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  1. Quick question.... Can a tactic be too simple to be successful in the higher divisions/Europe? I play a 442 GK, FBS, CB, CB, WBS W, DLP, CMA, IW DLF, AF No team instructions or Player Instructions and just left on Balanced. I move to Cautious and Positive depending on team Do I need to do more the higher I go up?
  2. Excellent I’ll give it a try. thanks again for your help mate
  3. Hi @Smurf In October you recommended this laptop which I bought and it has been excellent for FM, so thank you. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-FX504GM-EN150T-Wide-View-Gaming-Laptop/dp/B07F3RK9W7/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1546345182&sr=1-1&keywords=asus+fx504gm-en150t Over Xmas I downloaded Tom Clancy The Division free trial from Steam and it works fine but the fans are really loud and the keyboard gets really warm after about 10 minutes of playing. I am am wary about buying the full game in case it does damage to the laptop Is this normal or is it just an intense game compared to FM? Should I worry about it or just crack on? Thanks
  4. I am managing a team without a background picture. How do I find the number so I can add it? Great work mate
  5. Would anyone be offended if I did this using FM Touch? I don't have the time for full game but would like to update career in here. I have tried to replicate the set up as close as possible. Not sure if it makes it easier/harder.
  6. Yes!! love this thread. I get bored of reading about other's success when I am rubbish and can't achieve anything Rubbish FMers of the world unite!!
  7. Also, Jakob Sokolik is down as being injured for 8-9 months but he is in the squad today
  8. Hi Connor Lemonheigh-Evans is down as a striker when he has played every game on loan at Torquay as a central midfielder as he did in last years loan spell. Only opinion re: wages but I doubt Ryan Dickson (31 yo who played 30+ games for Yeovil in league two) would be earning less than Andre Wright who is 21 and played once for Nuneaton last season. I would expect Dickson to be one of the top earners as an Owers marquee signing. Probably too late for data lockdown but Harrop has left and Andre Wright released and joined Gloucester. Thanks
  9. Ordering my laptop today, thanks for your help. One more question if I may. The i5 with 16GB and the i7 with 8gb are the same price. Which would be better? Is there much difference between the 2?
  10. Thank you for your response. Any recommendations for the £750-£1000 mark? Or for FM can I get a decent one to play multiple leagues for cheaper?
  11. I have an old-ish laptop Dell Inter(R) Core i7 3632QM 2.20GHz 8GB I have no real idea what the letters and numbers mean, but it is getting slower. Is there any value in getting a new laptop? Only really use it for FM and internet.
  12. I have been really struggling with tactics on FM18. My 4231 from FM 17 didn't seem to work. I have tried 352 and had limited success (Playoffs in Serie C!) and to save my job in Serie B I went from 352 to a narrow 433. The change has been ridiculous. From no wins in 6 I have now won 7/9 with 1 defeat due to being reduced to 10 men early on. We are scoring at least 3 a game and includes a 5-2 and 6-1 win. I use attacking FB, a BWM, DLP D and B2B in midfield and 2 AF either side of a DLF up front. I use Structured and Control with no Team or Player instructions. The only change was to move one of the CB to a AF. Nothing else. It has gone the other way now. I wasn't enjoying it because I kept losing and now it feels like I am cheating as it is so easy. Not really sure what my point is, just wanted to see what people's views are. Maybe I am just never happy
  13. I don't usually post in the tactics forum as I am pretty cluesless, but i wanted to explain to people what I did based on @Cleon's article as I fell into the traps that he explained and lots of people are commentinfg on. First off I had a 4231 whoich worked well in FM17 but didn't in FM18, so rather than moan I just copied Cleon's opening post!! This didn't work for me so I stripped back everything and tried to forget what I thought I knew. I read and re-read the role descriptions and studied my players attributes and went for a 4 (FBA, CB, CB, WBS) -1(SV) -1(CM D) - 3 (WS, APS, IFA) -ST (AF) with no TI on flxexible, Standard and watched a game or two. I usually add TIs just becasue I think I needed to rather than thinking about it. I watched a game or two and found that adding individual PI based on the attributes helps more than the TI. (Cleon may or may not agree). The only TI I did add was play out of defence as it was annoying me seeing the ball booted up the pitch and possession lost. But apart from that I haven't made many changes. I have not over complicated things, which I think many, including myself, were guilty of. So after a bad run, I now have 4 wins in a row and scoring goals for fun. It is not as simple as Cleon makes out, I don't have the same analytical brain he does, but if you take it back to basics and watch rather than just making assumptions it can really work. I found that investing a bit of time has worked wonders. Of course 4 wins is not everything so maybe I have just got lucky and you can ignore everything you have just read.
  14. Good luck. How is Angus Macdonald doing in the game and real life? Saw him really develop at Torquay and deserved his move to you guys.
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