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  1. Why is it working fine here then? (yeah i know this is the license fix, but that one is harder to get it working then graphics )
  2. Cant decide to pick a team from this list : Lyon (did a save with them in FM19 and won the league in first season, so maybe time to move on :P ) Bordeaux Milan (use to be a top team) Parma PSV (former local team, did a save with them this year, champions and CL winner :/ in first season ) Ado (local team atm) kaiserslautern hsv Stuttgart Some random teams : Midtjylland Goteborg Or any other team someone can come up with
  3. License fix works Kits work Logos work Face work I think you are working in the wrong folders
  4. Copy the files in the right map Just like always. But we are not allowed to talk about it here
  5. Then i am installing that version tonight :D! Hopefully we still can use license and logofixes
  6. Looks clean! Maybe add a option for citypic on the club overview panel?
  7. Hold on! The version on gamepass has achievements for your Xbox account?
  8. So everything is working fine with the gamepass version?
  9. I am not paying for skins and i am definitely not paying for kits
  10. First season with Man U FA Cup and Carabao Cup i didnt care Lukaku and Rashford had a great season Team of the Year :
  11. Skin looks great! Fresh! Btw any chance for City and Stadium pics on club overview? I am not bitching just asking :P
  12. Maybe you can just play the game and find out yourself? @knapwhat do you suggest for a away tactic? Using !!!FM19.3.2BEOWULF4231PKnapP104EC atm but maybe it is to attacking for away games?
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