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  1. 13 minutes ago, mightypvfc said:

    Well, when you're releasing a game every 12 months you need big headline features to keep the user base happy. It's all well and good to implement "under the hood" features as long as you're not planning on pocketing £40 for the game. I'd imagine this game will be marketed for at least £40 on Steam and even more on the Next Gen systems. My question is do you believe this iteration of the game has enough "headline features" to justify the very expensive price tag? 

    Thats a yes from me! :thup:

  2. I see a lot of posts about people playing the game for years despite it being "terrible" and "horrible" and "not worth it" and so on. This is very odd to me, I really don't understand it. Why do you keep on playing something that you continously seem to dislike? I get if you try it and be like "ooh, this was not for me" but to then put another 100+ hours into it is beyond me. 

    Now, I'm not saying you are doing something wrong. I just don't understand it. I just refunded a title I've been playing for years because I didn't think their new product was good enough. So I spent a total of 2 hours in the game, compared to the usual 1000+. I would never find myself playing 300 hours and then look back at it and thinking "wish I hadn't wasted my time on that". Games are fun now, in the moment. If they are not then I leave it instantly. It's weird to me that so many doesn't play that way.

    Sorry, very off topic.

    Super excited by xG and what that hopefully mean for analysis. Can't wait to get stuck in. Hopefully this also means that CCCs are gone!

    Recruitment is going in the direction I want, less micromanage scouting and more relying your recruitment staff to sort it out. Very keen to dig into that!



  3. 4 minutes ago, davehanson said:

    In your post you say more time off doesn't mean more development time. I think you are clutching at straws as you have no idea how to quantify what you wrote in your original sentence. 

    Running costs. Let's say 2021 will be their only income source for two years because they want to release 2023 next and skip 2022. The sales of 2021 have to be sufficient to cover their running costs for a full extra year.

    If we assume their staff is scaled to their income every year this would probably mean a lot of staff would have to be let go. 

    This is of course broad generalizations based on very little information regarding how they operate and what their profit margins are, where that profit is invested and so on. But this would be a reason that development time doesn't increase, it increases for those still in the company, but if they have to let go of half their staff then it really hasn't increased.

  4. 23 minutes ago, Fatkidscantjump said:

    Fair warning i'm not a tactical genius by any means, in fact i'm rather new to the game. Heres some stuff that I can say lookin at your tactic.

    - Feels like lone striker as an AF could get isolated especially since theres no other player that will run into the box. I would change striker role to something like PF / DLF / F9.

    - Feels like DLP + RPM is a bit overkill, unless you specifically want that for your team to impose a style of play. I would change DLP to a simple DM OR keep the DLP and change the RPM to something more conservative since he is on ur more offensive wingback side.

    Those are the 2 obvious things that comes to my mind but also some minor things depending on the opponent like increasing team mentality and/or switching up duties (changing CM to attack vs weaker sides for example) could also be considered.


    Will try some other role for my striker! 

    Actually not sure why I have a DLP in the DM-strata. Think it's just something I've overlooked. He is going back to DM.

    Thanks for the input!

  5. Hey!

    I've been climbing quickly with Port Vale (unrealistically so of course) but now we are getting stuck in the Championship and I mainly feel it's because we are awful at finishing whilst we at the same time let almost all CCCs against us.

    We are leaders in Shots on target ratio at 63% but we are stuck in 21st place on conversion rate.

    We have in the last 50 domestic league games created 41 CCCs but only scored 26 while on the other end teams have created 28 against us and scored 21.

    Goalkeeper might be an issue here.

    Tactical-wise, how can I improve?


  6. 2 hours ago, JR866Gunner said:

    For me at the moment its player happiness... 

    I have gotten my small Shrewsbury squad into the Championship and having survived the 1st season punching above our weight we are now into our 2nd season. I have one striker who wasnt really firing on all cylinders before but the tail end of last season and the start of this he has bagged 6 in 8 appearances. Now he has been unhappy at the squad for some time and was wanting 1st team games. Annoyingly though I promised it to him and he has started lots of games and proving to be a regular. Thing is his status is still set as unhappy despite me playing him so often. Seems to be taking ages to register that my promise has in fact been kept.

    To add to this I cannot offer him a new contract, it expires in June of the following year and its now Sept... I am sure with other players this promise resets as such quicker.. not with this guy frustratingly.. 

    There is a screen where you can see promises and if they are green (fulfilled) or not. That screen also shows the time period. So even if he is happy with his playing time he needs to remain happy until that time is up. But I can't remember from the top of my head where that screen can be found. Maybe the manager profile?

  7. On 04/09/2020 at 22:02, fivetwelvepony said:

    Here are the season ratings of all the players to make a league appearance for me. One of them won league player of the year at his position. Want to guess which one, and what his position is?


    Well, considering how goalkeepers almost never get a rating above 7 in this game he is a superstar! My goalkeepers usually end up around 6.66 for a season. Everything above 6.7 is a superb performance it seems.

  8. 17 hours ago, _Daniel_ said:

    Inside forwards on attack can be quite single minded and selfish when looking for goal scoring opportunities, maybe consider playing him on support. You can use get further forward to increase his runs into the box.

    Yeah, I've started to notice that lately. I've switched the IF to Support and hope it will do some good. No similar situations yet so can't really say if it will help this particular problem.

    13 hours ago, Experienced Defender said:

    His poor decisions attribute rating seems to be the key reason in this particular case. Your tactic looks decent overall. It can be improved by a couple of tweaks though, but I don't think the situation from the screenshot was caused by the tactic (at least not primarily). 

    Fair enough! I'm tweaking it right now, added lower tempo which seems to improve the team overall. Hopefully it will allow them to do better in similar situations as well.

  9. 1 minute ago, Pasonen said:

    Is this situation after def corner? Why advanced forward is so far behind? In this specific situation it would need lower tempo and direct passes (maybe), but then again that would affect everything else. Dribble less could also help. Its hard to build whole tactic around this. Maybe some individual traits could help?

    Hehe, the one who is completely free is actually the BBM and the AF got brutalized by opposition player and just got up on his legs there. Thats why he is so far behind. I think the situation arose from a def corner.

    Hutchinson have had a few incidents since this match where his first solution is a shot, so I will think about your suggestions and try a few to see if something helps! 

  10. I've had a few of these situations but this one was pretty extreme. Hutchinson had been running unopposed for several metres before reaching this position. Instead of passing he shot straight into the defender a millisecond after this image was taken.

    What decides this?

    He is an below average player for League One. But I see this in all competitions no matter the level and I almost never see the pass instead of the shot.

    So my question is really, when should I expect a player to do the right thing here and how can I improve the chances of that happening? Is my player simply too bad at key attributes? Is my tactic doing something that doesn't promote good passes or am I simply expecting too much from players in these situations?






  11. 1 minute ago, Experienced Defender said:

    @Karnack Your question requires analysis of your tactic and therefore cannot be asked or answered in this quickfire thread. Therefore, you need to start your own separate thread, ask the question again there (preferably with a screenshot of your tactic). 

    Please do so and you'll surely get some feedback :thup:

    Yeah, I wasn't sure if it deserved it's own thread or not, thanks! Any chance you could pm me the post so I don't have to rewrite it? :P I'm lazy like that ;)

  12. Hello!

    I took over Ross County in december last year and everything looked alright. Didn't think so much about the fixture list. 

    This year however I think something has broken. This is the fixture list:

    As you can see there is a break in the Premiership between 24th of October until the 26th of December. Then we go nuts in January and Feb with 18 games in total in those two months. All I can find about the Premiership is that there usually is a break between 30th of December to 17th of January. So this is surely not right?

    I don't have a custom database loaded in this save.



  13. 24 minutes ago, XaW said:

    Before I even begin to discuss this. What is your agenda here? To vent steam, or try to figure out what happened in your game? If it's venting, then please say so, because anything we discuss is moot if that's the case.

    I've given up, this is what Trump would sound like if he played FM.

  14. 50 minutes ago, Bielsa1975 said:

    So what your are saying is real life again ,like i said before search google and find a transfer where a club turn down millions for a 16 year old but took peanuts instead !!!

    On my game my head of youth development  is NOT doing his job despite him being better than all the premiership head of youth im paying him 35k a week to just sit there ,despite my club being the top rated club on FM and everything just as good and better than the same AI clubs who get great prospects year in year out ,and can you please stop quoting real life examples because the game is far from real life ,but real life is quoted just to hide the fact the AI favours AI 

    Agents in real life get the player the best deal - on FM the agents get there player the worse deal 

    Transfers- human club from AI club player worth 20million will cost human 140million - AI to AI around 40/60mjllion human to ai player value 50million your lucky to get anywhere near that after the player is unhappy after the first bid and whacks a request in ,but human can never get a player from AI team to be unhappy and make rest of his team mates unhappy 

    I could rant on ,but the like i said everything on the game is designed to hinder the human player ,spending millions on youth set is pointless waste of cash as it does nothing to improve your youth ,its easier just to scan youth intake list and poach them yourself .

    But hey so long as the ME can be improved each year we can just wallpaper over all the important parts 

    And i will take my ban of the forum seeing as im not posting within the rules ,oh its a great game look it happens in real life 😂😂 

    So what you are saying is that the game/AI is against you because you are a human player and you have a constant disadvantage and yet you are the most reputable club in the world. Who did that? The AI?

  15. 1 minute ago, Bielsa1975 said:

    Im in my 12th season and im saying what i see in the game ,is that not allowed ? Or do we all have to sit here and say its wonderfull for fear of getting banned ? I didnt know he was si staff ,so hes hardly going to say its not is he ,and like he said theres a "chance" your club could do the same to AI , theres also a chance "you" could win the lottery mate ,so am i lying or his he lying ?

    I know he isn't lying nor do I think you are lying but you are frustrated which is common. But don't take it out on people calling them liars.

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