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  1. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    End of Season 17/18 Heartbreak and misery. That's what came this season. Whenever we were doing good, we dropped immediately again. With a loud bang. Not that kind of bang. Stop it. We did however finish 1 point ahead of the tossers at ze Frankenfurt. Hahaaa, jaaaa, suck on ze frankfurter again! I tried to sign their manager as my waterboy. He refused. Oh well. His loss. We had a very impressive season to be honest. We scored as many as we conceded. We won as many as we lost. Remarkable! In terms of the team we have some standout players. Wesley Sneijder was the big one for us, no doubt. And as that was one of my main pointers when signing him, I'm terrible satisfied with that. Yes, that one bit in itself justifies our entire season. 117 key passes in 27 games. Oh my jesus lord and savior. That is insane. Only 11 assists still though, as Belotti, Ibisevic, Dolberg (who was long time injured though) etc. all squandered impressive amounts of chances. Needless to say really, but Wesley was voted player of the year, and Fabinho, who only had 19 league games due to being in the B-team for large periods of the season, was voted second. That's gotta sting for the rest of the team.. Kai Havertz impressed in the second half of the season as he knocked an underwhelming Ibisevic off as raumdeuter. He will likely not be the starter for next season as I'm easing him into a starter as I feel he is growing plenty this way. He is a solid choice out there though, no doubt! Yes. This squad overview is a bit of a mess.
  2. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    Sneijder has another world class performance! aaaaaaand then he injures himself while lifting weights... He's out 2-3 weeks, and we only have 3½ weeks left of the season..
  3. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    Poor guy deserves a ****ing Gold medal for this work. We just keep missing the chances... Honestly, I can't understand how he's gotten so many, and yet only has 9 assists. Hopefully Gnabry will deliver some nice action for us! In other news. Having had Fabinho down with the second team for now... ehh... 2½ months I think? And he hasn't complained but just carried on playing. He's been given a new chance in the first team as he is no longer unhappy. Great stuff.
  4. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    Making papa-fraud proud hopefully! Ahh, yeah that whole thread was a bit before I really got into the forum sadly. Seemed to have been a good piece! Brilliant movie, brilliant song. Can't believe I didn't draw the link myself. Oh well, I'll be a Man of Constant Sorrow today!
  5. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    I'm a dirty thief. Regen day means more than just players from my own academy. These kids have been snapped up for a collective compensation around 1.7M I can live with that! And I decided to pounce on Gnabry as well! An RC on just 7M makes him a cheap punt at a different, and interesting type at Raumdeuter next season.
  6. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    Youth Intake 2017 - The first pack Yes! This is a good bunch. And I don't just mean their PA's are good. I quite like their stats as well. As we have changed our B2B to a CMa (I'll show this at a later point) we might have the perfect role for him in coming from deep and attacking and finishing. But Shadow Striker is definitely also a possibility. Baumgartner here is promising that's for sure. Constant Sorrow, however, is the real gem. A German born Ivorian talent. And he looks so good. I love him. Not sure if he is deemed to be a weapon at Raumdeuter, Shadow Striker, an atypical Enganche or if he should come from deep as the CMa I talked about before. But a first teamer he will become no doubt. He is very well rounded and can take his career many directions. Kreuzer is a funny type. Lots of potential, and some nice attributes, but I don't know where he'll fit. Nikos has the perfect octagon for a Shadow Striker prospect! He is in severe need of a tutor, but other than that he has the perfect makings for a shadow striker. He could've been a bit taller though.. Tobias is a very well developed youngster! 15 years old, coming from Hvidovre and looks to be just a couple of years away from being a potential starter for us. His mental attributes are looking very solid, just needs a bit of work on the positioning. Weird combo though, Vision: 13, Throwing: 6, Passing: 1.... When will he find the sword and get his true title? Another player from Hvidovre! He's a promising winger. He fits our profiling very well. Quality regen. What? How does he not have better PA! He's terrific. He could be such a great player in a vast amount of roles. Not sure which is the one to go for with him in our setup. He's just so well rounded with great playmaking ability. Love him to bits already and with the 13 Leadership at age 14 I could see him grow into our Capitán! Lovely Kenyan player from our affiliate.
  7. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    Mike of course at Brøndby, Westermann at which club, though?
  8. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    We don't even need Fabin-ho. And Mike Jensen with this wonder!
  9. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    And now his Short Term plans are "Breaking into the first team" and he has no concerns. Life is good, I guess.
  10. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    I tell him, that it's fair he wants to go, and that he has a release clause, so he is free to go if they meet it, but otherwise he'll stay. He tells me he doesn't want to wait, but that I should offer him out since Bayern might lose interest (let's be real, they'd happily wait for his contract to end in 3 years and get him for free..). I refuse, he gets mad. Enjoy vacation at 2nd team, you bitch.
  11. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    Fabinho is rumored to go to Man City or Bayern. Great stuff. He wants to go. Even better. I guess I knew he'd be tough to keep but still hoped for more than 6 months service...
  12. Benjoe

    [FM17] Ich Bin Ein Fraud-liner

    Cheers! I tried to go a bit from the norm and also, having this as my first save with a top division club, I have no clue which talents or player to look for in FM17, so had a pretty clean slate to work from. Yeah baby! And Fisse Mike Jensen! No clue either - but I like his initial stats, so just a minor improvement in those and I could actually see him take over from Sneijder. He'll have to perform to start of course. Sneijder is a beast though, just look at this. Won't be an easy task to replace him.