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  1. The main issue I have with away games is not that my win/loss ratio is much poorer than home, it's rather how the game display it. I've had the issue for several versions of FM. Instead of having trouble creating chances or missplacing passes when we are losing/drawing all that happens is that finishing becomes absolutely horrible. I'm currently on a 8 away game draw/losing-streak and I've created as much as I do at home, but only 4 out of 64 shots from inside the penalty area have been goals. And when I look at the game it's not because the opposition have half the team inside their own penalty area, it's just our finishing being extremely weak. Easy shots straight at the goalie, even easier shots far above the goal, the woodwork etc. I don't mind it being more difficult away from home, but I don't expect it to only be shown by awful finishing percentile.
  2. Do you use counter-press? I've found (naturally) it generates a lot of fouls. If your players are bad at tackling, anticipation etc and you also add get stuck in it might be a recipe for reds.
  3. Posted on Saturday... it's Monday. A bit early to classify as "ignored".
  4. Karnack

    City still rubbish.

    Doesn't sound worthy of a sarcastic "Well done" at all. Only 11 games in. Chelsea and Liverpool are obviously not bad teams. Man City is not gonna auto-win every season just because they easily won last year.
  5. I love it so far. We were leaking goals from set pieces so I put the players on a two week defensive set pieces training and I noticed obvious improvements. Gave me a hunger to continue delve into training.
  6. Penalties seems to have gone from below 50% conversion rate to 100% conversion rate. The amount of penalties seems high as well. 8 penalties against us in 14 games. 100% scored. 3 for us, all scored.
  7. Yup, it's been confirmed that some leagues are worse than others. EPL being one of the worst as far as I can tell
  8. I'd disagree with you there. I'm 1,5 season in and I still haven't had a full competitive game without at least one red injury substitution. It's very common with 2-3 injuries per match.
  9. Karnack

    Stroppy Youth Players

    I even get bad responses when I praise my youth players. One was noted as having 10.0 in training rating two reports in a row. I made the mistake of praising him both times, the second resulting in a youth player rolling his eyes and getting annoyed. Can't remember the exact phrase thats used but it was along the lines of "Not this again, why do you keep talking to me?". Pretty sure a u18 player for Liverpool FC who get's to train with the First Team a few weeks during pre-season wouldn't mind getting praise two weeks in a row? In general the praise aspect is a bit week, I more often get annoyed players from praise than from criticism
  10. Got the exact same message a few minutes ago. Might start to look for jobs outside of the UK :P I think this is a pretty hard Brexit.
  11. First competitive game so very little to go on. But this game (screenshot) worries me a bit. First of all, Gunn being the worst player on the pitch after an absolute bombardment from us whilst Alisson who let almost everything in have pretty good rating. None of the CCCs where goals and the goals from Southampton were very weak shots that any goalie should easily deal with. Secondly, a bit worried with the ratings in general regarding my defenders, Southampton had pretty much nothing all game and yet every time they even strolled into our half the defenders just let them pass. (I'm playing Control Possession with a few role tweaks). My defenders should have had much much lower rating because Gomez and Trent were both responsible for 2 of their goals. Third, not related to the screenshot below, but during pre-season we got 6 penalties in 7 games and missed 4 of them. Both stats a bit worrying. I love the new interface. Love tactics and training so far. All in all it's a very good feeling. Anyway, first competitive game, so might get better but these are just my first impressions.
  12. Nothing installs automatically on Steam as far as I know.
  13. Let's just agree to disagree then. Cheerio.
  14. And rules might be revoked. Nothing is certain, but it doesn't get more official than a public vote.
  15. Will try that when I get home! I've felt, in general, slightly disappointed after the upgrade from an i5-6700K to this processor as I've noticed zero difference in anything.