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  1. Hi @Stevemc Just to pint out one small error, the picture for Real Murcia is not correct. The below is Espanyol's old Olympic Stadium This is the Nueva Condomina place-2015-03-30-8-Estadionuevacondomina1457007ac257ea5c1ac9a8cf091b8525.jpg (450×285) (jogurucdn.com) Thanks for all your efforts, exceptional
  2. I absolutely love these backgrounds. As a stadium geek you don't know how much joy this brings Couple of questions though, I have started a journeymen save and ended up in the Bulgarian Second division. How do I add a photo for the team I am managing as it is not in the pack? Is it simple that a total IT-phobe can do or do I leave it to an expert i.e you? ha ha Also, I am using another skin where the stadiums are in the Club info bit. Can we convert the backgrounds to go there? Thanks again mate, these are amazing.
  3. Nowadays it is a couple of hours in the evenings when the kids are in bed, but in the olden days I could easily play for a good 5-6 hours, sometimes well into the night, early morning. What sort of sessions do you guys do?
  4. Hi Dan I am the Torquay researcher and thanks for your comments. I will let Jake confirm but: 1. Short-term loans are not included 2. Jake has details of Billy Waters but it was after the beta deadline. He will be in the full game 3. Agreed, I will speak to Jake about adding him 4. Not data, but sure Jake will deal with 5. Maybe. It was only really for one season when we stormed the league. Doubt it will last. If it does then I will consider adding in future versions Thanks for the feedback Kevin
  5. I don't. I use the 2 weeks to faff around with tactics, new features, downloading graphic packs etc so I am ready to go when the full game is released.
  6. Can't decide. It is between 1. Torquay, the team I support but rarely play as 2. SKA Khabarovsk - just look how remote they are. 3800 miles from Moscow. Getting them to champions league 3. An Island team to dominate Europe - Tenerife, Ajaccio, something like that 4. A bleak team from Scotland - Elgin, maybe 5. Unemployed journeyman save in South America.
  7. Hey great skin, thanks for your work. One small issue that I have noticed is if you go to a player that is not in your team, on the front page it shows what player trait he is learning. Even though I am not managing that team, you can actually cancel the training. IN the link below, I don't manage AlbinoLeffe but can cancel the players trait "Runs with ball down the left" https://imgur.com/7xZWcqc Not sure if you deliberately did this or not, but means you can stop any player trait that any player is learning in any team in the game.
  8. Quick question.... Can a tactic be too simple to be successful in the higher divisions/Europe? I play a 442 GK, FBS, CB, CB, WBS W, DLP, CMA, IW DLF, AF No team instructions or Player Instructions and just left on Balanced. I move to Cautious and Positive depending on team Do I need to do more the higher I go up?
  9. Excellent I’ll give it a try. thanks again for your help mate
  10. Hi @Smurf In October you recommended this laptop which I bought and it has been excellent for FM, so thank you. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-FX504GM-EN150T-Wide-View-Gaming-Laptop/dp/B07F3RK9W7/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1546345182&sr=1-1&keywords=asus+fx504gm-en150t Over Xmas I downloaded Tom Clancy The Division free trial from Steam and it works fine but the fans are really loud and the keyboard gets really warm after about 10 minutes of playing. I am am wary about buying the full game in case it does damage to the laptop Is this
  11. I am managing a team without a background picture. How do I find the number so I can add it? Great work mate
  12. Would anyone be offended if I did this using FM Touch? I don't have the time for full game but would like to update career in here. I have tried to replicate the set up as close as possible. Not sure if it makes it easier/harder.
  13. Yes!! love this thread. I get bored of reading about other's success when I am rubbish and can't achieve anything Rubbish FMers of the world unite!!
  14. Ordering my laptop today, thanks for your help. One more question if I may. The i5 with 16GB and the i7 with 8gb are the same price. Which would be better? Is there much difference between the 2?
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