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  1. MrGizMo


    How do you get your kits so big? They are so small here? @bossland is there anything i can do to make them bigger?
  2. We got European soccer next year :D! ps : is this screen enough, or do i need to add more?
  3. here we go :D! First win is in the pocket
  4. I am so giving this a try tomorrow morning, just cant find a club to play with so this is going to be fun i guess :D!
  5. MrGizMo


    Looks great, and club background is still there! To be honest, that also looks great! I am going for option 1, but i am glad you also did the other option! Thanks for doing this btw, i know it takes some work so i am very happy!
  6. MrGizMo


    If you dont want to add it (And i can understand, its your skin so you decide) I have no problems to do it myself, but then i need some help :P
  7. Maybe check here : https://www.hollandsevelden.nl/competities/
  8. MrGizMo


    Maybe you can rotate it with the stadium pic? So that it switchs between city and stadium Or on this location : (because we have background info on the club also above in the tabs) Or maybe we need to edit the file ourself oh btw, now i see that latest XI shows the players of the last club you played against
  9. MrGizMo

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

    PMSC Stadium Megapack 3.01 Mini Stadiums Superpack (but that one is going to get a update)
  10. Just tested the .fmf file but some things dont are correct (dont worry i am not here to judge you) Most clubs i checked (from where i am) are not in the correct league Some clubs are from the wrong city Essche Boys are from Esch, but in your file from Bladel
  11. Maybe post this on the dutch Facebook FM page?
  12. Only thing that is still not fixed, that you cant press Next when you offered a contract to someone, only way to fix it for now is to go on holiday. Not really great when you have transferday