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  1. I'm currently managing Wolves, Kitolano failed his work permit application in January 2021 and his original contract expired in July 2021. Now he's still at the club on a rolling month to month contract and is able to play games and be included in squads as normal. I cannot offer him a new contract as he's already accepted the one I offered him in January and he didn't leave on a free transfer at the end of his original, nor does releasing him work without having to pay off £2m, which I assume is his pay off for the contract he's accepted. Alas, my save game is in Septem
  2. Probably, I didn't play much of 20 because of general boredom due to the virus and me wanting to do things outside of my usual gaming for a while. In terms of bugs and stuff. Software can't be bug free, take it from someone who's job it is to make sure software is as good as it can be. There will always be bugs and there will always be a cut off point where the dev team need to stop supporting the current product to work on the next one. Some of the bugs in the ME that have been reported will be rolled in to the 2021 ME. Some new ones might pop up, it's the nature of the beast. Some
  3. My guess is defend narrower with wing backs might be leaving small gaps, the centre backs are too close and there's a space in the channels. Might be way off there. Probably just a ui glitch.
  4. The situation isn't resolved yet as far as I know. Forgive me if I'm wrong on this but Bury haven't ceased to exist yet. They've only been thrown out of the football league and are technically still trading for now, even though it looks dire and they'll probably go to the wall. There is a very slim chance the club stays in the league, (even though the EFL has said no, it might go though courts or something) if and when the takeover happens. The structure of league 2 and beyond also hasn't been decided. So it's a little early IMO for SI to do anything with this situation, especially w
  5. Put the champers on ice, you got this in the bag. Nothing could go wrong now
  6. As long as you're having fun, who cares how good you are? Plus. you're improving, almost promoted? Something to play for there. This coming season will be yours bud.
  7. From the presser they put out it applies to football console games. FM *shouldn't* be affected if they still have the serie a licence. Which as far as I know is yet to be confirmed as no league details have been announced for fm20. I may be wrong on this.
  8. Personally, I think this is probably correct behaviour. How many players IRL have ever had the drive, determination and professionalism of Ronaldo? The guy is a machine and no one has ever matched that sort of intensity and focus in a match and I don't think anyone will. 20 in all three atts is unique to him and probably him alone.
  9. I've had plenty of players who have wanted to leave us to go to one of the big boys. The majority of time I've managed to keep them by doing well. Eventually the team gets uninterested and the guy backs down. Sometimes they don't though. Lost 1 guy on a bosman because of it. Those are the breaks though. Ultimately you need to decide whether it's potentially worth squad harmony being dropped for as long as he takes to get over it. If it upsets the whole squad and the morale drops as a result you're going to have a bad time.
  10. Anyway, regarding your original comments. You seem to be comparing different scenarios. "fine before this batch you either paid a premium like city wanted 300 mill for a 16 yo ok cool or they didnt want to discuss it at all im cool with that" "its not realistic for a 15 yo without a contract to want 50 k a week period and no silly argument you put forward will change it" City wanted £300m for a player under contract. You have the situation there where they've signed pro terms. Whereas you have a 15 year old not under contract in the other scenario and can talk
  11. You started playing CM/FM 3 years before the original CM was released in 1992? Good stuff!
  12. True. I hate the fact you have to rely on a third party's service being available to be able to play a game you bought and never play online. It's mental.
  13. "forever" until the next time denovo decides it wants you to log in online and authenticate at least.
  14. On the flip side I did this to Manchester United as Notts County the other day. We were trailing 1-0, I made a change and the subs I brought on changed the game. We scored in the 92nd and 94th minutes to win. Pretty sure in alternate universe where ai is sentient they'll be on the SI forums saying it's not realistic I just did that to them.
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