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  1. Benjoe

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    I thought of that too and for next year for instance, if it was announced that you, we - the users of the forum - or just a select group of individuals would be looking for entries to certain categories, people could pinpoint these in real time and note the thread, page and such in advance, so you wouldn't have to go a year back to catch up, because it was already done earlier. Maybe you'd have a list of 10-20 potential entrants from throughout the year that you could then cut to 5 or so and put on the ballot.
  2. Benjoe

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    I like the idea of having more specific ones that could go to the "little things" that happens in threads like the examples given by @oriole01 and @Fer Fuchs Ake and I quite like the idea @Deisler26 gives here on how to select those. Having a "ballot" for these specific categories could be an effective way of streamlining the votes a bit. It could be you (@deltablue) who picked those entrants for the categories (but I suspect it'd be a lot of work for one man who already does the rest of the awards as well) so maybe a duo or trio of the people who venture/reads/comments this subforum the most could be a good group to suggest the ballot entries to you. Remembering the events that unfolded in the threads is a big part of the whole "blogging your save"-premise for me, so I'd love that inclusion.
  3. Benjoe

    Saving Football: Frauding A Nation

    Some awfully terrific fraudulence as always from all involved!
  4. You added the hexagon. Lovely stuff man. Great fight in Champions League and smashing the league. Hope you edge out Celtic in the last 2!
  5. Jamaican me wanna try a deep line in Africa! (potentially again as I don't remember if I did it before. I know I had Close down much less though) Also what a start! You'll be at Brøndby in no time at this rate! Ah yes, SønderjyskE fans. I have nothing bad to say about the 5 of you.
  6. Your manager looks a lot like Key and Peele. Aren't they all!
  7. Ah yes. A perfect thread for talking about Brøndby, the love of my life (don't tell Jessy!). This season has been going up and down. At first it seemed like a great summer, as German keeper Marvin Schwäbe (who's previously in his career been compared a lot to Neuer even touted as the new Neuer) was bought to replace Frederik Rønnow, a bit talent. Teemu Pukki left on a free for Norwich.. but Ante Erceg was bought as a very promising replacement. But then it happened. Was it Hany Mukhtar getting sold? Nope, he stayed. Simon Tibbling? Nein. Christian Nørgaard. ****. A fan favorite, slowly but surely growing towards a potential legend status for the fans. Sold to Fiorentina. Out of nowhere it seemed. That hit hard. And ever since it's been tricky to really find traction for Brøndby as the commanding midfielder has shown more than just a little difficult to replace. Latest news is the re-acquisition of Besar Halimi, who was with Brøndby last season on a loan from Mainz. He could go into the midfield and help carry some of the attacking duties that seemingly have troubled Hany Mukhtar so far this season as all focus on the defensive side is thrown at him. The window closes in a matter of hours. Will Brøndby acquire some assistance for their not-overly sturdy defence? Will they sign an offensive player more to add to a strikeforce that might not be complete? We'll see.
  8. Impressive work bagging a Cup trophy despite almost dropping out of the league! Very fraudulent.
  9. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    I'll be honest here (which feels weird given this is the fraud thread), but I am starting to really miss Africa. I miss Nelson and Mumbu. It's probably telling that I've brought the ween into play even though we were wrecking the league. The ween feels out of place here. I'll revert back to the previous tactic, and try to find back to this thread's identity and try to keep motivation up for this thread, but if not, then Africa and that journey will be back on! (Or France and that fraud thread. Who knows these days)