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  1. Sorry, just back from holiday :P. Didnt use it yet
  2. MrGizMo

    My humble skin - Early Version Released!

    Any update on this? Looks great btw
  3. But you are not going for a new 4231? Will try this tactic now with Lyon
  4. Any updates on this tactic?
  5. MrGizMo

    [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    Take your time, And why not release it as a skin? I think some new blood is good for the community
  6. MrGizMo

    [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    Please tell me you are releasing your skin? Looks great and fresh
  7. MrGizMo

    Better pitch textures?

    That looks way better
  8. Yeah i am also looking for a tactic with wingers, so thats why i check this topic
  9. Not many people tried this tactic?
  10. MrGizMo

    [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    I did. Tried it on different locations. It never showed up
  11. MrGizMo

    [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    I had no logo pack installed Which did you use? Only thing what working for me was using a background pack, then it shows the city's. But i dont like the backgrounds pack
  12. MrGizMo

    [FM18] Club Overview Panel

    Did you get to work now? I have no logo pack installed now, and it still not showing up
  13. MrGizMo

    Red boxes

    lol i am not suggesting that you advised me to delete 670 files :D. I even posted that link where i found that option? I only checked page 8 (they one you suggested ) But now that you mentioned page 5 i found a solution i am going to try out next. Edit : I kind of works, only getting the red boxes now in the match So thanks Btw do you maybe have a solution for the scoreboard?
  14. MrGizMo

    Red boxes

    And page 9 is an even better option : But oke, will try to delete 670 files and hopefully that works