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  1. RPM/CF in: 4-2-3-1

    Your second point is why I am slightly surprised my IF(S) - AM(S) - W(A) with a CF(S) actually functioned quite well - it may have been a PPM or two in some of the players that actually overrode my instructions and made it function better - I need to pay more attention to PPMs! Certainly changing my CF to attack duty made us function a whole lot better and we created plenty more chances. Based on your first point, I might try different roles such as AF and see if that functions too - opens up a few doors for different striker signings.
  2. RPM/CF in: 4-2-3-1

    Thank you both for your help on this. We had a tough-ish run in and narrowly missed out on the title despite exceptional form and hammering every team we played (Man United were just ridiculous in this campaign and pipped us to the league). I ended up playing the RPM home and away and changed the RB to a IWB - the CF I kept on support unless I saw he was taking a few too many shots outside the box and on occasion changed him to a CF(A) which seemed to help things. My players seemed to click so well in attack and we had chance after chance - previously they had a run of 6.7 - 6.9, all 3 behind the striker, but we were edging out games, in the run in this season they were smashing 7.2 and up, all hitting 8.5s in one particular game. The RPM seemed to work well in that the particular player I had in the position has a PPM - run with the ball, he'd often be in space when receiving the ball and would just drive forward and cause panic - this created space for my winger on the right and the AMC. Changing the DLP to a CM(S) rather than RPM also helped when seeing out the remaining minutes, even if we were way ahead it was a good way of keeping our GD up.
  3. RPM/CF in: 4-2-3-1

    We have had the odd game where we struggle to break teams down - someone providing a bit of movement might help and up against deeper teams having two deeper lying CMs can be counter productive, if one is advancing and popping up into a few different areas outside the box it may help. I'm not too concerned about the positioning of main attacking 3, though I find the winger does get lost from time to time but him staying out wide has been key to getting the B2B midfielder roll to work relatively well and doesn't congest an already crammed 18-yard area. Sorry yes I should have said - I do trust one of my midfielders to do the roll, not so much others - I pay a lot of attention to the suitability chart. Thanks for your views on the AM-S, it's probably the one position, that AMC strata, where I have fiddled the most and got a couple of things to work one week then the next they don't. Against high lines, and particularly 4-4-2, I've found a DLF with an SS in the AM strata very effective.
  4. I currently play a fairly balanced 4-2-3-1 with Southampton. It's been going very well but I'm wondering if I could get even better out of it with a tweak. Set up is as follows: ----------------CF(S) IF(S)--------AM(S)--------W(A) ---------CM(D)---DLP(S) WB(A)-CD(D)-CD(D)-FB(S) When it comes to TIs, I keep the count low. Always start matches on standard mentality with no instructions (unless I see an outright weakness in the opp) and go from there - for the most part, I change much unless it's shortening the passing or method of attack, wings/central. The DLP(S) role has been good - sometimes I've changed it up to a B2B in home matches, put complete forward on attack duty and changed the AM to an AP. If I was to change the DLP(S) role to a RPM(S) role, could that leave me exposed? The CM(D) anchors for the most part and doesn't get forward and the DLP doesn't venture too far away either - I've always felt the most important part of a solid 4-2-3-1 is the two central midfield players as they provide protection to your defence. I wouldn't use RPM away at the tougher sides but in home matches and perhaps away against also rans and lesser teams it could prove effective? I haven't used it before and always felt in an already attacking formation that needs solid foundations, it could do more harm than good. Happy to be educated on this
  5. Player registration

    Not sure if this is actually a bug, but here goes. Outside of the transfer window, I have moved a few players to other clubs. Although I have ticked 'allow squad registration at any time' all of these signings remain unregistered to their respective squads - been like it for months. Granted it could be the manager's choice, but for example I have moved Morata to Chelsea and he hasn't been registered. Is this a bug?
  6. Post-match analysis

    Got a report on a game from the Data Analyst. Though this info is useful it is showing information incorrectly and also unclearly. * The match summary says we won 3-0 at home to Rotherham. We were away. * Focus of attacks said left wing on the tab, but it was the right wing where the majority of attacks came from according to the data presented * I've attached the image of the high pass combo tab. This is unreadable I can't make anything out from the data on the pitch. Clicking on any of the numbers doesn't show anything and although the short, medium and long passes options on the right can be selected, nothing happens (also the blue font makes the short and long icons unreadable). Not sure if this is a bug or just because it's not the full game yet this hasn't been properly exercised. * Key passes/mistakes. Again what has happened in terms of mistakes isn't 100% and if any player icons overlap, hovering your mouse over it just brings up two blank boxes with no info.
  7. Enjoying the beta so far and will provide full feedback shortly, but in the meantime - I'm just watching Birmingham v Villa and I've noticed the attendance for away fans (good addition) only says 1,500 out of 30,000 capacity. Maybe this is me being a bit too nit picky but couldn't the away attendances be set a bit higher for derby games? Villa would have probably got around 3,000 for this game. Match engine is really good - the stadiums look great and the matchday experience is far more polished. Good work SI
  8. Started using this tactic toward the end of my first Spurs season, managed to win PL, League Cup, FA Cup, and Europa League! My team weren't even fully familiar with the tactic (I was using one previously which is a similar set up formation and tempo wise). Big fan well done.
  9. What's he like as a striker in the game for anyone who has played him there? I see he can play in the False 9 role which is ideal for me. Leicester just been relegated and his asking price was £2.5m so I snapped him up sharpish.
  10. Enjoying these tactics immensely. Had been promoted with Shrewsbury from League One, started the Championship in terrible form losing 7 of my opening 8 games but your tactics have helped me pull into the playoffs at the end of the season - beat Reading over 2 legs then edge out Brighton in the Playoff Final on penalties to get into the Premier League. Very much looking forward to getting the squad sorted this summer so can finally get the perfect players for the positions. Great work!
  11. The Premier League Years

    @Spav - Thanks for your kind words, it will be a real effort but I'm enjoying it so far so as long as that continues! Tuesday 3rd September - Stoke’s Chris Solly will be out for 3 weeks after suffering a damaged foot in training. - Gareth Barry will be out for 10 days for Everton after suffering a neck injury, he should return in time for Everton’s next game against Newcastle. - Cardiff’s Tommy Smith is set to move to Motherwell after the two sides agree a £58k fee. The Season so Far… | Pos | Inf | Team | | Pld | Won | Drn | Lst | For | Ag | G.D. | Pts | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 1st | | Tottenham | | 3 | 3 | 0 | 0 | 9 | 2 | +7 | 9 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 2nd | | Chelsea | | 3 | 3 | 0 | 0 | 8 | 2 | +6 | 9 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 3rd | | Man City | | 3 | 3 | 0 | 0 | 5 | 1 | +4 | 9 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 4th | | Norwich | | 3 | 2 | 1 | 0 | 8 | 4 | +4 | 7 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 5th | | Southampton | | 3 | 2 | 1 | 0 | 8 | 4 | +4 | 7 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 6th | | Man Utd | | 3 | 2 | 0 | 1 | 6 | 3 | +3 | 6 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 7th | | Sunderland | | 3 | 2 | 0 | 1 | 4 | 4 | 0 | 6 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 8th | | Newcastle | | 3 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 2 | +1 | 4 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 9th | | West Brom | | 3 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 3 | 0 | 4 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 10th | | Fulham | | 3 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 7 | 8 | -1 | 4 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 11th | | Stoke | | 3 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 3 | 4 | -1 | 4 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 12th | | West Ham | | 3 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 3 | -1 | 4 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 13th | | Everton | | 3 | 1 | 0 | 2 | 5 | 5 | 0 | 3 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 14th | | Crystal Palace | | 3 | 1 | 0 | 2 | 3 | 4 | -1 | 3 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 15th | | Liverpool | | 3 | 1 | 0 | 2 | 4 | 6 | -2 | 3 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 16th | | Cardiff | | 3 | 1 | 0 | 2 | 1 | 4 | -3 | 3 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 17th | | Swansea | | 3 | 0 | 1 | 2 | 4 | 8 | -4 | 1 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 18th | | Aston Villa | | 3 | 0 | 0 | 3 | 2 | 6 | -4 | 0 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 19th | | Arsenal | | 3 | 0 | 0 | 3 | 1 | 6 | -5 | 0 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | 20th | | Hull | | 3 | 0 | 0 | 3 | 2 | 9 | -7 | 0 | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| There have been great starts for Chelsea, Tottenham, and Manchester City who have managed 100% starts, but the bottom 3 are quite the opposite with consecutive defeats. Most surprisingly, Arsenal find themselves in a very disappointing 19th, but having seen their opening 3 fixtures they can perhaps be excused for a less than perfect start. Man City and Everton are hardly straight forward fixtures, but the performance of the Gunners in both games will be of big disappointment - this is not forgetting the game at Cardiff which was an even bigger let down. The lack of possession and chances is something that will be of grave concern to Arsene Wenger as his side will feel a title challenge could be on with the top 3 of last season all changing manager. They have managed to maintain their squad but the additions of Coentrao, Santon, and Richards do no scream of improvement. Ozil is the exception but he will need time to adapt to the league. The Gunners must look ahead, they have done well in their Champions League ties against PSV but the tough exposure of City's fluidity, Everton's grit, and a rough-and-tumble Cardiff have seen them exposed. Their next match is Chelsea away, before they face Newcastle and West Brom at home. If this run is to be nothing but unfortunate, they will need not perhaps a result at Stamford Bridge but certainly a response - the two fixtures following need to be 6 points or Wenger could find himself under real pressure. Another team who have sustained a poor start is Liverpool. They do have a rather injury hit midfield that includes Gerrard being out, not to mention Suarez is still suspended. They will need them back as soon as possible, new signings Diame and Dzemaili should be back after the international break to shore up the midfield which will be of great relief to Brendan Rodgers as the Reds have been exposed badly away from home against Crystal Palace and Manchester United. Chelsea and Manchester City, both under new management, will be delighted with their starts. Chelsea are yet to face a big test though, with Arsenal at home and Manchester City then Everton away to follow this could be a real test of Mourinho's steel back in the Chelsea hot seat. So far the signs are good, they are difficult to beat by playing in an effective way. The football has hardly been pretty, but that will matter little for now. For Pellegrini, his Manchester City side have played some lovely football. They are creating plenty of chances and the players appear to be enjoying their start under their new manager. Their attacking talent is frightening, and with Jovetic still to return for City there are more options for Pellegrini to choose from. They face a tricky trip to West Brom next before hosting Chelsea which should be a hum-dinger of a fixture. Lastly, Spurs are doing well and their new signings are bedding in quite quickly. They will be delighted with their 100% start, but they have some tough fixtures coming up. They are not expected to compete for the title but top four is certainly possible.
  12. The Premier League Years

    Monday 2nd September Transfer news broken early in the day: - Manchester City's Dedryck Boyata moves to Bolton after two sides agree fee (£425k) - Crystal Palace were in a fight with Reading for the services of Wolves’ Richard Stearman, he opted for Palace for Premier League football (£925k) - Emmerson Boyce of Wigan, who turned down a move to Sunderland, completes move to Everton (£175k) - Fulham are very busy on deadline day, securing the signings of: Peter Crouch – Stoke City - £975k Sone Aluko – Hull City - £1.8m Charlie Adam – Stoke City - £1.6m Billy Jones – West Bromwich Albion - £3m - The Cottagers failed in late bids for John Heitinga (Everton) and Kyle Naughton (Tottenham). - Southampton secure signing of Everton defender Sylvain Distin (£195k) - West Bromwich Albion secure the services of full back Astuto Uchida of Schalke (£2.1m) - Arsenal pip Tottenham for Fabio Coentrao from Real Madrid (£5.5m) - Napoli signed Fulham's young midfielder Emerson Hyndman (£4.6m) - Fulham also sell youngster Moussa Dembele to Marseille (£4.3m) - Manchester City complete signing of youngster Jordan Jones from Middlesbrough (£5m) - Spurs have late £22m bid for Andriy Yarmolenko rejected by Dynamo Kyiv. - Steve Sidwell makes move to West Bromwich Albion from Fulham (£1.7m) - FC Bayern sign Chelsea's Kevin de Bruyne (£18.5m) 20:00 Manchester United v Liverpool UNITED CRUSH LIVERPOOL David Moyes did more to appease himself to the Manchester United faithful as his Red Devils thrashed a poor Liverpool at Old Trafford. The derby was a largely one sided affair, with all 5 goals in the game coming in the first half. Van Persie had given the home side the lead inside 10 minutes before Kagawa doubled it. Liverpool pulled one back through an Aspas penalty but the home side went straight back down the other end to restore their 2 goal advantage as van Persie stroked home again. Then, just before the break, Fellaini grabbed his first goal for his new club. The second period was far more subdued, but that wouldn't bother the home support as they sang David Moyes’ name to the rafters for the whole second half. The home side started the game at a fast tempo and they could have had the lead inside 30 seconds but van Persie’s audacious lob from 30 yards landed on top of the net. Minutes later they would find the back of it, as Rooney’s free kick from 20 yards hit the post, then Mignolet. As the ball rolled toward the line van Persie, making his first appearance of the season, made sure toeing the ball in. The Liverpool defence felt the Dutch striker was offside but replays since showed he was just on. In double the time United had their second. Liverpool were unable to cope with the home sides’ quality on the ball as Nani and Rafael linked up well on the right, with Brazilian Rafael playing the ball to the feet of Kagawa who turned placed the ball inside the right hand post from 12 yards. Liverpool looked to rally, and on the half hour mark they finally tested De Gea but Sturridge couldn’t beat the goalkeeper after receiving Allen’s clever pass. Moments later Allen himself would have a chance but he blazed over. Controversy struck 5 minutes later, as Liverpool were given a penalty after Ferdinand clipped Aspas as he was about to shoot in the box. Mike Jones’ decision was correct, but Liverpool were incensed Ferdinand was given no more than a yellow card as it was a clear goal scoring opportunity. Aspas wasn’t deterred though, as he stepped up following the foul to send De Gea the wrong way and bring Liverpool back into the game. Or so they thought…merely a minute later Evra had fed Nani down the left, the Portuguese midfielder crossed to the back post where Kagawa lurked and a clever header back across goal was flicked on by Rooney for van Persie to stroke home from 6 yards. Liverpool had a chance through Sturridge but he dinked his effort wide of the far post under pressure from Vidic. The Merseysiders would rue that miss as United made sure of the points right on half time, as a Rooney free kick near the corner flag was met by Fellaini and Skrtel couldn't keep it out on the post, 4-1. The second period began with the away side determined to save face, but good work from Sturridge on the right went un-done as Henderson, who got past Ferdinand, could only fire at De Gea with most of the goal to aim at. Fellaini’s shot from saw Mignolet produced an acrobatic save to deny him, shortly before Ferdinand headed Rooney’s corner onto the post then drilled the ball wide at the rebound. It would be Fellaini once more to produce a moment of anticipation, but his header skimmed the bar and went over with minutes left. Bragging rights go to Manchester for the first time this season, Brendan Rodgers regretting his decision to play 3 at the back. Manchester United 4 – 1 Liverpool David Moyes: “It was a frantic first half and I'm delighted with how clinical we were. Liverpool came here with a very attacking side and it was always going to be tough to contain them but I thought we did it superbly. Fellaini and van Persie were excellent, derby wins are for the fans I hope this has endured me with them a little bit more.” On transfers: “No, we're done.” Brendan Rodgers: “The decisive moment is the penalty I think, why is Ferdinand still on the pitch? He's the last man, he gets booked instead and I think that's the moment we can reflect on with real frustration, not to mention the fact we go back 2 goals down straight afterwards. It's a bad evening for everyone associated with the club, but we must put it behind us.” On transfers: “There’s likely to be a few loans out, nothing in.” Manchester United (4-2-3-1): De Gea, Rafael, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra, Fellaini, Carrick, Nani, Kagawa, Rooney, van Persie Subs: Johnstone, Welbeck, Jones, Smalling, Hernandez, Cleverley, Evans Liverpool (3-4-1-2): Mignolet, Skrtel, Sakho, Agger, Johnson, Allen, Henderson, Enrique, Coutinho, Aspas, Sturridge. Subs: Jones, Cissokho, Toure, Moses, Alberto, Dunn, Kelly. Further transfer news: - Chelsea land Marseille’s Andre Ayew (£15.25m) - Newcastle United sell Jonas Gutierrez to Marseille (£2.8m) Other news: - Hull's Joe Dudgeon picks up a twisted ankle in training, now out for 3 weeks. - Keiren Westwood picks up a groin strain for Sunderland, now out for 2 weeks. - Jermaine Pennant of Stoke City out for 11 days with a strained wrist. Coming up: A look back at the first month of the season...
  13. The Premier League Years

    Injuries sustained today: - Jack Hunt of Crystal Palace is out for 3 months with a torn hamstring - Reither of Fulham just back from injury, now out for 11 days with damaged elbow - Brad Guzan of Aston Villa now out for 3 weeks with a twisted knee - Jack Colback out for 2 weeks with groin strain for Sunderland - Manchester United's Fabio just back from injury, out for 3 weeks with back strain sustained in training. - Seamus Coleman suffered a twisted ankle for Everton against Arsenal and will be out for 4 weeks. Player of the month: Adam Lallana – Southampton Younes Kaboul – Tottenham Hotspur Craig Gardner – Sunderland Young player of the month: Romelu Lukaku – Everton Steven Caulker – Cardiff City Oscar – Chelsea Goal of the month: Adam Johnson (Norwich City v SUNDERLAND) Craig Gardner (SUNDERLAND v Hull City) James Morrison (WEST BROMWICH ALBION v Aston Villa) Manager of the month: Jose Mourinho - Chelsea Andre Villas-Boas - Tottenham Hotspur Manuel Pellegrini - Manchester City --- Sunday 1st September - Charlie Adam of Stoke picks up thigh strain and is out for 3 weeks. - David Pizarro of Fiorentina tempted by move to Swansea City - Middlesbrough accept £6m bid for Jordan Jones from Manchester City - Real Madrid accept £5.5m offers for Fabio Coentrao from Spurs and rivals Arsenal 13:30 West Bromwich Albion v Swansea City SWANSEA AND WEST BROM SHARE 4 GOAL SPOILS Tom Ince had a debut to remember as he bagged 2 goals for Swansea in an entertaining game at the Hawthorns. Ince had equalised shortly after Diouf had bagged his first West Brom goal. The former Blackpool man then put Swansea ahead but Olsson brought West Brom level with little time remaining in an even and fervent affair. Early exchanges had seen Bony and Diouf test the opposition goal keepers with a curled effort and header respectively, before a goal-mouth scramble in the Baggies box was cleared and Vorm had tipped away Anelka’s near post header. Just after the half hour, the first goal came and it was also first goal for Mame Diouf as the West Brom striker glanced a Gera cross into the far corner. Swansea should have equalised minutes later, as Foster who had dropped a clanger against West Ham last weekend failed to get power behind his clearance and Jonjo Shelvey unleashed a 30 yard effort toward the open goal but the crossbar came to the rescue. The Swans would get their goal just before the break though, as de Guzman’s flighted free kick was knocked down by Michu for debutant Ince to volley home from 12 yards. The two sides went in level at the break which was a fair reflection on the game thus far. Ince would be on hand again to put Swansea in front just before the hour, this time Michu providing a deep cross that Bony knocked down and Ince was there to steal in and poke the ball under Foster and into the net. West Brom were a tad shocked, but they responded well with Anelka shooting over and Morrison curling just wide. As Swansea dropped off, momentum gathered for the home side and they made their pressure pay 10 minutes from time. Olsson met a Morrison corner that was headed off the line by Hernandez, but Mulumbu collected the loose ball and rolled it back across for Olsson who made no mistake a second time, firing through a crowd of players to make it 2-2. West Brom move up to 9th, Swansea pick up their first point of the season. West Bromwich Albion 2 – 2 Swansea City Steve Clarke: “I'm pleased for Mame (Diouf) to have got off the mark, he's been threatening to for a while and I thought he took his goal well. Some players take a while to adjust but he has taken to the pace of the league very well, I like to think he will become a very important player for us.” On transfers: “We'll see who's available.” Michael Laudrup: “Nothing better than having your new signing score two on his debut so we're delighted for him and so is he. He took his goals very well you see his awareness and anticipation are excellent, he read the situations of both goals well. We saw him run at defenders too, he is a handful.” On transfers: “I don't think so we are happy” Tom Ince: “I'm obviously delighted, not just for the goals on a personal level but because they were crucial to the game. It helps working alongside the likes of Michu and Bony because they are intelligent players you can play off. It's a shame we couldn't hold on for 3 points today.” West Bromwich Albion (4-4-2): Foster, Jones, McAuley, Olsson, Ridgewell, Morrison, Ledley, Mulumbu, Gera, Anelka, Diouf Subs: Myhil, Long, Amalfitano, Dawson, Vydra, Sessegnon, Lugano Swansea City (4-2-3-1): Vorm, Rangel, Williams, Chico, Taylor, Shelvey, de Guzman, Ince, Michu, Lamah, Bony Subs: Tremmel, Canas, Britton, Vazquez, Amat, Hernandez, Routledge. --- 16:00 Tottenham Hotspur v Cardiff City SPURS GO TOP WITH 3 GOAL WIN Tottenham made it 3 wins from 3 to go top of the Premier League after a convincing 3-0 score over newly-promoted Cardiff. Dawson had grabbed his first goal of the season early on, before Soldado rolled in his third in Spurs colours. A late second half goal from Dembele sealed the victory, with Cardiff unable to beat a second London club in a week. The away side looked a bit fearful, though they had come with a 4-4-2 formation, Spurs were on top early on as Sandro drilled an effort from 20 yards that Marshall tipped over. The home side would get a corner a few minutes later, Michael Dawson meeting Eriksen’s ball in to head inside the left post. Spurs continued to press, good play from Eriksen released Dembele but Marshall was able tip the ball wide. 3 minutes later the Cardiff goal keeper wouldn’t be able to do anything with Soldado’s effort, as the Spaniard rolled the ball into the corner from 10 yards after receiving Lamela’s pass from the right. Cardiff finally forced a chance on the half hour as Lloris cleared poorly, but Cornelius couldn’t get proper purchase on his effort and Lloris was able to scramble back to goal to collect the ball. Moments later Cornelius again would test Lloris, but the France keeper closed down the angle well to deny the Dane. The home side took their foot off the gas in the second half, Whittingham nearly punishing them just after an hour after he surged into the box, roasted Dawson, but Lloris was on hand to turn the ball away. Spurs did make the points safe in the end however, as Lamela and Sigurdsson linked up well on the left, the former putting in Dembele down the left channel who rounded Marshall and swept the ball into the empty net. Cardiff hit the post late on through Bo-Kyung, but Spurs were comfortable winners in the end. Tottenham Hotspur 3 – 0 Cardiff City Andre Villas-Boas: “We played great football in the first half, great fluidity and quality from the new players and we can be impressed with that. We eased off a bit in the second half but were always comfortable so hopefully that's a sign of how good we are.” On transfers: “We hope that Fabio Coentrao will complete his move by tomorrow but I don't think there will be any other business.” Malky Mackay: “After our first two games where we showed tremendous spirit, today we were unable to show it. I don't know why, Spurs played well but I think we can do better for all 3 goals. We've had a tough start though, and we can be happy to see the back of Arsenal, Manchester United, and Spurs for a while.” On transfers: “We'll see” Tottenham Hotspur (4-2-3-1): Lloris, Walker, Kaboul, Dawson, Naughton, Paulinho, Sandro, Lamela, Eriksen, Dembele, Soldado. Subs: Friedel, Defoe, Sigurdsson, Capoue, Adebayor, Schneiderlin, Chiriches. Cardiff City (4-4-2): Marshall, Brayford, Connolly, Turner, Taylor, Cowie, Medel, Gunnarsson, Whittingham, Bellamy, Cornelius. Subs: Moore, Mutch, McNaughton, Bo-Kyung, Govou, Theophile-Catherine, Beausejour. Coming up: A highly active transfer deadline day and a cracking tie between Manchester United and Liverpool...
  14. The Premier League Years

    Southampton v West Ham United ALL SQUARE AT ST. MARY’S West Ham rescued a draw at Southampton in an even affair that left both managers content. Osvaldo had put Southampton ahead with his fourth of the season, but a second half header from Kevin Nolan gave the Hammers a point. It was a game that was expected to go the home sides’ way after their impressive start to the campaign, so West Ham will feel pleased they managed to come away with something. Osvaldo had tested Jaaskelainen early on when Davis’ put him through, the West Ham keeper equal to the task. The Hammers had a chance through Noble who struck the base of the post from the edge of the box from Jarvis’ lay off. Shortly before the half hour Southampton took the lead, as Clyne did superbly down the right and sent a deep cross that Osvaldo headed home – Jaaskelainen probably should have come for the ball. Rat would then force a save from Boruc from a free kick. Just before the break Southampton thought they had a second as Davis turned in Osvaldo’s knock down from 4 yards but he was correctly called offside. Minutes later, good work from Jarvis found Vaz Te but the West Ham striker couldn’t beat Boruc. The second half was a tense and close affair, Southampton unable to build on their lead as West Ham kept the ball well probing for an opening. On 67 minutes Hubschman fed Nolan on the break, the midfielder sending a curling effort from the edge of the box onto the crossbar. The ball would cannon into the back of the sprawled Boruc but Fonte was able to beat Nolan to the ball and clear off the line. 5 minutes later and the Saints wouldn’t be so fortunate, as Jarvis broke down the left and Nolan made no mistake this time planting a header home from the same spot Osvaldo had done in the first half. It was poor marking from the Saints defenders. Southampton then took the initiative, but West Ham stood firm and only pot shots from range could be mustered by the home side. It finished all square which was a fair result. Southampton 1 – 1 West Ham United Mauricio Pochettino: “We played well for the most of the game we had most of the chances but today we were a bit wasteful and were punished in the end, but West Ham probably deserved a point because they were very well organised in the second half they did well to get back in the game, though the goal from our point of view is a bit poor.” On transfers: “We will see” Sam Allardyce: “We've come to a side that have scored 7 in two matches and the fact we've kept them at bay for the most part today is excellent. We didn't sit back the whole game we were dangerous on the break, yes they had chances but in terms of clear cut opportunities we had as many as them so a draw is a fair result.” On transfers: “It’s not in our minds to make a move for anyone now.” Southampton (4-2-3-1): Boruc, Clyne, Lovren, Fonte, Shaw, Garcia, Wanyama, Lallana, Lambert, S Davis, Osvaldo. Subs: K Davis, Lee, Ward-Prowse, Hooiveld, Rodriguez, Cork, Yoshida. West Ham United (4-5-1): Jaaskelainen, O'Brien, Tomkins, Onyewu, Rat, Hubschman, Noble, Tiago, Downing, Jarvis, Vaz Te. Subs: Henderson, Reid, Collins, Taylor, Nolan, Diarra, Spence. --- 17:30 Everton v Arsenal EVERTON PILE MISERY ON ARSENAL Arsenal suffered a third straight defeat at the hands of Everton to put them second bottom and see their worst start to a Premier League campaign. The Toffees themselves had lost their two opening games, but they showed real quality in this encounter to put the Gunners to the sword. The away side finally managed a goal, but once again defensive frailties saw them undone – Pieenar very early on along with Coleman and Mirallas had Everton in control, Arteta pulling one back for Arsenal at 2-1. Pieenar’s goal came after only two minutes, as Baines – reportedly looking to a move away from Everton, put in Pieenar down the left channel, the South African finishing from a tight angle. Barry then headed over a Baines corner before good work from Mirallas saw Lukaku shoot poorly straight at Szczesny. The Gunners suddenly managed to grow into the game with some tidy football, but they lacked potency in the final third, Cazorla with their best effort as he shot wide from the edge of the box when he should have done better. Everton had their second just before the break, as new man Fernandes sent a great through ball for the overlapping Coleman. The fullback finished brilliantly first time inside Szczesny’s near post, question marks over the goal keeping on that goal though. Arsenal needed an immediate response, and they started the second half on the front foot as a great run by Ozil ended with Santon shooting against the bar. A flurry of yellow cards followed as the intensity of both sides increased, it would however be the away side who took advantage as Wilshere rolled the ball to Arteta 18 yards out, the Spaniard curling expertly into the bottom right hand corner. Arsene Wenger’s enthusiasm was temporary, as 7 minutes later Everton restored their two goal advantage. Vermaelen gave the ball away to Pieenar under pressure, the first goal scorer poked the ball to Lukaku who took one touch before rolling the ball across the 6 yard box for Mirallas to tap home. Everton dropped off, Arsenal unable to penetrate a blue wall roared on by its home crowd. It ended with Everton picking up their first win under Roberto Martinez, Wenger still left wanting. Everton 3 – 1 Arsenal Roberto Martinez: “We lost our first two games, both were hard to take in different ways but today I thought we were fantastic. We pressed them high, we passed with a great tempo and accuracy and when that comes together you produce a great performance. We can be proud of today but we must make sure it's not a flash-in-the pan result.” On transfers: “Emmerson Boyce, yes we hope to wrap that deal up tomorrow.” Arsene Wenger: “We didn't play well, that's why we got nothing out of the game. We concede after 2 minutes and we never recovered, if we defend better in that situation maybe it's a different game but they had the advantage from the start.” On transfers: “No.” Everton (4-2-3-1): Howard, Coleman, Jagielka, Heitinga, Baines, Gibson, Barry, Mirallas, Fernandes, Pienaar, Lukaku Subs: Joel, Barkley, Deulofeu, Jelavic, Distin, Kone, Naismith Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Szczesny, Richads, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Santon, Flamini, Arteta, Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla, Podolski Subs: Viviano, Walcott, Akpom, Ramsey, Sagna, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mertersacker.
  15. The Premier League Years

    Hull City v Sunderland SUNDERLAND EDGE OUT HULL Hull are confined to the bottom of the Premier League after a third successive defeat, this time to North-East rivals Sunderland. Craig Gardner had put the visitors in front early on with a great long range effort before Aluko equalised on the half hour. With 20 minutes remaining new Sunderland signing Mohamed Sissoko put the away side back in front when Hull failed to clear a routine corner. Hull would have looked to this match as a good chance to turn their fortunes around and get their first points on the board after tricky games against Spurs and Liverpool. They found themselves behind on 10 minutes however, as Sung-Yeung rolled the ball into the path of Craig Gardner who drilled a superb right foot shot into the top left hand corner from 25 yards leaving Harper no chance. Hull would do their best to rally, but with both sides playing congested midfields moments of time to produce quality were few and far between. It was thus little surprise that the next goal came about fortuitously, as Manolev’s cross from the right on 32 minutes deflected of Elmohamady at the near post and into the path of Aluko, who made no mistake stroking home at the back post to bring Hull level. The home side could have grabbed the lead just before the break, but Huddlestone’s lovely pass was controlled well and finished poorly by Elmohamady who forced Hansson into a decent save one-on-one. The second half saw two early chances, one from Sunderland as Gardner shot just wide from range before Manolev for the hosts hit a free-kick narrowly wide. The game seemed to lose its potency, and like in the first half it would take some fortune and misfortune to produce the next goal. Johnson’s free-kick from the left was miss-kicked by Davies who attempted a clearance, but luckily for the away side Sissoko was on hand to drive the ball into the bottom left corner of the Hull net for his first goal in English football. Gardner would again drive a shot wide from range and Aluko would try to bring Hull level a second time late on but Hansson was equal to his effort, turning the ball wide. Sunderland would hold on to win, with Hull left feeling flat again. Hull City 1 – 2 Sunderland Steve Bruce: “I was pleased on the whole with our approach today, we had a bit more bite about our play I thought we defended better on the whole but a great strike by their guy and their second goal sees an unfortunate bounce on the ball that we can't clear and it's a well struck effort. The key was matching a side in this league and we've done that today despite the defeat.” On transfers: “We're bottom of the league, we might have to! In all honesty I’m not sure we shall be bringing anyone in, our squad is good enough to get out of this.” Gus Poyet: “They are a team that has had a difficult start so I think they looked to this game and said this is where our first point has to come from so I'm very pleased we came away with 3 points. I think we struggled second half to get any control or have a spell so it was crucial we took our chance when it came.” On transfers: “We will try to get a right back in but it may be too late in the day.” Hull City (4-5-1): Harper, Manolev, Davies, Chester, Figueroa, Tettey, Huddlestone, Livermore, Elmohamady, Aluko, Sagbo. Subs: Jakupovic, Fryatt, Meyler, Brady, Proschwitzh, Koren, Dudgeon. Sunderland (4-5-1): Hansson, Celustka, O'Shea, Broadfoot, Colback, Sissoko, Gardner, Sung-Yeung, Giaccherini, Johnson, Fletcher. Subs: Westwood, Vaughan, Diakite, Commons, Borini, Marrs, Ferguson. --- Norwich City v Aston Villa IMPRESSIVE NORWICH SEE OFF VILLA Norwich maintained a strong start to their season as they brushed aside Aston Villa at Carrow Road. It was a day to forget for Aston Villa and Villa defender Matt Lowton, who not only scored an own goal and was then sent off, but from the resulting free-kick that Lowton had been sent off for, Norwich grabbed their second through a penalty which Fer dispatched. It was ten minutes in that the first goal came, as Guzan pulled off a stunning save to deny Snodgrass from range the resulting corner from the same player was diverted off the knee of Lowton and into the Villa net. The away side would respond with good chances from Benteke and Weimann. First Benteke missed when Ruddy denied him well from Sylla’s pass, before Weimann fired just over from the angle on 26 minutes. Norwich should have grabbed their second goal just after the interval, as a long ball from Ruddy at the back went through a sleepy Villa defence to Elmander, but the Swede striker placed the shot wide when the target was surely easier to hit. On 53 minutes, chaos descended to decide the fate of the match. Villa had the ball in the Norwich box, Sylla’s shot was blocked and fell to Weimann but his effort struck Bassong’s heel and whipped inches past the far post for a corner. From the resulting set-piece, Norwich countered as Howson surged down the left but Matt Lowton, already booked, caught him illegally and was given a second yellow card and his marching orders. From the resulting free-kick from Hoolahan, Sylla shoved Garrido to the ground and referee Madley pointed to the spot. Up stepped Leroy Fer to score his first Norwich goal since his summer move. 2 minutes later Villa could have found themselves back in the game, but Ruddy was again equal to the task as he tipped Weimann’s clear cut chance onto the post. The impressive Canary Graham Dorrans then struck the upright as well, receiving a cut back from Elmander and striking cleanly leaving Guzan stranded. Luna would head Leroy Fer’s attempt at a second goal off the line, before Guzan denied Garrido at the angle and then Dorrans shot over from range. The final whistle then went, as Norwich cemented their best ever start to a Premier League season. Norwich City 2 – 0 Aston Villa Chris Hughton: “A frantic few minutes in that second half have decided the game, it was finely balanced then you get that bit of fortune and we finished the game strongly. We have seven from nine (points) to start the season so we are pretty chuffed about that, we're at home after the international break as well so we need to keep it going.” On transfers: “No I don’t think so, I’m happy with the squad” Paul Lambert: “It's hard to say how I feel until I look back at the highlights. We have a brilliant chance, the ball goes for a corner, they break - Lowton gets a second yellow which it looked like it was, then the resulting free kick and a penalty is given and it's game over in 60 seconds. It's very frustrating because poor decision making by either the officials or ourselves has decided the game gets away from us.” On transfers: “Very unlikely now.” Norwich City (4-2-3-1): Ruddy, Martin, Turner, Bassong, Olsson, Johnson, Howson, Fer, Snodgrass, Dorrans, Elmander Subs: Bunn, Johansen, Hoolahan, Ayala, Garrido, Bennett, Whittaker Aston Villa (4-5-1): Guzan, Lowton, Vlaar, Okore, Luna, Westwood, Sylla, El Ahmadi, Weimann, Tonev, Benteke. Subs: Steer, Hutton, Baker, Agbonlahor, Kozak, Herd, Clark