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  1. Needham Market- Season 10 (2030-31) 4th Season Premier Our only mid-season add was a loan of 18 year old Borussia Dortmund Midfielder Michael Heinz. Eugene Rooney is a brilliant winger and has been playing so again this season- when he isn't hurt. He is hurt again and missing extended time, so we needed a depth Leftwinger that we didn't have to register for League play and Heinz was the best we could find. He isn't bad, just not up to the level of loanee Emmanuel Arthur, who will get the brunt of the time. We did finally call up our 18 year old Portugese SC prodigy Balarmino, as he
  2. Needham Market- Season 10 (2030-31) 4th Season Premier Thanks to to the influx of talented youngsters, we are much better depthwise and it is paying off in League play.
  3. @tremor I have had this happen once in my save. I was fortunate that one of the three matches got cancelled due to waterlogged pitch.
  4. Needham Market- Season 10 (2030-31) 4th Season Premier With all the injuries we had last season, I decided heads will roll. Our entire set of Fitness coaches got the sack, as well as our Head Physio. The training program we used all last season didn't differ from the one before, so whether it was luck or not- I needed a new crew of staff. I am losing Xavier Mbuyamba, who was signed on free last summer after I accepted a 22 Million bid from RB Salzburg just after the mid-winter transfer window. Mbuyamba hadn't established himself at that point and was unhappy, but he got a lot happie
  5. Needham Market- Season 9 (2029-30) 3rd Season Premier We celebrated a strong run-up to the final three matches of the season and then fell flat with two draws and a final match loss to Leicester that dropped us from 2nd in EPL to a final position of 3rd behind champion Chelsea and Arsenal. Our trip to the Champions Cup Final against Barcelona was memorable. We finished a strong 2nd to Paris SG in a group that also featured Valencia and weak sister Feyenoord. Our first knockout was Inter and we defeated them 3-2 at Needham Market Stadium. It looked like they were going to b
  6. Needham Market- Season 9 (2029-30) 3rd Season Premier Summer signings I was most pleased to land the player I have wanted for several seasons as we leapt at the opportunity to add 26 year old SC Tyrese Omotoye when Crystal Palace transfer listed him. He cost 10.75 Million, but I count him a bargain as I know that he will work well in our attacking system (one of my favorite players from FM 20). He has been bounced around to three clubs after Norwich and only at West Brom in Championship did they even give him much of an opportunity. Their loss is our gain. Our big gamble is a p
  7. Needham Market - Season 8 2028-29 2nd Season Premier We won our final match of the season against Bournemouth to earn a top 4 spot and a place in Champions League. End of the season 8 (2028-29) Highlights Goals: Kurt Brooks- 23 Neil Shankland- 17 Declan Thompson- 8 Tony Rostock- 7 Ross Murray- 7 Matt Hanley-5 (after joing club, 12 total) Eugene Mooney- 5 Assists: Emmanuel Arthur- 10 Alberto Hernandez- 10 Eugene Mooney- 8 Kurt Brooks- 8 Neil Shankland- 6 Matias Colombini- 5 MOM: Kurt Brooks- 8 Neil Shankland- 7 Donald Stewart- 2
  8. Needham Market - Season 8 2028-29 2nd Season Premier Midseason Transfer Session The Board increased our transfer fund to 38 Million as we are doing so well on the financial side of the club. We re-upped our loan with Barca for another season-long loan of 20 year old Juan Antonio Guttierez. Gutierrez, who has dual Spanish/English citizenship, has been making appearances for English Under-21 side on the National stage. He will continue as a squad player for us, mostly filling in at rightback for 1st choice Ross Mackenzie. Also, we loaned Emmanuel Arthur from Arsenal for anot
  9. Needham Market - Season 8 2028-29 2nd Season Premier We can play with the big boys now.
  10. Needham Market - Season 8 2028-29 2nd Season Premier New additions for the campaign Midseason Transfer deadline player I forgot to mention before is 21 year old Scot MC Kenny McCrorie that we added for 2.1 million from Dundee and offered us very solid play in covering for injured Jason Knight. Another player I completely forgot to mention was that we had gotten Wayne Dennis back for 84K from Norwich before last season (after selling him for 4 Million). He stayed on our Under-23s most of the season as we were overloaded at forward, but I brought him up for the last three matches and h
  11. Needham Market- Season 7 2027-28 1st season Premier Well, it was a close race, but we couldn't beat lowly Wolves on the final day of the season and were left on the outside looking in for Europe, as we wound up 8th and one point out at the end. Easy to reflect on a couple of the one goal losses we suffered down the home stretch, but we just didn't play a good defensive match against Wolves and it killed us.
  12. Needham Market- Season 7 2027-28 1st season Premier We reached midway through the season in fairly good form and had fought our way to the top half of the table. Our results were checkered by our poor performances against the top clubs. In what might be our seminal match of the season, we took on surging Man City on the road and fought back for a late 1-1 draw thanks to a stellar effort from keeper Donald Stewart and the late equalizer by Kurt Brooks.
  13. Needham Market- Season 7 2027-28 1st season Premier New additions: Because of our reputation (National, but low compared to most Championship sides), we continued to raid Scottish football (also because we have extensively scouted most of the top Scottish clubs). Lewis Miller (1.3 Million from Dundee United) 22 year old versatile Scottish SC,MC that I planned on making my DLP, but adjusted when new circumstances arrived. Slick, unpredictable player, but his poor tackling was likely to be a hinderence in a central midfield role. Donald Stewart (1.6 Million from Aberdeen) 21
  14. Needham Market, Season 6- 2nd season Championship- With two matches remaining, we got our biggest goal of the season when Kurt Brooks scored a late, late injury-time goal to give us a 2-1 win over Reading. It doesn't show on the graphic below, but Villa drew 1-1 in their televised match with West Brom and we were now in control of our own destiny in the 2nd automatic promotion spot. That destiny was decided pretty quickly as we thumped Coventry 3-0 in our penultimate match and Villa lost 3-2 at home to lowly Peterborough and we clinched promotion to Premier play for next season.
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