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  1. I think OPs examples where players from different clubs, so not sure that matters?
  2. So I did a test myself, just to see if this was true with my own eyes. I've been reloading the English youth take for the better part of 2 hours, I would say I have more than 50 youth intakes to draw from. I have a single newgen above 120 CA and a single player above 119CA. Both with a fair amount of growth potential. Not world beaters but surely sufficient to put doubt on OPs claim of 100% probability to not develop beyond their current self. Another issue I see based on this is the amount of 120+ CAs OP seems to get from so few intakes. I had to work "hard" for just these two.
  3. It's interesting that this post shows up now because I've just started to notice this in my current save. I'm only starting my 4th season and Zidane have already managed Chelsea, City and Arsenal. It's a very small pool of managers that seem to just rotate around the big clubs. But I'm only 4 seasons in so I guess things will even out when real managers start to retire.
  4. I can't remember last time I had a game without a woodwork hit from one of the teams. A lot of goals are also scored from woodwork bounces. Sometimes offensive football feels like pinball in FM.
  5. First of all, apologies, I accidently screenshotted a slightly different tactic than the one I've mainly used. The one you saw earlier was a desperate attempt to break down two of the bottom teams. Unsuccesfully of course. Secondly, as you can see by the OPs updated screenshot, I got fired and is now in a completely different league with much lower quality. I started to test a few changes according to your suggestions, unfortunately I got fired so things have taken a slightly different turn. But I will move forward with some of your changes. The DRs in this team are all below 9 in crossing, so going defensive seems like a perfect choice. The interesting thing is that style-wise I have been very pleased with our play, it's been nice looking at (especially during the Liverpool seasons) and I mainly based my possession claim on our stats rarely being below 60%. It's not a specific style I looked for, as I mentioned above I'm worthless at tactics and throw "stuff" at a wall and see what sticks is unfortunately often my only approach. I had no idea there was actually different styles between countries in FM. Good to know! I agree, and as stated above it didn't work well My "normal" approach have been really good defensively but Liverpools quality might have masked most of my poor choices. I will start to test a more counter-attacking style of play to see if it suits my new team better.
  6. True, but I actually believe the players I have here are more fit to play this way (of course what I believe is usually wrong :P). I managed to get Bernardo Silva who in my mind is a better player than Firmino in that Treq position, for example. But quality might of course be a big deal here. I actually only have two attacking duties, the AF was only temporary, forgot to change him back to CF(S) or DLF(S) which have been my main roles up front and the Segundo has been on support as well. I will definitely look into changing the AMC role but I was so pleased to finally get the AMC to work and especially as a Treq, Firmino scored over 60 goals and 30+ assists over three seasons in that role. Will try your suggestions, thanks!
  7. I'm absolutely useless when it comes to putting together tactics and I rarely know why anyhing works or not works, but I try to put out something that in my mind looks fairly balanced. So I was absolutely stunned when this tactic brought me 3 CLs, 3 PLs and a multitde of small trophies with Liverpool in three seasons. Feeling I had taken Liverpool as far as I could I went to Italy. Won Serie A first season with Fiorentina and had a good second season, despite losing in the group stages of CL, until now. We were 1st in january when this dry spell came. We don't create anthing anymore and even when we do we never score. Our conversion rate is the worst in the league at 6% and none of my strikers has scored in the last 9 games. I get that AI goes more defensive against me and I had that in Liverpool as well, I had no issues breaking down defences and was constantly scoring 100+ goals every season. This squad is weaker of course, but not by extremely much. My tactic wants to keep possession and work for those chances, thats why my players also have high flair, vision, decision and passing attributes. Raphinha is worst at those with only 14 vision, 17 flair and 15 passing but he is a good finisher and IF(At) has been the role that scores the most. Not sure where to go from here? From one day to the next it just stopped working.
  8. The four first seasons as Liverpool on my last save only Arsenal had a chance. Always runners up and gave me som serious competition.
  9. This is a slightly random question, but I just saw a guy on reddit who posted an FM19 clip of a ridiculous goal his team scored, now this wasn't what got my attention but rather that one of his players recieved a long pass on his chest and he controlled the ball. I have not once in 640+ hours of FM19 seen that animation, where a player controls the ball via his chest. Is this a common animation? About two seconds in to the clip: https://www.reddit.com/r/footballmanagergames/comments/c4m4ro/almost_cost_me_the_****ing_game/
  10. I've always been a create my own tactic-kinda guy with a focus on simplistic tactics with few TIs. But FM19 changed this, for some reason none of my "ideas" from past versions have worked for FM19. So I caved in and started to look for tactics to use but in my case it has almost completely killed the joy of FM. The problem for me is despite all the excellent guides and tips I've read and received I just can't create a decent tactic on my own. So I've been forced (unfortunately) to take the third path, stop playing FM.
  11. I'd like a shot at that game as well. Please upload. I have a pretty poor grasp of how things work tactically but I have no doubt I could win it by using the few things I have learned.
  12. I do have a left wing back on Attack and he is actually out there outside of the frame Thats also happens now and then, but we have trouble converting from crosses, my striker who is a tall fellow with 15 in heading rarely scores headers for some reason.
  13. Precisely the right person to answer my question. Thank you, won't feel to bad about those misses now
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