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    Love FM. Played FM12 for a long time, swiched over to FM15 and love it

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  1. Im looking an i5 mobile, with no optical drive, and approx a 15 inch screen. with no excessive memory needed, obviously mainly to be used to play FM! Im not sure yet about an integrated graphics card, as i know there is a min spec to play it and not fully sure if an i5 would cater for this. And budgets about 500. Ive hunted but not had much luck yet for what i want
  2. From my own limited knowledge, if you look at the currys processor - i3-4030U Processor. Basically means an i3 with a U at the end (meaning ultra low power), not the best for a laptop running games. But look at Eugenes SaveOnLaptops link, its got an i7-4700MQ. simply i7 - better, with an MQ - meaning quad core laptop. i.e. very very good. Personally i am looking for an i5 with M at the end of the number but not having much luck
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