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  1. It's a very good tactic! For me it turned even better when I removed the "Get stuck in" instruction since I was getting around 6-7 yellow per game and the amount of reds were too much to handle.
  2. Since I wrote that we have actually started to look like we did in the beginning of my tenure so I will keep at it! Thanks for the tactic, I love the movement from mezzalas
  3. I'm getting very inconsistent results with this. It started out working magic. I think we had 7 wins in 8 games with a Middlesbrough who should be fighting for promotion in the Championship. But since then I've only won 6 in 15 games and we are now looking more like a mid-table team. I will keep at it since I took over Middlesbrough in the middle of the season and have only had a January transfer window. But the players I have should be good enough for play-offs. Any suggestions?
  4. I love most of the game this year except set pieces. Throw-ins are just bizarre, more often than not the player throwing the ball just tries to throw it straight into an opposition player. I've had more goals against me from my own offensive throw-ins than from corners. Which leads me to the next set piece that just have turned impotent. A lot of corners each game yet I rarely see anything dangerous (just lost in extra time against Stoke thanks to 2 corner goals from them in short order, but other than that :P) from them. Penalties are also strange. But I'm playing Oxford United and we might n
  5. Did you notice anything weird about how you got that many? I'm asking because I recently had a game where my corner taker sent the ball into the same defender (standing close the corner flag) about 8-10 times in a row, each time it went out for a new corner. So I think I had 12 corners in the span of 10 minutes or something.
  6. None of the options really fit me. I missed the timeline in the beginning, felt weird. But by now I've more or less forgotten about it and adapted to it being gone. So I don't necessarily think removing it was a good idea but I don't really care if it comes back or not :P
  7. If I don't remember completely wrong there was at least one beta patch last version.
  8. As far as I can tell xG doesn't care about the skill of the player involved. It just cares about a large amount of similar situations and how often it is a goal in those situations. It's not meant to be a stat for specific players but rather it's meant as a stat to tell if we are creating good enough chances in general as a team. A 1on1 that gives an xG of 0.3 is still 0.3 no matter if it's Messi or if it's me trying to score.
  9. I saw this on reddit, but call me a cynical, this might just be someone putting De Gea in midfield during a game to get som Karma If not, a clear bug of course.
  10. There are a lot of arguments I don't understand here so that makes two of us!
  11. I much prefer this and I'm above 30. I've always wanted less information and I see no problem with "emojis" or icons as someone around my age might remember them as.
  12. I have to say that this is the best ME I've ever played. It's amazing. All sorts of goals are being scored, including through balls and very quick tiki-taka-esque goals where my players make several short passes to get a man free on goal. Very very good.
  13. I think it's missing in a couple places, including Squad view. It's included in known issues. This might also have been reported as a bug, not entirely sure!
  14. I remember when this thread was only joy, hope and excitement. How far it has fallen.
  15. I wish Neil could stop giving us hope by not telling us it's not coming today.
  16. I'm ready to play now so it's ok to release it! (Might be what they are waiting for, who knows really?)
  17. Well, I'm calling it for today. Now it's up to SI if they wanna make the transition as smooth as possible or refuse to cooperate!
  18. Yeah, it usually sneaks up on us and then this thread gets locked with a link to the announcement
  19. I refuse to believe he would behave that way! Neil is pure class. A gentleman of the first order.
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