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  1. I've had that as well, but no game played even. Just two news items one telling me James Milner is back from his injury, the next item telling me he is gone again for 6 weeks. Two weeks later Henderson returns, only to instantly get an injury in training for another 2 months.
  2. Indeed, I've had the occasional rotation player coming up to me and complain about lack of playing time when he just started to get playing time (two starts in a row). The wording here should either be "I know I've just started to get some playing time and hoping this continue or I might have to look into other options". Or I as a manager should have the option to point out that he just started two games in a row and he should focus on his performances rather than demand even more playing time. Or something along those lines.
  3. Assuming those calculations are all correct they only calculate the result based on a favorite vs an underdog. But in reality favorites turn into underdogs and underdogs turn into powerhouses depending on form, injuries, signings, selling players, manager changes morale etc. There are so many things involved that I don't think it's realistic to add a percentage thats considered "realistic". It's also very different from league to league. There are several sensational results in the Premier League so far, more than your percentages in FM15 would allow for. Even the boring Spanish league have sensational results, Barca losing against Celta Vigo for example...
  4. Ah, then I understand From some of the screenshots for FM16 it seems that they are visualizing numbers a bit more. Adding a bit more flair to them so to speak. Maybe it's something you will like!
  5. I just don't agree with you at all. I don't think an "office look" would add anything at all in the long run, and any game that have gone with that approach has been awful in it's menus. Wasting space like that is not something I would ever like since I often play on small screens because I travel a lot. Interfaces will always change and sometimes it will be vast improvements, other times it might not. But right now I think it is very good and I don't get bored by it (because it's just a tool to help me achieve what I want on the pitch), not even after the low amount of 850 hours I've spent so far on FM15. What do you mean with excel build up? Do you want to remove numbers? In a game where statistics is so important I don't see how that could be done.
  6. Personally I prefer functionality over looks. When I play hour after hour after hour it's more important that everything is as easy functional as possible, rather than gorgeous. EDIT: I'm not saying one have to exclude the other. But thats just my priority.
  7. Was the original stadium using the same design? I'm not certain about this, but it might be that when you get a new stadium they try to implement one based on the look you had before. From what I know the stadiums all use different templates in how they will look. So if you had 4 stands in your original stadium it might be that the game simply use a similar template. I'm probably the wrong guy for this subject...
  8. I believe it will become rounded as it expands. So keep winning and gaining supporters and it will eventually expand into a size where it is rounded. Not sure it is possible any other way.
  9. Do you have more than one graphics card, maybe by using a laptop?
  10. But the thing is you complain about stuff and when you get a question from one of the actual game makers all you can come up with "It's not my problem". Great attitude.
  11. Fair enough. I always get excited about new FM, it's probably my addiction talking.
  12. It's obvious that you have never been infected with gaming-hype if you feel that way. Take any random MMO that's currently 5 years from release and be amazed by the extreme hype that it can cause. 6 to 8 weeks is nothing for hype.
  13. Super excited, but it is always at this point I have trouble to motivate me playing the current FM... I want FM16 now!!
  14. I had no idea thats what I've been waiting for... Also, check this out (the latest video): https://instagram.com/footballmanager/
  15. Hey, What you are describing is something you would like to do via the database Editor. If you use Steam you will find it under Tools in your Library. The in-game editor is a new addition and it's not intended for what you want to do.
  16. This is what makes FM so darn fun! In one save I turned Linus Wahlqvist into a world class DC. In my current save he is barely good enough for Swedish Allsvenskan.
  17. Even if that is true, these well known wonderkids was discovered by a scouting network at some point before they became well known. It's not like there is an instant e-mail sent to all interested in football everytime a new would be star turns 15...
  18. Liverpool is always my first save in all new FMs. It's going to be really interesting to see how they rate players like Benteke, Firmino and Ibe in the upcoming version. If Balotelli remains in Liverpool after the window is shut it's gonna be interesting to see if he is the same kind of beast as in FM15. He should have been nerfed.
  19. Could it have something to do with your club being very rich and thus making the AI up the bid because they know you can pay it? Are there any rivalries between you and the teams you try to buy from? The manager not liking you for example? Are you offering add-ons or just the full sum? Are the clubs that get the lower bids higher rep than yours? I believe these are a few of the factors that might weigh in on transfers. I might be wrong.
  20. I'm glad to hear (sorry for you) that it happens! Increases the realism very much indeed.
  21. I'm also interested in this because I think it might occur far too little. I never see it. In this case it was actually injuries that made him fall from grace, but does it ever happen that a big player simply don't perform in his new team? IRL examples: Fernando Torres from Liverpool to Chelsea Verón from Lazio to Man U Kaka from Milan to RM Does these sort of flops ever happen in FM? I've never had an issue where I just can't get my signings to work unless they are injured or getting old (calculated risk).
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