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  1. Cool, I restarted with Red Star but had to take a break after being kicked out of the EL because I hit the woodwork 5 times in one match, losing by 1 goal difference in the end.
  2. Cool, looking forward to it. Using it with Chievo, going decent but leaking goals.
  3. Yes this would definitely be a great improvement. Imo that screen should be split into 3 columns with 3 rows (so left attack, center attack, right attack for example). Giving you the option to specificy triggers by zones and by players. Also it should be possible to not only tell your team how to press but also how to be shaped differently when the ball is on the right, left etc.
  4. These threads are great: As are the threads from Ozil to the arsenal, WWfan, Cleon (definitely forgetting a few names), some of them are older, but definitely still apply.
  5. Great tactic, top of the league with Feyenoord, only lost 2 games so far both after red cards. Scoring a lot.
  6. It's working pretty well with Dinamo Zagreb so far. Had a rough start with some red cards and some goals against from corners/fk's but now it has stabilized. After 13 games I'm 3rd in the league with one game in hand which will put me first if I win it. Scored 33, got 11 goals against. Unfortunately lost in the 2nd qualifying round for the CL cause of two goals from set pieces. Now first in the Eufacup group stage with 7 points in 3 matches. Pretty happy so far.
  7. A thing I noticed about the tactic is that I only scored 8-10 times from headers. Maybe changing one to adf would help with that. Also I only conceded 5 goals or something from corners (without rebounds that is I assume) and only scored 6-8 times from then. Last thing, it really helps if you have mc's like Guarin, Romero, Hernanes and M'vila who can all score with long shots. Scored around 18 goals from long shots iirc. Makes up for the high amount of long shots I think. At the end of the season i missed Icardi and Palacio 2 months at the same time and my backup rb broke his leg so I'm pretty happy with the results the last 10 matches. Hired that Mayuka from Sothon who did surprisingly good.
  8. Yay finished 3rd first season with Inter. 68 goals scored in 38 matches, 31 goals against. Hoping for a 1-2 spot next season with some big signings.
  9. So far 4th after 25 matches behind Juve, Sampdoria and Napoli so going pretty decent, not great but not bad either. Still winning in the EC. Pretty satisfied so far.
  10. That's the ME not the tactic. It will probably get patched.
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