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  1. Yep, stadiums are crying out for a bit of variation. In FM 19 Wembley looked smaller than Coventry's Ricoh Arena. I'd love to see a running track around a pitch. However, at the very least I'd like to see the massive tv screens removed from lower league grounds.
  2. Yes, well spotted it is a management sim. We are given a pre-game database editor and have the ability to add kits and badges - so why not a pre-game graphics editor? Or at least the ability to make some changes to make lower league grounds more realistic.
  3. I wanted a stadium editor, they game me a tie clip, suit jacket buttons and laces for my shoes. Reminds me of that Rafa Benitez quote about tables and lampshades when at Valencia
  4. I could be wrong but I think it's due to terraces being closed for Champions League and Europa League matches Therefore the empty section in your picture is closed as it's not a seated area. IRL it would be safe standing but in FM there is only seated and terrace (FM doesn't take into account safe standing).
  5. IRL Despite the rivalry Juventus and Fiorentina continue to do transfer business with each other. Since the Roberto Baggio sale, there's been plenty who have moved from one to the other and even been co-owned (Chiellini). They may be fierce rivals on the pitch, but business is business. There's no no way they would turn down 126 million from a rival for someone they have listed for 64 million.
  6. Here's the league table after 14 games. As you can see, I'm doing alright and picking up points. Best win was a 6-0 thrashing of Nancy. Against the bigger teams, I beat Marseille 3-2 at home but got battered 7-3 by Monaco. Yet to play PSG though.
  7. Yeah, it's more superstition for me. When there's championship at stake, I always try to play the run-in without saving. Daft I know, but I've been doing it for years.
  8. Yeah, I'm sticking with them for this season. Apart from getting my backside handed to me on a plate, away to Monaco - we've done surprisingly well. Just come up to the December 2022 World Cup break and we're in the top 8. I'll put some picture up when I get home. The biggest problem I'm having is being able to attract quality older players to sign. I think it'll take a few more seasons before the reputation of the club catches up with out league status.
  9. The draw for the World Club Cup is usually in December. I don't think anything will appear in your schedule until then.
  10. ... I've managed to return Racing CFF Colombes 92 (formerly Racing Club de Paris) to the French Ligue 1. It's something I've always wanted to do in FM, so please excuse the brag - I just had to share it with someone else other than my disinterested wife. I had a great career with them in CM 01/02 (when they were in Ligue 2), but are now down to National 3 in FM19. I did the promotions in consecutive seasons, which due to the amount of reserve teams in the National leagues, was easier than expected. The hardest part was getting out of Ligue 2 (finished 2nd behind Troyes), but decent tactics, plus momentum (I did not switch my laptop off for the second half of the season when we hit form) helped us through. My long term aim with this save was to topple PSG and make Les Racingmen the dominant Parisian team again. However, with 90k wage budget and only 3 million to spend on strengthening a young squad, I've got absolutely no change of doing that - let alone avoiding relegation. With my 'Icon' status secure, I'll see how the season pans out before I decide to stay or go. Either way, it's been a really enjoyable save so far.
  11. ... forgot to add, a workaround would be to create 3d kit.
  12. From memory, I think if only the shirts are displayed - that's all you can edit in an in-game editor like fmrte. I think the issue is that many of the lower level teams have not had their shorts and socks added to to the db. The only way around this would be by adding them in the pre-game editor. However, this would mean restarting your game.
  13. Try ditching the tight marking, but keep the high press (with the exception of your central defenders/ back three). Also try switching to zonal, rather than man to man marking.
  14. My chairman's just sold my best young prospect. Annoying, but it happens in the lower leagues. What's made it much worse is the following day, I received my board confidence update and the chairman tells me that it was a poor piece of business to sell him! I know the that the game doesn't differentiate manager player sales / chairman player sales - but it takes the urine.
  15. Post a screenshot of their fixtures. Would be interested to see if they've already played the top five in those opening 13 games.
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