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  1. This is bang on the money. It's a feedback thread, designed for that very purpose. People only have previous iterations of the game to go on to compare it to, so of course previous editions will be referenced as a benchmark - especially those which were enjoyed.
  2. FM21 by a country mile. My fav match engine for many years. But FM22 is in BETA stage and I have confidence it will be improved on come full release.
  3. Have played a few matches and - despite enjoying most of the game - the ME looks to have taken some polyjuice potion; with some FM 20 DNA in there... Remarkable amount of incidents of players running wide (needlessly, when a better pass is on) and sending a cross to the far post for my short winger to beat their tall centre back in the air and head over or into the keeper's arms. Used the same system in FM21 with some great variety, but this is a flashback to one of the poorest match engines. Some good animations and other aspects of ME play that are welcome - but this crossing is not pleasant viewing. Enjoying the bulk of the game, although it really just does just feel like FM21 with a slightly different skin.
  4. I used this meme yesterday! Which means it didn't get released yesterday... which means it might be today. Stand by people!
  5. People have got their lives back this year. Plus, FM22 hasn't got particularly ground-breaking features. I imagine a lot are still enjoying FM21 as well anyway - FM20, for a lot of people, was poor and a new iteration was much needed.
  6. If I buy, it will be a Shrewsbury Town save, after a number of years' hiatus. Found some bizarre success in FM2021 with a balanced, flat 3-4-3 (and occasional lop-sided 3-3-2-2) which I want to try with them.
  7. Has it ever been released more than 2 weeks in advance? Asking for a friend...as he can't recall the previous iterations
  8. Underwhelming, but I recall FM21 snippets and feature previews being like that too - and it was one of the best FM's ever in my view (mainly due to ME improvements). I certainly hope the ME continues on its upward trajectory and doesn't revert back to the monstrosity that was FM20. This year's iteration does make it seem like a minor update rather than a new game; I would assume they have a lot of good ideas up their sleeves that they need to save for future releases. There does come a point where you hit a ceiling with what you, as a manager, can control and contribute too - especially when you consider the game already gives a responsibilities to the player that a real-life manager wouldn't get. I'll wait until some feedback on the BETA is put on here before making a decision.
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