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  1. No to both. Not ground sharing me currently maxing out our massive 6036 not seated stadium! Still looking for land to build a new 13,000 seater. But been 6-7 months and still nothing.
  2. Had a few late goals against me myself. So annoying.
  3. It doesn’t, it has standing hence it should also not be used in the league. We did purchase Kingfield Stadium (not sure if that has anything to do with it. Renting before). I’ve seem someone share with Reading whilst theirs was being built. We are still looking for land lol.
  4. Ive been promoted to the Prem, but still playing in my original stadium - Kingfield Stadium - 6036 (2500 seated). This falls below the minimum Spec. I do have future stadium plan in that searching for a site - planned capacity of 13987. Is this a bug, as I should have moved out shouldn't I?
  5. Well done mate. Im Woking as well and in my 6th season. Managed to win promotion every season, so currently struggling in my 1st season in the Prem. One thing I don't get is that I'm still in my normal ground with 6000 capacity. Waiting to find land to build a new stadium. You've done well mate, glad to see the Cardinals flying!
  6. Just sorted it Neil thanks, the game was running, so closed it and tried again. Sorted this time. Thanks for quick reply.
  7. Any reason why I can't join the beta? Under the beta tab it says NONE and I cannot choose any other option? Scrap that, I've managed it now.
  8. Still nothing? Getting ridiculous now. Surely the update should be tested thoroughly before release on all platforms.
  9. Snap. Both MacBook and IMac stuttering like mad after recent update!
  10. Just going into my 6th Season and my first in the Prem with Woking. Managed to get promoted every season! How - god knows! If you want to ask any questions I'll try and advise you on players.
  11. 3-0 Liverpool. Doubt you’ll disgrace yourself. 👍🏼 Ive just been promoted to the Premiership on mine. Promoted every season. Picked up some good little players along the way. Been given £21m to spend and just signed Abamanyang 😬. He is 34 tho! Still playing at Kingfield with a 6036 top attendance, club now looking at building a new stadium. No idea how this season will go!
  12. Wow £800K to spend in the National! But then finding out you’re still part time. That’s gutting mate. Good luck with next season. Have a look at the big clubs released players section. Can pick up some cracking players there. 👍🏼
  13. Well done mate. On mine I managed to win the play offs after losing out on goal difference to Torquay in my first season. My first season in National and with a lot of new signings, I’m currently top. Just about at end Feb. I’m just worried that if I do go up, my squad won’t be good enough to survive. So caught in 2 minds about last part of season!
  14. Great start mate. Just started my own Woking save. Signed a few of your signings but missed out on Ellesley. Reggie Young is quality on this! And only on £5 a week under 2020!! Following this with interest.
  15. Ok, after waiting an hour and a half. It loaded up. Happy days, or so I thought. Just reloading the game and now it says loading again. This is awful stuff. Nothing wrong with computer or the graphics as I know they both work fine. Why is it taking so long? So this must be a bug. Oh and to make matters worse - started FM on the MacBook and bam..... stuck on loading screen. Shall i log this as a bug?
  16. Nope still nothing. Aghhh doing my head in now. Wanna play it on iMac rather then MacBook and cannot.
  17. I’ve literally just downloaded the mega pack from Sortitout. They work completely fine on my MacBook tho. Logos, kits and faces. I’ve downloaded kits on this MacBook too and works fine. Just doesn’t load up logos or Faces? Maybe best to uninstall and reinstalls again?
  18. That’s what I’ve done and just hangs there. Been like this for last 5 minutes.
  19. Now just added face packs while game is loaded and now just hanging on “Changing skin”. So frustrating.
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