of the league and try to push for the Treble, and that's just what we intend to do! Only two signings to speak of, at least as of now, though there is still about a week and a half left in the window, so who knows what may happen. Allessandro Bastoni joined from Inter for a massive 85mil (55mil up front and 30mil over three years) to reinforce the backline. I had the best defense in the league in both of the past two seasons, but with Liverpool how they are nowadays an
  8. There's nothing wrong with playing a single player game however you want. Use the editor, download tactics, play your goalkeeper at ST, it doesn't matter. It's your game, do what you want.
  9. Ended 2021/22 with a few trophies! Managed to take home the league with a four point gap to Liverpool, while keeping the goal difference pretty close given our defensive prowess. De Gea took home the Gold Glove, keeping 20 clean sheets with Mendy at Chelsea being level to him, but only conceding 22 goals across the season. Edouard led the team in scoring in the league, though I hope to see his numbers improve next year. Telles put in a massive 11 assists and nearly led the league in average rating (though Salah managed to average a 7.88). We got knocked out in heartb
  10. I have no idea how some of you managed to win the league in the first season, Liverpool just refused to lose. I'm still not even sure if I'll manage it this year, but I have a fair amount of confidence. Liverpool just won't stop reinforcing. On the upside, Telles is still balling out, Edouard found his form that he completely lost in the first year after his transfer, and Barca decided to let Pedri go for 20mil. Liverpool and Chelsea were both in for him but I couldn't let that happen so he's a United lad now.
  11. I think Diallo may have a set PA but I'm not sure. Pellistri is random though. Shoretire looks great for me, as does Kambwala.
  12. I've had the exact opposite experience. Diallo has been fantastic. I haven't had as much time with Pellistri yet, but he's looked good when I've played him.
  13. We was doing alright for me in 2021 until he got an achilles injury that's kept him out for a number of months. 16 appearances, 2 goals and 3 assists. Not lighting the world up, but I don't really need him to with Bruno and VdB around and he's only 20 anyway.
  14. Neymar's not signing a new contract at PSG and is available to make a contract offer....gonna have to resist the temptation
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