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  1. If I am ussing narrow formation (4-3-1-2) is it useful to play wider to create space in the middle??? I am playing vertical tiki-taka now. Because when I used narrower TI with narrow setup I´ve got problem to break teams down and create CCC.
  2. After a few games and trying I change tactics to something like this. Fullbacks instead of wingback because I invite pressure on me to open space upfront so more passing options deep is needed. Fullback on left has PI " Get further forward" so this makes him useful in opposition half, CML is Carrilero to be something between "BtB" midfielder and cover midfielder when fullback is advanced. On the right is mezzala to be further forward so my FB is less attacking. Question is front three. From my AM I want to be my third attacker - runner from deeper position but also be creative (Similary to Firmino IRL). Front two I want from them to be runner (for me PF on support is exactly this) and another one who can run, create space and most important scores a lot of goals - I don´t like Advanced forward because he is too high. I was trying also F9 because of his movement but is wasn´t great. Has someone any ideas to create goalscoring monster and second striker from my front two with remain to possesion based style???
  3. Quick question. Is it possible to use False 9 in attacking trio to create space for Complete forward on support to exploit it, and a Attacking midfielder on attack/support as a runner?? Idea is create fluid attacking trio who Can interchange position and all of them could be provider/scorer.
  4. Firstly thanks for your opinion and ideas. I try watching full games and analyse/twerk what´s went wrong and what could be done better. After this my tactics looks - Lots of support duties and fluid team - so players are closer together . Sometimes I change LCB to BPD when needed. Fullback on the left is on attack to run from deep to attract some interest from opposition and create space for LCM (take fewer risk, tackle harder and hold position PI - wanted him as a controller in the middle and cover for my left side). Fullback has got PI "take fewer risk" because when he is on attack he attemp a lot of dribbles and lost a lot of balls. DLFs upfront on the left is role that I am not really sure about is - I wanted someone to act as a second striker. On the right side is Full back on support with PI "Get further forward" and RCM is Btb - these two could combine together and with F9 upfront they could interchagne positions between them and still be solid in defence. In middle is DLP on defence - I want here player which will act as a "metronome" - get passes from CBs to bait opponent to come high to the pitch and try to press our build up. This is the role I am thinking about to change it to CM on defense to have central pivot - DLP still moves to the sides. AM on support has PI of "Close down more", "Tackle harder", "Move in to the channels" "Dribble more". This PI are because I want him to be in halfspaces and force opposition to press him - possible of creating holes. I changed Wingbacks to Fullback because WB goes up too early when I am trying to force opposition to high press I don´t have wide players - so opposition has easier job to press us. Fullbacks goes up later and are useful to create overload in ou buildup. As a TI I use "Much shorter passing" (sometimes change to "short" when opposition is pressing us high, to hit them on a counter), "Higher tempo" to pass faster, "Work ball into box" to keep ball and don´t rush decision in opponent half, "Focus play through the middle" because I´ve got overload middle and want movement exactly from there, "Wide width" because my formation is narrow by itself and want to create some space in the middle for my players. Counterpress is using because when I lost ball, I´ve got a lot of players around and opposition needs to act quickly to pass it to the wings where is harder to reach ball for me - this will be my next step, to create pressing paterns to force opponents play through the middle, where I´ve got numerical advantage. I don´t play on counter´s because my game is so often rushed and my aim is to attack in speed with short passes - something like a Napoli in real life under Napoli. Using Higher defensive line with more urgent pressing is to help press opposition and force them to mistakes. Ofside trap is there to help our defensive play so when opponent try to play long ball on 90% it is offside or my Sweeper keeper takes a free ball - yes sometimes it is clear goalscoring opportuninty but there is small risk/high reward situation for me.
  5. I try even "take fewer risks" but it didn´t help. AM (s) is there because I want to have someone who will connect midfield and attack and the game won´t be rushed through him like AP does. Try SS but this created hole because he attack too early, and don´t like Treq because I´ve got my front three with press more and tackle harder. Yes there is a problem with understanding this things. For me the "risky pas" is try to pass through the lines - BPD has that and is doing exactly this. The chance about pass being intercepted is high- so that is why it is risky.
  6. I called it "my version" because it isn´t try to replicated someone tactics (aka Sarriball). I want to play this formation and when I watchin styles I found that vertical tiki-taka is most interesting to me now. So I try to buy some players which could be good for this style (in my judgment), and I am also in love for bargain buys :-). I try to low LOE because I want to by compact in the middle so teams so often try long against me and Raya is pretty good in sweeping this balls (not everyone but a lot is succesfull). Regroup because when I counterpress with players season before I was too open everywhere - so try regroup and my front three has got more urgent pressing and tackle harder. But you´re right this could be one of the aspect which I could do better to help my tactics.
  7. Hello everyone. I am trying to implement my version of Vertical tiki-taka in 4-3-1-2 formation with Bolton Wanderers. Here is my tactics I don´t like my overall gameplay : 1- my game is too rushed (so often my CBs play long passes instead of playing short) 2- instead of playing short my players play long and lost a ball - maybe need more runners??? 3 - attacking trio is nowhere near good - maybe need better support for them?? (pass in to the space I think isn´t great for possesion game because players will go long instead short fast passing) 4 - how to setup fast, short vertical passes???? I found Rashidi´s old video about passing where I found that "shorter + faster tempo+ lower mentality is low risk vertical passing. 5- Roles combination. Is there someone who can help me???
  8. Could be Salah role Winger on attack???? Salah like to stretch defence, CM near to him underlap Salah (attack the channel) and then Salah drift inside. Is it possible to recreate this setup in FM???
  9. Thank you both for your opinions. I was going to use Rashidi´s opinions and change system to this My LB has PI to hit early crosses and RB to sit narrower. Front three have got PI to press more (left IF has got Get further forward too) - This is because I want to press defenders with my front three to force them kick the ball long, where my midfielders/defenders can win the ball back. I don´t create so many chances (about 2 half chances per game) and our games is about 1-2 goals. I am going to try analyse my faults or if it is because of wrong players for this system. BTW @Rashidi is somwhere your Phoenix system in video/text analyse? When I am looking on Youtube you often has got something like 4-3-1-2 - most similar was Red Pharaoh system with LFC for FM18. Thanks both for your help with tactics to completly lost gamer.
  10. After watching episodes about MIC (about 10 times) I am not sure if I am doing the overloading left side correctly, and I don´t know if the DLFa role is ideal to my tactics ( I am totally lost in players roles after reading so much articles) The idea for my game is overload the left side of the pitch with WBs, MEZs and IFs and with DLF on attack duty to create space for my right sided IFa to by main goalscorer. The question is - Is better to use Forward role with MIC instruction + is the BTB midfielder enough support from deep to my IFa? (I was trying to have CMa but it looks like they go to each other way). Can someone help me with explanation of tactics or tactical tweaks????
  11. I will try to get you my interpretation of Klopp´s Liverpool. Formation: 4-1-4-1DM Mentality: Standard (you can try positive, but some roles will need change a little bit) TI: Play out of defense, Play narrower, Lower tempo, Higher defensive line, Higher LOE, Offside trap, COUNTERPRESS, COUNTERATTACKS SKs - WBs, CDd, CDd, WBa - Dmd - CMa, APs - IFa, IFs - F9 (DLFs) SKs - sweep behind high line and help with creating from back (if you have GK with good passing) WBs - Create width down the right, crossing CDd - Great positioning, Jumping, Heading, Fast WBa - more offensive player to create width down the left and crossing DM- controller, deep passing option, first line of defence CMa - runner from deep to create openings in opposition defence. APs - your chief playmaker IFa - Salah. Fast, move inside, assist scoring - work as a CF wide when F9 is deeper, IFa attack through the middle (like switching position between Salah and Firmino) IFs - Mane. More creative inside forward, but can score a lot too. More forward runs PI is helpfull. Attack left channel F9 - Bobby. As a F9 can operate in golden zone during the transition and create opening for IFa in the middle to run. Sometimes can be change to DLFs (you will see in the game)
  12. You have all you need to have succesful tactics. In future you can upgrade it, thats true, but you have squad full of great players.. Just take a paper and try to draw tactics, movement ( in your ideas) and when you have idea, try to create it in game.
  13. Every player in PL can see a runs. Maybe not so far like for example De Bruyne, but if you have one CM on attack duty, they are close together to help each other. Issue could be your direct passing with positive mentality - the play is rushed and 4-1-4-1 is formation where the support from deep areas is key. If you want direct passing you need more players upfront and together - here is 4-2-3-1 better because is heavy formation and with your current TI could be great counterattacking strategy.
  14. What is lack of vision? In my opinion if you can learn him to play simple passes it can work. Especially with Lukaku - strong player who can hold ball. Striker with AM is different formation, it is Up to you which goals would you like. Maybe try 4-1-4-1 with DLF, Winger on attack (RW) - Wan Bissaka could be WBd. RCM - Pogba role and maybe Mezzala. LW inside forward support - Martial. LB could be wing back attack to provide width.
  15. I am in 5th season with HSV and Fiete Arp is great as DLFs (with two inside forwards), sometimes I switch him to F9 role which create space for my IFa to run direct to goal. If you don't want TM upfront I will try DLFs. Maybe try to learn PPM -Play simple passes to Lukaku.
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