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  1. Playing a 4231 gegenpressing (very original i know): GK: Branderhorst, mediocre for 1st division, let alone eredivisie. One of the mistakes i made was not signing a better gk. RB: Bart van Rooij 26 apps 14 assists. Sold him to Hertha BSC for 12m Euros after 3 seasons. Rens van Eiden: great veteran DC. Odenthal: average dc, never amounted to much. Not worth investing a lot of time in. DC El Karouani, in my save he was decent. Unfortunately he is an inverted leftback. Scored 8 goals mainly from penalties the first season. Can still do a job in the Eredivisie but isn't as talented as Van Rooij. Baretto, veteran bwm, slow. I sold him in the winter break but that was a mistake. MC Dirk Proper: biggest talent at the club, just a great dlp, biggest drawback is that he is tiny. 27 apps 2g 7a. Could've sold him to Feyenoord for 21m E after a few seasons but he turned it down. MC Elayis Tavsan: decent talent but stopped progressing after 3 or 4 seasons. 23(4) apps, 4g 11a. Twofooted. AMR (also used Terrel Ondaan as a winger on AMR and he also did well). Good enough for midtable eredivisie. Sellouf: can play on both wings but used him mainly as my AMC because he has decent flair. In my save he improved more than Tavsan and is still a backup for my squad in 2024. 26(4) apps 5g 3a Jordan Okita: superfast left winger, did way better than he should. Think thats because the beta match engine wasnt balanced. 30 apss 22g 3a. Sold him for half a million after the first season. Can do a job low level eredivisie because of his speed but needs to be replaced. AML Rangelo Janga, loannee. Maybe I shouldve bought him after the first season. Did well but had some injuries. 20(4) apps 14g 0a. Talented players: Mathias de Wolf. Talented Belgian AMC. Never became a first 11 player in my save but becomes good enough for midtable Eredivisie level. Roefs: 17yo GK, became my first gk in 23/24. One of the biggest talents at the club. Joep van der Sluis. Good backup, never a starter for me because I am extremely biased against low determination players. Players to look out for/buy: Asenele Velebhayi. Talented AMC, but it seems to vary a lot how good he is/becomes. Joseph Baffo: DC, Halmstad. This guy will be free on 1/1/2021. Never renews his contract with Halmstad. Just a good, cheap DC that can do a job in the Eredivisie for 1 or 2 seasons. Wouter Burger: pretty good MC to get on loan if you manage to get promoted. Sven van Beek. Free after 1st season, might not want to join you even after promotion. Injury prone. Lazar Tufegdzic: versatile MC, got him for 68k. Also bought him in other saves. Eredivisie level but nothing special. Mulatierri: Italian striker. Never did this but should have loaned him from Inter. Very wellrounded. Federico Bonini: young Italian DC, got him for 76k in 21/22. First team player since the start. Things I shouldve done differently: the strikers I bought werent great and werent fast enough. I didnt sign Janga after the first season. Maybe I should have because none of my strikers scored enough. edit: i just started a new NEC save and there are some differences between players with my earlier save. Mainly in terms of determination. So in your save Van der Sluis might be better than Sellouf or Tavsan.
  2. NEC is really fun and easy because basically their whole squad consists of talented 18-19 year olds. Started my NEC save during the beta and crushed the league (but beta was too easy anyway) and finished 5th in the eredivisie 2nd season. Promotion and staying up still shouldn't be hard.
  3. Ancelotti played 41212 with Inzaghi and Shevchenko up front.
  4. Cool, I restarted with Red Star but had to take a break after being kicked out of the EL because I hit the woodwork 5 times in one match, losing by 1 goal difference in the end.
  5. Cool, looking forward to it. Using it with Chievo, going decent but leaking goals.
  6. Not 100% sure, but if he is 19 I can't believe he isn't ready yet. I would expect the burn out thing to be more about 16/17 year olds.
  7. Set match tactics training to: tactics only, and set the training to more match tactics training.
  8. Nothing, it's partly because of this patch. Everyone has it to some extent. As long as you create chances you should be fine, at least in the future. You could use work into box shout btw.
  9. In short because that paradoxically reduces our chances of survival as species.
  10. Maybe they don't have (good enough) support from either the striker or the midfielders. If they can't pass back to the mc's when the striker can't be reached they might do something stupid. Is your team fully used to the tactic by the way?
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