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  1. When Galdino offers you an ice cream, don't eat it 27th October, 2025 I woke up this morning and had to leave the apartment for something very urgent. I so rarely get out since we got first in the league. The city is always on edge and tense for the next game. Usually I could go out for beers, vodka and whiskey on a standard tuesday or wednesday.. or thursday and get hammered and people would just celebrate it and share a drink with me. Now, however, they go rabid. Well, they always went rabid truth be told, but usually in a celebratory way. They get all tense, and ask questions about the next weeks lineup. Who's playing, how will we stop Santos Fernandes or Paulo Dybala, and when I then - extremely rarely - let them in on some tactical secrets I am immediately met by the same stupid **** over and over. "Ehh Prébi, no no nooo. You ehdoin' it eh all the wrong! You neede to usé a Mezzala and a Trequatista and ehhhhhhh a Half Backeh si! I playéd it on ehFehM. It was the beeest." I love their passion, but they're so thick headed after 15 beers. Good thing is, even after turning 62 last month I am still a very popular man in the ladies department, if you know what I mean. Anyways... I was walking down the street of Verona.. Erh. I lost my drift but there was something about eating ice cream with Galdino. Gah, I don't remember what happened. I just faintly remember the taste being really bad and the waiter left our table with a smirk. I believe I saw Galdino whispering something to him before we ordered but I don't know.. Galdino knows everybody in this city. Why would he drag me down to this part of town though? This is where the ChievoVerona fans keep their shitstained lives going. In any case the chocolate ice cream smelled a bit off, but I ate it regardless. I probably - definitely - shouldn't have but there was plenty of vodka with it so you can't blame me. In any case, I've had a bad bit of stomach ache ever since. The doc told me to come by and let him examine my... prostate. I don't know, I've never had that done before due to a bit of stomach ache, but the man can't be wrong. I can't even start to explain how disappointed I was when I was found out he wasn't a woman. Simone... that's a ladies name... Whatever...
  2. Football is a fighting sport, if you if you can't stand the beating go play ludo! 2 September, 2025 Summer is over. iMario sayeh Goodebuy to the summer. And a goodebuy to all (as he's left the building). We have signed Sergio Ramos as coach, however. The bants will be restored at some point. I start a new job on monday so I expect my activity will go down at some point but seeing FM related activity drop might mean more story-wise activity raising. And I have an idea for running the story either in first person perspective from Preben himself, or through the eyes of various people - be it fans, reporters, Galdino (the owner) or any one else in Verona. Maybe it'll be a mix of it all. Here is Ramos though. He already put in a scheme for the players. Yellow cards = €€€ bonus. Red cards = you get to borrow his Ferrari for a month. This got me to check up on other notable characters in the save. The Midget Beast is doing nothing much. urCristiano is to busy with other religious cult **** to be doing anything serious. iamShrek Rooney is on his 5th straight year as unemployed manager. #Consistencyiskey And then we have the Fraud of them all. Best moment of this day: He's done jack ****. 2 firings and now he is in Portugal winning what exactly? I don't even know what these trophies are for? Being bald? Now, onto the squad following the summer! Looking very good if you ask me. I like it highly and feel we've come out on top. A lot of sales and some opportunistic picks for us the other way. One player especially caught my eye and I picked him up for a massive £25.5M fee! But I'd do it again. I've pondered greatly on what formation to use this season. Without revealing too much up front we tried the 4-2-3-1 that I ended the season with. It didn't work nearly as prolific the first few games, although we completely trashed Napoli as per tradition. Recently another system peaked my interest though, and I think that formation suits our players even better. All I'll say for now is it'll be a 3-5-2 of some sort. The specific roles and setup will hopefully surprise you! Goalkeeper I only signed one keeper this summer despite losing both Virginia and our backup. I am going to promote a youth keeper - atm this guy is Segato but I forgot to screenshot him. Randy is a solid guy who was relatively cheap and decent in quality. We didn't have much money or time to find the right guy, so hopefully he'll be able to put in a shift. Central Defenders Mansueto and Bianchetti are still here, but other than that I'll be moving Mathieu, Brinkman and Sampiri down to this role to accomodate the extra defender and have some rotation available. Mathieu and Brinkman easily have the abilities to be considered here and Bianchetti needs to watch out for his position. Right Wing Romeo Tonon OA was going to be benched if we kept Brinkman on the flank but he'll still be getting a challenge worth his salt from new hire Quattrocchi who is a very good - and similar - option on the flank. Left Wing We have a new face on our left and I think we're going to love him. Ferdinando is his name - that alone is gold. Central Midfielders We have so much quality here. We got 2 of them on free transfers! Massive. I think the midfield we have could reasonably be a top 3 worthy. We're honestly up there. I think the starters will be KariKari, Simoncini and Moran, but Mariani is very close behind them. Anyone not performing or injured and he's ready to step in. Really good depth behind the main 4 as well. Strikers So, we have Capuani and Stoyle as our main men in attack, with Pitocchi the super sub to disrupt the opponent late in the game. Sounds very efficient to me. Yes, I would prefer more OA talents in the squad, but they're just not there yet. We sold a lot of the scrap to collect some money now and made some good buy back clauses and future sales deals but other than that, there's not happening much on this account. We'll see in a couple of years. For now, being able to keep Romeo Tonon OA close to the first team and regularly starting is all we have.
  3. Cheers man! We struggled, but we kept our pace. I definitely believe we've built upon it and will be stronger this season. Good things are coming! eh iMario, why u sayeh goodebuy to mee? eh?
  4. A little montage to build up excitement for the coming season: We're always the yellow shirted lads.
  5. A Legend retires. Aaaaaaand, he became the worst scout in history. How fitting. What I love the most, however, is his '18' Discipline.
  6. For anybody who watched the terrific Friday Night Lights series.
  7. Football is a fighting sport, if you if you can't stand the beating go play ludo! 2 June, 2025 We did sort of okay. We were absolutely horrible at keeping any decent streak going, but ended with some positive matches. Missing the cup final was a blow, however. AC Milan tipped Juventus in the final. We did really well in regards to possesion. Not that it matters much, we didn't set out to do so in any specific way. It just happened. So. Yeah Salary wise we overperformed. That's nice. And now the squad. Mansueto and Simoncini pipped Stoyle, but I fell even more in love with Stoyle in this season. Virginia did amazingly well for us. He kept us in many games and a big reason we didn't allow more goals than we did. Our 4 starters in defence were terrific. Brinkmann was stable, McMillan was up and down but really good when on top of his game. Aside of Bianchetti deflecting a ball into our own goal every 2-3 games continuously throughout the season but he and Mansueto were still a great pair. In midfield Mathieu is suffering from the classic case of defensive mids never getting that high ratings. He was good I'd say though. Tonon OA had a really decent season and surprised me in his ability to take the step up. Simoncini was main man in midfield though. Doing it all, whether he was in a deep lying or attacking position. Our attackers were even more inconsistent. Very frustratingly so. On the right day Pitocchi, Stoyle and Capuani would combine like were they the new BBC/MSN. At their worst it was like seeing Heskey and Sanogo in a front duo. iMario had his one big highlight as a Goalie, but since then he had nothing to brag about. One fun fact: Our Macedonian midfielder, Jovanovski, who never played for us this season due to registration permitting this, managed to outsell almost our entire team in shirt sales. Only four players above him. Disappointing not to find iMario, Romeo Tonon OA, or Pittochi ahead of him but Jovanovski is quite sexy to have on the back of a shirt so I get it even if he has no official number... Stoyle never caused any uprising and kept playing. But the saga is not over. Brace yourself, people are going to die leave this summer.
  8. Let's get the season wrapped up and move on to next season since I'm already a couple (or six) games into the next season...
  9. On the penultimate match of the season we meet Juventus. They are first placed, but sitting just a point ahead of Inter on second place. We try a new formation. I really love the Enganche role. The name itself. Such an elegant role. Static, unwavering, creating. The center piece for the entire team to focus on. I want Simoncini there. The rest of the team works well too in this setup. Pitocchi and Stoyle are hard working inside forwards, Capuani is a fairly complete forward. Tonon and Mathieu gives style and grit to our midfield. I like it. So did Capuani. We actually did really well. Ignore the 37 shots they took. Yes, yes ignore them. They took 23 long shots, and out of the 37 shots they had fewer ccc's than us and only joined the game around the 60th minute mark. We had them in our pocket for a long time tbh. But we deserved to lose the lead of course. In the next against Napoli we did this. I know Simoncini, my Enganche, only got 6.5 but oh man. He was instrumental. He had a couple of enormous misses that dragged his score down but other than that, he was doing great. I tried to change his role briefly to AP(A) and then we had no big chances created for 15 minutes until I changed him back and immediately we started creating again. Love it. Our all around team performance was brilliant too. Sucks that this was the last game of the season. But I can't wait for the new one now, so something positive!
  10. The return match has left me even more frustrated! We have a DEPLETED team. Filip is our 3rd choice right back, Bain is 2nd choice CB, Sampirisi is usually a right back, Petrillo and Grassi are backups that haven't played most of the season bar injuries, Simoncini is a starter as well as Capuani (who had a **** game though), and Stoyle was injured so Pitocchi was moved from midfield to attack - he did great though. We still create loads of huge chances. Are one-on-one with Perin in Juve's goal many times, and we hammer it either straight at him, or slightly past the post every. single. time! I could accept getting defeated, if we were clearly the inferior side in the games, but in the first game we did a perfect counter-job. And in the return at home, we completely own the game. But they score on a free kick and some random clumpsy shot that got deflected from Icardi who's been **** all season but managed to score in BOTH GAMES AGAINST US.
  11. Football is a fighting sport, if you if you can't stand the beating go play ludo! I guess it's about time to do a sort of proper update again? "Yes boss, good idea, boss!" Thanks Mumbu, can always count on you. 22nd March, 2025 So, I only just realized that the Italian Cup has two games for their semi-finals, so we still have a chance of going through as the second game is at our home in about 1.5 months! And we've had our intake of the year! Lots of good stuff. The intake Looking very good! Judge for yourself, but Paccagnella (love that name) and Francioso are my favorites right off the bat! Matches We've had our share of ups and downs during this season. Coming off the back of those two superb victories we are sitting 13th with potential to move further up. Luckily we seem to be safe from relegation as well! Salernitana with 0 wins after 28 games.. ouch. I also noticed, that Empoli ruined their entire seaso - either due to a clause or just sheer stupidity. They sold Valeriano, if any of you remember that guy. This guy: Inter bought him for 16.5M (21.5M) and since then, they've only won 1 game, and never scored more than 1 per game. Would hate to be in their shoes now. Our own players performances are looking much better:
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