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  1. Metallic sounds disrupts the silence. "First you put oil on the pan. Listen to the crackle and sizzle. Tremendous! Then, you take a slice of the most delicious, moist, tender *crying* slice of BACON you've ever felt on your fingertips. Yummy. Mhmm. Take the slice of bacon and let it slide down your face and down upon your chest. Let it rest on your chest hair for a while. Then give it a good 'ol rub! Reallly get your fingers in there. Split the bacon, and feel it. Chop some parsley, add some vinegar, and pop your bacon into the fine parsley marinade. Look - just look at that attractive bacon. Now - hi hi hiiiii - you take your little legs and tip tap toe over to the fridge-ee-ooo. Hi hi hiiii. Now. Grab your axe, and put on some baby oil cus this will be blooooody-hi hiiiii
  2. I won't be able to update much the coming week, so here are some mixed screenshots that I may or may not follow up on soon.
  3. I've found a new gem. Even greater than Lamine Sow. This is the guy/kid. He's 17, and already a world beater. The best part is that he plays for a Ghanian first division team (second tier), so they won't demand much money for him. They accepted a 20k offer without negotiating (so I could probably have gone lower..) All night I was thinking of ways to fit both him and Sow into the ween, but when I woke up, it was all for nothing. Since it was my DoF doing the original negotiation I tried offering again and handle it myself, but they were having none of it. He feels he's been there too little time, which is fair enough I guess. Frustrating though, as I'm afraid someone else will come and snap him up now. Now was probably our chance. But I'll keep trying...
  4. Little by little grow the bananas The first 6 games of the group stage has been played, and it's been terrific! 5 wins, and 1 draw. The draw came against MK Etanchelte, who are our main challenger for the first place, although FC Rennaissance are pushing forward too- Of main players to talk about I'll mention one from each line. Defence: Young Morais is my guy in defence. He's been the best performing so far, and is improving steadily. Doing all this, while bringing the wage bill down as he earns meager £65 per week. Brilliant. Midfield: Lokando is the centerpiece of the entire team. He is the glue that is keeping our offence together. 6 games with 1 goal and 5 assists. He is doing so great, and I am very hopeful we can manage to sign him at some point despite Vita's unquestionable reluctance. Attack: Ousmane is a given for the striker role. The main man in the start of this season. Despite my earlier considerations of making him a CM(a) or BBM I decided to give him an extended go at Striker, as we sold our previous main striker, N'Goma. He hasn't disappointed one bit! And a final shoutout to our newest arrival of course! Lamine Sow, who some of you might remember, is a player I spotted and immediately craved. I just needed him, but was it realistic? Well in the end, he decided to join us. An 18 year old Senegalese striker, with lots of power and potential! He has arrived, and has done so, just in time to take over from an injured Ousmane. I threw Lamine into the starting lineup a couple of days after his arrival, and he did not fail to deliver. Him and Ousmane will be having quite the battle for the starting striker role. And then we also have the Beninese international, Moussa, to rotate with. 17 Leadership fellas. The squad: The Ween:
  5. Attempted 928 passes, and succeeded with 94%. Pretty mental considering the general level of our players!
  6. Following that transfer window, finances look a bit better! It's still insanely fragile, but there is better grounds to move onward on now. This helps as well, as we really need to focus on our own academy to sustain financially.
  7. Little by little grow the bananas Ahead of the 22/23 season of the Linafoot, Nelson's board had decided to prohibit his transfers and demand some sacrifices. "Sell at least 8 players for at least an amount of 300.000 euro, or your head will roll." Was the text message that ticked in when the window opened. "This is bad, rite bossman?" ... Months had passed. Nelson had put all his incompetence to perfect use and had been busy in the window. But only busy with selling. This meant, that he accomplished what was demanded. He sold 13 players for a collected amount of 325k Euro - primarily due to a sale of one the clubs own products for 145k euro. "This is the sacrifice you demand of me!" Nelson had spat as he showed the transfer papers to the board. ^ This is the scene that Nelson describes to Mumbu, what happened in the board room. What really happened though, after Nelson told them, that he had sort of forgot to sign more than 2 players in the same timespan: Ultimately, when he told them who he had signed, the reaction became a slightly different one, as they realized, he had signed a former TP Mazembe CB on a free, as well as one of Vita Club's main guys last season. On a free as well. ...
  8. Little by little grow the bananas As the header of most of my recent posts says, Little by little grow the bananas. Wise words indeed, and that is how I'm trying to get AS Dragons to grow. Prior to Nelson's employment, the clubs finances were in the ropes already, and following the initial transfers we did - most of all a couple of unnecessary (and a few failed) transfers last season we were in red numbers by a large extent. This meant we couldn't change our facilities and focus on young talent. That is of course not Nelson's strong side either, but it's something that I would love to do so myself. Considering how many players Nelson has hoarded over the first couple of seasons in charge there are plenty of players to sell. And I can already now say, that you can get some really inflated prices for your thrash in DR Congo.
  9. Sorry to say dear Mumbu, but they've already been gone for a month....
  10. It's quite clear, that Mumbu doesn't understand the word "overwhelmingly. We just lost 2-1 to the weakest opponent in our group..
  11. I am honestly surprised we did this "well". Not great, not at aaaaall. But we were close to getting a single point.