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  1. Nvm, solved it. Steam had installed it on a different partition than the game.
  2. Hi, Tried to start the pre-game editor for the first time and I only recieve this error message: : No valid language found or set, cannot continue. I reinstalled the editor and same issue persists. I'm playing on Windows 10 64x version.
  3. Thanks for your input! I did as summatsupeer suggested. I will try and change the attacking roles as well. The RPM and CWB(S) are two worldclass players and I think that maybe they should be capable enough to use those roles but I will keep that in mind, jorgvandervloed!
  4. Had a strange moment in a game against OGC Nice recently. Their goalkeeper got a sprained wrist in the first 2 minutes without me even having a single shot on goal. That in itself is strange but the goalie stayed on for the full 90 minutes doing some insane saves with his hands. Is it possible to stay on with a sprained wrist as a goalie? Checking his history he was out for 8 days after that game.
  5. I will test a few combinations, starting with the st-co-st!
  6. I'd say it's a mix regarding corners, mostly some serious mistakes from one of my CBs and also two screamers thats just lucky. I've started tweaking set pieces. Things have started to brighten, it's still not good enough and I'm currently outside top 5. The poor form has been obvious in the very easy chances that they simply shoot over the goal or straight at the keeper. I've had 3 missed penalties out of 3 possible as well and thats not helping. I will try to grind it out, I also tried to holiday one game using my tactics just to see if my assistant could do wonders and it was the first clear win by 4-0 so it's probably connected to my team talks and the players not being motivated by me.
  7. I've added about 4 new players, one whom instantly took a place in the starting 11. Conceded 5 from corners which is strange since I have the tallest team in the league and all of my CDs are 14+ heading and jumping. Through balls 4 and the rest a mix. Two CDs have been doing quite a few mistakes leading to goals and I've rotated them as best as I can with this squad. 4 of my forwards are in awful form, the only one still scoring is Lacazette. The last 6 games have been: 2-2 0-2 2-2 1-1 1-2 1-1 So, a lot of draws. The opposition has scored the first goal in 5/6 games and we have been chasing for most of them.
  8. After a pretty good first season at Lyon where we ended runner-up, won the french cup and a final in the euro league I have been pleased with my tactics. Unfortunately teams are starting to respect us now, meaning the start of the second season have been a catastrophe. What can I do to tweak this in order to have a better chance against much much worse teams? Mentality: Control (I've played the most recent games on counter just to try and stop those awful gambling passes to a player sandwiched between 3 defenders that never succeeds) Team shape: Flexible TIs: Shorter passing, pass into space, play out of defence, work ball into box, close down more, stay on feet Formation: --------------GK(De)---------------- ----CD(De)-CD(St)-CD(De)----- CWB(Su)----------------CWB(At) ---------RPM(Su)-CM(De)-------- ----------------SS(At)---------------- -----------CF(Su)-DLF(At)--------- The first season we had an excellent attacking and defensive record with 81 goals for and only 28 against. This season we are leaking goals everywhere. Not sure what to try from here, so thankful for any suggestions!
  9. Without ragequitting I would have destroyed furniture and computers. It's a good way to vent. I just lost 2-1 against a poor team after 2 missed penalties and 2 woodwork hits against an empty goal... I always accept the second result, even if it's worse. Some ragequits have forced me to replay 3-4 games and sometimes I've been worse of than I would have been if I had continued instead of ragequitting. It evens out over a few seasons
  10. It's easier to score from an impossible angle via a strange bounce than scoring one on ones. I can't remember when I saw a goal scored that way the last time.
  11. Gah, I don't even have a laptop anymore so I can't even test stuff! Sorry, I will try to find out more when I can.
  12. Okey, so I might have remembered how I did it. You could try this but It's a bit murky from my memory. Go to the nvidia control panel again and find the football manager.exe in the list. Is there a remove button next to it? If so, click that button and remove the profile for FM. If there is a Restore button next to the remove you could try that aswell. Then add it again. There might be some steps inbetween there that I can't remember exactly and I can't for the life of me find where I was discussing this solution.
  13. I had this exact problem with my last laptop and I know I solved it. I just can't find the solution, I will keep googling and get back to you asap.
  14. Have you tried going to the nVidia Control Panel then choose Manage 3D Settings. You can change the Global Settings to "High-performance nvidia processor" instead of auto-select. You can also click the Program Settings tab next to the Global one and set a specific card to use for the Football Manager exe Is that what you mean by "assigned the Nvidia card in the graphics control panel"?