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  1. I had Esposito in my Roma save, he turned into a great player by season 3 or so. So Barbosa was the man I went for, and yes your advice was spot on so thanks for that. I ended up selling Lozano to Man Utd, which freed up a space for Zaracho. Barbosa wasn't happy when I tried to loan him out, rejected Liverpool loan bid, so I put him in the reserves and he agreed on the second go. Italy is by far the best league to play in due to the competitiveness, but yes the rules are quite confusing at first!
  2. Another registration issue....so I signed Pedrinho, Zaracho and Gabigol but could only register one due to the Italian rules.... When I go into the registration screen it says ine for two of the other latest signings. Is there any way around this? Selling existing squad player for example? Or is it a case of having to wait another 2 seasons in total before adding them in each season?
  3. So, after taking this advice, I was not disappointed with choosing Napoli. As far as transfers, I sold Llorente and Callejon in January, brought in Armini at the start. Lemar, Daramy on permanents and Guendouzi on loan. The first season was very up and down, and in December I had a meeting with good old De Laurentis asking me to get 8 points in 5 games. I looked at the schedule and had Lazio, Milan, Juventus and Atalanta in the next 5 games, had a little chuckle to myself, and hoped for the best! I managed to get enough points to stay in the job, which in turn led me to a 12 match record in the league of clean sheets. Unfortunately I finished bottom of my Champions League group, which I think also led to the meeting. Atalanta were flying and looked like they couldn't be stopped. I lost to Bologna in the 3rd from last game, leaving Lazio and Milan in my sights and any slip up from Atalanta. I beat Lazio, Atalanta smashed Sassuolo.....In the final game, I was leading Milan from around 74 minutes with a rare Milik goal. Atalanta were 1 up against 18th placed releagated Lecce, and in the 85th minute Lecce somehow got an equaliser!! I ended up winning the league on goal difference! Couldn't believe it! Atalanta scored near on 90 goals through the season, I scored 67. Conceding only 17 is some achievement, although having Koulibaly helps. Now I need to push on and try and keep the nightmare of De Laurentis away from any stick! Goals seem to be my issue, Mertens was my main scorer, but has declined, Milik isn't prolific enough. Any recommendations?
  4. Still haven't decided on which team to have my final save with. Leaning towards Lazio or Fiorentina, although Napoli are tempting, especially with how shocking they ended up on my Roma save. Couldn't get into an AC Milan save. Who would you recommend?
  5. Hi all Another avid Serie A FM player Started with Inter, 4 seasons and dominated. Had a really fun 5 season save with Roma, won the league twice. First and 5th season, managed ok, considering the debt in the club. Lazio really improved on an already solid squad, so was an even bigger rivalry. It was really good to see in this year's version (since update especially) that Juventus don't completely crumble and end up signing average players. Tempted to start with AC Milan and try to make them successful again.
  6. Sacked by Roma in February after getting knocked out by Wolves in Euro Cup 16. I promised silverware to the owners.... Onto the next challenge or maybe I'll go for Inter Milan for less of a challenge
  7. Look at Juve though 😂 Great season for you, well done
  8. Agree. Last years version I was Inter for 4 seasons and Juve squad was an embarrassment. Annoying it hasn't been resolved
  9. Just started my save with Roma. Loaned out Santon and Pastore. Got vignato and a young cm from brescia (not tonali) Going for a 4231, worried about lack of forward depth though. Hope dzeko stays fit. Mike Smalling has been giving a stats increase since the Beta.
  10. Some brilliant transfers there. Would you recommend Inter for a save or is it as mentioned in previous posts a little bit to easy? It sounds like 3 seasons has been enough for you. I'm stuck between Inter, Napoli and Roma
  11. 55m with installments. Yeah he hasn't done much at all for me. Thought he would be the one to get us firing but isn't working so far.
  12. Had a shocking start to my 2nd season with Roma. Currently 10th with about 6 losses on the bounce, think the sack is looming. Belotti has scored 4 goals in 20 games.
  13. Ah I didn't realise its a bug with the ME. He got 8 assists all season, and Phillip who I rotated with didn't do much better. I signed Milik who was transfer listed for 20m and Zorc signed the winger from Kyiv, tsygankov. Might sell Dahoud as he constantly moans, as does Weigl, but both are younger than Witsel and Delaney. Onana was signed in January, doing a steady job for me. Agree at RBL, they are a very talented team if they can keep all there players.
  14. I've just finished first season with Dortmund after having a break from Roma Won the German Cup against Hoffenheim. Red Bull stormed the league, no one got near them. Hoping to do better on that front. Got knocked out in group stage Champions league then shortly followed by the Europa Cup to Chelsea. Made Alcacer a permenant signing. Forsberg was a brilliant signing for me. Think I'll be selling a lot of underperforming players such as Gotze. Exciting team to manage on this year's version.
  15. Every save I've done he is literally winning every game for them so great shout.
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