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  1. Page 13: This is a diverse page. It starts off with highly intellectual analyzes of economics in the footballing world. Then we are reminded of Raving Rabbids, because context. Raving Rabbids could very adequately describe the youth intake that Lioli presented on that same page. A sharp observation was answered fully by FM. People responded with love. And alternative love, I guess.. Oh. Right, there's football in here sometimes too. Once again, love from the crowds. But then... Don't worry child. Moses Makara is here. What's that? You want more Moses? Well, okay then. The people gets what the people wants. This is the point of this story, where it really gets... diverse... The crowd were left stunned by the events. Oh, right. Football is still somewhat a part of this. This is one of the times where you just follow the guy in front of you, even though you were heading another direction. This album deserved a lot more attention and acknowledge in the media, than what it got. Lots of fans, however. Lastly, an update on Mother Swaziland. Spoiler: They're ****. End of page 13
  2. Page 12: This was, thankfully, a bit of a short one. At first we have a tactical masterpiece in the making. So.. naturally, the masterpiece is tested. That was beautiful, right? Well, this isn't. What can you expect with a tactic like such? Well, at least it didn't overthrow the 2-0 lead. Some praise for this amazing, educational, experimental, flamboyant thread is always appreciated as well. And naturally some insane formations were tested again. For some people, the creativity can get confusing. Nelson Mandela Jr. however does not confuse easily. He tweaks a previous masterpiece and boom, a new masterpiece is born. GOAT. But some people can't behave. Sadly. In other news, we confirmed, that Obafemi Martins is definitely playing for Lioli FC as we can clearly see him donning this sexy Umbro kit. Things were looking very solid in the league for Nelson and Lioli. We end off the page with meeting Vita Club in the African Champions league. Ouch. End of page 12.
  3. Page 11: A page filled with text and gifs - and also the birth of a new tactical setup. Now, let's get back to some football! Now for some tactical masterclass, once again. And then a new system was created. End of page 11.
  4. Page 10: This page starts... well, in the middle of things. Poor, fat bastard. Luckily, Mumbu is always there to make things worse. Onwards to new stuff. Wanna see what a mythical topbanner that is perfectly cropped and toned looks like? Of course you do: What a popular move this was. Some were more interested in banter. What about the tactics, Benjoe? Good question, peasant. Much better times were in the far sight for Nelson with this masterclass of a tactic. More tactical show off. Also some brilliant gifs. End of page 10.
  5. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    All I wish for New Year is Vogel! - Mariah Carey, probably.
  6. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Happy new year! Let next year be as big of a blast on FMCU as this year! get it?
  7. Page 9: Page 9 was lit asf - because Nelson's ass was about to be fired for the... 2nd (or 3rd?) time. We do have some catching up to do with some weird **** first though. Moving on quickly. People were loving in! Tactical setup for the conquest of Swaziland. Defending was picture perfect in comparison to previous defenses under Nelson. Let's think of something else for a while. How about... geography! Of course! With that done.. Wanna know what a Swazi nightmare is? Here, take it! Oh well. It's not so bad, ey? Some people deserves to get kicked. The display of utter lack of talent wasn't done just yet. 10 year old kids know more than the Chiefs.. But let's redirect the focus once again. Team names is a good one. Some people likes to **** on a burning man. Luckily nice things were said as well. You know what they say about walkmen and board mettings? Me neither - but it can't be good! (...) Youth intake! More stupid stuff... These guys are just soooo funny... The next one is kind. But unrealistic. We can finally end page 9 with this. Precious little Mumbu. Never change. Oh, and no firing! Woo! End of page 9.
  8. Wouldn't mind that. What a man. James Earl Jones was is(!) a nice man too.
  9. Not a bad idea! It would be even better if that deep-voiced voice-over continued through the entire recap commenting before each little recap part.
  10. Page 8 It turns out to be a brilliant choice to set the keeper to do the set pieces. Expectations were altered within the board members hearts. Gold was the only goal. One reader had an appropriate reaction. Injuries have a way of changing things up a bit. Nelson is famous for his aggressive style and neglect of defensive consideration. This shows. One half of a season can turn things around dramatically. Nelson had a chance of securing the title, but it slipped. Kind words were written. And some with more dubious meaning. You'd probably imagine, that fans were well entertained. Turns out you'd be a fool for thinking that. This is the point where things start to get weird. Really weeeeird. Some tweets say more than a thousand word - and probably shouldn't even have said a single. Do you have chills down your spine too? Why would he not put in the opponent's water bottles you ask? Don't.. When I told you it was getting weird earlier, right? I wasn't lying, but it gets weirder. It's okay to laugh - or cry. This is a recurring concern for one particular user. End of page 8!
  11. It is, when you're surrounded by morons.. Cheers - it's great remembering all those weird things!
  12. True. It's a race to the extremes. It's horrible. Hot sauces are nicest when they're in the middle of the scale I find. Will have to buy oneat next opportunity!
  13. In Denmark Guiness is very rare to find in Supermarkets, a bit more common in bars but I rarely saw people drink it. Never tasted Greene King or Hobgoblin. Tasted quite a few IPA's but the last 3 or so has been quite unpleasant. Still looking to find a specific one I got at nice restaurant in Denmark. Managed drink 4 in 40 minutes. The IPA of Gods. Just can't remember which it was..