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  1. Sancho will out perform anyone. He’s smashing it with my chelsea side
  2. Play him on the left. Inside winger.
  3. I have the same up top. But play Mbappe as a AF and Haaland as a PF. It’s their first season together so looking forward to see how they flourish!
  4. Very good player and gets better with age. He’s versatile too, so for me he’s a good buy, BUT.... Reece James or Hakimi for Dortmund are both quality!
  5. Currently in the 24/25 season. Roman has sold the club to a tycoon - not that I needed the money to be honest. But here is my current squad: GK: Donnarumma. Arrizabalaga. RB: James, Hakimi. LB: L Pellegrini, Gerxhaliu (regen) CB: Ake, Skriniar, Tomori, Vanheusden, Alexander (Regen) CM: Mount, Bellingham, F Luis, Havertz, Wanderley (Regen), Tonali. Wingers: Chiesa, Pulisic, Sancho, Hudson-Odoi, Fati. Strikers: Haaland, Mbappe, Abraham, Pinamonti. First ever time of spending serious money on someone like Mbappe in all my saves over the FM years. He
  6. Thanks mate, may go ahead with the purchase then!!!!
  7. Wow, that's what I play him as, both on his own and with a partner - Usually Tammy Abraham as a AF. But can never score regularly. Very frustrating.
  8. Haaland doing poor for me in my Chelsea side. Had him since 2nd window in 1st season and only turned it on when he went out on loan to Wolves. I cannot get him scoring consistently for me. Any ideas?
  9. Gianluigi Donnarumma - 5th season, I’m currently playing as Chelsea and can sign this lad for £105m. Is he worth it? I originally had Oblak but sold him to PSG. Still have Kepa, but not 100% convinced with him. What do you guys think? Cheers
  10. A challenging save? On the majority of the saves on FM, they win the appeal in November and then buy big in Jan. I know I did and went and won the league. They have some cracking youngsters, so not really a challenge!
  11. What position do you play Mount? I have him just behind Tammy and they have the green link up relationship. Also, Callum has turned it on BIG time. Finally becoming the player we thought he’d be. First season he was a bit iffy.
  12. No he went out on loan for the first half of season. I’ll have a look tonight properly. But I was surprised too.
  13. No idea, Palace came in for him. Asked for £10m, they came back with £7.5m. I think he has decent potential to be honest.
  14. I won my appeal in November, so was allowed to sign players in January. I’ve also read people that have had the appeal rejected and had to wait until summer. You can pre-sign players from 1st Feb I believe.
  15. Not good. Not performing at all. But he is behind Abraham (who is quality) and Haaland, who really hasn’t lived up to the hype to be honest.
  16. Got to love Roman, asked for the funds to sign Jadon Sancho. He goes and competes the deal for me. Joins in January 2021.
  17. Fantastic win mate, gives you a little bit more breathing space at the top!
  18. Flying mate. Just like we did IRL at the start of the season. Hopefully you can keep ya up there, whereas we’ve been struggling of late. The difference between full time and part time is huge!
  19. 2nd Season update. Transfers in: January 2020 - Florentino Luis £67m, Erling Haaland - £30m, Zinho Vanheusden - £38m, Josef Martinez - £15m. Summer 2020 - Mike Maignan - £8.5m, Cengiz Under - £26m, Federico Chiesa - £51m. Transfers out: January 2020 - Willian - £30m, Barkley - £38m, Nathan - £10m, Lamptey - £7.5m, Alonso - £32.5m. Summer 2020 - Zappacosta - £24.5m, Morata - £47.5m, Batshuayi - £31m, Drinkwater - £6.75m, Miazga - £9m.
  20. Sweet, Giroud hasn’t really played much football for me, Bats is awful.
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