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  1. Just had a penalty. Player strikes the ball, it hits the post, rebounds back to him and he just stands there until smothered by three defenders. Let's just say, he won't be taking anymore spot kicks.
  2. Loved the Double. Excellent on the Speccy, but very slow on the Commodore 64. You're right, they never did a sequel. However, they made the excellent Tracksuit Manager a couple of years later.
  3. Nail on head. Playing last night in the 3rd round of the FA Cup in a tricky away game at Rochdale. Under pressure, but still goalless the AI was really trying everything to get a goal. Went down to 10 men after about 70 minutes but hung on in mainly due to putting bodies behind the ball and time-wasting. At full-time I was ecstatic and for the first time in ages (or at least since FM17) I really felt that I had to work for the result against an AI that knew how to set up a team. Not perfect (no games ever are), but very impressed so far. Well done SI.
  4. Only a couple of games in with the new ME - but some noticeable improvements! Nice
  5. Once beyond the beta, I usually just do one long journeyman save.
  6. Yep - I'm seeing a lot of that as well. It has been reported in the bugs forum, so hopefully it'll be sorted for release. Have to say, this is just one of a quite a few issues I've noticed on the pitch. Initially I was impressed, however, after half a season of watching extended highlights, the following traits are very common. Forwards hardly score in 1 v 1 situation Amount of offside goals Long ball over the top too effective - regardless of whether your defensive line is higher or lower players randomly kicking the ball out Players won't try a though ball. S
  7. It's the same lower down the leagues. Ridiculous amount of Beckhamesque crossfield passes from one fullback to the other, when there are easier/more obvious passes on.
  8. Didn't get to play much last night, but impressed with what I've seen so far. One thing I'm struggling with is the manager model. I'm using the same picture as last year (which worked fine), however, every face I generate, makes me look like Gary Coleman with a shrunken head. I'm either doing something drastically wrong - or Si's redesigned manager models mentioned in the feature blogs are not an upgrade on last years offerings. Is anyone else getting bad results - or is it just me?
  9. In the words of Ted Rogers of 3-2-1 (ask your parents, kids) BE -sounds like 3 T - is the first letter of the 10th month A - number 1 letter of a the alphabet. Put it all together and you have BETA on the 31st of October. Congratulations, Tom and Sandra Balaclava - you've just won a fortnight in Alcudia
  10. I've booked Monday and Tuesday off. Anytime then would be great - cheers!
  11. Someone's just posted a pic of the new graphic improvements on another site. If it looks like this, I'm impressed. Loving the shading on the new stands ;) Joking aside, I'm just looking forward to seeing what the new game looks like. I lost my mojo with FM19 in March and absence sure has made the heart grow fonder.
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