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  1. Thanks for nice tactics that don't use 3 strikers! I'm on the public beta so that might be the reason for this, but I can't get the AF to work at all. The tactics are good, but the AF have so far produced 5 goals (2 pens) in half a season as Liverpool. I play with the 3.0 DM verison, I also tried the latest one you posted here but the issue remains. AF get constantly below 6,5 ratings. Firmino/Salah are the ones I've tried up top, maybe no the right kind of players?
  2. The FA-cup keeps being my bogey-cup, I haven't managed to get past the first round in any of my saves in FM19 (tried 20+ times). It's absurd to the point where I just laugh at it now. This time the mighty attacking force of QPR ended it for us.
  3. Fair enough! This is a player who in general doesn't seem to be very professional, so he might be less inclined to suffer the pain. Have to admit that I can't remember if it turned into an orange injury or not, I've played 1,5 seasons since my original post. Anyway, won't take up any more forum space, it's seems like it could happen and I guess it was a case of bad luck!
  4. Should blisters really be an 8+ days red injury? I get it, they hurt a lot, but would someone say no to a CL-final because of blisters?
  5. I just recieved a 12gb update for a game thats a total of 16gb because they fixed the lag with loading screens. It's not about the amount of fixes, it's about what files they effect.
  6. FIrst of all, I'm impressed you can play whilst riding in a car. I'd throw up within a minute! Could it have to do with TV broadcasting?
  7. Aye, there are other attributes for sure. But I would like more context about it because in some cases no visual attributes are better than the current staff members. And even in the case where Physiotherapy is 14 compared to my current 20 but Adaptability for example is 13 on the suggest staff member and 12 on my current I wouldn't think that the 14 Physio 13 Adaptability is an improvement on my current 20/12
  8. Howdy, Not sure this is worthy of a thread on it's own but couldn't find anywhere to post it. It's kind of a feature request and also a question. So as the title read it's regarding the Backroom teams advice when it comes to "Improve quality of X team". Currently I'm managing Crystal Palace and I keep getting suggestions on improving my Physios, Fitness Coaches, Data Analysts and Sport Scientists. This is all well, good that they think we can improve, the problem is: Not enough context, which Physio do they think we can improve upon? Their suggestions all have lower stats than my current physios. So I would like more information on why we should hire someone with 15 physiotherapy and fire one of my current who all have 20. Is this much like the assistants tactical suggestions, something everyone mainly just ignores or is there something to it? Could a 11 Fitness Coach actually be better than the current 17 Fitness Coach?
  9. Thanks for info! I have players from all three units complaining about it Guess I need to get a new Assistant or take over training myself then!
  10. "Unhappy with lack of attention for core unit" - Not sure what to do about this? How do I give the core unit more attention?
  11. It's far from perfect, I don't think anyone is claiming that. But to claim "Players are unhappy because I don't want to sell them so the game is BROKEN" isn't a very good claim. The OP hasn't given us much to go on regarding why they wan't to leave, so it would be very odd if we all just agreed with OP. It's obviously a fact that many people do not have these issues, I have played multiple seasons with different teams in FM19 and I almost never have issues with my players, when I do it's usually because I've fined someone too hard for a red. So if this happen all the time you might be doing something wrong. Claiming "Broken" might help you vent some of that frustration but it's not actually true. But never mind me, I'm just a FM fan boy...
  12. Sorry for late response. I will upload it as soon as I have access to the tablet again!
  13. Attached is screenshot for the version. Cant upload the save game since its 37mb and 9.77mb is the limit in the forum. Anywhere else i can attach it?
  14. Hi! I just started a save with QPR and I've noticed that when I go to player search and pick "Interested in transfer" I still get players like Pulisic, Marcelo etc. But when I scout the players I often get that they arent actually interested. So most of my scouting time is spent scouting players competely uninterested. I added value filters but still a majority that shows up isnt actually intersted. But?
  15. I bought FMT19 against my better judgement but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that FMT19 was much much smoother than FMT18 on my Tab S3. Really strange, but I'm really pleased!
  16. I've heard this before and I find it odd to say the least. But I bought the Tab S3 specifically to play FMT18 so it was a clean install and still I had these issues to the point where it wasn't possible to enjoy. The Tab S3 should be much more powerful than the Ipad Mini 3. So strange, maybe I should try a factory reset or something.
  17. Hello, I'm sort of restarting a thread a I had on the FMT18-forum regarding good android devices to play FMT on. I'm currently in possession of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 which was very laggy (both 3D, 2D and in menus) and troublesome when trying to play FMT18. I've still not bought FMT19 since I don't want to experience that level of poor performance again. Do anyone have experience with android devices that do not lag in FMT19 and if so what device? The new Tab S4? I would rally like to avoid buying an ipad pro but if thats the only reasonable device I might do it since I'm going away travelling for a few months and need my FM fix. Thanks!
  18. So how should this work for those of us who fully enjoy the game? We shouldn't be able to purchase it because a vocal minority is unhappy with certain aspects of the game? I have around 400 hours in the game so far and I'm very happy with my purchase.
  19. I bought FMT 18 to my Galaxy Tab S3 and it's not smooth at all. I would say it was unplayable on that device. Not sure how the A 10.5 compares to the Tab S3 though and maybe FMT 19 runs smoother than 18.
  20. Oh I believe you, it's just that for someone like me it's very hard to understand why. Based on stats I should score more, based on what I see I want to sell every attacker I have.
  21. The main issue I have with away games is not that my win/loss ratio is much poorer than home, it's rather how the game display it. I've had the issue for several versions of FM. Instead of having trouble creating chances or missplacing passes when we are losing/drawing all that happens is that finishing becomes absolutely horrible. I'm currently on a 8 away game draw/losing-streak and I've created as much as I do at home, but only 4 out of 64 shots from inside the penalty area have been goals. And when I look at the game it's not because the opposition have half the team inside their own penalty area, it's just our finishing being extremely weak. Easy shots straight at the goalie, even easier shots far above the goal, the woodwork etc. I don't mind it being more difficult away from home, but I don't expect it to only be shown by awful finishing percentile.
  22. Do you use counter-press? I've found (naturally) it generates a lot of fouls. If your players are bad at tackling, anticipation etc and you also add get stuck in it might be a recipe for reds.
  23. Posted on Saturday... it's Monday. A bit early to classify as "ignored".
  24. Doesn't sound worthy of a sarcastic "Well done" at all. Only 11 games in. Chelsea and Liverpool are obviously not bad teams. Man City is not gonna auto-win every season just because they easily won last year.
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