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  1. If it's impossible to register 15 players that follow those rules, maybe they automatically include players or the game would simply crash?
  2. If there is a God of Fixtures I'm surely on it's shitlist...
  3. Yeah, I guess Steam is the most likely issue here. I almost always sync on a 1000/1000 fiber connection so speed is generally not an issue.
  4. Ahh, didn't factor that part in. I usually do it with 8+ nations. Will try one nation then!
  5. A bit of topic here (sorry!). But what kind of specs are on that PC? I have a pretty serious gaming computer (i7 8700K, 24gb DDR4, Geforce 1080TI and so on) and a season would at least take me 35-45 minutes.
  6. Thats kinda what I'm asking, if other who use the feature experience similar "issues" or if it's just me and thus a bug.
  7. Yeah, I would assume that as well. The funny thing is that I only have this issue with FM (i've had it for several versions of FM). Every other game is lightning fast when I sync it. Even with large files.
  8. Not sure you could find a good guide explaining that in particular. But basically what you will have to do is the following: 1. Start the Editor 2018 2. Click the Rules menu and then "Add nation rules" 3. Choose England and mark "Create New Competitions And Rules" 4. Choose Season Update Day and Season Start Date/End Date click Finish. 5. Now you've loaded up a "clean" English league system. 6. Add Transfer Windows, Transfer Rules, Discipline Rules, Work Permit Rules 7. Add Divisions - Click on Divisions below Work Permis Rules. Click Add. Start with the Premier Division
  9. Howdy, Not sure yet if this is a potential bug or working as well as it could. I usually play with a cloud save since I have a work laptop I use when I travel (every week) and thus I've started to get slightly frustrated with the Steam syncing process. It takes at least 10 minutes for the save to sync once I've turned the game of and it takes at least another 10 minutes to sync it on the other computer. Is this something everyone experience? First the sync is 0% 0 bytes/s for about 5-6 minutes. Then it starts to actually sync, usually around 3-5mb/sec. Despite that speed it stay
  10. Not very hard but quite time consuming.
  11. Alright, seems I wasn't wrong in thinking it wasn't right. Will use the in-game editor to take him down to favored then.
  12. Greetings! I'm currently in 2020 with my Liverpool and last season we bought Dybala. He managed to get 20 goals and 10 assists in 30 games. Pretty decent and he was my best performing attacker overall. Despite this I find it a bit weird that he instantly turned into a Legend. Is that realistic or a bug? Firmino who has been my best performing player in general since I took over Liverpool is only considered Favoured Personnel and 0 other players are on that list at all.
  13. Is this tactic expected to produce a lot of injuries? My second season with the tactic (it worked great the first season, winning alot) and we have constantly been top of the injury table. Almost all injuries are from matches. First season we averaged over 1 injury per game. Henderson for example missed 127 days with 6 different injuries all from matches. High intensity so wouldn't surprise, but it's hard to keep the starting 11 for more than 1 game in a row. Anyone else have issues?
  14. Hmm, this got me interested in starting a new save where I get the best AM possible and started following every single suggestions. Interesting to see where we end up!
  15. I know how to do this but the way I know is not simple So if someone knows a better way please feel free to correct me. In short, what you need to do is to actually "re-add" the entire Serie A and a lot of basic rules will have to be set again. Go to the Editor. Click Rules in the top menu. Add Nation Rules. Choose Italy and Create new competitions and rules Then you have a "clean" Serie A and you can add all the rules you want. You will also have to add all the divisions against. Basically what you got is a template for the Italian League System and now you need
  16. I've noticed that sponsorship deals seem to be very slow growing. I have a special version of the Swedish league system where it is played much like EPL. I've also created my own team (in the data editor) and I've won the league for 5 seasons straight now, I'm also constantly in the group stages of CL, usually getting the first knockout stages. Still my team is the lowest in the league when it comes to sponsor money. I pretty much get around 500K british pounds a year in sponsorship and it have increased from around 400K in my first season. So I think sponsorship generally is slow growing
  17. Strange. Will have to look into that then because it's not playable with my S3 at this point. Good to know! Will play around with settings! I thought it would be enough, and maybe it's an issue with settings from my part. Will look into it.
  18. Hi! As my title state, what device would you recommend playing this on for a good flow? I'm especially looking for feedback regarding Android tablets. I'm currently playing on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and it's very slow in menus and moving forward takes ages. 3D is not possible as it's very laggy. Looking to get a more powerful tablet to play this on. Nvidia Shield? Thanks!
  19. If the HoYD only allowed players with wonderkid status and potential world beater stats come in the Youth Teams would soon be pretty much empty. So maybe that NF 4 is the best of a poor bunch, the HoYD still needs to make sure the Youth Teams actually have any players at all or oterwise it's gonna be hard to develop those rare ones with really high potential. "Welcome to the Academy James Lorne, we have great hopes for you and we believe you can become a Key Player for us. Unfortunately we don't have any other players for you to play with so we gonna loan you out until you are good e
  20. I've recently started to notice a lot of "buggy" situations when someone is passing a really long pass thats on-side. Has something changed regarding this? In a single season I've seen the defence simply ignore a long range pass which have allowed a striker who wasn't even close to the ball to simply jog forward and then be 1on1 with the goalkeeper whilst the defence just stands further up, apparently not even aware of the ball. I haven't seen this once in my first 800 hours of playtime, but now, in a single season I've seen it happen 6 times in different shapes.
  21. I've been trying to understand why and when a player get nervous but I can't seem to find any reasonable explanations. Can someone explain this scenario for example: 5th game of the season, we are occupying 1st position in a modified Swedish league. Our players have just arrived, supposedly high on confidence after beating the expect league winners with 5-0. I start with the same line-up and I tell them to "Continue where they left off!" in a calm voice. The opposition is AIK, currently 10th in the league and we have no relationship to the club other than that we play in the sam
  22. It's usually a pain to get them to sync in the sense that it takes a lot of time. Once you have saved and exited FM it usually takes around 4-5 minutes for my save to fully sync (despite being on a 100/100 fiber connection). Do you see the sync starting when you close down your FM? It could seriously take some time. Then, when I want to play on another computer I either have to let Steam be for several minutes or go into FM and then exit again for the sync to start. So in general, it needs a lot of time. You can't just save to cloud, exit FM and turn off the computer. It's needs
  23. Control/Flexible --------------Gk FB(S) CD(D) CD(D) WB(S) -------------DM(D) ----------CM(A) BBM(S) W(S)------------------------IF(A) ---------------CF(S) TIs: Work ball into box Shorter passing
  24. I'm currently playing FMT and I've been having serious issues with "lazy" starts of games. We are constantly underperforming in the first half, meaning we almost always have to play catch up in the second. Example: Against Sporting away: 1 shot on goal in the first 45min. Sporting had 8. Scored twice. We have 10 shots in the second half and manage to grab an away goal. Against Tottenham home: 0 shots in the first 45. Tottenham had 9. Scored once. We had 12 shots in the second half. Scored 1 but so did they. Against West Brom home: 2 shots in the first 45. West Brom 6. We then man
  25. Just change highlights to Full Game and you will watch the entire match without popups.
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