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  1. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    That above I couldn't say any better
  2. First of all, it might not look like, but you're leaving too few in defense when you attack (which you always do on attacking mentality). Danilo as a FB/A will almost every time be completely missing, and I don't know about Mendy's PPMs, but if he has anything like "going forward whenever possible" the he will be too. Your BBM and De Bruyne will also position themselves too far up the pitch. This all means whenever Chelsea launches a counter attack against you you'll have only 3 players in the position to defend against them. Your 2 CBs, and maybe your DLP/D, but he's probably not the best when it comes to defending. Now imagine, your 2 CB in the center, your flanks in defensive stratas completely empty. You might as well say Bon Appetit to the likes of Hazard, excellent dribblers. Even with their 2 wingers and CF it'll create a bit of an overload, let alone if anyone else joins in their attack. You might get away with it with a draw or narrow loss, because your players are that good, but only because. I'd say if you would stick to attacking mentality, which as stupid it sounds might still not be the worst idea (altough not the best too :)), because it would pin them back at least, then have your WB's as WB/D or maybe even FB/D. But I'd recommend going with a lower mentality instead and maybe pulling back your CF too a bit. also I'd either have De Bruyne as DLP/S or switch CM stratas, as Asensio will cut in and would occupy the same space. If you'll have Danilo sit back more then the right wing will be emptied.
  3. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    That's absolutely right, like I said above, when SI finally responded I'm not waiting for anything to happen to FM18. Why I keep posting these is to further emphasize how it ruins the whole game experience, therefore may raise priority on that. And maybe I became too obsessed with this topic too
  4. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    3 new true gems for my collection, didn't need too many matches for these, I think I deserve some reward to develop players/team vastly superior at the crossbar challenge, than anyone else in the world, even Puskás.
  5. That's the thing with regens. You're in 2030, all these kids are superhumans compared to today's players at the age of 21-ish (maybe except the keeper). Answering to your question : depends on you. You don't get better than these, so...
  6. By "how much" I was thinking of the difference of "major" and "don't even bother" But like I said this is as far as we can get here, if I'll have the time I'll do a research, if it's worthwhile I'll publish, if not then I admit you were right telling me not to do it. Can't go wrong either way Thanks for your time
  7. Which I also start to see, so I guess that's as good as it gets now. It's still sounds like "rumor has it that X training trains Y attribute" to me, though. Nothing personal, thanks for your opinions anyway, guys!
  8. I think you're still getting me wrong, guys (or just I am not clear enough, which may easily be the case :)). I know it's quite theoretical, but to take a representative sample of a particular player during 3 months : same playing time entirely injury free same individual training (be it - for the sake of the example - simple positional training) same morale no tutoring either as tutor nor tutee Of course I know you'll never simulate the same circumstances, but still I'm interested what difference would it make between having him on defending training or having him on fitness. Until there is anything proven, it's very hypothetical for me. Still I think I'll make some research. If it yields any worthwhile result I'll share with you, if not at least I've tried
  9. I don't believe it's for nothing. Why do you think it'd worth nothing? If - for example - we take 3 seasons of 3 different saves on full fitness and 3 another on full defending and we don't see just a very slight difference in fitness attributes then it mean's it is for nothing, not the research. Listening to you makes me think you also don't have a proven sample, you also just use general training categories as they make sense, but not entirely convinced about the effect they have. Or do you? I don't want to be cocky, but I think an experienced FM'er like you must have something concrete. Or to make the question very simple : do you think it's worthwhile to focus on "tactics" for example if I play my team a patient, smart game (consistently over seasons)? Or would you recommend keeping it on "balanced" and focus on individual training?
  10. Yes, sure, I know it's not that simple what I would be after is some kind of "simulation research" (which as far as I remember Guido did on Strikerless regarding professionality attribute). To run through a simulated season with a specific player with training "fitness" and "defending" and see how it compares if no given the same playing time, no injuries, etc. But right now as I'm writing that it makes me think if I'm that curious about that and didn't find anything, why don't I do it
  11. Thanks, but I actually knew that, maybe I wasn't clear enough what I'd be interested in is that how much of a difference does it make if - for example - I focus on fitness during the entire season. How much of a difference does it make regarding a specific player's physical attributes in comparison if - also for example - I focus on defending?
  12. Hi! Despite many years in FM I'm still not convinced about the effect general training has on my players, and I couldn't find anything about it, just nonsense, basic info about general training. Anyone had a research on that maybe, what kind of difference it makes if - for example - you do a tactics general training or an attacking one during a whole season? Or on what basis a rotation done has what effect?
  13. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Just started the new season : 1st match : 14 shots / 3 woodwork 2nd : 11 shots / 3 woodwork 3rd : 26 shots / 3 woodwork
  14. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Two recent matches in short succession, panel on the right on the 1st picture is on top, because of another bug (https://community.sigames.com/topic/432786-during-match-panel-positions-are-not-remembered/) which SI also didn't bother to fix. If that won't be seriously rethinked in FM19 I think I won't bother buying FM after so many years, it's just doesn't worth the frustration it causes.
  15. skrew

    Board Request: Create B Team

    That's a very-very good idea, second that.