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  1. Okay, this is turning into the Office now. Have a good evening, Andy.
  2. Okay, I'll stop now before this turns into a scene from the Office.
  3. The point "the guy" - or @Jimbokav1971 as a respectful individual would say - was to give his opinion on the subject of which he and @oriole01 had started and that you jumped into with a statement of your own. But instead of Jimbo saying "Who are you?" to your comment he gave his opinion back to you although he very scandalously had a different angle on it than your comment - on a forum that is quite normal. Your comment didn't hint at anything. It was - or can easily be conceived as - an arrogant remark to someone who was replying to your comment. Completely unnecessary. If you don't want someone to reply to your comment(s) your FMCU thread might be a better place rather than the GD-thread. Oh, and I prefer it shaken, not stirred.
  4. What a pointless comment. Waste of pixels.
  5. Well it ain't all doom and gloom at least. In the next post I will be making an update on our youngsters. We have quite a lot of talented kids coming up so that is at least something to be excited about.
  6. Wait. So we have a capacity of 10k. Vita are expected to have 6k at our stadium. They had 6.987 fans at our home ground... This is so sad. We are the defending champions, we were in the semi finals of the ACL and we can't even get more than half of our stadium filled with our own fans? I don't know what to do about that. We are in Kinshasa with a population of 84 MILLION PEOPLE (2018 numbers and in 2026 those numbers would probably have risen to something like 100M). And we have 567 on AVERAGE!?!?!?!?! ****ing hell. I don't know what to say.. Our reputation is never growing, our attendance is a joke, and our economy is shaky even though we've sold for 6.7M pounds the last 3 seasons and bought for 120K pounds.. We are 2.6M pound in the green atm, but if we have a single year where we don't sell for 1M that figure could quickly be reduced to just 1M or even less. We need to keep our wages low and sell off players who are good but are on high wages constantly. Feels bad.
  7. vs Before the matches Nelson was tense. AS Dragons had sold a couple of players who could've been great individuals for a match like this. These players had been replaced by even better players, but some stupid registration rules in the Champions League left them unavailable for the matches. In other words, AS Dragons was doomed to play some players who had not been part of getting them to the semi finals and shouldn't ever be starting the semi finals. First leg of the African Champions League semi finals, 2025/26 Kaizer Chiefs vs AS Dragons Bleh.. Second leg of the African Champions League semi finals, 2025/26 AS Dragons vs Kaizer Chiefs In the end Kaizer Chiefs proved too much of a beast to handle. So close... In the end, Kaizer Chiefs went all the way as they ousted ASEC Mimosa in the final. Joshua Nuhu still stole the show. How no big team - African, European or even Chinese - haven't come in for him is a huge mystery for me.
  8. Back with the club the Super Cup awaited Nelson. The squad lacked a lot of players who were away on international duties and a lot of the remaining players at the club were newly acquired players. Behind 3-0 after 17 minutes played, what a way to start the match! But little does it matter. Slowly but surely the lads found the rhythm and overcame the early deficit. Second Super Cup trophy in 3 years.
  9. DR CONGO The Squad Nelson Mandela Jr had taken over the reigns of an ageing Congolese national team. A lot of the bearing stars were either pushing 30 or already in their early 30s. Only a few promising players here and there in the mid 20s. Of course Nelson and Mumbu brought the Ween to the international stage as well.
  10. ****ing hell man! You just stole my gif! Was going to post that gif in direct response to: in a description of how Nelson did the pregame interview. Gotta find another angle then...
  11. Oh - and the squad is actually perfect for some Obscene-Ween-Supreme action as we have **** full-backs and wingers.
  12. Just looking through the DR Congo squad atm. Pressed auto select squad so I'm kinda stuck with what they gave me. It's a very ageing squad. So we'll have to do a major revolution in the squad soon, but we do have a lot of quality players so it's a pity as I don't think the next generation is anywhere near the current old generation. Also just realized, we're ranked 10th in the world atm. What the hell.
  13. Another big time effort from Nuhu and we're through to the semi-finals! Next up is Kaiser Chiefs.. Well, ****. They're mad good. Even after losing Gumede to us and Shumana who became a free agent and refuses to negotiate with us (no wonder, he's insane...) They have guys like these I'm sure they have more top quality players but most of them are completely unknown to Nelson and Mumbu.. Coming up is Nelson's NT-managerial debut for DR Congo in a game against Chad. Will Nelson whip out the good ol' ween for the NT? Will Mumbu get hired to be his assistant here as well? Will Mumbu show up in his bush pig costume - whether he's hired or not? Do we even wanna know?
  14. Our attendance is ridiculous... And we're suddenly looking far from as certain to go through as we did 2 games ago! We have Hearts of Oak in the last which is by far the "easiest" matchup in this group, but we need to draw or win to go through. We're taking a lot of steps the right direction though!
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