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  1. It's not perfect, but I'm still heavily invested in FM18. Approaching season 16 and still loving it. ME has its issues - long shots ending up near corner flags, cross to far post goals are quite common, but I enjoy watching matches and seeing a lot of variety in play and goals. I do miss the more in depth training aspect and some of the other tactical features found in 19/20, but 18's still won me over more than 2 of its successors.
  2. Two players for every position - even heavily versatile players will have a cemented role, I like to know who is best where and keep them there Don't sign players over the age of 28 Hire a DOF - leave all staff contract renewals and new staff appointments to him - apart from Assistant Manager Any youth intake that has players with potential as below 2.5 stars are not signed permanently New signings never start the next game unless injuries make it a necessity Only loan players to clubs that will use them as first teamers at the minimum Any negative chat with a player means they don't play the next game, no matter their form or stature in the team League is always priority - not matter the opponent in the cup (unless semis or final) sees a heavily rotated squad
  3. On to season 35/36 on FM18 and still loving it. Does miss some of the nice features of FM20 but much prefer the ME - the long shots hitting corner flags aren't fun (long shots in generally are quite poor) but it's very enjoyable
  4. I always interpreted first touch to be not just how well the player can control a pass/loose ball.etc but how well it enables him to move on to his next action - so a pass, a shot, dribble, cross.etc The higher the rating, the quicker and more efficiently he can perform the next action - so someone with a high rating may be able to receive the ball outside the box, take one touch that sets himself up to shoot. Whereas someone with a lower rating may not be able to perform the shot so quickly - maybe he controls it well enough but doesn't cushion the ball into a position whereby he can get a shot away, and needs to take another touch; this can allow the oppo defence to get into position to block it. So a higher rating allows the players to keep the ball moving, a lower rating will slow things down? I'm happy to proven wrong on this but this is how I've always interpreted it.
  5. Will see how the demo performs and await feedback on ME here - though this is liable to change patch by patch. If the outside-ME features (there's probably a word for it!) continue evolving the way they have been in recent years AND the ME receives some surgery then I'm sure FM21 will be the best yet. I've said this a few times, but for me, outside the ME this is the best FM so far - enjoying the layers and additional influence I have in so many ways, but the ME is essential to my enjoyment of the game and for so many reasons it has been tedious to experience in this edition
  6. For new players or those who aren't great at tactics, obviously the presets make sense. But if the game takes a turn as soon as you deviate from them, what is the point for experienced players? It essentially becomes plug and play, which is dull in my view. I have not, in any previous edition, encountered the mind-numbing frustrations as I have in FM20 from an ME perspective. I see all these advisory tips on here and those saying 'what issues?' - well done to all of them, but I have been through the mill and out the other side and nothing changes. Not only that, I watch highlights of other games regularly and the goals are repetitive, defensive behaviours are woeful.etc I think it's in poor shape, and I will wait for feedback on next year's BETA before I even consider buying.
  7. Precisely. If we're relying on preset tactics and reduced highlights to get our kicks then I seriously question the point of playing it at all. Developing tactics is a huge part of the game - watching them play out is ultimately the reward. I use presets as a foundation at times, but end up tweaking substantially to aim for what I need.
  8. You're clearly a good FM player, who has managed to get your tactical plan to play out on the pitch. I've played for many years and this is without doubt been the most frustrating version for trying to get my ideas implemented. Never been an issue before (once tactic has become close to fluid understanding), and I'm a successful manager for the most part. The sounding off in this thread means I'm not the only one - you appear to be one of the select few on here who have found a way around it. Wish I could, then I'd love this edition, I'm certain of it.
  9. Well this is precisely what I'm getting at and where my concerns are based - limited ways of playing and scoring and that bring enjoyment. I've done well in FM20, but I'd be lying if I said I was happy with how I was winning games. It seemed my tactics were played out to a very limited extent and the goals were mostly nerfed towards set pieces or cross to back post for small winger to head in....or, fullback with barely any long range shooting ability spanking one in from the edge of the area. I've gone back to FM18. Not perfect as far as ME is concerned, but much more rewarding from a tactical implementation standpoint.
  10. I think SI have acknowledged the ME flaws in this edition, without spelling it out word for word. There's enough people on here giving the same gripes - and SI themselves must surely be seeing it playing it day by day. It's been said to death on here, but it's such a shame how this game turned out as outside the ME it is the best it has ever been (IMO anyway) - but I can still go back 2/3 editions and find more enjoyment there because the matches are most important to me, they are the result of all the work I put into the game - all the training, tactical and player development, motivation, signings.etc - all my work plays out on the pitch; but when that is depicted in the most limited way possible (FM20), it's one big safety pin to a balloon of excitement.
  11. I echo your sentiments. I went back to FM18 two weeks back and am hooked again. ME isn't perfect (long shots are pretty woeful) but it is a more fluid match engine with a lot more variety than FM20 imo.
  12. I've gone back to FM2018 in the past week and the ME difference is pretty big IMO. Its downfall of course is that it doesn't have the nicer UI and the good additions to club vision, training and development.etc - however, in the ME I have seen so many different goals and styles of play. It's not perfect by any means (long shots a big problem in this edition) but the variety in play and goals is so much better than FM20. I feel tactical implementations are represented far better and the reduced level of set piece goals is very rewarding! I feel the ME has regressed, while other aspects of the game have certainly improved. For some, myself being one, the ME is essential to whether we enjoy the game or not and that's why I've gone back 2 editions. It's not polished, but I find myself playing a lot longer and it overall being much more rewarding
  13. This is a perfect summary (within a very well put together post) that sums up my feeling to a tee
  14. As has been said, there are plenty of ways of making the game 'difficult' or 'easy', starting with how you set up your manager profile with experience and attributes See no point in difficulty levels at all. Quality teams should be hard to play against and top class players should be tough to sign.
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