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  1. The 3rd installment of the Story of Stig-Helmer, part of the #Danskedanske revolution. The other installments as well as other DanskeDanske posts can be found in the DanskeDanske category on FtCS – find more of Benjoe’s posts here. A red car comes speeding through the street, a thick smoke coming from the exhaust leaving a trail behind as if was it a villain in a classic Bond movie from the 60s. But it wasn’t Goldfinger driving through the city in his Rolls-Royce Phantom III as he was escaping James Bond. No, rather it was good old Stig-Helmer in the red Fiat Multi
  2. We need more Danes to see #Danskedanske on Twitter, so feel free to go in and like and retweet this thread.
  3. On the middle of the Øresund’s bridge we meet Stig-Helmer again. Stuck in a traffic jam his temper is slowly starting to take over. “****ing move you imbeciles!! Can you not drive a car?!” Slowly. Taking. over. Stig-Helmer proceeds to slam his forehead into the car horn repeatedly as the lady in the car next to him covers her child’s eyes with her hands. Stig-Helmer, as ever both attentive to the smallest details and also a very gallant man, flips the mother off before staring at the kid in the passenger seat before mouthing the word, “Du är en lite jävla skit!” his ga
  4. You just gladly accept the first that take you on, huh? There's a word for those...
  5. As former youth coach at Hvidovre IF (rival to B93) and having had a few tense matches against them I cannot condone B93 moving to Hvidovre... Nah, he's still with them IRL.
  6. Stig-Helmer's Great Escape In the southern part of Sweden in the village of Sankt Olof we first meet one of just 624 inhabitants. Stig-Helmer Wahlroos. A former doctor in his mid-60s who with his aggressive temperament, extreme obsession with personal glory and an impenetrable pride was a neurosurgeon in a private hospital in Malmö. But following a horribly failed operation Stig-Helmer has felt forced to flee over the Øresund bridge and into Denmark. As he walks around his large wooden 3-story house he is sofly remembering life in Sweden as he prepares to leave everything behin
  7. Strange seeing Brøndby struggle in so many different saves. Good season last time around (Finished 4th and had very decent 10 games in the Championship group stage (3W 2L 5D) considering having sold our 3 best players in the Winter window, Hany Mukhtar, Dominik Kaiser, and a certain Polish striker I don't care to mention) and betting on own youth. Schwäbe, Rosted, Maxsø, Jung, Frendrup, Slimane, Vigen, Lindstrøm, Corlu and Hedlund should all be fairly decently rated in-game and plenty enough to perform better than routinely out of Championship group stage or even relegated. Blas River
  8. Welcome aboard and good luck in Gladsaxe! You have a nice stadium to play in as well.
  9. My entry will also be added either later tonight - or more likely tomorrow evening! This man, Stig-Helmer Svindlersen (formerly Stig-Helmer Wahlroos) will be the main person in what will be a perfectly normal tale of a perfectly normal Swedish doctore who has fled over the Øresund to Denmark to manage in the Danish 3rd tier.
  10. Love the action unfolding so far! Great entries folks! Saga needing to save on her petrol money so had to resign.. Well where to now, Saga?! Also, KFUM sounds like a fun place to hang out with all the boys @Deisler26...
  11. So much that you keep writing Smoochison despite his in-game name being Schoochison?
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