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  1. This is a perfect summary (within a very well put together post) that sums up my feeling to a tee
  2. As has been said, there are plenty of ways of making the game 'difficult' or 'easy', starting with how you set up your manager profile with experience and attributes See no point in difficulty levels at all. Quality teams should be hard to play against and top class players should be tough to sign.
  3. I respect Neil's post, but this section worries me and leads me to believe this game may continue going down the right path but with the wrong footwear. The features developed are great, but the ME - and this thread is a big indicator - has been a huge let down this year despite numerous tweaks and it's a massive part of the game. I hope it gets a lot of attention in advance of FM21 - but if playing figures are high, the question is whether SI interpret anything is actually 'wrong' with it, and will instead focus on the nice add-ons outside of the ME to keep justifying the release of a new game every year. We will see, I guess.
  4. It's not the worst ever when you consider the early FM MEs, but in terms of marrying expectations, FM20 has been the worst in my view. Which is a shame, as the rest of the game I cannot find fault with.
  5. I can see an improvement to the match engine, but I am still seeing so many goals from shocking initial clearances. Soft, aimless headers and kicks away straight back to the attacker. I've scored and conceded a lot of goals like this.
  6. Is anyone else seeing a high level of goals from the edge of box following half-cleared corners? Doesn't seem to matter how I set up defensive corners, every other game one gets spanked into the top corner by any of their players (good shooting stats or not)
  7. Real shame to see you go but appreciate all the hard work you have put in - your guides have been crucial in helping many understand how their decisions make an impact.
  8. Yes this is very common in my experience. Also in two-striker formations - if one striker moves down the channel with the ball his strike partner will not attempt to get into the box/into a good position to get on the end of a cross, resulting in a poor shot from an angle
  9. Don't agree it's been in multiple issues; this one certainly - generating 1 on 1 situations I found quite difficult in previous editions. It's overpowered in 2020.
  10. They may as well close this thread, then. They created a feedback thread and they're getting it. The more people flag similar issues the more likely it is to be looked at, I'd imagine.
  11. I think this may be the most disappointing FM I can remember - it's a shame, because while there are so many good things about it, the ME has spoiled this for me. I keep coming back to the game and play two matches, then disappear again. It is the heart of everything you work for in the game, to see tactics play out and certain kinds of football being differentiated. But it is monotonous and error-strewn. - Behaviour of players at throw ins, human and AI, are just mad - very little marking or positional sense - Any winger who picks the ball up from half way line or thereabouts will surge forward, space permitting, unchallenged by the brainless defence who back off, and drive the ball in to the side netting/across goal to the point of insanity (well documented). Decision making is woeful - I should not have to check 'shoot less often' to prevent this (not that that even works) - this has not been an issue in any recent versions so far as I can remember - Crosses seem to be heavily restricted and teams are able to cut the ball back and play like Barce in and around the box. Very repetitive - at least in all games I watch? - 1v1s, I mean - another well documented event, I know - but I would probably fair so much better playing a high line and letting the oppo play the ball in behind full well knowing 9/10 the striker will not score - they will either not get the shot away, will scuff well wide, or hit it straight against the keeper. From what I'm seeing, forward goalscoring records are poor; wingers are king. - and that's it - I can't fault the rest. Dev centre, training, club vision - all big ticks - and I enjoy the usual aspects and additional little nuggets to be found. I may have missed a few things on the ME, but it is immersion breaking for me at the moment. There is so little variety and yet so many goals, even in matches outside of my control. Can only hope the next patch produces something more polished.
  12. The ME is so disappointing for me - shooting from angles (raised by so many) is painfully repetitive. The behaviour of defenders is shocking at times (defending and attacking); especially if there is space for attacking players to run in to - the defenders do not track across and fill the space allowing a free run for 40 yards and shot. Goals seem to be extremely high across AI games as well as my own. The rest of the game I really like, but ME is ruining the immersion for me and I've taken a step away to see if it pulls me in again.
  13. While shooting from ridiculous angles seems commonplace in this edition, I've managed to halt the fullbacks/wing backs from doing so by telling them to shoot less often. Had some nice moves with cutbacks to the forward who is now scoring (woohoo) - even scored one from a centrally played through ball in a tight space, which is rare in my experience.
  14. Concur with this. I'll give the ME some more time but there are some glaring problems in place at the moment - the shots being way off target are back again; this was present in either 17/18 can't recall, where shots would end up near the corner flag. Such as a shame as I love the rest of the game but some of the antics in the ME are making it tough for me to go back in after a session.
  15. Well, pleasing fans as well as board has always been a factor in FM - however, and I may be mistaken here, this version seems to the be the one where fan displeasure is likely to lead to consequences. It's not just about who you sign and results, it's style of play, entertainment and their expectations which seem more important to the overall structure over a save this time around.
  16. Glad this is included. Having club vision is good but it's also good to see that the supporters seem to have a greater depth to their pleasures/displeasures, improving the immersion.
  17. @duesouth I echo your sentiments almost entirely. I don't see this current ME as any better than the last one. Players shooting from angles that just smack of pure desperation, virtually on the byline when there is an obvious better option in the middle - as with you, I'm playing a team near the top level and you would expect much better decision making. Goals from corners have been quite high for and against me, as have penalties (yes, could be tactics but it appears I'm not exclusive to these issues). Bookings are also high but that is probably down to my style of play. Throw ins are also a bug-bear - opp players being left completely unmarked in advanced positions, full backs backing away from attacking wingers or reacting too slowly to close down appropriately, allowing the winger to blast forward for a 1-on-1. Enjoying everything else about the game - club vision is great and I feel there is more realism outside of the matchday, but for me, the ME is a disappointment so far.
  18. I am enjoying this game, but the ME is consistently throwing out shocking decision making in the final third. Shooting from angles is persistent, players picking the ball up from deep and running and running all the way and then shooting rather than making a logical decision and squaring the ball. The result is a save, the ball is dragged wide or hits the side netting - rarely ever results in a goal. One-on-ones are still rarely converted in my experience as well. Others may have other evidence on their game, but I'm just sharing what I'm seeing.
  19. Played 10 matches - ME looks good in general, but it looks like shooting from tight angles is going to be this years 'replay shows keeper saved freekick on the line'
  20. Seem to recall it was mentioned in the video when the guys played the game and it was streamed to the masses.
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