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  1. 55m with installments. Yeah he hasn't done much at all for me. Thought he would be the one to get us firing but isn't working so far.
  2. Had a shocking start to my 2nd season with Roma. Currently 10th with about 6 losses on the bounce, think the sack is looming. Belotti has scored 4 goals in 20 games.
  3. Ah I didn't realise its a bug with the ME. He got 8 assists all season, and Phillip who I rotated with didn't do much better. I signed Milik who was transfer listed for 20m and Zorc signed the winger from Kyiv, tsygankov. Might sell Dahoud as he constantly moans, as does Weigl, but both are younger than Witsel and Delaney. Onana was signed in January, doing a steady job for me. Agree at RBL, they are a very talented team if they can keep all there players.
  4. I've just finished first season with Dortmund after having a break from Roma Won the German Cup against Hoffenheim. Red Bull stormed the league, no one got near them. Hoping to do better on that front. Got knocked out in group stage Champions league then shortly followed by the Europa Cup to Chelsea. Made Alcacer a permenant signing. Forsberg was a brilliant signing for me. Think I'll be selling a lot of underperforming players such as Gotze. Exciting team to manage on this year's version.
  5. Every save I've done he is literally winning every game for them so great shout.
  6. Well done winning the league Paranoid. In fm18 I found Juve were similar to some peoples saves in this version. They make some odd signings and become considerably weaker. Thanks for the advice with Dzeko, will definitely be selling and hopefully Schick and Origi are enough for a title run. So tight I think only a few points desperate 1st to 6th. Will try and go for Belotti but feel he might be mega money.
  7. Gone back to my Roma save, some interesting posts in here about them. Really unsure what to do with Dzeko, he's been brilliant but Man United have bid 64m for him with installments, only trouble is that I can't replace as I'm out of the Italian window...do I sell now and rely on Schick and origi who's on loan?
  8. Went with Napoli in the end. Using a vertical tika taka 4141 formation. Was thinking about going for the 442 ancelotti has started using but feel the players are more suited to last seasons formation. In terms of signings I've just gone for youth who will join at end of season. Got Geis on loan as a back up.
  9. I've just started with Roma. Feel the same about those two. What formation you playing?
  10. As always I am unsure who to go for in Italy. So many top teams with potential to chose from. Roma, Napoli and Fiorentina are top choices.
  11. Yes mate you are right. Best part of the season I had it set as on. Have removed it now and don't use either that or stay on feet. Thanks for the help mate.
  12. Won the league with 2 games spare. Knocked out of champions league to Psg in the quarters. Lost to Spurs in the carabao Cup and knocked out of 6th round fa Cup to Burnley. All in all a solid first season, I signed De ligt and Fekir who have become quality signings. Also signed Ben yedder as a sturridge replacement, been vital popping up with a fair few goals too. Play a 4231 gegenpress or 433 gegenpress. Stand out performers have been Fabinho, the main front 3 and Trent. Really worried about Keita and his discipline, 2 red cards and 10 yellow cards in the season. 53mil to spend second season.
  13. Lyon definitely look like a good choice in this year's version. Will be starting a save with them soon. Reading these posts make me want too load it up sooner rather than carry on with my Dortmund save.
  14. I had the same kind of issues with my first Roma save. Was successful second time round, so defo go for it again! I'm currently into January first season with Napoli. Enjoyable save so far. The biggest challenge apart from winning titles will be replacing the older players with younger players who can become as good as key figures in the squad.
  15. Did you sign another left back? They only have 1 other dont they? I'm going too head into Germany, dortmund could be a possibility but schalke seems more of a challenge.
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