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  1. I've got messi as my DLF and he scores 8/10 1 on ones for me. As he should. Pretty annoyed with VAR calling goals offside when they really arent. Went thru this replay a dozen times in slow mo and my player was never offside, but VAR disallowed it. Annoying.
  2. If you have the in game editor Etebaer you can fix the socks.
  3. Did you guys do something to the framerate? I now sit at 10fps in the general home/inbox wherever screens. Which makes my Gsync monitor flicker like mad. Didn't do this prepatch. :/ Had this issue last year too. Its like its power saving, as my FPS goes back up to like 150 when i hit continue, then drops to 10 again when static. Its screwing my display. Annoying. Can I make it run 100% all the time?
  4. I was very critical of this match engine on release, but it is much much better now. Not perfect, but I do consider it more than playable finally. Sidenetting shots massively reduced, better 1 on 1s. Only remaining big thing is the through balls over the top, fell a bit helpless in stopping them tactically. Hopefully this is being looked at.
  5. Crap match engine. Side net shots 3 times a game, no one on ones scored, and players missing 70% of penalties they take. Its a boring, dull, crap engine that's worse than FM12. I've given SI $240 in the last four years and the biggest change is a new menu for injuries and a graph of a dev center. The games at a complete standstill and needs a desperate re-write.
  6. Yeah DOF is different. My board chairman just made offers I couldn't cancel and negotiated the deals all by themselves.
  7. Just had this, managing AC Milan. Finally got the club operating in the black, won the league. Some consortium takes over, and first thing they do is throw 100 million euro at Real for Varane, and 63 mil at Chelsea for Kovacic. Im like, ok, i mean i'll take it it hasnt come out of my 20 mil transfer budget so cool. Next week, they throw a 166 million bank loan onto the club to pay back 600k a month for the next 25 YEARS. Nice. Cheers for that. Buy 2 players I dont want or need and make us pay for it and not a thing I can do about it. Im not complaining about this feature btw, I like this can happen. but ffs, use your own money chairman. Glazer esq
  8. Strange burnley, but if you are only running 2D you could try lowering graphic settings since they don't affect it much. Also last year I had stutter with Gsync enabled (go figure) but not this year. So could be anything!
  9. Are there rules against posting screenshot examples of obvious bugs? People might like to see they aren't alone. Considering SI have no doubt been aware of this issue for weeks and done nothing about it the more awareness the better.
  10. Hard to remember exactly. 60 min around about for Maldini and Chiesa was in the 70's i think. They were 2 of the key highlights, there wasnt many. Shouldnt be that hard to find if you open the pkm?
  11. Thanks for the swift deletion without notice. Point me to this thread that is no doubt a thousand pages long full of pkms of the obvious, i'll add mine to the list.
  12. I want to scream at my wingers. STOP SHOOTING FROM 5 DEGREE ANGLES. Its utter madness.
  13. Since the attribute bug still exists, which is entirely unacceptable, i'll stick with my beta save. Pathetic SI, seriously. https://community.sigames.com/topic/501921-specific-unset-attributes-are-set-to-1/
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