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  1. 2 minutes ago, Mr U Rosler said:

    It would normally need a preseason to bed in the tactic, but you started well so that can't be the issue. 

    Beyond that, it's about keeping morale high when you're winning without drifting into complacency. 

    Stick with it, it should come good in the end. 

    Since I wrote that we have actually started to look like we did in the beginning of my tenure so I will keep at it! Thanks for the tactic, I love the movement from mezzalas

  2. I'm getting very inconsistent results with this. It started out working magic. I think we had 7 wins in 8 games with a Middlesbrough who should be fighting for promotion in the Championship. But since then I've only won 6 in 15 games and we are now looking more like a mid-table team. I will keep at it since I took over Middlesbrough in the middle of the season and have only had a January transfer window. But the players I have should be good enough for play-offs.

    Any suggestions?

  3. I love most of the game this year except set pieces. Throw-ins are just bizarre, more often than not the player throwing the ball just tries to throw it straight into an opposition player. I've had more goals against me from my own offensive throw-ins than from corners. Which leads me to the next set piece that just have turned impotent. A lot of corners each game yet I rarely see anything dangerous (just lost in extra time against Stoke thanks to 2 corner goals from them in short order, but other than that :P) from them. Penalties are also strange. But I'm playing Oxford United and we might not have good enough penalty takers. But I see less than 50% conversion rate on penalties. Those penalties we do put away are never winning goals but rather 3-1 or 2-0. So this might have to do with my players Mentals.

    Otherwise, a great improvement on FM20!

  4. 3 hours ago, h3nrique_SEP said:

    stopped playing my LAFC save after i had 22 in a game

    if i got 20 in 33 minutes i would smash my monitor :lol:

    Did you notice anything weird about how you got that many?

    I'm asking because I recently had a game where my corner taker sent the ball into the same defender (standing close the corner flag) about 8-10 times in a row, each time it went out for a new corner. So I think I had 12 corners in the span of 10 minutes or something.

  5. 20 minutes ago, dunk105 said:

    The FM XG goals puzzles me as one on ones don't seem to count anywhere near being 1XG. Have had a number of games where a 1v1 in the first minute only adds 0.2-0.3XG to the expected goals this really doesnt seem right for Harry Kane through on goal with just the keeper to beat- the SI XG just seems ridiculously stingy and doesn't reflect what Im seeing on the pitch. Sure if you asked the player he'd expect to be slotting away at 75% of them.

    TInfoil hat on but SI choosing to not use the real life XG algorithm feels as if its a way to mask the same issue we had in previous versions- ie we score in line with XG but only because SI have their own implementation of XG.

    As far as I can tell xG doesn't care about the skill of the player involved. It just cares about a large amount of similar situations and how often it is a goal in those situations. It's not meant to be a stat for specific players but rather it's meant as a stat to tell if we are creating good enough chances in general as a team. A 1on1 that gives an xG of 0.3 is still 0.3 no matter if it's Messi or if it's me trying to score.

  6. 11 minutes ago, Dan1297 said:

    Hey, just to touch on this; how do I see individual xG for my players? I had expected it to be in the statistics tab but cannot see it. Am I being obviously  blind? 


    I think it's missing in a couple places, including Squad view. It's included in known issues. This might also have been reported as a bug, not entirely sure!

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