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  1. I didn't know that he was unhappy or looking to move honestly. Madrid had come in for him the year before and I refused, we chatted and I said I would accept a certain valuation that I never received and then he eventually dropped it because the value wasn't met. But then when I went to renew because he only had 12 months left, his agent said he wasn't interested because other clubs were interested in him.
  2. Yeah he's refusing an extension because other clubs are interested in him. I ended up cancelling the transfer since his personal negotiations outran the window and I didn't have time to find a replacement. Not sure why he wants to leave honestly. We've won the past like 3 PLs and 2 of the past 3 CLs, there isn't a bigger club out there.
  3. Well Madrid were coming in for de Ligt in my save and I countered asking for 95mil and they apparently decided to match. He's the best CB in the world at the moment, so I guess I'm not surprised, but it has certainly given me a tough decision to make. He only has a year left on his contract as well, so maybe it's just right to cash in. Not sure how the hell I'd replace him though. Beginning of the 22/23 season so I suppose I could try to find a good regen at this point but it would probably be tough.
  4. I signed Declan Rice and have loved having him, though I would suppose his pace is probably too close to Matic for you.
  5. Just wrapped up my first season, snagged the league and Carabao double. Got knocked out by a last minute goal against Shaktar in the Chamion's League Quarters and City booted me from the 6th Round of the FA Cup. Interesting highlights from the league is Palace in 6th, City in 4th and Poch and Guardiola both jobless! Lingard or Rashford were probably my best player. Lings had 16 goals and 15 assists in all competitions (9 and 11 in the league) while Rashford raked 23 and 8, with 11 and 3 in the league. De Gea also had 26 clean sheets! As far as transfers go, I don't know why Pereira has a fee, and it's weird that the Fred and Dalot fees are still listed, but oh well. I have permanent clauses in the loan agreements for Darmian, Jones and Sanchez and I'm hoping they get picked up, it would make my life a bit easier. I don't really play with a CAM, so letting Mata go for 25mil was fine with me, and if I need someone to play that position I can just slot Lingard over. Now it's just onto moving on the rest of the dead wood and having Rabiot join the team on a free! EDIT: And now it looks like Pep and Klopp have switched jobs! EDIT: I just got offered 84mil for Pogba, not sure if I should take it or not. He was quite good in the first season, but I have Palacios from River Plate and now Rabiot in as well, on top of already having Fred and Pereira. Palacios doesn't have a work permit yet though, so he'll have to go on loan.
  6. For me, it's not just the wages. It's the wages and the competition at the position. I'd just rather play Martial or Rashford. Rashford may potentially move to ST, but that will depend on how Lukaku does for me this season.
  7. Hadn't thought of loaning him, but in all honesty I guess I'm fine keeping Sanchez in for now since I didn't have the chance to sign anyone in the forward positions like I wanted, which I needed to do along with his departure anyway. The CBs aren't stumping up much interest so I'm gonna see if I can't get some eyes on them with some playing time before January. I loaned out Darmian with an option to buy as he wouldn't accept the obligation, hopefully that gets picked up. I'm ok losing Young and Valencia for free and I have no clue what I'm doing about Matic.
  8. Oh duh. I totally forgot about the fact that he would have only been there a short time. Still can't offload basically anyone else either, but at least the Sanchez question is solved.
  9. Just started up my United save and man it is impossible to offload the dead wood in the squad. I've offered out Sanchez repeatedly for decreasing amounts AND have offered to pick up up to half of his wages and STILL no one wants him. He's killing my transfer capabilities.
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