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  1. Had a look at this, It was actually missing the short name completely. So just adding one like Team of the Year fixes it.
  2. Thanks for the quick fix majestic. I'll start a new save anyway since those little things eat at me when I play haha. Also your megapack for all the youth leagues download still has the old u19 file in it
  3. MLS is broken in FM and has been for years. Look at the MLS data forum for specific issues and bugs it has. [U.S.A.] (Official) League Specific Issues - League Specific Issues - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com)
  4. Is there a way for this to stop filling my competitions page with cups im apparently a part of, but never play a game in? These competitions run completely without my team playing a match. Just sits in my competition page clogging up space forever.
  5. Then the board shouldn’t give it to the manager as a target.
  6. Quite simply the game as a whole is too rigid. It never changes from the first year to 2200. The game world is static. it lacks so many things that make the OOTP baseball games amazing. Dynamic changeable potential is one. If a player has a ripper season they can improve their potential, a bad disappointing season and they can reduce their potential. Means the game world is alive. The same person in a different save game can be a flop or a new world beater, who knows. Different every time. The world changes, new rules or old rules changed every few years, teams fold, new teams get cr
  7. Yeah i know the Gsync thing as I had to do it previous years. Sadly SI love to take away options from players and decide what's good for us, so the majority who run the game on the desktop suffer to accommodate the few laptop users who live on battery and don't plug their laptops in.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I find the animation only annoying when i see it on the match day pitch, I just made the transparency 0.0 for all the animations to counter it haha, So they are still running so i get full FPS but I can't see them. Is it easy to add an animation like this to any old skin even the defaults? I'm just glad I have one skin that makes the game playable. I dunno how people tolerate the 15FPS it is normally, the cursor stuttering around the screen is abhorrent. EDIT, I found copying the <widget> animation </widget> for one of them to any other skins ob
  9. So. Something I've noticed, I run a Gsync 165Hz monitor, and this is the ONLY skin that runs at 165hz FPS the whole time making it smooth as silk. All other skins including the default go down to 15fps in menus and give me weird flickers. I'm not really sure why, but im guessing its the background animation forcing the game to run max fps all the time. I LOVE THIS. I'm flabbergasted SI won't let us actually choose the frame rate we want to run and make the game a nightmare of flicker and stutter on desktop PC's where power saving isn't an issue. More dumb decision making from them.
  10. Type: Custom Desktop Model: Custom CPU Model: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU Base Frequency: 4.2GHz All core overclock CPU Turbo Frequency: NA RAM: 16GB RAM Clockspeed: 3200MHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 1080ti 11GB Graphics Level in 3D: Very High Storage Type: NVMe SSD Benchmark A - 2:06 Benchmark B - 8:49
  11. Noob question, where can I see my current in game player count so I can compare to start?
  12. Hmm, is your wage spending projected to increase in the coming months via yearly wage rises/bonuses? Perhaps the clubs financial position is worsening despite being under the wage budget because of other expenses.
  13. So still, the biggest issue about brexit in hame stays unresolved? No ability to see the points required anywhere or how many points a player is estimated to receive in a scout report? just want INFORMATION SI, give us the numberssss in this horrendous UI.
  14. Yeah, maybe the new function where you can ask the agent availability of the player, could also say “this guy isn’t really interested in moving to your area” or whatever so you can think to offer more.
  15. The be all end all is Brexit in FM is entirely 100% hypothetical made up nonsense that doesn’t exist in real life and shouldn’t have existed for the last 3 years in FM either. it’s just SI grandstanding a political opinion to punish people who voted for it. Miles big shill this year is realism so we can’t even see the weather in the match UI anymore but it’s fine for them to make up brexit rules.
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