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  1. I don't agree. I'm 4 months in and I've seen 2 or 3 shots going completely wild.
  2. I too see improvements (I think, might be placebo). My left IF produced 3 assists in positions where he would have taken a poor shot before the patch.
  3. Custom skin? If not, try to clear the chache, might do the trick
  4. I think I'm done with this years version of the game. After 626 hours I feel there i no more enjoyment to be had. Make no mistake, this is a very good rating as no other game gives me this many hours. But this will be my last feedback: (All of the following points is something I have seen very often during every season and it's not just happening to me, this is happening in both directions) 1. Bouncing balls - it's not uncommon to see a ball bounce between 2-3 players before finally ending up as a perfect assist. The ball physics reacting with players must surely be very off? Surely this isn't pinball? 2. Injury time - I have during 600+ hours I can count on one hand the amount of games that just ended within 2 minutes of injury time. Instead it's quite common that 5 minutes turn into 7 minutes. My record being 9 minutes after a 4 minute add. 3 yellows and a goal apparently is sufficient to add 5 minutes? 3. Corners - Or rather how corners happen. Again, one issue is the weird bouncing balls and balls bouncing in a human and then go for a perfect 45 degree without losing any speed out for a corner. Another is the awful backpass, a player with zero pressure misses an easy back pass and goes out for a corner. Another is the keeper saving a ball thats 2 meters away from goal. I would say about 40% of all the corners I watched have been created in a normal football way, the rest are just so strange. 4. Saving the ball from throw ins - This one have created a lot of unnecessary chances. The ball is headed out for a throw in in a harmless position, a defending player runs to save it from going out, manage to do so but then freezes at the line, allowing an opposing attacker to run 20 meters, pick up the ball and then stroll into goal. This also happens with corners, but throw ins is more common and more unnecessary. 5. Understanding tactics and how to get it to work is in general too hard. It's also too hard to analyze the game because you don't know if the strangeness you watch is due to weird ME quirks or your own tactics. This is of course a very big question and many would disagree. 6. Offsides and the insistant "camera man" deciding that I have to watch a billion of them each game. Not sure if there are too many of them or if the highlights on comprehensive just show them too often. Sometimes feels like there are more whistles in FM than in a regular game of NFL. 7. Decisions - This is more likely due to my tactics as I often see opposition having great decisions. But it's very common that a player is just one easy pass away from putting a team mate into an easy tap-in position, but instead of squaring the ball there is very often a poor shot going straight into the stratosphere. I've personally built up my team with players who have very high Decisions, teamwork, vision and passing in the offensive areas and yet I see very few assists in this matter. It's more common that the attacker shoots, the ball bounces in a weird way and then the team mate gets the ball and scores. 8. AI injuries - It's very common that the AI plays a starting eleven with 2+ orange injuries. It's also common that they ignore to substitute injuries of that kind during a game. Chelsea was 3-0 up against me when their hattrick-hero Pedro got a knee-injury, but instead of subbing they let him play ALL game. He was out for 4 months after that game which they won 4-0. A key player like that anyone would substitute if the score was comfortable in the 60th minute and no subs had been done. 9. Crosses - Not so much the scoring from crosses but rather the ability to get a decent cross away. It doesn't matter if there are two defenders on the crosser and he has is back towards the penalty area, he still whip around and manage a great cross perfectly aimed at striker. If the crosser have 10 or 20 in his crossing attribute seem of little relevance, his balance and agility seem to not matter either. All in all I give the game an overall strong 8/10 and a 10/10 for value for money.
  5. I prefer leagues with less than 30 league games but I also love playing in England. This usually means I end up creating my own version of the Premier League (longer transfer windows, winter break and fewer games). I think the last PL I created looked something like this: 15 teams playing each other twice Transfer windows between 1st July - 1st October and 1st January to 1st March Winter break 20th Dec - 10th January (something along those lines)
  6. I rarely praise them individually, I've noticed it may backfire too often. I once told a player that he was really good in the last game in front of goal because he scored ha hattrick. He didn't agree, he thought he could to better and he dropped on morale instead. Another thing I've noticed regarding pre-match talk is to NEVER ever use the "We owe X for what happened last time"-line. It always give green and everyone is happy about it but in over 600 hours of FM18 I have never won after using that line. Not once.
  7. Yes, can only agree on this! Last game I had to watch 20+ offsides (from both sides), neither of them a disallowed goal or a dangerous situation. Was a very very boring game to look at.
  8. This feature, as pointed out by people above, is absolutely horrible in FIFA when you've played a couple of hours. Adding it to FM would never be good enough. Not with the current technology at least.
  9. There is a small "i" icon next to the names of the players that you can hover your mouse over and you will see the attributes as well.
  10. Thanks for that, Svenc. The only thing to do then is to continue to half ignore, half get really annoyed at the legendary stat that is CCCs
  11. Hello! CCCs is a statistic that I find most puzzling in FM and one I look at a lot even though I probably shouldn't. I watch the games and usually when I see a CCC it's a good chance, but sometimes it's just not a good chance or there are 2-3 CCCs from the same moment because the ball hits the woodwork, then it's the goalie and then misses/scores or something like that. I have some questions regarding this stat, since it's in there and it's hard to completely disregard, especially when it looks like this over a season: As a top 3 side this is what I created during a season. 67 CCCs in all competitions (Scottish PL, Betfred Cup, Scottish Cup). I allowed 34 to be created against me. We scored 31 of those (46%) They scored 20 (59%) Is all of this reasonable? Thats basically my question. Since I'm not sure exactly what is a CCC and I can't connect it to the real world I don't know if it's good or bad. Is 46% a low conversion rate? Is 59% too high? I need some clarity regarding this annoying stat
  12. Just wanna say thank you to all who gave feedback and advice! I've now come to the conclusion that I don't have the patience or the intelligence to put together something thats even remotely decent so instead of ripping my own hair I'm simply gonna give up and go back to downloaded tactics! Sorry for wasting your time.
  13. Haha, 6 months out in pre-season, hence the buy of Özil. I've made some changes and started seeing some improvements from Salah when I put him as an IF even on the left side. Will either get a better striker or try to use Firmino in another role as well. Seems like a good idea! Hopefully I can make it until the summer, had a good result against Chelsea and Leicester so I moved up a bit and might make it until January at least. 1. I only use one winger now and an IF on the left and it has been looking better. 2. I started using him as an Enganche but nothing happened from the AMC-role. When I switched to a treq I saw some positive movements, but an AP might be the next thing I try. 3. The plan is too get a better DM in as soon as possible. I will probably sell Firmino as he isn't the kind of player I want in the long run, that should fund a Kante-type DM. Keita will be my Segundo Volante once he arrives. 4. Yes, good point and I have changed one CB to an ordinariy CD. Play out of defence is mainly to avoid the worst "hoof the ball"-moments but maybe thats incorrect thinking on my part. Will do as you suggest and change both to CDs. 5. I played him as a DLF-A at first and also tried him as an AF but he just can't perform. My next test will be as a DF and trying to get my IF to be the main goal scorer instead. Dumb idea?
  14. They seem to waste a lot of possession. Constantly making poor runs. I've played Knap tactics a lot and I like them, but once in a while I get tired of tactics that just steamroll everything so I try to create my own. With frustration being the end result every time
  15. Might be a strange thing about this save as well. I'm 10th after 14 games with 24 points. Stoke is in the lead with 30, Newcastle second with 29, then Chelsea at 29, Southampton at 28. It might be a very weird PL-season?
  16. Thanks for your response! Whenever I get the stupid idea to create my own tactic I always watch the games in comprehensive mode, the problem is not necessarily that I don't watch but what I'm seeing doesn't tell me anything about what I should do. So my fundamental problem is that I can't convert the issues I see on the pitch to instructions, mentalities, shape and formations. Actually the negative regarding Long shots is that we haven't scored from any of the 32 shots outside the penalty area. This is less than half of the total shots we have produced in that same period of time. Is that still a lot? Not sure whats good here, but when I've watched I haven't seen a lot of long shots, not more than expected against parking the bus kinda teams. Goals are conceded mainly from individual errors, we have only conceded 9 in the league. So hard to identify much there I think. Wingers is just the latest desperate attempt at getting something from my wingers, as IFs both Salah and Mané were disasters, mostly just running straight into the defence or getting into awkward and harmless positions. So I tried something else (didn't work obviously). Corners and crosses are the main assist types. Yes, the choice of BPDs was something I was far from sure about and I should probably change one of the roles to a normal CD. Rugani is a great BPD but Matip and Lovren doesn't really cut it.
  17. Here we go again, another "brilliant" idea from me that ends up in me realizing that I will never understand the match engine or maybe even football for that matter. This time I had a plan, I had a certain focus and I kinda knew how I wanted to play. These where the bullet points on how I wanted the tactic to be constructed and work in general: 1. I wanted to use an AMC of some sort as the main creator, creating tons of nice killer balls for a striker and some inside forwards/wingers 2. I didn't want to use a ton of TIs just for the sake of it. 3. I wanted to use two DMs to still keep the tactic strong defensively despite having basically 4 attackers. 4. I didn't prioritize keeping possession for possessions sake, I wanted to use the creativity and speed of my attackers to quickly create scoring opportunities. 5. I wanted to use a Segundo Volante as the link between defence and attack. 6. And I wanted to play from defence but allow my DCs to still take risks in order to quickly move forward. This is what I ended up with: It worked pretty nice for about 2 months. I was in the lead in my CL-group, I had beaten Man U at Anfield 3-0 at the start of the season and we had the best goal difference in the league, lounging on a 4th position behind giants Stoke, Newcastle and Southampton. Then familiarity turned to Fluid on all aspects and everything came crashing down on us. End of november now and I haven't won in the PL for 6 games in 10th position and about to get the boot. Quickly dropped down in CL from 1st to 3rd and about the fail my group. I have no idea why. Everything looks normal, we just can't hit a barn door whilst an injured Xherdan Shaqiri scores wonder goals three times in the same game against me. So my question to you: Was the tactic worthless to begin with and luck gave us a good start and a good moral spiral? Where did my thinking go wrong? What of the points above did I completely fail to accomplish with my tactic? It's good that The Reckonist create nice tactics or I would have stopped playing long ago because I can't grasp anything in this game it seems.
  18. I have a save going with the Swedish league and I have the same problem. But the entire point with my save is to push the Swedish Premier Division up on the league rankings so that Swedish teams get better and better and the league becomes more and more attractive to better players so that in the long run I can fight for CL-finals It's a nice and fun project!
  19. Good idea, some months until the transfer window so I will see if tutoring can do something. He is Fairly Ambitious
  20. Nope, the only con he has is that he might have a competitive streak. I never do either, doesnt enjoy big matches, inconsistent and injury prone har big nopes for me but this guy according to my best scouts got none of those.
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