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  1. Hahah fantastic questions! Thanks for pointing out (some of) the unexplained parts in the story - some things we'll hopefully answer in the future! #MiraculixAskingTheRealQuestions Same here. That was very brutal. That event gave me a knockout right when I was building momentum. Will need to get back soon, though! I agree, Bitner.
  2. He that beats the drum for the mad man to dance is no better than the mad man himself Second Half 49th Minute: Second half had barely begun before MK had taken the lead. What looked like a chance for the Dragons ended up with a goal in their own net. Abysmal! The rest of the game is closed out by MK who shuts down any attempts from the AS Dragons, who fall short of a draw that could've given them the second place they so desperately craved! Instead, they must see Motema Pembe pass by them as they steal away the second place and a Championship Group Stage ticket. ... When the players left the arena Nelson was left taped to the chair he'd been sleeping on for the past hour or so. What a sad way for the season to end. So much promise. So much hope. So little pay in return.
  3. He that beats the drum for the mad man to dance is no better than the mad man himself The bookies liked MK's chances the most, same for the so-called experts. A win for either side would secure a 1st place, a draw could complicate things for AS Dragons, and a loss could prove catastrophic for either side. The ween facing off against a narrow 4-3-3. And as such the game was underway! 11th Minute: After a missed opportunity to MK, AS Dragons sent a counter attack the other way and with great precision as Touré passed it too Ronald Wee who then played a perfect first time pass to a surging Lokando. Lokando was cold in front of goal! 0-1 to the Dragons! Nelson's euphoria sent him diving unto the field in his suit. "YAAAAAAAAAAS!" he screamed as he ran past the MK bench who sent their medic after Nelson to tackle him. After several attempts the medic tried a last tackle, but as he misstimed it he landed in front of the oncoming train that would be Nelson. The medic was carried off the pitch on a stretcher with a broken leg, and Nelson was taped to the chairs on the bench to keep him in place. 12th Minute: Oh well. The MK players were angry at seeing their medic break his leg, and the revenge was quick. An open chance for one of their strikers and it was tied at 1-1. 15th Minute: MK with another chance, this time hammering off the crossbar! Still 1-1. 22nd Minute: AS Dragons with a chance of their own! A good play-through and Abbey is sent running towards goal by himself. And he buries it! 1-2 to the Dragons! The tape around Nelson's body miraculously holds! ...It must be gaffa-tape! 34th Minute: AS Dragons' Trésor Bembo-Leta hits the crossbar with a blast from far away! 43rd Minute: One of MK's strikers takes a good cut away from the defenders of AS Dragons and slams a shot at goal, but Kalonji dishes up with an acrobatic save! Still 1-2. 45th+1 Minute: CHAOS! Absolute chaos. AS Dragons had the ball in their own box. Then it sounded like a whistle from the referee had gone and that it was half time. Apparently it wasn't the ref's whistle and before anyone could stop it, MK had put it away for an equalizer! 2-2! The confusion is breathtaking! Aaaaand Nelson is sleeping in his double garden chair setup.. thingy..
  4. He that beats the drum for the mad man to dance is no better than the mad man himself The match would soon unfold as the two teams entered the grassfield that would host today's important fixture. Nelson decided to walk in front of his own team when entering the pitch. The referees tried to shove him away and onto the restricted area, but Nelson was an immovable force. They eventually gave up, and as such Nelson entered the pitch as the first person, carrying the ball the game would be played with. What a classy way to do it. Eventually he stumbled off the pitch again and sat on a couple of chairs at their bench until the opponents coaches went to greet Nelson before their game. "Good lu-" "Tell me a knock-knock joke!" "Excuse me, what?" "You heard me!" Nelson was angry, and laughing maniacally. "Erm.. okay.. so.. knock-knock." "Go away, elephant-face! HAHAHAHA, Mumbu did you hear it!?" "No, boss. What was it, boss??" "I just made a fool of their coach." Nelson looked at MK's coach again, "Tell it again!" MK's coach, Kifuta Mbiyavanga, shook his head, sighed, and left the restricted area of AS Dragons and sat on his own bench as he looked at the ground in despair. A beaten man. A shell of the man he usually was. But now the game would start. What a way to start it all off!
  5. He that beats the drum for the mad man to dance is no better than the mad man himself Immediately as Nelson had reached his office with Mumbu's collar in his hand he released his grasp of the collar. "Good. You do press conference thingy now!" "B-b-but what should me talk about?" "I don't know. Figure something out! Off you go peasant!" Mumbu left the office as Nelson fell into his chair and leaned back. Feet on the table and a soft pillow behind his head. This was the good life. Meanwhile Mumbu had reached the room, in which the press conference "thingy" would be held. "Where have you been the past months!" "Ehh.. Que?" "How are you guys planning to win this game against MK today?" "Ehm.. Que." "Do you have planned your celebrations if the impossible should happen and you win today?" "Que. Oui. QUE!" ... And that was basically how that all went..
  6. O Mumbu, where art thou? pt.2 Standing on top of the kids climbing tower gave Nelson clear sight. Not mentally, no literally. From the top of the tower he could see straight into the backroom window to the café he'd lastly seen Mumbu. Of all the places he'd hide, and then he was right there all along? No. Nelson was certain. He'd been abducted! Was it by the vile David Moyes who had returned? Was is Mr Sewell? Was it someone even worse? He'd have to find out. ... "So.. let me get this straight, Monday-" "it's.. it's Mumbu, boss. Don't you remember?" "That's not important! You try to convince me, Nelson Mandela Jr. - the greatest detective, manager, friend, lover and... erh.. did I say lover?" "You did, boss." "Okay - but you mean to tell me you've been here all along?!" "Yes boss. Me have been treated well. Me happy. Me love waitress. She kind to Mumbu. Boss." Mumbu was smiling, laughing and clapping his innocent little Mumbu hands together. "This is outrageous! She can't do that! Does she not know who I am, and that I have missed you and searched for you?!" "You have boss?" Mumbu's eyes lit up and the smile got broader. "Yearhh well.. I needed my peasant. No one steal from Nelson!" As Nelson and Mumbu was talking, the waitress was hiding in a room behind them. She was watching them. This was going right after her plans. "Let's go Monday!" "Butbut the waitress-" "She's of no importance, we have a match!" Nelson dragged Mumbu out the door and all the way to his office. The waitress standing in the door of the café staring at Nelson. "Just wait. Just you wait for your ween to get slammed in the door. When you find out what my plans are-" *ding ding* "Yes! What can I help with? We have freshbaked quiche!"
  7. O Mumbu, where art thou? Dressed in all black for the first time of his life Nelson wandered down the streets of Kinshasa. With a face signalling utter pain and sorrow he walked past friend and foe. Some would celebrate him. Some would spit at him. Some would waive their giant foam weens around in salute of The Ween-maker himself. Other's burned pictures of random weens in disgust. The mobs were torn between loving and hating this man who was pitted against his old friend, Mumbu. ... Far before all of this though, Nelson was leading his troops into battle against first placed MK Etanchélté. A win would mean a secured place into the playoffs, a draw could complicate matters and a loss would be very unfortunate. As preparation for the match Nelson had his players relaxing for a full week prior to the game. Not a single foot was set on the training fields. Both players and staff had effectively been handed a curfew, or rather housearrest. They were not allowed to set even a single foot outside of their door in fear of them practicing. Meanwhile Nelson was still allowed to leave and he did so often as he searched for Mumbu. He traveled far and wide in this enormous country. Standing on top of the Mount Stanley, the tallest mountain in Congo Kinshasa he was at the peak of his search. When he had envisioned the climb of the mountain he was very ambitious ahead of climbing the 5.109 meter tall mountain. "With ease I shall do it, and with no help!" He'd said. Reality was another one, though. Standing on top a 3 meter tall kids climbing tower in the local park, screaming and shouting is the one and only, Nelson Mandela Jr... "O Mundu! I mean... Mamba! No wait.. that's not right. Monday? Yes, Monday-Monday where are you frien--peasant!? Mondaay... Come back to me..."
  8. I was surprised as well, which was the reason I included the second screenshot of possesion ranks. Here are their tactics: Both teams have a midfield trio and fullbacks without any other wingers. Vita's with the three strikers could seem a bit direct perhaps, but Mazembe's formation looks like a pretty possesion/dominance oriented one.
  9. The win was great, but hollow. Without Mumbu at his side Nelson was a shadow of himself - still, quite a massive shadow.
  10. When you can't find your peasant, do whatever you have to Nelson passed the flyers out as he was sobbing. "Where are you, my... my peasant.." Months had passed. Mumbu, still away without allowance. Nelson, more and more a wreck without his friend. Crying, he hanged a full size cardboard cutout of Mumbu on the wall of a local supermarket after making a deal with the owner, Tresor Mango-Mango Bango, who recognized Nelson as the manager who "possessed a great ween and a magical touch - strictly tactically!" "HAVE YOU SEEN ME? IM BIG, STUPID, AND HAVE AN INNOCENT SOUL. PLEASE HELP ME, IF YOU SEE ME. I CANNOT FIND HOME AND DONT KNOW WHERE I AM. CONTACT NELSON MANDELA JR. OF THE AS DRAGONS IF YOU SEE HIM. #savemumbu #isthisworking?" Mr. Mango-Mango Bango was a big fan of Nelson and as such he wanted only an autograph from the ween-maker himself. On his forehead. So he could get it tattooed for a permanent memory. Yup. Good choice. If you have a silly name, the only sensible solution is doing something so silly, that nobody will care for your name. Genius. Mr. Mango-Mango Bango is going places. To a mental hospital that is. Anyways, despite Nelson desperately trying to postpone his team's fixtures until Mumbu was found he was unsuccessful and they had a massive game against Motema Pembe. A win would send them to second place, tied with Motema Pembe. A loss would be catastrophic for the season.