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  1. Opened FM and was ready to play some games finally, although leaving in an hour approx. Then I see this ****. 81 days.. oh well. No games this sitting then...
  2. Your 10 year old is better educated than my RB clearly! Agree! Umbelebele is a good one too I recon or Kakamega Homeboyz. This is perhaps still my favorite for some reason: I threw a coconut at him instead. He didn't react to it. He's mental. Cheers @Mysterio Jr. and @Sir_Liam! Glad you guys are enjoying it. Only a bit nuts, though? I'd say he the medical term would be utter insanity.
  3. Ahh **** me. Didn't realize his legitimate real life son was in the game and was a gk too. Still, haven't experienced a manager getting a son either though.
  4. Erhm why is Jose Mourinho both father and brother to Filipe???
  5. That's the part that matters most at times, so no shame in that.
  6. Uh, oh, I see. That's a wee bit different from the giant head sculptures I was envisioning.
  7. Aye, makes sense. That sounds pretty cool. You've ever sculptured something really cool?
  8. This is fantastic! It also reminds me of a blog I ran in 2011 about Benjamin Desbois and his two sons who we managed at Bordeaux! And hope you have a fantastic vacation, mate!
  9. Yeah. It didn't really go that well. I'd say Brøndby were marginally better playing as a whole, but they were careless in defence and all 3 goals conceded after set pieces/goalkeeper distribution. What sort of work calls you in for just one hour?
  10. Agree. Some grit and solidarity mixed with stubbornness, loyalty and to some extent stupidity.
  11. That's basically the definition of being a Brøndby fan - you're hired!
  12. Gosh darn it! You Irish (see, I remember you aren't scottish!) Are stubborn people.
  13. What would it take to accomplish?!
  14. Cheers, I'm trying to convert you completely to become a Brøndby fan, have to do it properly!
  15. @BoxToBox be quick! Brøndby v Fck are playing DBU Pokal finale now! Tune in