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  1. Control/Flexible --------------Gk FB(S) CD(D) CD(D) WB(S) -------------DM(D) ----------CM(A) BBM(S) W(S)------------------------IF(A) ---------------CF(S) TIs: Work ball into box Shorter passing
  2. I'm currently playing FMT and I've been having serious issues with "lazy" starts of games. We are constantly underperforming in the first half, meaning we almost always have to play catch up in the second. Example: Against Sporting away: 1 shot on goal in the first 45min. Sporting had 8. Scored twice. We have 10 shots in the second half and manage to grab an away goal. Against Tottenham home: 0 shots in the first 45. Tottenham had 9. Scored once. We had 12 shots in the second half. Scored 1 but so did they. Against West Brom home: 2 shots in the first 45. West Brom 6. We then managed 15 shots in the second half and a 2-0 win. This goes on. Why are my players so poorly motivated in the beginning and how do I do anything about it without having the option of team talks?
  3. Just change highlights to Full Game and you will watch the entire match without popups.
  4. I love FM

    To be fair there is also A LOT of "This game sucks and everyone who works on it are lazy and useless" and it might be nice for those to read something else once in a while
  5. I love FM

    I too will jump on the love train. FM is by far the game that gives me the most enjoyment every year, despite frustrations and annoyance it's a game that feels like home.
  6. I would have to say AP(S) as I always use one, no matter what tactic I currently employ
  7. Probably not. I'm playing in Italy with default settings. Guessing that should be full match details?
  8. Actually, it's easy to deny as I'm currently in late January and German first division got 14 DFKs goals so far. Keeping this up, considering they have played exactly half of their games they would end up at 28. Serie A is currently on 11 DFKs goals after half their season. La Liga is 20-21 games in and a total of 34(!!!!!) DFKs goals so far. French League is 21 games in and a total of 19 DFKs. The only really low one is the PL who sits at a lowly 5.
  9. Sounds like the ME is much more realistic now. 30 is absurd. The last 10 years 4 have been the absolute maximum a single player have scored in one season from DFKs
  10. Coutinho scored 3 in the PL last season, which was the most scored. Willian 2 the year before, which was the most. I think you are expecting too much from DFKs
  11. I had a secure lead against Tottenham in the final game of the season (a win would secure us a CL-spot). 3-1 in the 89th minute. For no apparent reason, no injuries, no red cards, no nothing, the ref give us 5 minutes of injury time. Our team collapses and Tottenham score 4(!!!!) goals in a total of 9 minutes of injury time. I not only rage-quitted I deleted the save and didn't play FM for 2 weeks.
  12. I don't agree. I'm 4 months in and I've seen 2 or 3 shots going completely wild.
  13. It felt like a ridiculous thing to ask, obviously it was not
  14. Official feedback on an unofficial skin?