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  1. skrew


    He's been pretty much a rollercoaster ride for me through 6 seasons at Chelsea, mostly as AP/S - AP/A central. ...until I've tried him out as a Trequartista in a 2 striker partnership. I've been very reluctant to do so since trequartistas and long shots are inseparable, and Asensio has his fair share of wasted long shots anyway, but he's like a revelation in that position
  2. The panels displayed between highlights has wrong z-index. If there's a panel underneath the are you'd like to click on it would match the cursor to that and that panel will respond. To be more clear : 1st picture. Cursor is not visible, but I'd like to click on F.Coquelin's profile (mid-left). ...But instead of that it takes me to Marco Asensio's profile. If these panels disappear and a highlight is displayed and I leave the cursor in the very same position I can see it would normally point to Asensio's link on the team panel. See screenshot#2, mid-left, same position : Since normally the panels between highlights ARE responsive, but only if there is no panel underneath I guess that's a problem of bad z-indexing.
  3. Azpilicueta has just retired and now he is being offered as a youth goalkeeper for his testimonial match. Last on the roster list before match. Here is him retired : And the "young goalie" : Game save is now being uploaded as CFC3.fm (ETA : 10m from now)
  4. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Thanks, Neil, since it's July already I didn't really expect anything to happen to FM18 in terms of woodwork ratio, I'm looking forward for it to be fixed in FM19. Like I mentioned, this problem was present in FM17 too, just on a smaller scale.
  5. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    I've revamped the topic's first post a bit, I'm probing the possibilities to maybe catch SI attention, never giving up Decided to play a match before going to sleep last day, 2 woodwork out of 5 shots, hilarious.
  6. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Just because I have a spare minute and the issue I'm constantly reporting is still there let me point out your increasingly frustrating ignorance, SI. 3 woodworks out of 6 shots, surely you're not telling this is close to normal at all, are you? Of course the opponent hits none.
  7. Just stumbled upon this. @Nic Madden, you're maybe equally happy with the shots hitting woodwork too? Then how about stating in the topic below too, that you're absolutely happy with that as it reflects real life scenario? Just to advertise my topic a bit, because despite 1200 views and many pleas it still didn't worth a single reply from anyone in SI. I'm not ranting, not wanting to argue, I've started that topic very honest and polite. Yet you totally ignore that, what kind of support is that?
  8. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Let's celebrate the 1050th topic view without SI response
  9. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Just to make it even funnier, here's the latest match, 4 woodwork out of 8 shots. I've uploaded a PKM : woodwork_madness.pkm, I don't know if it's any help, but let's tick this off of the list why you might totally ignore me. 08:11 - 2nd (somewhere before this the first woodwork already happened) 23:50 - 3rd 38:40 - 4th
  10. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    I don't know why this topic won't worth a single damn reply from you, guys.
  11. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    It could have effect on that, for example playing at much higher tempo might make your striker rush his decision. But again, my complaints here are about woodwork this time.
  12. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Another 3 in short succession with extreme woodwork percentage
  13. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Next SI person I've spotted is @Nic Madden, maybe he would answer here.
  14. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Two consecutive matches. Woodwork can be seen on bottom right panel. This is laughable. Dunno what else might catch attention, so I think I just start tagging SI staff. @Jack Joyce for a start Edit : 2nd match currently being played just had the 3rd woodwork with the very next shot.
  15. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Still a problem... bump...