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  1. Lots of SI-staff today! It's either them deciding on a post by post basis whether they will shut down this thread for good or its a sign. I think it's a sign! BETA IS COMING!
  2. Have anyone thought any more on the Margherita conundrum? Surely there must be a sign there. The closest pizza place to the SI office is the Slice Club (there are closer ones but they were closed on Tuesday). Margherita is the second item on Slice Clubs menu behind the Cheesy Garlic Bread). All their pizzas are 18". 2 = Beta in greek. 18" = 18th of October. Beta today is confirmed.
  3. I think we will see a record early release today. What time is it over there in Britland? 8am? I'm thinking 9am is the time then! BETA at 9!!
  4. Today is the day, I knew it! Never been more certain about anything in my life. Talk about signs! So many signs!
  5. As we all know Beta = 2 in the greek numeral system. If you multiply todays date with Beta it is 28. The work on FM24 started 4 years ago so we subtract 4 from 28. And we end up on 24. There are 8 letters in Saturday meaning 16. And of course we subtract Beta from that again and we arrive where we started at the 14th. Math is with us. All signs clearly points towards release today!
  6. Wasn't gonna buy FM23 since I've only played FM22 about 460 hours. Had almost forgot about FM23 and then all of a sudden I decided to visit this thread... so now FM23 is pre-ordered and Beta is arriving today according to several comments on Steam.
  7. 0 SI-staff presence here, can only indicate that they are all fist fighting over who will get to press the release-button!
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