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  1. Which 3 tactics are you using mainly during games or do they differ depending on opponents? Sticking with the 4-4-2 or changing here and there? I wish FM allowed more tactics slots!
  2. Yeah it's probably middle leaning towards under dog to be fair!
  3. Started a new game so I'm up to date with data etc rather than using my beta save. What would you recommend for AFC Wimbledon in League 1?
  4. Also what's best for Macclesfield league 2. Is there a difference between the Beta tactic and the official release ones on Volante and Volante anchor
  5. New corner mixed tactic worked a treat first match first couple of corners both goals!!
  6. It's still early days but have you got a idea on what would be best for home and then away in none league?!
  7. Should I use volante for home games only or away games only or both? Currently in National league!
  8. Out of curiosity is this an updated Nvidia driver?
  9. Can I just say it might be down to Nvidia. I had to roll back to a previous version of NVidia drivers (feb release) to fix my issue of jittering when I updated my driver to March version
  10. I had this issue and found it to be the latest Nvidia driver releases. You need to roll back the graphics driver to the Feb release to fix it.
  11. Hmm okay, and are you on Windows 10 or? I've got a feeling that when you did the factorising of the computer whether it's deleted the graphics driver. There's a guide here to find model name: https://www.asus.com/uk/support/Article/565/
  12. What laptop have you got? I'm also wondering when you did the factorising of the computer whether it's missing the graphics driver.
  13. Ahh, so do you not have a Nvidia driver? In that case I'm not sure then as it seems to be a Nvidia issue.
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