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  1. Looking to join a clan. Steam: Camchesie Discord Cbag#0866
  2. Hi, I'm wanting to join an online game. Looking for one with serious players. Evenings preferably
  3. Fm 21 online career Age 42 yeah my wife thinks I'm sad too. GMT evenings and some weekends Steam name: Camchesie
  4. This still going? Any chance I can join in?
  5. By using the gaming pc as a server will it release some of the stress from the laptop?
  6. Hi. I currently play online game with a friend, we both decent spec laptops(not gaming laptops) Mine is slightly better spec'd so I run the game. Occasionally my laptop over heats and pops, can't really afford to get a gaming laptop just to play Fm. My son as a gaming pc that he hardly uses, would our game run better if I used the gaming pc as our server to continue to play our game on our laptops? Cheers in advance.
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