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  1. Just wondering... How many of you are setting up training schedules for your youth teams? I can certainly see the benefits - create some kind og Club-DNA schedule. Players should be able to fit into my 1st team tactic once they’re old and good enough. I’m just worried it’ll be too much work!?
  2. If I had to choose only one it would be Marcelo Bielsa when he managed Chile during the 2010 World Cup. It was probably some of the most entertaining and interesting football I've ever watched. A close second would be Diego Simeone and his Athletico Madrid squad. Particually when playing a big side away - the games where they stand REALLY compact and invite pressure. I know most casual football fans don't like his negative and physical style in these games, but I think it's BEAUTIFUL! Edit: Why aren't we able to choose our "idol" when creating our profile on FM? It could make for some good story lines...
  3. @michaeltmurrayuk The last update from SI included some changes to the Dark Skin. Will you update your dark base skin sometime? I believe it's the "old" one you have for download
  4. Well, I was so happy when I saw we can place 2 players outside the box on attacking and defending corners... turns out the 2 players will just stand on top of eachother instead of spreading out. So my advice would be NOT to place 2 or more players outside the box on corners.
  5. I'm sure there'll be plenty of cool skins to choose from once the game has been out for awhile. Check the skinning hideout or some other sites in a few weeks!
  6. I can't wait to develop my own catenaccio. Guess I'll start of with the default preset and work my way from there. I will look to get me some 1-0 wins :) I'm very curious to see how the libero works with a flat back 5. I hope they took a look at how the remaining CBs behave when the libero and FBs push higher up in attack. I don't want them to spread too wide like they've done in previous years. Way to easy for the opposition to play a ball to a central unmarked striker.
  7. I´ve tried and gave up... I ended up using a lot of Bielsa philosophies in my tavic, but I simply could´t get the 3313 to play like I wanted.
  8. Eventhough it's a couple of years old I recommend reading this. Some of the things like shape changed a bit since this was written: I have the PDF printed and still use it from time to time when creating new tactics.
  9. I actually haven't played any matches yet. I started my save as unemployed with highest possible reputation and see where I ended up. I'm now at the start of November and have landed a job at Lyon. I will use 3 different formations depending what my opponent does. My philosophy is build on 3 different factors. 1) Always only play 1 central striker. 2) To match-up wide. If the opponent use 2 wide players, so do I. If the opponent use 4 wide players, so do I. 3) Always have a spare central defender compared to my opponent's attackers. So if I go up against a 1 striker team I use 2 central defenders. If I go up against 2 strikers I use 3 at the back. So I use a 4-2-3-1 Wide (if opponets plays same formation I use atleast 1 inverted WB to give an extra central player going forward). I use a 5-2-2-1 (WBs and AML/R) to play against the 4-4-2. I use a 5-3-1-1 (WBs) against teams that plays 2 strikers but only 2 wide players. Sorry for not having screenshots but I'm at work. Just closed the doors to my office so I can plan my tactics without being bothered by my emplyees. ... and yes! I do love Marcelo Bielsa
  10. While I know the IWB is open for interpretation, I just absolutely love that I can actually get this kinda movement from him! FINALLY I need to go channel my inner Bielsa
  11. I'm having a blast using the IWB now. Love the flexability I can get from my formation now. GREAT JOB!! It would be absolutely awesome if we could get it with either less PI ticked or in a defensive version. I would be in heaven if I could get him to move inside to screen when we're in possesion so I could let my other CMs move forward more. But now I'm just pushing it, I know
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