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  1. When you begin and enter your profile you obivously put where you were born...... now other than being able to view this on your profile this data is pretty sort of needless in a way even though it is a nice touch but...............what if this was used as an added dimension with regard to job offers.... for example your from london but currently say managing carlisle ..... and after a while you want get the imaginary itch to get closer to london, so clubs could possibly sound you out say like orient, southend to see if you would be interested in moving closer to home etc if they ever were to change manager and if you would be willing to move if compensation could be agreed or something along those lines. Probably haven't explained this very well and I dare say it is kind of similar to having the favourite clubs choices but thought I would throw it out there anyhow. cheers
  2. I signed a non eu player on a pre contract in jan and a work permit was agreed for him to join in july......now he has arrived in July but it says he requires a work permit to play? is this a bug or do i need to loan him to a non eu club for a season to get his games up?
  3. Good work on the extra leagues, Broxbourne in the spartan south midlands football league division one full name is Broxbourne Borough FC. hope this helps for updating purposes etc.
  4. I have been to a few FM related sites and have been unable to find a good English league add on which goes down to level 12 of the pyramid, was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction or post a link up. it would be well appreciated. I had one for FM14 which was done by fmnutters i think which was good but cant find anything from them on 15. Thanks
  5. Same here 32 and that was my first one on the amiga, i remember the update for the 93/94 game for the following season as it was the klinsmann year at spurs. Think FM is pretty much my sole reason for buying a lap top tbh :\
  6. i may have used a fix for the german national side I know the players aren't greyed out on there anymore. I have been playing this game since 1993 and i have never ever seen the point in cheating on it & why on earth would people want to max out there own players attributes to win every time seems very strange.
  7. Been a while since I've been on here and checked your thread. Well done for sticking at it and getting to to the CONF SOUTH
  8. i'm 9 seasons into a save where I begun as Sunday league with no qualifications and I now have all my badges.... I would say that your ratings get a boost every time you complete a coaching qualification and your success in the game. eg if you are a rampant attacking side your attack rating would be higer than your defensive
  9. that's why then as I've done the german national team fix..... seems a bit harsh. Thanks for letting me know anynow
  10. No I only ever play the full game, this is why i thought it was a bit off
  11. I am not showing up at all on the pts leaderboard at all and haven't since i begun the game. I have no custom databases used or have used any editors pre or in game which i have read in a few threads may effect you showing up so i was wondering why I wasn't appearing? any info would be appreciated
  12. Thanks for all the help on this finally sorted the problem. There was a folder called ADD ONS which had a few bits of junk which I may have inadvertently downloaded off the steam workshop at some point :\ deleted the folder and the kits have now reappeared
  13. tried this and they still won't show up???
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