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  1. I switched it to this for my Champs League game against Galatasaray and duly beat them 2-1. I’m not sure if I’ll use it as my main tactic, will see how it goes next few games. I really wanted to get Morata, Hazard, Belotti and Sanchez on the same pitch to see what the can do together! And this is how they responded!
  2. One of my best wins, changed formation and this happens....
  3. Get one of the more senior players to have a word with him. 9/10 they usually stop wanting a new one.
  4. Yeah found that out late last night. Totally forgot about it myself.
  5. Lol, snap. I have barcelona, D kiev and I can’t think of the other team off top my head!
  6. You should have seen my first seasons Champs League. Both Barca and PSG failed to make it our the group stage! I had PSG in my league too. They finished bottom with 2 points!
  7. Totally mate. I can’t be dealing with all the PI’s. My saves have always been to keep it simple. Really doesn’t need over complicating things. 3 wins out of 3 in league. 7 goals scored, none conceded. Beat Spurs 3-0, Southampton 2-0 and Newcastle 2-0.
  8. 2nd that. He’s just immense. Him and Hazard linking so well together. Hoping Alexis kicks on soon...
  9. IS there any reason why the transfer window shuts half way through August in the 2nd season?
  10. Community Shield - Beat Man Utd 3-1 Morata x2 and Sanchez. Super Cup - Beat Arsenal 1-0 AET - Morata.
  11. Had a bid for £8m accepted for Trapp from PSG. Haven’t done contract talks yet!
  12. Willy retired after 1 season on my save!
  13. I need a decent back up keeper. Any recommendations? Just signed Leon Bailey, something about him that I like. Only for £5.5m too.
  14. Alexis Sanchez is on £300k a week. Loyalty bonus of £5m. Team of Season minus £475k. Nothing else. Don't think thats a bad deal for someone of his calibre and reputation. Already worth £83m
  15. GET In! Managed to sign Sanchez on a free from Arsenal!
  16. Zappacosta - £30m on verge of signing for Stoke. Batschauyi - £15m to Huddersfield.
  17. Young players who came through first year.
  18. The young kid from Ajax - £27.5m. Just signed Belotti for £48.5m. Sold Pedro to United for £63m and Drinkwater to City for £53m.
  19. Managed to finish my season last night and what a season. I did win the League by beating United by 1 point. I did win the FA Cup beating Huddersfield. And I may have won the Champions League beating Man Utd on penalties without the suspended Kante, a injured Fabregas and a half fit Bakayoko! Even after David Luiz playing school boy football by trying to keep the ball in OUR corner in the 84th minute, losing it and them equalising. Oh and following that up by getting sent off shortly after in Extra Time! Will write a more detailed review this evening! But was buzzing for that end of the season
  20. Hey lads, yes managed to get it back working. I have a feeling, it was something to do with Steam rather then the game itself. Anyhow heres my update. Current Date: 4th April 2018. So managed to play quite a bit since last update. Currently 1st in the league and into the Qtr Finals of the Champs League after knocking out Bayern Munich in the 1st knockout round. 4-1 on aggregate. Beat them at Munich 1-0 in the first leg. I now have Juventus in the next round. Also into semi final of FA Cup. Beating Aston Villa, Spurs, Stoke (replay) and Cardiff on the way. Now face Arsenal. Other tie is Huddersfield Vs Leeds.... Flying in the league. Stoke won 1-0 Bournemouth drew 1-1 Watford won 3-1 West Brom drew 1-1 Swansea won 1-0 Spurs won 2-1 Brighton won 2-0 Man Utd won 2-0 Played 32 games, Won 23, drew 7 lost 2. 76 points. United 2nd on 74 and looking at the run ins, they have the easier fixtures. Squad: Morata has 23 goals in 45(1) apps. Hazard 13 goals in 29(1) apps Willian 10 goals in 32(6) apps.
  21. Any chance of a Woking one please @Ross Ingersoll ? Thanks
  22. 15 years old and he’s got a full beard 😂. My step son is 18 and he’s only got bum fluff 🤣🤣
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