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  1. Hello! I took over Ross County in december last year and everything looked alright. Didn't think so much about the fixture list. This year however I think something has broken. This is the fixture list: As you can see there is a break in the Premiership between 24th of October until the 26th of December. Then we go nuts in January and Feb with 18 games in total in those two months. All I can find about the Premiership is that there usually is a break between 30th of December to 17th of January. So this is surely not right? I don't have a custom database loaded in this save.
  2. I've given up, this is what Trump would sound like if he played FM.
  3. So what you are saying is that the game/AI is against you because you are a human player and you have a constant disadvantage and yet you are the most reputable club in the world. Who did that? The AI?
  4. I know he isn't lying nor do I think you are lying but you are frustrated which is common. But don't take it out on people calling them liars.
  5. So SI-staff tells you how it works and you claim they are lying? Why are you even here then?
  6. I've been using it now and then in the right circumstances (at least what I think is right) and thats usually when we are up against an opponent we aren't expect to win against. The only talk option I never use any more is the one pre-match where we can tell them to get revenge against a team we lost to before. It ALWAYS give good green reactions but I have never ever won a game where I used it
  7. Description: Whenever I go into the Scouted screen and look at the players my team has scouted I can't see the percentage below the Recommendation anymore. This is what it looks like: I've uploaded a save game named "Joakim Lundmark - Lillpite FC.fm"
  8. It probably is a bit on the low end, but if you check the average for top scorers in the PL since 2000 its 25,8 goals per season. The lowest season being 2008/2009 with Anelka on 19 goals. The highest being Salah on 32 2017/2018
  9. To be fair I haven't had this issue at all since the public beta-patch and now I think it's even better.
  10. Yup, I agree it's a bit annoying but it would be very strange any other way as well. Currently one of the more popular names in Sweden is Axel, when I grew up only old people was named Axel
  11. Names go in cycles, old names return and gets popular again. Also, people are naming their kids all sorts of names these days. Why would this be strange, really? It would be awful if the name generator only took current popular names for each country. Imagine 15 generations of newgens all named from the 100 most popular names at the creation of the database. Besides, surnames might come from any nation, his parents might be immigrants from a country where Sardinha is normal. Or they might have just decided to take a new surname based on their love for sardines.
  12. The button isn't found on all screens, go to your first team screen for example. You should see it down the right.
  13. Good to hear it's working as intended, it's a bit different from how I've experienced it in regular FM but I definitely like it! An idea would be to keep the potential star rating maybe a little bit less dependant on form since we know the ability has been there once, maybe there is potential for it to return. Just a thought Thanks for a great game.
  14. Gotta say I love this version of FMM. I've soon played FMM20 more than I have played FM20 and thats a first. Question regarding coach reports. Should poor form effect the star rating very much? I took over Fiorentina and Marco Benassi was rated at 4 stars. After about 6 games with an average of 6.11 he is now at 2 stars. This happens all the time, the stars seems to be affected more by form than actual attributes. Is this working as intended? @Marc Vaughan
  15. Unfortunately not. It's always outside the box, it's always a penalty and it's always a disallowed goal when VAR is used. I've not seen any other outcome in the 20+ seasons I've played so far.
  16. My latest "feedback" update on the game, in no particular order: It's interesting that I found the ball over the top very annoying up until my last save (started a new Liverpool save about a week ago) and now I have very few issues with 1v1s and long balls over the top. Amount of CCCs has also gone down in this latest save. Again, not sure if my tactic is really bad and the pure quality of my Liverpool side hides that fact or if it's something else. But last season 8 CCCs in a game was the most I had and that included a single situation that generated 3 of those after the goalie made several world class saves in short order. Our conversion rate on CCCs are around 60-70% which is more than satisfactory in this case. I still have too many shots (a match with less than 30 shots are uncommon) and miss too many but at least, and I really don't know if it's my tactic or not, I don't see 5+ 1v1s per game or perfect long balls all the time. Not from our side or from the oppositions side. Penalties are an issue, especially for elite sides it seems. I never had issues with missing penalties when I played three seasons in the lower leagues of Swedish football but Salah, Milner and Fabinho almost never scores a penalty. Players trying to save a loose ball from going out and then almost always end up standing still on it until an opposing player arrives and snatch it is a pretty prominent annoyance. All in all I'm enjoying myself (I just wish Man U were worse ;)).
  17. Not sure if this is worth posting (I will add more pkms as I continue to play because I've seen a lot of similar situations lately). Origi with the ball here (situation starts at 66:22) and he doesn't take the pass to any of the free attackers onside. Instead he shoots straight at the keeper. Liverpool v Valencia.pkm
  18. Can I see what changes my assistant did during games where I go on holiday? I tell him to use my tactics and he always gets much much better result. The difference is extreme actually, so I guess he is doing some wonders with my current tactic.
  19. I have to change my earlier opinions regarding the ME from very positive to barely positive. I moved away from the top teams and have now been playing one season with Heerenveen and one with Aberdeen and the amount of CCCs are just extreme. A lot of the games there are more than 10 CCCs combined between the two teams. Despite this scores are rarely high, I just played a 4-4 match that apparently was the new record for most goals scored in the league. Amount of chances in general seems very high, or maybe I don't have good enough knowledge about real world stats :P But surely 123 chances created (Celtic in 3rd place) in 9 games is too much? Liverpool got 78 chances in 6 games. Barcelona 121 in 9 games and so on.
  20. Very pleased with how we are playing, how we are scoring (Salah in top with 17 goals after 21 games) and how everything is looking. No PIs
  21. Totally feel you, I would have done the same if I felt this forum took away any form of enjoyment. Luckily for me I seem to mosly be able to enjoy the game no matter what anyone else thinks, but there are occasions when I need to take a break as well. This attribute thing had gone completely unnoticed until I entered the forum, once I started reading about it I seriously considered starting a new save despite being 4,5 seasons in. Eventually I decided to keep going, it just didn't disturb me in the slightest
  22. How much I enjoy myself or that I haven't noticed the bug? I have always played Liverpool in all FM-versions so thats usually my point of reference.
  23. Just started my 4th season as Liverpool (save continued from Beta) and I'm enjoying it immensely. More so than any other FM and I had over 1200 hours in FM19... Reading something about an attributes bug, not sure what the bug is but it hasn't affected my save in the least. Best FM as far as I can remember. Great work SI!
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