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  1. Kingjericho- Sorry for the harsh treatment, please do try somewhere else.
  2. Hornchurch Urchins- End of 2022-23 After running with the top of the pack in VN most of the season, we stumbled in the final two months and barely made the Playoffs - finishing 7th. It was a nail-biting final day of competition as we lost our match 1-0 to Harrogate and had to cross our fingers and toes to hang on to the final Playoff spot. We played poorly in our final two matches and I was worried facing Barnet in the 1st round of the playoffs - as we had difficulty with them and were playing on the road. We eked out a 1-0 win as our backline and keeper played superbly in supporting a 40
  3. Total agreement with Welshace on scouting. Every season around January I scout all the Premier sides players that are on 1,000 or less a week wages and that are expiring in June. A lot of them get new contracts, but the ones that don't and are willing to come to my small sides are generally much better than what I have.
  4. 2nd season of career save started in the Beta (first season holidayed due to this being Dafuge 20 Challenge). Won VNS with Hornchurch, but didn't receive any prize money (which is unusual given we were awarded prize money for finishing 12th the first season). Save uploaded as: HornchurchNoPrizeMoneyWinningVNS2022.fm
  5. Hornchurch- 2nd Season 2021-22 We started the season with six consecutive draws, which didn't seem to bode well, but we found our more winning ways after that. Going into the final four matches of the season it was a 3-way race between Dover, our bitter rival Billericay and us. https://imgur.com/ozz7JIt With two matches remaining, we got a huge boost when 17th place Concord defeated Dover to allow us to move into 1st place. https://imgur.com/CcuX3gh We promptly defeated the still celebrating Concord in our penultimate match to remain atop the table. https://imgur.
  6. Season 1 - Hornchurch Finished 12th in VNS. Late season scoring draught dropped us from playoff contention, but overall we survived with a sub-par squad. With no money (even with a takeover at the end of the season), we will need to struggle on next season as our entire payroll is at 5k a week, so our ability to draw players is pretty limited. We did manage to get a late season hook-up with Bradford City and are hoping to get at least a couple of fruitful loans to help support our 2nd season. Sorry, no pics- don't have time to sort out the image posting at present.
  7. Metallimuse- Your point on tactics is good, but to frame it from my situation- I basically didn't have any players (well all of them were non-contract and I lost the only ones that were any good on free signings early in the season), so that is building a club from scratch with no scouting information (since I play blind without attributes revealed until scouted). Due to that fact, the first season is all about what you can identify quickly and get on board to get familiar with your tactics. In doing that, simpler is better for the first season. Now that I am one season in and have at least so
  8. Since I always start there, Here are a few of the things I do: Simple formation is good- I typically play a 442 counterattack because I am starting with a challenging side (vs. a more established side) in VN-South or North (when in England). Staff is one of the first things I square away, as good a staff as I can manage to attract. Players- I evaluate the squad and try to keep the ones I think will fit my approach. This isn't always possible- ex. I am playing Hornchurch in Dafuge 20 Challenge and all the players (12 total) were on non-contracts. The one I would like to keep the
  9. I am starting out with Hornchurch, should be a good challenge.
  10. I haven't been around for the last three weeks with RL stuff, but thank you for the nomination for Short Story- just to be nominated was an honor. Hall of Fame- wooh. Never expected that at all, so again an honor to receive votes and the consideration for that completely floored me. All the best to the Winners! Mike/Faramir
  11. In my 25 years of playing the CM/FM series, I have managed exactly 1 big club (Manchester United as part of the Sir Alex Ferguson challenge years ago). Otherwise, I am always playing up small sides - just my way to enjoy the series.
  12. Because this is how I have played CM/FM since starting- playing lower sides up- I agree totally with FMunderachiever on Determination being a key characteristic for your players.
  13. (Ed. - I still love to write, but rarely have much time at present, so please enjoy a short effort summing up the rise of East Stirling - MD) The Burning Homefires (Please forgive my brief homage to a treasured place) The celebration swirled around him as Robert Ballyntire vacantly stared at the stream of Rangers faithful leaving Ibrox with the brisk tread of swiftly exiting from the joyful knot of boisterous East Stirling travelling fans. At Pittodrie, Celtic faltered and Aberdeen rallied from two goals down for a 2-2 draw behind ex-Shire striker Sc
  14. I agree with Experienced Defender's comments on Decisions and Composure- but for me for Central Defenders, I will not go without decent levels of Concentration, because I have found that to be a critical component of how they play positionally in my system.
  15. Most of the time that worked Rashidi, but I think there must be some kind of timer (date wise) that eventually triggered- at least that is how it seemed then.
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