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  1. @andychar seeing as my turn is coming up very soon I think it's best to make a decision now, and pull myself from the list as well. I can't even make time for my own FM projects that I've spent many hours to prepare for.. I enjoyed my stay at Valencia immensely and this has been a very successful Joint Save imo and it's been a joy to follow so far! There were a few things that nagged me a bit here at the end though (CA/PA revealed in a Joint Save is honestly a big no-no for me for instance) - but ultimately time was the main killer for me. Looking forward to see where this journey goes from here!
  2. When you have a striker turned attacking midfielder named Cray Ray and a lad named.. Karen.. dominating you know you're doing things right! Looking really good so far @TheLutterworthFox! Palomba was in my binoculars 2 seasons ag as well but for nowhere near the 55M you got him on, so tremendous transfer there! Definitely understand that transfer changed plans! Same case for me - dreadful end to the season, but otherwise a very enjoyable ride! Look.. Uh.. you haven't heard it from me eh? But, I've heard that's how @ManUtd1 prefers it..
  3. Just a nice and innocent rabbit eagerly, vigorously, shaking his co--erh...
  4. My bid might be a bit west, but I don't think they have the wits to go through that group.
  5. Sounds interesting with your plans for the tactic - Kempton would tick some boxes as a deep lying forward (or maybe even VOL) imo. any plans for him, or are you looking to offload him?
  6. Good luck @TheLutterworthFox! Excited that you're going to stay! It's quite the squad we have after 4 players being there now, so will be interesting which direction you'll take the squad with tactics, signings etc.
  7. Ah **** @henri.melo00. That's a painful end to a campaign that started so good! Was going to comment earlier in the week but got distracted from it. Was some nice signings, keeper was very much needed (something I intentionally neglected because I couldn't a player I wanted) and Valdir looked like a really good solution to having a more complete wingback than Karen for the left side - I was surprised you initially benched Karen though. A 19 year old with 19 dribbling and technique. Suppose he became a starting Winger at some point with his 14 assists? In any case, hope you enjoyed the stay in Valencia! Seems it's the new heart break capital in the world. (At least Cray Ray didn't screw you over...)
  8. Seems you got the boat steadied, and then some delicious vengeance was served too! Torresi is a star - but already with a star's demands too.. He's been in incredible form for you though!
  9. It's okay, you never fail to disappoint me, and I've learned to accept your flaws. At the end of the day: Well, if you can have fun with Shakira, there's no reason to do much else!
  10. Damn, you went through the cheap seats ( ) quickly to get to the Crystalmeth - I mean Crystalbet - league! I was sort of, kinda, very much so, hoping you'd struggle in the lower leagues and manage there for decades while you lost the last drop of sanity. I guess I must accept, that we live in an alternative universe to the one I truly want to live in. Maybe some day I will find inner peace and go live in that alternative universe. Where the tap water is sangria; chickpeas are living things; cashew nuts are growing on houseplants; dogs are our overlords; geese look like this: Until then I suppose I can slightly appreciate your succes and happiness - if nothing else due to the man, the myth, the goose - Goose.
  11. Great journey so far @noikeee! A good amount of ups with one major down to try and disrupt. Luckily it seems Bologna is going to be an awesome time!
  12. Hey there! Happy you've enjoyed the trip the save has gone through. Feel more than free to join. I know many before have mentioned in this thread that it's not about winning - it's about the journey. It's about the ups and downs and frankly, the bigger and badder the downs the more fun. And yes, I have to say this after my season end.. You also don't have to be a tactical genius to be part of this. And if you're not certain what system you'd like to use, you're more than welcome to try one out from the other people in the thread for instance. If you're considering joining in you definitely shouldn't let the fear of a bad season keep you away. No one will mind either way and if it goes really bad it might just end up more entertaining for everyone.
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