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  1. The location of a club (I.E. City and Nation population) also makes a huge difference on youth intakes. I've done a lot of research on this with the in-game edtior running so I can see actual CA and PA amongst other things. If you are in a smaller location such as Fort William, or a smaller country such as San Marino, then regardless of how high your facilities and even YR and JC are, you will only be able to produce a set number of stars per generation. After that all players produced will have a PA cap of 115 until the small number of players who have a higher PA than that retire, allowing others to spawn in the intakes.
  2. The nation's youth rating is the big driver. I've done a lot of testing with the smaller countries using the in game editor on FM15, and in one test I pushed with San Marino youth rating up to 200, but started a save with Virtus and their starting facilities. After 10 season, I'd got Training and Youth facilities rated at 4, junior coaching 20 and Youth Rec at 3. These were obviously still higher than the other teams in the league, but even with the awful youth rec, because of the high nation youth rating set against a very low nation population (I think it's 25,000), San Marino can only produce 1 or 2 stars a year. My facilities being the best but still dire meant almost every season the 1 star came through my academy, leaving my starting 11's PA's (all from my intakes) at the below.. GK - PA 160 RB - PA 142 CB's - PA 99 and 140 LB - PA 123 RM - PA 161 CM's- PA 165 and 138 LM - PA 126 AM - PA 181 ST - PA 96 (there's a bug on FM15 where it's nigh on impossible to produce good strikers through your own intakes) I did a similar experiment in Russia due to the huge population, pushing the nations youth rating up to 200. Here, facilities made a huge difference because although there were plenty of high PA players churned out every year due to high youth rating and population, they largely went to the bigger teams with better youth rec with the odd exceptions. It was only when I got into the top division and could match their facilities I started producing the stars. Apologies for waffling, and for a shorter break down i'll put the key points below. The main driver for PA is Nation Youth Rating Population determines the number of high PA players a nation can produce annually, even with a youth rating 200. Once you have the best JC and YR in your country, no matter how many you increase them after that the PA of the intakes won't get any higher. It's a shame nation youth rating isn't more dynamic to be honest, but I've spent nearly 2 years extensively testing this, and barring a tactical miracle, the only realistic way to win the Champions League with a team from a low rated nation using only academy players is to manually edit the nation's youth rating as you improve. Even then, due to the low pop you need to get very lucky with the position spread to have enough stars in the team at once as you'll likely only have 10 high PA players as a max at any one time, and also retrain an AMC with a good stat spread to a striker as I've never seen a striker come through any player controlled academy with a PA higher than 115 in nearly 2 years of playing youth only.
  3. It wasn't there on the picture you posted above, but I probably should point out I didn't get it in every negotiation when I attended a job interview, but did at least once per season. If/when it appears for you, it will turn up between the parent club and youth level option. Think the exact wording is "I would like the board to consider improving youth recruitment" or something very similar.
  4. I've been frustrated on youth only saves in the past by not been able to get Youth Recruitment moving, though not usually in English saves. Recently, although it never pops up as an option when on the board requests screen, i've found if you attend interviews for other jobs (even though I don't intend to take one) then when your board offer you terms to stay if you make a request to them at that point improving youth rec is almost always an option, and they'll usually agree to it to keep you if you're doing a good job. It's right at the bottom of the requests lists, I missed it the first couple of times because JC, training and youth facilities are the first 3 so I keep assuming youth rec wasn't there. I managed to get mine from limited to extensive in Kazakhstan in less than 10 seasons this way, only asking for it each time I attended an interview when English clubs kept coming in for me. Might be worth a try with Dulwich too?
  5. You may not want to go down this route, but I always found on FM 15 that if you set a players asking price to 200m, no-one will ever offer for them. Also, on youth challenges in particular (possibly due to their loyalty to the club?), if a player comes and asks you to leave and you give him the "you're going nowhere, concentrate on your football" answer, they will back down 100% of the time. Doesn't work on 16 or 17 sadly so you now have to spend the whole of the transfer window rejecting 20 odd bids a day until the chairman steps in.
  6. Strangely enough that's exactly what's happened in my current save, decided to check it after you mentioned it. All 3 of Ireland's goalkeepers (1 with a PA of 194) and a monstrous left back (PA 181) have gone through the Crumlin to Nottingham Forest link before popping up in Forest's youth intakes. Wonder if that happens on every save??
  7. @Jintro Bad luck mate, good luck where ever you choose to go next. @MadCatPT Good luck with Blyth, it's my dream one day to have a successful run at this in England!
  8. Rodez Averyron Football 2018/19 League Table - 8th - 8 points and one place lower than last season. We were actually right up there in 3rd at the winter break, but I decided I needed to blood some youths as I was still running with a full non regen squad and as i’ve found out in the past this isn’t sustainable long term, so I sacrificed promotion to get some games into my youth players. Cups - Out away to a divisional rival in the 6th round. The money doesn’t seem to be great so i’m not overly concerned. Finances - Forgot to Screenshot this, but we actually get a solidarity payment of around 400k from the league each season, which puts us far enough in the black to get all the way through the following season with no losses. Facilities - Another Junior Coaching upgrade and a Youth Facilities upgrade. Things are definitely on the up in this area, but we need to look at the fact we're now maxing out the stadium most home games. Transfers - A few fringe players out to make room for some youths in the match day squad. Nothing in of course. Previous Intakes The eagle eyed amongst you may notice that these screenshots are taken 3 months late, as i’ve written this up 10 games into the following season and totally forgot to screenshot this part until now. Laurent Coudert 18A - He was developing slowly in the U19’s until the winter break when I got a message from my HOYD saying it was imperative I gave him some first team games or he’d never reach his potential. I threw him straight into the first team along with one or two other young un’s for the second half of the season, and although results inevitably suffered Laurent was surprisingly consistent. His potential has jumped from a National to Ligue 1 player, so as long as I can hold onto him i’m expecting big things. Thibaud Winterstein 18B - The lad who sounds like he belong in Game of Thrones rather than Football Manager has had a slower rise towards the first team, although his stats are developing well after being tutored by all three of our senior strikers. He’s not far off breaking into the first team set up, but i’ve switched to one up front so his chances have been limited so far. Emmanuel Sery 18C - Still a long way behind our first team keeper, so no football for him yet as I consider Keeper the key position in any team so i’m loathe to throw a young un in. I still think he has good base stats though, so I may loan him out as a way to get him some first team football. Youth Intake - Two standouts here, both of whom I have very high hopes. Dorian Santiago 19A - Another fantastically named youngster, Dorian is the pick of the intake. As i’ve played a little in front I can give a little spoiler here, but he’s already in the first team on the right wing and i’m fending off bids from some lower Ligue 1 teams, which has led to me having to reject a transfer request from him. Clement Delmas 19B - Needs a little work, but 2 of my 3 first choice midfielders are the wrong side of 30, so expect to see him on the pitch for the first team sooner rather than later. Next Season Well i’ve already played 10 games so i’m writing this rather in hindsight. My aim was to sacrifice a run at promotion to get all my promising youths as much football as possible, and that’s exactly what i’m doing bar the goalkeeper. Another one or two decent finishes in this position, coupled with the continued facility upgrades that the end of season money allow and I think we’ll be ready to steamroller this division. In the meantime however, i'm happy for our results to suffer slightly to get my best youth players playing every week. | Season | Division | Final Position | French Cup | Coupe de Ligue | Average Attendance | | 2017/18 | National | 7th | 8th Round | N/A | 2320 | | 2018/19 | National | 8th | 6th Round | N/A | 2546 |
  9. Thanks. Hmm, I seem to be able to view the images okay, is anyone else having problems? I've had a look at my account and everything is set to public so not sure what else to try.. Cheers bud. What is the standard like in Slovakia, are you already Pro or will you need promotion first? Don't think i've ever managed there on any FM.
  10. Rodez Averyron Football League Table - 7th - We started poor and were rock bottom with 4 defeats from 4 at the end of August. I switched to a simple 4-4-2 to try and tighten us up at the back and from there we went from strength to strength, and were in with a shout of promotion up until the last 5 games where a run of 1 win in 5 ended any outside chance. As it turned out we still only ended up 3 points outside the playoff spot, and our GD was that good that just one win from the other four games would have seen us finish third. I’m not too disappointed though, as I feel we hugely over achieved with the players at our disposal and going into Ligue 2 this early would have possibly led to relegation, and certainly prevented me giving any experience to young players. Cups - Made light work of three lower league teams before falling in the eighth round to my parent club, Tours FC Finances - Not too shabby. They were steadily increasing until I had a junior coaching upgrade approved, then fell slowly until a good run of form pushed the attendances up enough to turn a small profit. Facilities - Managed a junior coaching upgrade but nothing on the facilities front so far. Transfers - One from a couple of weeks before I joined the club. Top Performers Maxime Ras - Top scorer in the division with 24 goals - 5 clear of anyone else, and also chipped in with 11 assists. He’s 29 so i’ll only get a couple more years out of him, but there’s a couple of other strikers waiting in the wings. Av Rating 7.41 Loic Coupin - It took my until close to Christmas to settle on Maxime’s striker partner, but after Coupin complained about lack of match time I decided to throw him in and he certainly didn’t disappoint. 17 goals in 20 starts for the 27 year old who I managed to tie down for another 2 years late on in the season. Av Rating 7.45 Pedro Goncalves - This lad ended the season with the highest average rating in the division, and although his stats don’t look fantastic he was consistently above average, and even when the team as a whole didn’t perform well his performances scarcely dipped below a solid 7. An assist every two games is a good return from a winger at any level, hopefully i’ll be able to keep him on the pitch for more than 23 games next term. Av Rating 7.52 Youth Intake - A decent first bunch but no-one ready to make an immediate impact. Laurent Coudert (18A) - Decent starting stats and a good personality. Need to work on his tackling and he isn’t the tallest, but confident he can contribute going forward. Thibaud Winterstein (18B) - My assistant reckons he’s a target man, but at 5’9 I don’t think so. He’ll need some work for sure, but a promising return of 7 in 8 for my u19’s makes me think he’s got something about him. Emmanuel Sery (18C) - He’s pretty well rounded, but both of my first team keepers are still young and two of my best players. He may end up out on loan but we’ll see how he goes. Next Season More of the same. The finances are holding pretty steady so promotion isn’t as essential just yet as it might be if I was in a different country, meaning another top half finish would be more than satisfactory. The ground only holds 2,900 however (can’t use terracing), and we weren’t far off capacity last season so there is a limit to my income at this level in the longer term. Youth recruitment isn’t an option yet as there was no significant increase in the clubs reputation, but another junior coaching upgrade wouldn’t go amiss. | Season | Division | Final Position | French Cup | Coupe de Ligue | Average Attendance | | 2017/18 | National | 7th | 8th Round | N/A | 2320 |
  11. If you mean on the advanced database settings, ticking the lower leagues box doesn't actually activate the league, it just adds all the players these teams have into your game, rather than them just getting promoted into the playable leagues with one or two players and lots of greys. They'll still get promoted as normal at the reset date after season one. I've just had my first youth intake in my Rodez game, and it's not a bad one to be fair though none are immediate first teamers. At work at the moment so I can't post any screenshots, but I should have my first season review up this evening. @Braumiller what's the age of your starting squad like? The only try I've had in Germany ended pretty quickly, as all my 35 year old first teamers retired before my first set of youths were old enough to become eligible to play and replace them.
  12. Decided to start in France with Rodez Aveyron Football. Predicted to finish bottom with the smallest squad and stadium in the league promises a tough proposition, but at least the expectations are low and in France there's the slight get out that if we go down and I don't get sacked I can carry on managing in the CFA. Manager Profile
  13. (I think) Your attendance is dropping as you play less and less of the B teams. I know in the English league expansions when you play B teams they bring huge away followings which unrealistically bump up your average attendance, which may be what's happening here too.
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