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  1. Luis is immense. I bought him for 50mil GBP and he's been worth every cent.
  2. I read your post over on Dictate and like the look of the club. I think I also commented on your Reddit post. My St.-Étienne save went belly up so I moved on to a new save with Valencia! I'm hoping it's more fruitful haha.
  3. Sacked in the Morning PSG beat us 4-0. So that was nice. To those of you that kept up with this (short) journey, thank you! I'll be firing up a new save with Valencia tonight and may open up a thread for that as well. I feel like that's a less interesting challenge given that they don't hold any particular record like ASSÉ does, but we'll see how I feel. I've never been sacked in FM in my 7 years of playing, so I'm a bit sour to the idea of sharing another save journey. Maybe I'm worse at FM than I thought haha.
  4. The Sack Looms Well, we were going to secure the three points against Nantes until they managed to score with 10 seconds left in added time. Truly crushing. This all but confirms that I will be sacked, as I can not fathom that we will be able to beat PSG, especially at the Parc de Princes. Here's to hoping.
  5. Brest Well, there's three points, and our first win since we beat Strausbourg 3-1 on 28 Sept. Diony also scored his first goal after over 11 hours of drought. Now we just need 6 points from the next 4 matches. It will be tense.
  6. Well, the board has called me in for a meeting. I need 9 points in the next five matches to save my job. Those fixtures are Brest (H), Lyon (A), Nantes (H), PSG (A) and Angers (H). Those clubs are currently 12th, 5th, 9th, 1st and 7th. So I'll be looking forward to my next save with Valencia!
  7. November I have no idea how I'm still employed. We're 15th in the league on 15 points. I can't buy a win, the players are starting to turn. This is getting rough.
  8. Well Then Pt. Deux This all went quite bad rather quickly. I didn't expect the world out of our first Europa League match, but to lose 3-5 was rather disappointing. Granted, we were away from home and Porto are a very strong side, so maybe my expectations were too high. We needed a 90+3rd minute goal from Diony to salvage a draw with Dijon, a team we should have beaten. We let a 2-0 lead slip to Red Star. And the Marseille came around and just massacred us. M'Vila got himself sent off and it all went downhill very quickly. We are currently sitting at 10th in the table with 14 points from 11 matches, truly miserable form. Somehow Diony has managed 7 goals from just 14 shots in the league however. Our defence is abysmal, and with no money to spend, I'm not certain how we will turn it around. To make matters worse, Moukoudi and Koloziejczak have both gone down with injuries that will keep them out of the team for at least two weeks, with the latter predicted to be out for as long as a month. Which means that Saliba and Perrin are the only first team centerbacks that are currently healthy. Joy. However, there may be a solution. The vultures are flying overhead, looking to spot their pray. With Perin coming in, it's possible that we should cash in on Bajic and use that to invest in another centerback. Something will have to be done to sort out the defence, as we are just too leaky, though our tough run of form does coincide with Ruffier going down with injury. Hopefully the ship can be righted. The board are still giving me a C+ grade, so my job doesn't seem insecure just yet, but my time may be limited.
  9. Well Then So after all that talk of me believing Ruffier to be vital to our team's success this season, this happens. I sent him to a specialist, figuring I might as well spend our transfer budget on something. But if you'll notice, the message above this in the inbox talks about a replacement for him. I've never seen this in FM before, but it basically said that, since Ruffier was our first team option and would be out for a prolonged period, they would sign off on the transfer of a replacement. I wasn't sure that I would take them up on it, but then I got my next scout report and...well... Now, obviously the deal won't go through until January, but for 6mil, it was hard to pass up, and the board did all the work for me. This may turn into another sign-and-sell scenario given that Ruffier is still quality and I'd love to get him to his 350th appearance for the club, but it's also possible Perin comes in and wins the job for himself outright. This also happened. Luckily he was performing pretty poorly this season so hopefully this isn't too big of a blow.
  10. Europa League Group Draw The Europa League group drawing has been done! We'll be facing off against Porto, Red Star Belgrade and CFR Cluj! I think this gives us a good chance of advancing, with Porto being the obvious biggest threat in the group. Our first match in the competition will be Sept. 19 in Portugal. August Review This will be a bit short of a review since there were only three competitive matches to go over from the month of August. We opened our Ligue 1 campaign away to Nîmes, taking a 3-0 victory. Loïs Diony opened his campaign tally with a brace, while Boudebouz scored one for himself while also missing a penalty. We played our first home match at the Stade Geoffroy-Guichard with the visiting Parisians. Neymar opened the scoring in the 10th minute, and I was afraid that the floodgates would open. However, we held out for a 1-1 draw with Diony scoring again. We nearly snatched a victory in the match, with a goal disallowed in the 90+1st minute for offsides. We followed that match up with a 2-0 away to Angers with Boudebouz taking a brace for himself. So we currently sit with 7 points, two players with 3 goals each equalling the tally of a few others in the race for top scorer, and we're level for the best goal difference with PSG, with a match in hand on them. We play Amiens on Sept. 1, with a chance to pull level with PSG at the top of the table.
  11. Agreed! I think it just boils down to the fact that 4231 was such a tactical boon over the past decade so most squads are equipped to play it.
  12. I'm not saying we're winning the league, but we did draw with PSG 1-1 in the second match of the season. So we're winning the league.
  13. Preseason Summary So, while we didn't play the toughest of opposition during the preseason, we managed to make it through with seven victories, and not a single loss. We also kept a clean sheet in five of our nine total matches. And, my biggest takeaway, was we managed to draw with Villareal in our final friendly. Obviously, it was just a friendly, but to compete with a good side (albeit one that I think probably underperformed last year) I believe is a good indication of where the squad is heading into the season. There was certainly plenty of rotation and tactical tooling (including the addition of our third tactic that I was previously unsettled on). The Signings We've only made two signings thus far, and will probably not be looking to make any others given limitations to the transfer budget. We started out with about 7mil GBP to spend, but that was with nothing available in the wage budget. So with some shifting of the budget and a bit of spending, we're currently sitting with about 2.5mil in the transfer budget, with basically no room for wages. So we're probably locked into the squad we have right now. There isn't much in the squad worth selling at the moment, so we'll settle for what we have. That said, here's the signings. With Yohan Cabaye on a single year contract and at the age of 33, I took the chance to sign the man that is possibly FM20's highest profile free agent, Lucas Silva. The former Madridista has spent time in Ligue 1 before, having spent the 2015-16 season at Marseille. I expect to rotate him with Cabaye, splitting first team minutes in the playmaker role, and eventually having Silva take over while I debate whether or not I intend to renew Cabaye's contract. Worst case scenario, I can hopefully turn around and flip Silva to another club to bring in some money for the club! This one was a bit of a punt. But, we were a bit short of options on the RW, and Gwargis was available for relatively cheap, costing a tidy 950k. He can play anywhere across the front line, and while I don't expect him to start regularly immediately, he'll be around the starting XI, with aim to get him time in cup games and with the B squad in order to help him develop. While not actually a new signing, I figured I would throw Bajic in here anyway, as I overlooked him in my initial player breakdown. While nothing incredible at the moment, with Ruffier getting older, Stefan looks ripe to take over between the sticks. City came in with an admittedly massive bid for him that I turned down as I wanted to keep him around. He threw a fuss, but our silver-haired fox of a captain was able to talk him down. In hindsight, if City come back in for him with a bid high enough, I may move him on. My biggest issue was they offered a lot of addons for things that I didn't think would actually happen, like appearances at the club and international level, and if I'm not getting money to help the club now, and I don't think the clauses will be triggered, then it isn't worth selling in my mind. The Tactics Update I believe I've settled on the 4231 being our main formation moving forward, and forgoing the 433 as the main tactic. Being able to work Boudebouz into the starting XI in his natural position is a big deal, and our right and left wing players are some of the best in our squad. So Yann M'Vila has to make way. He may move into the box-to-box role in the center of midfield, or I may move the CM pairing back to DM and play him alongside Silva, I haven't settled on that yet. I've setup a 41212 as the third tactic for when our wingers need a rest as well. Updates Moving Forward I think I have settled on updating the thread every in-game month. I'm not entirely certain how long it will be between months, however, so I may make the time period a bit shorter to provide more consistent updates. I may also do single match updates for big matches. I'm willing to take any and all input that you as the readers have to offer on the subject, however! Like I said in my first post, I have no clue what I'm doing!
  14. Sorry that there hasn't been any update yet, real life is a little busy. I'm almost through preseason, so the next post will cover that, tactical developments, and transfers!
  15. This is basically what I played the whole season, and my preferred starting XI. Pogba was a Mezzala on attack for much of the season, but just wasn't producing enough (Pereira outperformed him) so I switched him to AP-S at some point.
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