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  1. Kingstontom88

    lack of long range goals

    Hadn't seen many at all, but just had 3 in one game - two from 20 yards and one from 30.
  2. Apologies for asking this as I'm sure it's been asked a few times, but I'm still unclear. I have a current save on the main game - if I chose the BETA option, can I turn this on and off on my long-running save without any issue? I will back-up the save as suggested, but will dipping in and out of BETA/main game effect anything long-term?
  3. Kingstontom88

    Youth Intake in Rough Shape

    We'll have to agree to disagree on this. The phrase 'long term influential manager' is probably an old saying - most clubs are run for the shorter managerial term these days - it doesn't take much to get the sack or see a manager move somewhere else so I don't see how any HoYD (a more long-term role than any managerial role) would also risk his own job by not bringing in high-potential talent that was readily available to him. You're not required to turn bakers into astronauts, it's changing a CM to a DM or vice versa - something that is done in real life football. It even happens when players get older - see Bale, started as a full back, then became a winger, and is now arguably more of a forward.
  4. Kingstontom88

    Youth Intake in Rough Shape

    FM is not a perfect game - there aren't any out there. The youth intake has its problems too in some regard, but just because every young player coming through doesn't naturally fit your system is not a game issue or a bug - it's reflective of real life.
  5. Kingstontom88

    Youth Intake in Rough Shape

    Come on! You can't say a player isn't talented just because he's not ready made for your system - he easily can be talented and become very important to your squad with the right training. I've done this with a few newgens in FM. Touching on the intake again - if a player has a lot of potential, the club will also think of this from a business point of you. Get him in for nowt and then if it doesn't work long term, sell him on for profit a few years down the line. If he goes out on loan for 2/3 consecutive seasons because you still can't find a spot for him, he'll naturally develop anyway and you'll fetch a decent wad of cash for him.
  6. Kingstontom88

    Youth Intake in Rough Shape

    I added some extra to my post but you had quoted before I started - at the end of the day, not all young players will be readily suited to your system that come through - you can train them to make them ready, I think its entirely realistic. If you don't like their natural position, change it. No it's not convenient when they don't through ready but you can change that. Clubs spend time training young players and getting them tactically ready for what the first team plays as - what on earth would be the point of training otherwise? And why would any HoYD pass up the chance to bring in a very talented player just because he doesn't suit your current system? The player is young, with potential and plenty of time to become anything he wants to be (within reason).
  7. Kingstontom88

    Youth Intake in Rough Shape

    I understand where you're coming from - I tend to get in players that work in a 4-4-2, 4-4-1-1, or a midfield 4 with high wingers in wide AM strata. But I understand why this is - young players are taught the basics and expecting them to come through as a ready made inside forward, shadow striker or even complete forward seems unlikely - especially when making the jump from youth football to senior level. If I have a newgen player come in who is a no-nonsense full back but I play with attacking wing backs, my first concern is that he will probably not be suitable for my system. With training and some tactical experience in the role however, he can become the player I want him to be - it may not be until he's in his late teens or even early 20s, but if he has a lot of potential that's time and effort I'm willing to invest in. Sending him out on loan and making sure he's playing in a WB position may also help. Additionally, the HoYD may look for the best talent available in the region, giving you the best young players to bring through - no, they may not suit your system right now, but who's to say it won't change some way down the line? Or that you, as a manager, will be there in a few years when the player has fully developed? He may well be more suited when another manager comes in. It happens quite a bit in real life - young, talented players come through at big sides but they either don't suit the system or perhaps have the mentality to be part of the squad so they are sold on - they either go on to have good careers elsewhere or even return to the club some way further down the line I get your frustrations, but I think FM is quite realistic in this regard.
  8. This is more 'things I don't do', but if I've had a drink - even one strong one - I won't play FM. I can't trust that any alcoholic beverage will not impact my performance and tactical decisions
  9. Kingstontom88

    Youth Intake in Rough Shape

    In my mind, and from my experience with youth intake, most players around 15/16 would be your typical left back, CB, CM or winger. They haven't necessarily developed the necessary physical and technical stats to become a more advanced player - such as a DLP, IWB, Mezzala.etc With a lot of time to get them to become that kind of player, having the youth team play the same formation and system, plus training that young player to the tailored role you want will see them eventually get there. I actually think this is more realistic than having a 15 year old come through that already has solid green as a Libiero or a Raumdeuter, for example.
  10. Kingstontom88

    Major screw-ups in your FM careers

    Falling in to the trap of not keeping tabs on a 33-year-old CB's contract - x number of games before year extension. He was a massive earner and I was so keen to get rid of him when his contract expired at the end of the season - he had been out the side a lot as I had preferred choices ahead of him. Physical stats were plummeting and he was no longer of the required standard - error strewn in the previous campaign. 2 games left to go in the season, he's drafted in due to injuries. When the message popped in my inbox the next day I was gutted - seriously damaged my planned business in the summer as there was no way of shifting him with the money he was on... I now make sure to keep close tabs on clauses!!
  11. Kingstontom88

    Greatest FM myths

    That FM 2019 is too easy - I'm certainly not finding it so
  12. Kingstontom88

    Board requests

    Generally asking as I don't think I've looked this granular before - do chairmen have personalities? Are some a bit more cautious than others? If so, this may explain it if finances are good.
  13. World Cup is in Qatar in 2022, which takes place in Nov-Dec, so essentially that means no club games while the tournament is on.
  14. When starting a new save, I use the in-game editor to make every team in my league has an injury-free squad - sort of a level playing field. Unfortunately this makes them all fully-fit but pre-season still has its benefits in terms of tactic familiarity.