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  1. If you want Salah to score goals like last season you must use him like a Forward, where he play mostly at the second part of season and this season too.
  2. Tyrinko

    Double pivot

    Thanks for answers
  3. Tyrinko

    Double pivot

    Sorry for my English. I am looking for double pivot, when one is holding and second runner - for example DLP and SV. But the question is: "Is it possible that DLP will be acting like SV and SV like DLP when opportuninty arrives?"
  4. Tyrinko

    Double pivot

    Sorry for my English. I am looking for double pivot, when one is holding and second runner - for example DLP and SV. But the question is: "Is it possible that DLP will be acting like SV and SV like DLP when opportuninty arrives?"
  5. Is it possible to have two DM which one is holding type and second is runner and changing their roles during the match automaticaly? For example runner will hold position and holder will became runner when the situation is good for him. Example is Jardim´s Monaco with Fabinho/Bakayoko when one was holding while second was support runner from deep.
  6. Is it possible to take team to a pre season training camp for example to china??
  7. Klopp says it, this is true. Wasn't coutinho something like playmaker during his last half season in LFC? After his transfer Mane was acting like wide playmaker from wing in some games. So IT isn't completly true that he isn't using playmakers because of counterpress.
  8. This is not true. LFC don't need proper number 10. They have creativity from Bobby and Mane, Keita can create a lot with his dribling. They need someone who can play from deep in a way that Ox play - forward runs, pressing, dribling, shooting. Creating that kind of havoc which was key to form of front three last season. Called it "number 10" is so lazy for me because I think that players is someone who is heart of the team, the most important player which is going to click the team together. In LFC this player is Firmino.
  9. Thanks its just my opinion from games, articles and scout reports. In future I see two tactics for LFC - "4-3-3" and "west ham game 4-2-3-1" so Fabinho will be playing halfback role or in double pivot, Keita will be mezzala or left inside forward, Mane will be right wing and Salah with Bobby for two central attackers. It shows why LFC bought Shaqiri and want Fekir (now rumours about Paqueta. All of them can play across front four, Keita and Fabinho can be great double pivot of amazing new gameplan.
  10. If somebody create tactics for you what is point to play game with this tactics? It's really simple. Take a paper and draw the position of players, create their's movement and then find the role that suits it. You will enjoy it more than download tactics. 😉
  11. Yes this is nice about this game. One tactics and a milion replications.
  12. 1. Klopp is never fluid. Structured/Flexible 2. Robertson isn´t WB attack - he doesn´t take too many risks. Support instead with PPM "more attacking runs" 3. Henderson isn´t playmaker - Klopp didn´t use playmaker while Couts leave. Halfback role is ideal to Henderson due to his dropping between centerbacks to create back 3. 4. Keita is defo mezzala - Klopp says he is great in halfspaces and has great understanding with Mane so they overload left side (Robertson often support them) 5. Mane is winger. Right footed as a left winger he is going to the central areas and open space in the left wing, dragging fullback often to create space to Robertson. 6. Firmino as a F9? No way. F9 in game drop deep when he is going to recieve pass, but Bobby in real life is still deeper and attack enemy from deep. So many runners creates havoc in enemy´s defence. DLFs for me. So tactics for me - GKd - WBs- CDd- CDd- WBs, CMs - Halfback -CMa (or mezzala), IFa (Salah) - DLFs - Ws (Mane) Standard/ Structured Standard because it´s not rushing play so creates better chances. Structured because this creates more space between players to play. Some TI - Higher defensive line, Offside trap, Play out of defense, Low crosses. - Sometimes usses higher tempo - never against side which is sitting too deep. Sometimes using Work ball to the box - if i think there are lot of long shots instead of passing. PI - Front 5 have all mark tighter because in this season is isn´t about geggenpressing, instead Klopp using pressing traps on opposition DM or force opponent to play long because closing the passing lanes to the defenders and midfielders. So keeper play it long and LFC defense (with DM) wins almost every header and win the ball back. If you are asking why I don´t using close down more - I believe this shout is something like "roam from position" but for defensive play - Players are leaving their´s positions which is creating gaps and open space for opposition to exploit. P.S. I am in first season with LFC and tactics is very good - best I ever seen to replicate IRL Liverpool. But at the second season is Naby Keita coming and I think that CMs is quite limiting role for him so I think abou change it to Roaming playmaker to use his dribbling to break lines.
  13. I will go for 4-3-3 GK- Wbs, CDst, CDc, FBs - Mezzala s /Matuidi role/, RPM, Car - AMa, SS, DLFs
  14. After trying almost everything to replicate Napoli 17/18 I started to study Napoli game more detailed and trying find to key aspects in match engine (mentality, shape). So for me key aspects are: Compactness, attracting opposition to attack them and leave the space behind their´s defensive line/ create space between midfield and defense, low risk passing, attack with through balls (mostly from Jorginho). You can see a lot of this in this video. So for me mentality is definitly Defensive because -
  15. I think that Hazard and Courtois will be sold to Madrid. Question is what with Kante. If he stay it will be great but it is possible that he is going to PSG.