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  1. @knapCool I'm guessing sub top would be classed as good category then with underdog/away been under the poor?
  2. @knap Has the testing been done with Norwich yet? Looking to start new game but wondered what was best for Home tactic and difficult/underdog away tactic?
  3. As Norwich tactics aren't going to be updated is there any new subtop/home and underdog/away game tactics in the new version that's coming up trumps?
  4. Will Norwich results show up for the 20.4 tactics soon (If tested)
  5. Awesome got it cheers dude. What's the best subtop/home tactic still Wulf 4132 106?
  6. The 4411 is that FM 20.2.4 TEA FOR ONE 4411 P102 EC or vol 3 version As I noticed a few on there
  7. Cool, will give that ago. Any new home game/sub top that's on the best tested so far?
  8. Is the latest look away still top for underdog games/away games?
  9. @knap Is the Wulf one this one; !FM20.2.4WULF4132Knap(P112)P106ECCCTHP96
  10. On the latest version now 20.2.4 Is there any massive changes in regards to subtop/home tactics and underdog/away tactic when looking at google list? Or is some of the beta tactics taking over? So many tactics to choose from 😂
  11. I'm not in beta yet but what would is the best home/sub top tactic be and best away/underdog tactic?
  12. So is the best underdog tactics and the best home/sub top tactic still the ones on the google sheet? So sicilian for underdog and 20.2.3 wulf 442dl for subtop?
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