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  1. That's always a good strategy in life! I usually feel the same way, but these past weeks the inspiration had been lacking somewhat so decided to take a break from it all, and then return when it comes back. Might be a couple days more, but the return is imminent, I feel.
  2. Feels bad not to have updated the thread for more than a week now, but life's been busy lately. I'm not certain when stuff will happen again in Nelson's world, but it'll be somewhat soon!
  4. Mumbu deserves nothing but hugs. He is precious.
  5. Yes, again! Keep off Mumbu or else!
  6. No matter - the punishment shall be there! Or else you know what'll happen to that fine suit of yours!
  7. Mr Sewell will face assault charges. Don't you worry.
  8. We'll NEVER talk about this. NEVER.
  9. It's about to go down! Be sure to click the Twitch link in the first post!
  10. It IS, the footballing equivalent - with a dash of ween.
  11. Who doesn't like a good rivalry? Especially when they are between the best teams out there, right? Well, we collected not the greatest, not the second greatest.. probably some of the worst - but hey, they are National Champions(!) - to play against each other twice, and if tied a third and final match will settle the score! San Marino's finest, (Just-don't-let-us-play-against-Dinamo) San Giovanni managed by One-Club-Jamie, going head-to-head with Nelson's lunatic Ween-trained Lesothoan Champions, Lioli FC managed by Journeyman-Ben! Jamie Sewell - @Jupjamie ||||| Nelson Mandela Jr - @Benjoe The story behind the unlikely rivalry: From his little flat in Lesotho Nelson had been tweeting vigorously about his fortunes, and how great he was. Mumbu would occasionally pitch in too, mostly with some random comments and then suddenly you'd find him in a bushpig costume. Casper the not so friendly manager - I mean, Mr Sewell, did not like what he saw or read. "What a pretentious arse you are!" he had messaged Nelson privately. When Moyes was assaulting and exploiting Nelson he ridiculed him as well, and when Mumbu tried to interfere... well it didn't exactly get any prettier. Mumbu, God bless his innocent soul, made a knock-knock joke on Casper Mr Sewell... (...) "Who's there!?" Said an irritated Mr Sewell. "Banana!" Shouted Mumbu. "Banana wh-", "I LIKE BANANA AND I CANNOT LIE!" Mr Sewell punched Mumbu in the face who started crying. Mr Sewell was then sent back to San Marino by Lesothoan police, but it was done there. Nelson wanted repercussion. He traveled to San Marino and pissed on Mr Sewell's suit - while Sewell was wearing it, at a game, against Dinamo, which they lost... Sigh.. You know where this is heading, right? This will be bloody. This will be messy. This will be something you won't want to miss out on! Send your kids to bed. Put on some cheesy chick-flick on the telly to allure your wifes and girlfriends. Tell your neighbours to shut up. And ask your dog to walk itself. Mumbu Umbolele from Swaziland will be your host at the broadcast on Twitch, so be sure to tune in here and join the madness! This it IT! Can YOU handle it?
  12. You're definitely not annoying anyone by posting in here, @Ronaldo Beckham - @Jimbokav1971 was just suggesting that you could create a thread for your save since you show a lot of passion about it. Would make it easier for readers to keep track of your progress, and you'd get more response - ie. People congratulating your results, asking about tactics and such. Don't worry if you don't know what to write or if feel you're not the greatest at writing - you'll learn and improve these things over time. You can also look at some of the threads around the forum to get inspiration and see if you'd like to attempt something simmilar or maybe different. This is of course only a suggestion. You should do whatever you get the most joy out of!
  13. I'm sorry, what?! Denmark won the World Cup by themselves, and dicked Netherlands 5-0?!