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  1. Now we have a month until we enter the Group stages of the ACL. So we'll be lacking match fitness for the entire group stages it seems. Great stuff.
  2. In terms of the league, we only have 4 games left! We lost to TP Mazembe and Vita Club but came back strong! Now we have TP Mazembe and Vita again, to finish the league off. And we're 3 teams tied at first and Vita is on 4th just 3 points behind. This will be intense!
  3. And of course, Highly Structured to keep the Ween hard and firm throughout the match. Not going to penetrate much if it's Very Fluid.
  4. First leg with few surprises. We had more shots and equal possesion. We we'rent completely off in other words, but they smashed us relentlessly. Leading to the second game I took a stern, long, hard look a the Ween. What could be done to improve potency and longevity? The shape had to be kept intact. Maybe trim the edges a little? Nah, the shape was perfect as is. Instead, making the centre more solid, and have the tip more aggressive. Narrow it down and go straight through the middle of the Ween. Pass into space, Close down and work it into the box with Shorter passes. Irresistible combination. It looks proper mad. Or Proper Fraud. No matter, the end result was an orgasm of relief. We completely smashed them! Now we sit in the same group as some real heavyweights. Al-Ahly won it last year, and both of the Casablanca clubs are terrific too. Vita Club somehow managed to get through as well! They beat Nigerian side Kano Pillars (sorry, @kidthekid) so great succes for Congolese football! Now we await the circumcision that awaits in this terrifying group.
  5. Youth Intake anno 2025 We didn't hit jackpot to be fair, but we have some decent prospects in here! Still, a mile up to some of the talent that TP Mazembe and Vita are raking in, but eh.
  6. This is so annoying. This should be a goal. But, but, but. Nuhu is offside. Ugh. At least we're dominating this game so won't make a difference in this one. But it has happened a lot of times...
  7. 22 Feb, 2025 A decent run to finish off the group stages of the league. So, naturally we're back in the Championship playoff to defend our title! Transfer wise we've had a few insignificant sales and then we had 3 players join after the deals we signed with them before the window opened. We have also entered the African Champions League at last! Ngaya Club from Comoros was no challenge in the first match even though we rotated heavily to have a fully rested first team against AS Dauphin. Well, we got a red card after 20 minutes, and got 2 injured players, one of them a broken ankle, so there's that. I've also decided to snatch this kid up. Mental stats for a 16 year old! Our finances are still looking great! We've made a profit of 1.6M pounds this season and yet, we manage to be 266k in the red. Marvelous.
  8. Okay okay! You don't have to wait much before another update is up! In the meantime you can all enjoy this beauty by fan-favorite Joshua Nuhu.
  9. Hey hey! He's a great dribbler! But agreed. He'll not have his loan extended. Okpala here looks to be promising though! Proper defensive anchor. Not that we really need that, as we have Sambou and Tresor for that. (Tresor has been pushed out of central defence after a bad run there lately, so he's backup DLP in cm atm)