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  1. 9 hours ago, blahblab said:

    Actually I mean deterministic. Absolutely no doubt about it. The algorithms that runs the match engine make results mostly pre-determined against high quality teams. 

    Just had my top of the league team beaten 7 times in a row away at liverpool. we're favourites and i've taken the lead every time. Have tried attacking on the lead and defending on it. I'm top of the league. all players have really good morale, match fitness,, etc. 

    What's really obvious is that we've had way more shots in all but 1 game. Way more. They're not outside the box shots either, they're in front of goal, inside the mx.  The final straw was the last straw- goal on 91 minutes.


    Diferent formations ch time. e.

    This game is a nonsense and full of it. 

    I'd like a shot at that game as well. Please upload. I have a pretty poor grasp of how things work tactically but I have no doubt I could win it by using the few things I have learned.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Svenc said:

    Take a look through Crystal Palace's first 8 Matches in the last Season, Real Madrid's first half of the Season 2017/2018, or Burnley's wins in the same season, or Juventus' early 2015 Season (all Whoscored.com). Honestly, do it.

    And None of their Mangers sets up their sides to have "moar shots" (or vice versa), as that's Happening by Default against Opposition sitting Deep. It's astonishing how few get that. A huge shot Domination isn't anything brilliant, it's simply the result of different tactical choices.

    Not sure if this was for me or? :P

  3. 11 minutes ago, Svenc said:

    Surely it depends on the shots?

    Plus, what does it matter if every time the ball is dropped Things fall apart and the Opponent can walk into your own box?


    It sure does, and this is where the game is lacking in information. It's soooo hard for some of us to understand what's actually a good chance in this game. I have a serious issue with this, I see us having 10+ shots on goal a game and the opposition GK often reaching 7,8+ rating. To me it looks like the GK often makes super saves and it's annoying, but with a little digging I also get that 90% of my shots are just really poor chances.

    It seems really easy to create a tactic that just bombards the opposition with shots and it often looks like domination, I know I fall into that trap a lot :)

  4. 10 hours ago, sporadicsmiles said:

    The chances of a player scoring from that distance are small, I would think. It is a nice chance to make, but finishing will depend on the striker you have. This is a pretty long range chance still, so the 'keeper has plenty of time to get into a good position for a save. Also, the striker has to shoot quickly, before he is closed down. He will not have a huge amount of time to move forward, and the space he has is only going to get smaller. You should expect some of them to go in if he has good finishing (and possible long shots still count here). Equally, PPMs will make a different. "Places shots" and "shoots with power" can make a huge difference here, I think.

    Out of interest, do you play with a left wing back? To me, the AMC could also play a ball out wide to an overlapping wing back on the left. There is a tonne of space for such a ball. You would also have 3 players attacking any cross that comes in. It can be an alternative way to create chances from situations like this one. 

    I do have a left wing back on Attack and he is actually out there outside of the frame :) Thats also happens now and then, but we have trouble converting from crosses, my striker who is a tall fellow with 15 in heading rarely scores headers for some reason. 

  5. 29 minutes ago, Svenc said:

    That's a crucial question in terms of enjoying the game actually. One the game fails to provide reliable feedback for. Is this a "good Chance?" Generally, yes, obviously. However, this isn't quite a Chance where the keeper cannot react to Things anymore, no less as the ball isn't provided from any angle -- a crossfield ball for instance has to Change direction in an instant with the shot, or it goes way off target. The direction of this ball after the pass won't Change overly much. Then it may also matter if the shot is taken first time or not -- the former of which should give the keeper less time to react and still come off his line. Speaking of which, if he Comes off his line Prior to the shot, that makes the target smaller and the Forward more likely to simply hit him.

    Some of this is hard to assess from a still Picture (and that's not going into the player's footednesss, which should/may also Play some role). With all that said, to me through balls from central positions at no angle tend to be some of the most "overrated" Chance types on FM of all. And have been for a while (regardless of release). Even moreso if the Forward is immediately hounded and closed down (which typically happens upon receiving the ball). Whilst they may be rare/r depending on the release, I#d take a bonafide cut back to a Forward from wider positions over this any time of the day, as in tendency it takes the keeper half out of the Picture already, and tends to give the Forward more time. Additionally, there's still quite some distance between goal and taker in the above picture...


    edit: Without SI giving some of their "numbers crunshing" away, we cannot say exactly of Course HOW good a Chance that is. In General Football Analysis "big scoring" chances, start at About 1 in 5 rates (or 20%). That sounds lowly, but the average shot conversion is half of that, and penalties even by specialists aren't converted roughly 15-20% of the time Long-term -- a Situation which for once puts the keeper at a severe disadvantage. Assuming the game would assign a similar number on the above Chance (slightly modified by Player traits, etc.) -- the Chance of "not scoring" in ten would be mathematically about 10% (80% ^ 10). And if it were that high -- this is just an assumption -- one should see it quite regularly. In games code, far lesser "Probabilites" tend to repeat, see this talk from 25 mins onwards. :) 

    Precisely the right person to answer my question. Thank you, won't feel to bad about those misses now :)

  6. I've been trying for quite some time to get my AM to consistently create good chances without much success. So I started to analyse the issue and I've noticed that the AM actually creates these kind of through balls pretty frequently (#19 passed via the red arrow to #22 Spalek). These chances have yet managed to turn into a goal and over the last season and I've had more than 10 of these. What often happens is that either my IF or my Striker gets the chance and they have ALWAYS shot straight at the keeper.

    Do I expect too much from a chance like this? 


  7. 8 hours ago, Experienced Defender said:

    I don't know any one of your players, including the AM, so I cannot tell you how you could or should use him (or anyone else for that matter). What I can tell you though is that 3 attack duties among the front 4 is a bit too much in a top-heavy system such as 4231. Two are quite enough.

    You also need more penetration from deep. That's all the more reason to "sacrifice" one attack duty up front for one in a deeper position (more precisely - a fullback position).

    As I said, I don't know your players, so it's impossible for me to tell you which exact role/duty you should give to any of them (and I don't even know if a 4231 is the right system for your team). I can only give you a possible example of how you could set up a 4231 to get some more penetration and variety:


    Thank you, a lot of good ideas. I can also add that the current choice of players is not the most "optimal" starting eleven, so in general my players are more suited to the roles chosen.

    I played around with the AM in a supporting role but found that the BBM and the AM(S) often occupied the exact same area, this is not something you see when using support in the AM slot?

    I want to play possession based football, but I don't think we really have the creativity, flair and dribbling skills right now to break down stubborn defences so that's why I started to play around a bit with countering, to try and get some more space for my very quick wingers fo work with.

    I will try out your suggestions as soon as I get back to playing, thanks!

  8. Hello,

    I should start by explaining that there is some unrealistic input in this save, this is a team I created from scratch with zero players (I bought the entire team during pre-season), I also changed the entire Swedish league system. This will of course affect everything, the team not being very well gelled and so on.

    I wanted to use an AM, having failed to get one to work succesfully since FM17. I wanted us to play possession football and probing the enemy defence. It worked quite well until, I guess, we claimed first place in the league with 9 points down to second and everyone started to play more defensively. We have now failed to score for 5 games and things are starting to look grim. Surprisingly (for me at least) we have been extremely solid at the back and the opposition rarely have more than 2-3 shots at goal while we usually have between 8 and 15 shots on goal.

    My first response is rarely to go more attacking, Instead I've been trying to fall back and use counters once I notice that we will have the usual run towards a solid and regrouped defence and lose the ball or fire a pointless long shot. Despite having some of the quickest wingers in the league we have not succeeded with any counters so far.

    At this point I just wanna see a goal (almost at the point where a goal from the oppo would be acceptable :P)

    So, how do I proceed from here? How can I use my AM better? (Got a total of 4 goals and 4 assists from the AM position for the entire season and lately nothing at all. Constantly below 6.4 ratings).


    Only PIs are AM (Take more risks)



  9. I hear ya, but the wording doesn't really make that seem plausible. "They categorically dismissed Joakim Lundmark's interest in the job, stating that the club should not be considering HIS APPLICATION and will instead continue to appraise other candidates for the post".

    At this point it would seem likely that the manager, in this case me, would actually be interested in the job since an application has been brought forth :)

  10. 1 hour ago, vishers said:

    That was my initial thought too. Perhaps the OP could experiment a little and apply for a few more jobs that his reputation is too high for and see if they're rejected aswell. 

    I ended up in Leicester who was 7th in the Championship. I got offers from Watford and Bristol City as well, both in mid Championship. Burnley were the only ones who didn't like me. 

  11. 13 minutes ago, johnhughthom said:

    If your reputation is as high as you say, it may simply be a poorly worded response.

    The supporters spokesman may feel that you aren't genuinely interested in the job, or be taking the point of view that you wouldn't be in the job for the long term were you genuinely interested in it.

    Look at it as a 'yeah right, like he actually wants to come here!' rather than 'ha, like he's good enough to manage us!'

    Could be :) But I actually applied for the job and they didn't even get me an interview, instead they hired Lee Johnson the manager of 16th positioned Nottingham Forest.

    Just a bit odd, maybe not even topic-worthy...

  12. 2 minutes ago, wattzy said:

    I don’t know the exact reason why you can’t get the Burnley job, but from what you’ve shown it looks like you’ve used the editor in some way which has enabled you to win 3 leagues and a champions league in 3 years with two clubs nowhere near good enough to achieve that, whilst probably having a starting manager reputation that doesn’t fit a manager competing at these levels. 

    I apologise profusely if I am wrong, but as is commonly said on these forums - unrealistic input usually equals unrealistic output. 

    Not sure what the editor could do that would affect all of this in such a way? I have money, I increase my budgets because that's how I like to play. I use TFFs Gladiator tactics which makes my teams overperform.

    My reputation is currently continental at 4 full stars. My starting reputation was the highest possible with the highest Licence.

    So the most unrealistic part here would probably be the tactic since money isn't exactly unrealistic.

    Still weird why the Burnley fans would laugh at me I think considering I get offers from Chelsea, Inter, Barcelona and now Dortmund.

  13. Thanks for nice tactics that don't use 3 strikers! :)

    I'm on the public beta so that might be the reason for this, but I can't get the AF to work at all. The tactics are good, but the AF have so far produced 5 goals (2 pens) in half a season as Liverpool.

    I play with the 3.0 DM verison, I also tried the latest one you posted here but the issue remains. AF get constantly below 6,5 ratings.

    Firmino/Salah are the ones I've tried up top, maybe no the right kind of players?

  14. 2 hours ago, Neil Brock said:

    There have been cases where footballers haven't been able to get their boots on due to blisters and they've had to miss matches, so isn't completely beyond the realms of possibility. 8-10 does seem on the long side personally - but maybe some players are less inclined to play through the pain? Was the player in question out for all those 8-10 days as 'red' injury, or did it become an 'orange' injury a few days in meaning they could be selected? 

    Fair enough! This is a player who in general doesn't seem to be very professional, so he might be less inclined to suffer the pain. Have to admit that I can't remember if it turned into an orange injury or not, I've played 1,5 seasons since my original post.

    Anyway, won't take up any more forum space, it's seems like it could happen and I guess it was a case of bad luck!

  15. So maybe a bit more information then? I hike alot (like once or twice a week) and I've had blood filled blisters, blisters that made me want to cry and even flesh wounds after walking half a day with blisters. 8-10 days would is extreme, especially considering the resources a modern football club should have medically. And with the right handling (special bandages and such) I've been able to continue walking the day after without much pain.

    Am I missing some kind of brutal blistering here that I've simply never experienced?

    Sorry, it's a small thing and doesn't really take away anything from the game, but I find it odd that professional football players with and infinite shoe-budget (probably custom made to their feet) could find themselves in a place where suddenly, after a light training session, they have to be away for up to 2 weeks because of something that shouldn't be hard to avoid :D

  16. 45 minutes ago, deaks500 said:

    There are other attributes that contribute to the ability of a coach/ physio ect. so one physio may have a 20 for physiotherapy but a 2 for determination and a 5 for adaptability, whilst a physio with a 12 physio but also 12 in determination and 12 in adaptability would improve the physio teams level as they are more rounded if that makes sense

    Aye, there are other attributes for sure. But I would like more context about it because in some cases no visual attributes are better than the current staff members. And even in the case where Physiotherapy is 14 compared to my current 20 but Adaptability for example is 13 on the suggest staff member and 12 on my current I wouldn't think that the 14 Physio 13 Adaptability is an improvement on my current 20/12

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