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  1. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Dummy bump to keep this topic afloat...
  2. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Yes, since the game offers no statistics for shots hit woodwork (at least not that I know of) collectively I collected them match by match when I had enough, so I think I did my homework before posting here, hence it's quite disappointing not to meet any response from SI. Also strange no one brought this up so far (didn't do too extensive search, but found nothing really), as it's clearly not just for me.
  3. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    I'm actually a software developer, worked on games too, so I'm fully aware of it, but since this problem has been present since quite a while efforts should have been made IMHO (perhaps there was, dunno). It's a lot more important than adding some visual glimmer or so. It start to sound like a classic internet rant, but basically all I was looking for is a promise they'll look into it (and then do it so :))
  4. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Yes, it was always a bit unlike real life, but FM18 really pushed it over the edge, it's pretty much like you have to calculate like you are required to win by at least 2 goals, because 2 decent shots (CCC maybe) will surely hit woodwork. Like out of 9-10 (so not just being 2 out of 40 shots). So in FM19 (let alone a patch for FM18) I'd like to see improvements on ME instead of any new roles, needless music addition, fancy visuals, or any other useless addition. And being completely ignored by SI on this starting to get really-really annoying.
  5. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    So I think I'll bump this topic occasionally until I get annoying enough to provoke at least an official response, as I'm still averaging the same amount of woodwork which in no way is acceptable.
  6. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Any response maybe, SI?
  7. After a few matches : not really, unfortunately. By every match panels are moved by just a little, but consistently.
  8. Hi! Clearing the cache seems to have solved the issue, thanks.
  9. Upon every match starting I have to reposition a few panels, however they get reset every time. See mid-left panel and the bottom right panel. I align them to corners / edges every time yet they reset.
  10. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    I repeat : altough I agree with you this topic was not created for that, one piece at a time
  11. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Too many shots off target is another issue, but that's something always ending up in "it's your tactics mate", I'm not interested in starting yet another conversation about it But woodwork is a completely different stuff. Having thrice as much as any of the team is having in premier league constantly I'm tending to think that's a bit outside of me. I wouldn't also worry too much if it would be just a match or two, as it's bad luck, **** happens, but constantly doing it, from decent chances is something I'd like to see improved.
  12. skrew

    Woodwork - just too many

    Hi! It's been an issue for me since quite a while, now I decided to do a little comparison with real life about woodwork hits per game. I'm playing Chelsea, on standard mentality, not even a "work ball into the box" shout, only 1 of my attacking players has "places shots" (Mandzukic, used as DF in 2 striker system, alongside Morata). Here are my total shots / woodworks per game of the last 13 matches I player (where I started to take notes of this): 8/2 14/1 13/2 13/1 20/1 26/2 23/2 21/2 14/1 30/2 16/3 15/1 21/0 Makes it a total 18 woodworks per 226 shots, meaning 8% of my shots are hitting woodwork. Now I looked up in premier league statistics, took 16/17 season as the sample. Spurs : 669/22 Man City : 633/20 Liverpool : 640/18 Man utd : 591/19 Chelsea : 580/17 I see huge difference here, and find it very unrealistic I usually hit 2-3 woodworks per game. It's been like that since a few FM versions, not just FM18. Can anyone either convince me I'm doing / seeing / thinking something wrong or just fix this maybe?
  13. Just wait when you rage quit for the first time only to find yourself try it again in 30 minutes
  14. On #5 I can agree, that's something I just do but don't like at all, because that's a way to motivate players. But apart from that...while I understand your concerns that's exactly why FM will keep you entertained (and frustrated) for many many years.