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  1. In FM20 any recommendations for playing elite teams away? I'm getting torn to pieces using Kashmir 4141 by 3-4 goals
  2. (Fm20) Pilgrimage 4132 is amazing, I'm in 2038 and used warrior to great effect but this creates so many more chances since I switched Kashmir 4141 seems to have stopped working against big teams and I'm getting thrashed by the top teams in the Prem, weird as it's worked brilliantly in the past, may have to try something else or tweak it
  3. Thanks mate, Pilgrimage 4132 top of Mr L's test looks good and close to my current formation so will cause least disruption so will try that
  4. Apologies if this has been answered, do these tactics work well in FM20 I'm using warrior 442 and kashmir away and against big teams in FM20 but wondering if these work or any update on updated FM20 tactics (just to mix it up in a long save)
  5. Sadly this hasn't worked, losing most games 1 or 2 nil and only having about 3-4 shots a game, I think the Man marking has made it worse. Going to switch to RDF tactic which name I forget but is top of the Mr L underdog table, these have been brilliant up until now, but with an average team in the premier league I'm getting found out. I have made my own tactic (the flying goose) but don't want to test it on this save
  6. I've been using fire&water 4312 and 4321 and tff sheild wall to great effect. 2 promotions in 2 seasons with Stade Nyonnais, then 3 in 3 with Burton However I'm struggling in the prem, which was expected, I'm looking to change a bit, would Holyghostfire be recommended (top of Mr L testing table) or is there a better/more suitable tactic which is a f&w upgrade?
  7. Its not worked for me Gave this a try after using Piranhav5 which has been brilliant. first match v Everton FA cup semi final lost 5-0 next match Wolves at home lost 2-0 next match v fenerbache away 0-0 next match v Arsenal away lost 4-0 its not the fact we lost by so many, we played terrible i was 4th in prem had won the league cup and was in the semi final of Euro cup and FA cup and having a really really good season, i am Derby in 2014, but have a team of internationals including the European player of the year. Back to Piranhav5 i would say
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