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  1. I ended up in Leicester who was 7th in the Championship. I got offers from Watford and Bristol City as well, both in mid Championship. Burnley were the only ones who didn't like me.
  2. Could be But I actually applied for the job and they didn't even get me an interview, instead they hired Lee Johnson the manager of 16th positioned Nottingham Forest. Just a bit odd, maybe not even topic-worthy...
  3. Not sure what the editor could do that would affect all of this in such a way? I have money, I increase my budgets because that's how I like to play. I use TFFs Gladiator tactics which makes my teams overperform. My reputation is currently continental at 4 full stars. My starting reputation was the highest possible with the highest Licence. So the most unrealistic part here would probably be the tactic since money isn't exactly unrealistic. Still weird why the Burnley fans would laugh at me I think considering I get offers from Chelsea, Inter, Barcelona and now Dortmund.
  4. Sure, I have money and I use a really good tactic by TFF. Is that reason enough you say?
  5. Sure this have to be a bug? I resigned after winning CL and La Liga with Valencia and then spent 5 months without a job. Burnley lounging in the lower end of the Championship in November just fired their manager and I declared my interest. This is the response from their fans? Really? Bug or some valid explanation? My stats:
  6. Not in the First Round but rather the first round we play in.
  7. I'm seeing very few goals as well. This is the current amount after 32 games. Chelsea in the top with only 55? Surely this is a bit low?
  8. Thanks for nice tactics that don't use 3 strikers! I'm on the public beta so that might be the reason for this, but I can't get the AF to work at all. The tactics are good, but the AF have so far produced 5 goals (2 pens) in half a season as Liverpool. I play with the 3.0 DM verison, I also tried the latest one you posted here but the issue remains. AF get constantly below 6,5 ratings. Firmino/Salah are the ones I've tried up top, maybe no the right kind of players?
  9. The FA-cup keeps being my bogey-cup, I haven't managed to get past the first round in any of my saves in FM19 (tried 20+ times). It's absurd to the point where I just laugh at it now. This time the mighty attacking force of QPR ended it for us.
  10. Fair enough! This is a player who in general doesn't seem to be very professional, so he might be less inclined to suffer the pain. Have to admit that I can't remember if it turned into an orange injury or not, I've played 1,5 seasons since my original post. Anyway, won't take up any more forum space, it's seems like it could happen and I guess it was a case of bad luck!
  11. So maybe a bit more information then? I hike alot (like once or twice a week) and I've had blood filled blisters, blisters that made me want to cry and even flesh wounds after walking half a day with blisters. 8-10 days would is extreme, especially considering the resources a modern football club should have medically. And with the right handling (special bandages and such) I've been able to continue walking the day after without much pain. Am I missing some kind of brutal blistering here that I've simply never experienced? Sorry, it's a small thing and doesn't really take away anything from the game, but I find it odd that professional football players with and infinite shoe-budget (probably custom made to their feet) could find themselves in a place where suddenly, after a light training session, they have to be away for up to 2 weeks because of something that shouldn't be hard to avoid
  12. Should blisters really be an 8+ days red injury? I get it, they hurt a lot, but would someone say no to a CL-final because of blisters?
  13. I just recieved a 12gb update for a game thats a total of 16gb because they fixed the lag with loading screens. It's not about the amount of fixes, it's about what files they effect.
  14. FIrst of all, I'm impressed you can play whilst riding in a car. I'd throw up within a minute! Could it have to do with TV broadcasting?
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