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  1. Bayern got rekt. Love it
  2. Ah I see, Much like irl I guess then. But impressive to see AZ that high considering how much less they pay. And you are quite a substantial amount behind too. Massive season and hopefully you can clinch the last title left of the season even though it's on neutral ground!
  3. December proved quite the moment. Just a draw away at Bayer short of 1st place! Hopefully you'll send Kiev home packing.
  4. Sixth batch of regens have been added to A Fabrica. Phew. Now I will finish the last 2 games of a season with a downer ending.
  5. I was secretly hoping you'd nicknamed him, and you had. And he is some monster at that age.
  6. Sad to have him out for that long after a start to his Hannover career like that. Fingers crossed both for him and the momentum going!
  7. Screen of Y2K please?
  8. I have finally gotten the motivation to make so work with Excel, and have put in as much information as I found interesting for readers. I hope it is easy to read and I will try to get this updated at some point after each season. Now begins the ever growing work of updating the 'A Fábrica - The Factory' post in #3.
  9. The big three being AZ, PSV and Ajax? Don't see them reeling you in unless you sell all your main guys and completely fail to replace them.
  10. Oyarzabal looks a really good signing! And Alonso.. Which PED's do you have him on??
  11. Sad to see the board overrule you on Diana. Also **** Peñarol, this is your year!
  12. First off some really nice signings. I like Jakubov the most out of that bunch - maybe because it sounds so alike to Jaka Bov. Also some crazy Terminator-eyes that Bismarck has got! Nice to get him on a free. The season is going well over expectations. Hope you can get the wheels rolling at this speed.
  13. Excellent choice with Frankfurt! Hopefully third time'll prove it's luck to you this time in Germany!