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  1. Video careers, should they be allowed?

    I feel like most people here do - that video careers might not fit in, at least not perfectly. I most also say though, that the thought have struck me before, that it could be fun and interesting to include videos in some format to my threads. Specifically following the FCMU - Rivalries thread, that @Jupjamie and I started where I Twitch streamed our H2H matches. Had we been chatting - either on text or with live voice - over the game, and had I then edited it and posted it, I could see it being something that could draw some more attention. But not in that sole purpose, I think. In the build up to the stream we had an intro post that described some previous events and why our two main characters even met each other in the first place, and then we had the games streamed (we didn't really have too much of an aftermath, though). I think, if we had a video of it, that it would've been possible to draw up more attention and create something different to the text based forum. The way I considered implementing it in my threads was by doing something along the lines @ManUtd1 mentioned. Either by something about tactics or transfers, or maybe something silly - actually, probably something silly if I'm the creator... All in all I think it could definitely work, but it would have to be more than just to get views on some "see me play fm lol"- videos without any editing. This is not a video forum, but a text forum. If people wants to solely have videos then Youtube is their place, not FMCU - a good mix, is another thing, however.
  2. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    I agreed wholly with you - this forum is what we make it. Having a thread running is great, and we need to support each other in it, and spend some time in seeing other people's thread and ideas. This year was a great (almost) debut for me, and I can't wait for next one. Let's keep FMCU great again next year. #VoteNelsonForPresident.
  3. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    I think a lot of credit has to go to the people showing interest and commenting on other people's threads as well. I mean, there are only so few post/view ratio warriors out there and, a lot of the momentum is provided through interest in the thread and the way people interact with the thread author. Personally I have threads for my own interest, but the interest makes me happy and have an even better time. I couldn't have had this much fun without the people who commented in my thread, or started other threads that I liked and commented in. Brilliant season and year. Let's have another one next time!
  4. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    I think it's been a terrific season! I joined this part of the forum just a year and a month ago, and it's been a fantastic time! Lots of great people, and I really enjoyed playing and writing for my tread until I lost time and momentum to continue it. Congratulations to the winners, and @deltablue, great job continuing with the awards show. It's great to acknowledge each other like this!
  5. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you - "one vote win", shaking my head! To be serious, to have the two of you at the top of that award is very warranted. Brilliant year.
  6. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    Oooooooooooooooooooor. Will Benjoe sweeep in from... nevermind...
  7. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    Get a Korean Chat room please.
  8. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    Totally deservant! RECOUNT! RECOUNT! RECO-wait, I might lose my one vote....
  9. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    Congrats @deltablue! It's fully deserved!
  10. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    Cheers @trman73!
  11. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    I feel that Miss Piggy completely ignored my attempts to sway her... but when the famous @ManUtd1 asks shes reacts... STAR****ER
  12. The 8th Annual FMCU Awards - Awards Night

    Deservedly @ManUtd1 runs off with the price and @BoxToBox with the second place! I am grateful for the votes I got as well. I did not expect to get any considering the last 3 months have been inactive from me sadly. It's been a great year, though, and many people have been great this year.