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  1. Anyone generally finding the game harder in terms of getting some away form going? At home I've been very good but away struggling to score goals - not conceding many at all, but seem to unable to create chances. It's prob my tactics, but just wondered if anyone is generally finding away games harder (I know they are in real life anyway) to get your team to be consistent...
  2. Yes I think I'll use this moving forwards. Managed to get an RB to leave that otherwise had no takers when transfer listed; sent round 'offer to clubs' with unspecified amount required and got half his value recouped. Nearly managed it with another winger I wanted to shift - took him off transfer list, sent round unspecified amount 'offer to clubs' and got a bid matching his full value! Sadly he turned down the contract offer, but this is def a game changer for me. Really struggling to shift players worth £25-30m for even £5-10m - even 'sell for any value' hasn't yielded resultls.
  3. Thanks for sharing this - this has actually helped me to shift some deadwood just before the end of the transfer window! I've found my DOF to be pretty useless at getting my unwanted players out.
  4. Finished my first season with Spurs - and it was a toughy! Turned off transfer window so no new signings allowed, although I did reset all sides for injuries so everyone started the season with a clean slate. We finished 4th, just - despite being in the top 3 for most of the season. Our form derailed around Xmas into Jan as Son suffered a broken leg and was out for the rest of the season, and then Kane - in typical fashion - picked up a long term injury in March, so our two best attackers out and no reinforcements. Managed to get Vinicius scoring a few but couldn't get any consistenc
  5. Does anyone have any experience of DOFs negotiating contracts with new signings in this edition? In FM20 and previous editions I swear most deals would break down and I'd even see they'd offer £0 wages - thought it was a bug but had so many deals break down because of it. Any luck this time around?
  6. Great share of goals across the board there! I'm really struggling to get Kane to score at the moment - Son and Bale on the flanks are my best outlets. Interesting tactic - with 2 playmakers in the side, and short passing, WBIB, play out of defence all ticked it looks to me like that would be overkill - but it clearly works for you! How were most of your goals scored?
  7. Only played 2 matches on new ME but it def looks better. Play is more varied, goals are more varied and some of the attacking movement is much more natural. Central play has returned too. Not a big sample size but I sense the difference already - thanks SI
  8. Agree with you on most of this. I am still enjoying this iteration, moreso than I did FM20 due to ME improvements, but the UI and extra clicks are making it harder for me to get my head down and properly into a save. The issue of course for SI is they need to provide a new chassis to the game every year - updated ME and squad lists won't cut it generally, though I'm sure for the majority of the hardcore fans that would be just fine. We're into the realms of tweaked features rather than anything new - the question remains as to what's left for SI to implement from the real world into this game?
  9. I suppose that makes sense - but in some way it doesn’t either as the ball would surely never stay in play for 10 straight mins? Either the ball isn’t going out/no stoppages in FM which is pretty unrealistic, or it’s missing some opportunities to make shouts actually happen
  10. Is anyone else experiencing issues with shouts? I make one and it doesn't happen for ages - every time it seems to come after the next highlight which in some cases is too late as we concede. Last few games I make a shout on minute 83/84 and it doesn't appear until the final highlight when the final whistle goes.
  11. Agree re the UI - it's tough viewing and matchday is made that much more complicated by extra clicks and hidden screens - I won't repeat what's already been said about individual features as it's been done to death. I know when releasing a game every year there has to be a 'new' look and feel but I think there is a desire to go a bit far: gestures - fine. Putting the players in a horseshoe shape to 'replicate the look of the dressing room' - meh. But it's all about opinions I suppose... With the ME, I feel like I'm def seeing a difference from the BETA. The football doesn't flow as well a
  12. Has anyone managed to get ‘hit crosses early’ to work? Or is this a known issue?
  13. I don't think it's so much about making the game 'harder' - it's more improving the function of the AI, both in matches tactically and in squad building.
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