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  1. Maybe you can just play the game and find out yourself? @knapwhat do you suggest for a away tactic? Using !!!FM19.3.2BEOWULF4231PKnapP104EC atm but maybe it is to attacking for away games?
  2. In this game both my strikers scored 2 goals. So 4 in total and 1 pen. Here is the ratings screen :
  3. When you take a corner the other team goes for the counter attack with no one behind. so basically free goal
  4. @bossland Did you change the calendar? Because if so, that looks sick!!!!
  5. Couldnt get the logos to work. I changed the the ID's but not showing up in game Sorry forgot to edit the config.xml
  6. Maybe this is a option : DDL included in Base Skin download.
  7. Was just looking in this thread (i dont have the crash) but some people are really bitching about the FM team Do you really think the FM team like unhappy customers? They are doing everything they can to fix this!
  8. Hopefully all goes well, so that the update goes pbulic. Cant wait to start a new save (so i hope it comes out soon :P)
  9. So what is the status? Because this is going on for some weeks now
  10. DId the same thing, your pack is great and this with updated pictures and higher quality makes it a great combination! Thanks to both of you!
  11. Yeah its deleted again :P Did you got it @mastelli :D?
  12. Ah looks great m8! But as @mastelli said, both links are gone @mastelli, got the first one still open :
  13. The first one is yacs kits.xml right? The second one i dont really know what xml file that is. Played a bit with your first link But thanks for all the work you put in this skin!
  14. I guess that is the reason, but maybe we can work something out :P
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