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  1. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Our only midseason additon was another forward as injuries continued to mount among them. Ryan Pennery was brought on loan from Barnet and I wasn't expecting any great shakes- just another forward as I had to resort to playing a single forward setup in a couple of matches. We played well for a good stretch to start the second half and then our defense completely collapsed from the beginning of March on as we yielded 25 goals in 10 matches and managed only 1 win and 1 draw against 8 losses to close out the season. Fortunately, we had accumulated enough points to pretty much ensure our survival against relegation and wound up in 16th place. Part of the problem was injuries to Deren Ibraham, but it was more due to extremely poor play from our centerbacks- especially Emmanual Omrore, who had been a rock for us up until this stretch. Our offense continued to suffer as we finally got Jubril Adedji and Deccarey Sherriff back from injury, but lost Owen McCann- who really was our best player overall for the season- and then Zhenyu He to lengthy injuries. Our midfield play was very spotty and was also poor to finish out the season as we could pass the ball effectively. All in all I am happy we stayed up, but our poor finish showed we have some major adjustments to make during the summer. We do have a very young squad, so I am hopeful some of our issues were related to them needing to grow.
  2. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Needham Market reached midseason plugging along in the mid-table. At this point, I am pretty happy with how things have gone in our first season in VNL as we have stoutly defended our way to our current standing. The scoring has been lacking, partly because Decarrey Sherriff- one of our top 4 forwards- broke his ankle in his first match and hasn't made his way back into training yet. Deren Ibrahim has been a very steady keeper for us, something we badly needed, but he is also gone a bit with Gibraltar National duties and Idem has been Ok filling in. Our backline play has improved since last season, but our midfield play has been a bit uninspired - certainly contributing to the lack of scoring from our forwards. I am hopeful we can start scoring a bit more to help us maintain our placement, as I have no illusions about challenging for a Playoff spot at this point.
  3. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    *laughs* because of no scouting budget- my summer signings were made on a wing and a prayer (actually I based most of them on pace, with a couple on recognizing a couple key skills suited my style of play). Seriously, I understand the point of the discussion, but is it worth the hassle? I would be willing to post mine (well future ones...) but it does come back to the point you are cheating yourself if you are doing so. I won't be the first one to the summit in the challenge- I play way too slow these days- so it is more a matter of enjoying and celebrating the steps on the way for me.
  4. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Our promotion run was amazing, but now we have to try and stay up in VNL with no transfer budget and only a modest increase of 2000/week to our wage budget. It will be a challenge, especially given our minimal scouting that we can afford. We scoured the free transfer list during the summer and managed to add: Deren Ibrahim GK- 28 year old Gibraltan keeper with 6 caps- with his addition we finally have the solid veteran keeper that we have needed. Owen McCann- 16 year old English forward- very promising youngster and will see a lot of time up front Jaydn Mundle-Smith- 19 year old English leftback- I was unhappy with Cristian Navarro's performance at the end of last season and Mundle-Smith will probably edge him out Foday Nabay- 20 year old Sierra Leone International with 7 caps- a very good midfield addition and should play a lot Dilan Markanday- 17 year old rightwinger that may well start over Max Booth Jubril Adedeji- 19 year old Nigerian SC that should play a lot for us in leading the line Sam Golan- 20 year old American DC that should play a lot in rotation with Sam Nunn or Emmanuel Omrore Emmanuel Idem- 20 year old GK who has a better level of talent than nominal backup Arthur Janata. Jermome Opuku- 21 year old DC with good pace and decent, not great skills. Steven Cahill- 20 year old MC who I expect to start in the playmaking role- he isn't great, but just a good overall midfielder. Jack Clarke- 20 year old MC released by Aston Villa who I have hopes for. Leon James- 18 year old MC released by Leicester that might develop into an impact playmaker. In addition, we landed Zhenyu He on another season-long loan from Notts County to give us more depth up front and 19 year old MC Sam Skeffington from Millwall. Skeffington is a large midfielder with a physical presence, but not much technique or skill yet and I see him coming in when we need defense in the midfield. With the additions, we are spending 7229/week against our 6940/week wage budget. I felt we had to go over our budget to sign the depth players. Currently we have several orginal players that are being overpaid and will not receive contract renewals next season, so that will help the budget a lot next year- in the meantime the Board isn't protesting too much our slight overrage. We did lose Harry Donovan, who had playing time concerns left over from last season and refused to sign a new contract with us.
  5. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    That's why I was happy enough to get Needham Market on my first load- I would have liked the lowest rated, but they were obscure enough for me to be happy with.
  6. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    From January 1 through early March, Needham Market only lost two matches and that run propelled us into 3rd place in VNS. We even had thoughts about the top spot as we got within five points of leader Bognor Regis, but then the wheels came off as we lost five of six matches and only scored one goal in the six matches. It was a frustrating stretch as we couldn't make passes and had virtually no offense. We finally managed to win a couple matches at the end to finally ensure a playoff spot as we dropped from 3rd place into 5th place. It was disappointing that we had to play an extra playoff match due to our faltering down the stretch. The playoffs was amazing. I have been playing the FM series for over 20 years and never had a playoff run like this one. Our first match was hosting Gloucester and we gave up an early goal and equalized, only to give up another goal. We equalized again in the second half, but couldn't get the match winner in requlation as we bounced a shot off the outside of the post and a header off the crossbar. In extra-time, Max Ryan, a late season free signing to try and boost our strikers, finished off a pretty passing play to give our first lead. We then closed out the win with Harry Donovan firing one home off a free kick set piece. Next on the road against Weston-Super-Mare, we took an early lead when Max Booth drilled home a 25 yard free kick. Minutes later we got a penalty, but with Sam Nunn being rested due to a slight injury in the Gloucester match, Jack Simmons missed the penalty as Lee Purnell made the save. That miss proved very costly when Weston-Super-Mare equalized with only moments left in second half injury time- and we were on to extra-time again. In extra-time it was Zhenyu He who scored the match-winner when a throw-in deflected to him and he potted his shot to send us on to the VNS Playoff Final against Wealdstone, who upset heavily favored Billericay. The Final opponent- Wealdstone- meant we were without Jermaine Osei (on loan from them)- so Decarrey Sherriff would have to start at Striker. We fell behind when Danny Mills scored against us early on. We fought back again as Jack Simmons headed home a Sam Nunn corner. We gained the lead as Sherriff ghosted in at the back post to fire home a Max Booth cross. Wealdstone took advantage as we botched a free kick and evened the match, and we were on to our third consecutive extra-time playoff match. Things looked good for us when Joe Oastler earned a red card early in the extra-time and then we took the lead as Wealdstone keeper Jonathan North mishandled a sharp shot from Max Booth for an own-goal. It was hugely disappointing as we allowed a counter-attack by the 10-man squad to even the match with only a few minutes remaining in extra-time. We took the ensuing kick-off and passed down the pitch before Max Ryan laid the ball off for Callum Harrison to drive home for the match-winner that earned us promotion. Our leaders for the season: Goals: Jermaine Osei -14 Charlie Cole- 11 Sam Nunn- 8 Decarrey Sherriff- 8 Zhenyu He- 7 Max Booth- 5 Prince M'vumbi- 5 Cameron Wiltshire - 5 Max Ryan -4 Assists: Max Booth- 9 Cameron Wiltshire- 8 Harry Donovan- 6 Jermaine Osei- 5 Ave Rating: Harry Donovan- 7.34 Cameron Wiltshire- 7.26 Max Booth- 7.15 Charlie Cole- 7.13 Jermaine Osei- 7.05
  7. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Midseason in VNS with Needham Market and we are hanging in there surprisingly well. We seem to have a good mix of determination as we have come back and won several matches in the late moments. Overall, we have managed enough offense - with loanee Jermaine Osei and surprising Charlie Cole leading the way. Midfield has been solid enough with Cameron Wiltshire, Callum Harrison and loanee Coden Duncan providing enough support for offense. Wingers Jack Simmons (very injury prone), Prince M'vumbi and Max Booth have been somewhat dynamic, but our crossing really isn't the strength of the side. Our backline of Kieron Morphew, Cristian Navarro, Sam Nunn and Emmanuel Omrore has been pretty steady- Nunn has distinguished himself as our penalty taker. Keeping isn't great- but Danny Gay and Arthur Janata haven't been brutally bad to this point. Our only midseason reinforcements are midfielder Harry Donavan and forward Decarrey Sherriff, which pushed our wage budget just over the limit. Sherriff is who I have high hopes for as he has great pace and should give us a boost off the bench (as his stamina isn't much). We will keep trying to hang around in the top half of VNS and see if playoffs can be a possibility- I don't see any way for us to win the conference (we were 1000-1 shots in the run-up).
  8. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Joining the challenge officially (after playing unofficially last version): I was looking for unusual and a club I had never tried and got Needham Market on the first holiday attempt- quite pleased to make a try with them actually. Current players on the Needham Market roster that I will use in my preferred 442: Gk- Danny Gay DC- Sam Nunn DR- Kieron Morphew ML- Jack Simmons MR- Max Booth DM/MC- Callum Harrison MRL,SC- Jamie Griffiths To bolster the squad the following additions: DC- Emmanuel Omrore (he will pair with Nunn as main defensive stalwarts) DL- Christian Navarro MC- Cameron Wiltshire (my midfield general) SC- Charlie Cole MLR- Prince M'vumbi DRC- Tarriq Ossai GK- Arthur Janata Loanees for the season: Jermaine Osei (Wealdstone)- 23 year old SC Zhenyu He (Notts County)- 17 year old Chinese SC Coden Duncan (Notts County) - 17 year old MC We played a heavy slate of friendlies to get ready for the season. I will post again once we hit mid-season.
  9. Thanks for the article Cleon I have been playing pretty much a 442 for the entire time with FM17, so many of your points are pertinent and agree with my experiences with the formation. My experience also jibes with Rashidi's comments as I dress the formation up differently depending on the opposition. My compliments on all the good work you have offered in here and on your website- it has always helped me personally as I discover fine points that I hadn't noticed in my play (and this is coming from someone who started back with CM2 and has plenty of experience with every version of the game. Take care and all the best.
  10. Pre Season Start Date

    I agree with Cleon (like I wouldn't )- the time frame matters less than the friendlies. I usually stick with four weeks and play friendlies on a weekend-midweek-weekend rotation. In my East Stirling save, I would always schedule away friendlies with Celtic and Rangers- the cash from just those two friendlies was enough to pay for my club's salaries for most of the season (up until I reached League 1). I do play the half-half game rotation to ensure less stress on the players and to try and have my full 1st-2nd side season ready at the beginning.
  11. I think you are missing an opportunity if you ignore training at those levels. One example from my current save, using FM2013- but have also had success in FM2012, is when I managed to sign a player with good long throw and trained him to make bullet throws. The two key goals in my promotion run to get East Stirling up to BSP came off his throws and the goals they generated. I can understand your thought process in not doing training- but feel you are still leaving opportunities to improve you side on the table.
  12. Archie Love helped me get East Stirling to the Scottish premier league as an advanced playmaker, but he didn't play well at the level and I was forced to find a better option.
  13. I'll be honest, if you are Burnley boosted to EPL, I would be offering the backline more midfield support than you seem to be. Just my opinion, but the level of clubs you are facing would cause me to back off a bit on aggressive offensive approach.
  14. I started with Harrow Hill (edited into BSN). After promotion in the first season, I have seen two job offers early in the next season (both would have been parallel to job- so turned down).
  15. Lowestoft Trawlerboys: Fishing for Success

    26.12.17 Last Minute Falter at Scunthorpe Scunthorpe (2) Lowestoft (1) Scunthorpe- Abdoulaye Cisse 18 Roger Kennedy 90+3 Lowestoft- Joe Reading 16 MOM- Roger Kennedy, Scunthorpe Lowestoft trudged off the Glanford Park pitch a dejected bunch after allowing Scunthorpe to score the match winner in the dying moments of the match. The match had started off well for Lowestoft as Joe Reading capped a good passing sequence by taking a pass from Ibrahim Farah and whisking it past Anibal Andrade. Scunthorpe hit back immediately as Lowestoft failed to clear a corner and in the confused jumble, Abdoulaye Cisse rapped home the loose ball. Lowestoft generated quality chances and Manager Raven Treader was livid when Adnan Janzaj's goal was waved off when he was ruled offside- he clearly wasn't on the play. Lowestoft also hit the crossbar and left upright on chances and would regret those misses as they botched another corner in second half injury time and Roger Kennedy hammered the loose ball past Ranieri for the dramatic match winner.