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  1. Sounds perfect for a prem team. I got the 17 player limit and work permit system. Pretty standard.
  2. Dominating with United using a gegenpress tactic. Lost 1 game out of 50 and that was playing kids in a cup. Most games I win 3/4 nil. 32 games into the league season and scored 91 goals and conceded 10.
  3. IS this the league you are playing in? Changing spain to play in Full Detail would likely increase realism as player stats matter more and team rep less.
  4. Uhoh. Your friends are gonna see when you save scum rage quit now.
  5. Real travesty is that it's possible to have great Regen faces. Look at out of the park baseball, why SI persist with this rubbish tech is beyond me.
  6. I have a Macbook Pro and my save works fine from my PC to it and vice versa, I just copy it over manually via USB. Works a charm.
  7. Nah was there before as it's always how I play. Unless it was a skin I used that made that adjustment but i'm pretty sure.
  8. I think that may be placebo on your end. I can't see any reason why It would run any different, the only online features are obviously the online game-modes, cloud saves and the leader-boards. I doubt FM is doing any 'phoning home' so to speak with DRM as you play. I've never noticed a difference when steam is online or offline as I use local saves only as my upload speed is shocking.
  9. It's highly unlikely. Given I have 16GB and the most I've ever seen a game use is about 7. Your PC will 'use' everything that is given to it, but whether it makes a measurable performance difference is the question, in intensive games you might see a 1-5FPS difference but since FM isn't measured in frametimes but instead by loading times, I think it will be immeasurable. I'd recommend sticking to 8GB if your only deciding factor is FM, wait til release, measure RAM usage and wait and see. None of us plebs actually know how FM will utilize the extra RAM yet. I'll tell you when the Beta is out!
  10. 18 Exabytes to be precise, however you won't find many consumer level Motherboards that accept more than 64Gb, at this stage i think only the Intel X99 chipset will take 128GB. But I'm not entirely up to date on my research. Given the game was previously 32bit, and i'm unsure if FM16 was large address aware, it previously could only use 2GB. So anyone with 3GB or more should theoretically see an improvement in performance if they run 64bit OS.
  11. Looks very similar to the FMC skin for FM15, so I'm sure something like it will be made once the game is out.
  12. Rangers went up ASAP in my save, winning the League 1 2014, then Championship 2015 and 3rd in Premier Division 2016. St Mirren won the SPL in 2015 and runners up in 2016. Kek.
  13. So, I tried to congratulate a player for scoring his first international goal. Jesus do I regret that. He comes back with "why, i didn't score for you" and dropped morale to yellow. Way to be a brat, he's rotting in the reserves as punishment. Why does every player in this game act like Mario Balotelli?
  14. This, all of this. Not to mention taking Swindon Town to the Champions League final and dare say winning it, to be greeted by "The board would like to congratulate you on this achievement, but ensure celebrations are kept to a minimum" Right.
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