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  1. I have, thats why I try to mix up the pre-match talk. I usually get good feedback from him, yet he starts the game very nervous. Thats why I try to play him in matches with worse opposition so that he has a chance to shine. He never does. He is considered a Leading player for my division.
  2. I have a player (Rasmus Nissen) who I bought 3 seasons ago as a Hot Prospect, since then he has played around 35 games from start. During this period he has started every game as "Looking very nervous". I never play him in important matches because he messes up, but even against really poor oposition he is always nervous. My team-talk when he plays is usually the option where I tell them "No pressure". I've tried being hard as well but he is just Nervous or Very Nervous. How can a professional football player be nervous for 90min every time he plays? He can't even be enjoying football, is football a phobia he is trying to overcome? I will be forced to sell him because his nervousness has turned his average performance this season to 6.2 and he have 8 yellows in 10 games. He is a liability more than a football player.
  3. Interesting, my DoF is also coming up with the sum 56K/week for a lot of hot prospects. That specific sum is definitely happening often. I've stopped using him because I could easily get the hot prospects on contract around 1,5-2,5K.
  4. Just because you believe they can hire extra people doesn't make it so. So people are staying away? Is it your own empirical evidence that claim this? Ridiculous post. Unless your post was meant as an example of posts that turned SI Staff away from the forums then; well done!
  5. I have the same issue but I think a player with maybe high decision, vision and maybe teamwork would rather pass than shoot in some of those occasions? The PPM "looking for the pass rather than shoot" also helps. But I have not found any role or any instruction that will help as most payers who get in those positions are strikers/offensive players and they tend to be more selfish than the rest.
  6. Genuine question, where can I read about this? I have totally missed this.
  7. And I'm sure it could happen in FM as well, but there are a lot of things that have to line up perfectly for that to happen. Just because he did it in 65 games doesn't mean it should be coded into FM that he should do it there as well. DFKs aren't only dependant on the free kick taker, there also have to be a fair amount of free kicks given in the right positions. As I've said earlier, we've scored 4 DFKs in 1,3 seasons so it's obviously not an issue for everyone.
  8. I don't know why you expect to see them happening often? Beckham scored 15 DFKs during his entire PL-career and he has the record in the PL. It's not like you gonna see a free kick directly scored every year even.
  9. This season (Early October) I've already had 2 goals scored from DFKs thanks to Forsberg and last season Coutinho managed one or two.
  10. Sometimes Football Manager is just brutal. If I survive September, October, November I want a medal. You got any brutal moments?
  11. Have you had any bad chats with any of the players? In my experience time spent at a club is very important. Everything started looking up on the Dynamics-screen once I spent one season at the club. Now I'm considered to have been at the club a good amount of time and only the most serious issues would disrupt the harmony. So maybe all you need is time?
  12. Something is off with away games. Nothing changes play-wise, we have the same kind of domination as home games but we constantly lose points and the goals the opposition score are very often insane ones. Long shots that go in once in a lifetime, ball bouncing like crazy, incorrect penalties, shots that goes straight between the arms of the GK and many more. It's like the "luck"-variable goes upp from 15% to 95% for the opposition during away games. Likewise for me, I almost never drop points at home. No matter the opposition, home just feels too strong.
  13. I've just played 4 months in the PL without a single long-term injury. So it's down to luck, tactic intensity, training and rotation. Can't do much about a concussion during a match.
  14. Do you actually believe there is such a thing as bug free software?
  15. I gave up on that formation and took some advice from here. Went with a bit more classic 4-3-3. It's early days so far but it's the best start I've had so far. The Juventus blip was due to Buffon having an insane day. I splurged the cash after selling Flanagan and Ings on Aymeric Laporte and Sergi Roberto (35,5m release clause) Any pointers on this new approach?
  16. A lot of interesting pointers, thanks a lot! Just got the boot again so I will start a new save and try some of the things you've talked about here.
  17. 1) I saw no attempts at penetration in the middle, but that might be because I've missunderstood the Mezzala role. 2) Indeed, I've added that because everyone just hoofed the ball towards an AF that constantly was offside, I mean, 99% of the time. 3) The idea with the BPD(St) was that he would take the ball and deliver a good pass to either Mezzalas who would then be the start of an attack. 4) I will probably add a box to box or even an AP instead of the Car. 1) I don't think Lovren is as bad as RL would imply He will not stay more than a season however and I will get Aymeric in the January-window. I don't really like a back 4 so I don't think I will do that I absolutely despise Coutinho in FM, I've never ever had any success with him not matter what position I've used him in. There is a lot of rotation going on and I believe Salah can become a really good Mezzala, he's already the best scorer in the team from that position. I do play A-A every other game, he is great already. 2. Aye, pace is something I don't seem to be able to use. I will definitely implement som changes based on the suggestion I've recieved so far. As I said, there is a lot of rotation so no, those are not my best players on the field.
  18. A) Exploit the middle "encourages a more intense attacking mentality in the central areas". I added that in hope more risks would be taking in the middle and there would be more throughballs since I have few players who currently can do much with the crosses coming in from the width. I will think on that and try without it. B) At first I used Mezzala (S) DLP(D) Mezzala (A) as the midfield trio and that didn't work. But I will add some risk to the passing, perhaps remove the carrilero and add someone who actually wants to make a through ball. I've also changed the DLF to a F9 during the last game and I think I saw some improvements regarding the movement from Firmino. I would like a wing-back role that is attacking and yet doesn't Dribble More. A lot of goals against us have come from free-kicks on the left flank where Robertson or Moreno have lost the ball after an unsuccesful dribble.
  19. Here we go again. 150 hours into the new FM and I've been fired 6 times by Liverpool. A multitude of different tactics, all of them containing a plan, none of them working even remotely. It's not that we are scraping by, my tactic is actually making good players turn into championship sides. This is the last failure: It actually didn't start out like this, but my first draft of it was even worse. My idea was to have complete wing-backs bombing down on both sides and forcing defenders to split up giving room for the two mezzalas (one turned into a carrilero since the mezzalas just ran into each other) to wreak havoc in the middle together with the two strikers. After a poor win against West Brom(only luck) an embarrassing loss again Viktoria Plzen where we created nothing I changed from a flat midfield 3 to the shape below. I removed attacking duties on the left wing-back since we gave away around 8 fouls a game and possession on that flank. I got a good reaction and won against Bournemouth 4-0 and Viktoria Plzen 5-0 and then the good times were over. In the premier league I've had 1 win from 7 games after that. Cups are doing pretty good, beating Arsenal 3-0 in the Carabao and Sevilla 3-0 in the CL but losing against Monaco 0-2. Watford destroyed us from set piecies and it ended 0-3. Why is this tactic so bad? We create nothing, score nothing, and concede for fun and I have not the slightest clue as to why. I watched our 0-3 defeat against Watford and it was an endless orgy of corners and free-kicks for Watford while we had target practice on the woodwork. We created one dangerous chance but instead of Firmino just passing the ball to a completely free Mané he took a shot from 25 meters and was closer to the corner flag than the goal.
  20. You might have a case of bad luck then. Not sure about the Man U squad, are there a lot of players with "Might have problems with injuries"? My two first Liverpool-saves was insanely hard since I averaged a 1-2 week injury for every game during pre-season. I stopped adding "close down more" until all of my players were at least 85% match fit. Not sure if that was the reason but since then I've had a lot less injuries.
  21. I've noticed that when I drag a sub in the sub list it's not where the dragged icon is that the sub occurs but rather where the mouse pointer is. Is that what you mean? Regarding individual player team talks, the good thing about this is that you can click multiple players in one go and tell them the same thing instead of having to do it one by one.
  22. You base this on one save game with Man U? How high is the intensity of your tactic? Do you close down more? Do you use Stay on Feet? Are the injuries mainly from matches or training? Do you play players without full match fitness? Do you rotate? If you deal with all of these questions and still have a lot of injuries it's probably just bad luck.
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