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  1. I've had a bit of a moment this morning and completely forgot about that thread right NEXT to this one I have read about these and I think I'll be sticking with 19 for a while, unless the feedback here is very positive on 2020...
  2. New features for 2019 were announced on 27th September last year. We got 2020 a bit earlier, but they're not key core features. Hopefully main news on 2020 isn't far away...
  3. Enjoyed the videos from last year's pre-release. When did they start being put out? I feel like any promotion for 2020 is going be late compared to previous versions....or is this all in my head..
  4. Where I'm at too. There's already liberties when you consider financials in contracts which would usually involve an MD/Chairman than a manager...bringing in stadium designing, for example, just takes you further away from a managerial role. A time will surely come where refining the ME and a data update becomes the only update per addition.
  5. Have ALWAYS started in England with FM - to be honest, I don't think I've ever ventured out so I may try that this year with a big European club. Otherwise it will be taking Shrewsbury to the PL and beyond again (well, trying to!)
  6. Some nice add-ons - nothing ground breaking but let's see what else is to come.
  7. When it comes to training: if I do quite a lot of attacking-based training (general attacking, attacking patient, attacking wings.etc), this is of course meant to help our attacking football, but as the defence is factored into this session (to act as the mock-defence, so to speak), do they get any benefit from it - other than perhaps learning how to more effectively instigate an attack from our backline? I'm guessing the benefits are minimal....?
  8. Intrigued to see what new features will be in place. Eventually, SI will surely hit something of a brick wall when it comes to adding in new features - it will become a case of 'so what haven't we included?', especially when you factor in manager involvement in contract negotiations already (which by and large isn't very common these days). Liked the training this year and the tactical changes; it was a very good game - the ME has still given me frustration though so I hope there will be some tweaks there. For me, if they continue to fine-tune the ME with animations and realistic play/tactical implementations they can keep taking my money each year.
  9. Be intrigued to see what's new this year. Eventually, you feel, FM will hit a wall when it comes to new features. The game of football itself has only developed so much in recent years; at least in such a way that FM can portray/allow users to interact with from a manager's perspective. A big challenge ahead that's for sure - ME/graphical updates will be key to its longevity.
  10. Thanks - I just wasn't looking hard enough! But yes the sub headers are grey too so it is a bit confusing
  11. I know that greyed out options happen for a reason, but I'm unclear as to why. For example below, I've been trying to assign some of my players individual physical training, but the options all appear greyed out - why is this?
  12. Just had a horrid experience - go 4-1 up in the 86th minute, conceded 3 goals in the last 5 mins to draw 4-4. All 3 goals were shots from outside the box from players with barely any ability in shooting from distance. They must have enlisted 'shoot on sight', but I think that classes as being FM'd! Anyone else conceded 2/3 late goals or more to throw away what looked like a comfortable 3 points? I've conceded late goals before but never that many so late in a match.
  13. Seeing a lot of goals where the keeper blocks the shot then the ball falls back to the shooter who dispatches at the second attempt - anyone else seen a lot of these? I know these types of goals can happen, but they seem to happen very often in my save.
  14. Have shelved FM 19 for now. For all the features I like, the ME is making the game very difficult to enjoy. Known issues aside (particularly with central play and striker performance) I can count on one hand the types of goals I see - not just in my matches but in AI games. I thoroughly enjoyed watching matches during the early BETA - it was not perfect but felt more fluid and the variation in play was clear to see - I felt it even represented my tactics better. For all things great about this year's version, the ME is making it difficult for me to stay glued to the game beyond one match. I go away for a few days, come back to it, but I just can't get into it properly this year.
  15. Hadn't seen many at all, but just had 3 in one game - two from 20 yards and one from 30.
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