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  1. Sell Sell Sell. 1.Cannot see his Personality Trait but suspect that it may be in and around the Ambitious archetype 2. He wants out 3. He doe not respect you as a manager 4. He is replaceable 5. If you don't sell and he kicks up a fuss you could end up losing the dressing room and your job if he is high enough in the Hierachy
  2. Check Staff Responsibilities->Match->First Team Player Availability. Select your option from the drop down menu (i use "Never") and ensure the Automatically select box is unticked. Then go to each payer wit a U23 or U18 legend and follow the individual path to remove allocation
  3. Enjoy your new club Mr. De Sousa. I can now buy 3 world class players to replace you.
  4. 1. Can almost guarantee the his adaptability is under 10 (Hidden Attributes) and he is struggling to fit into the squad and and Premier League. 2. As others have pointed out he is a square peg in a round hole if you try use him as an Advance Forward.
  5. Mina Raiola in FM under a pseudonym except he never asked for a 20 Million agent fee
  6. When getting fast promotions you have to be ruthless with the players in your Squad. Sell/release those that don't have the ability to compete in your new league. Replace these with Players that will improve your squad. If you are struggling to attract players Loans are your friend. 5 good Loanees in positions you are struggling to fill will sustain your team for the year. Remember to loan for your tactic and not because of their reputation. Raid Top 6 Premier League clubs U23's and if that does not pan out work your way down the hierarchy. Look abroad for loanees who do not need/will get Work Permits. I spend a huge amount of time doing this every off season. Currently I have Bolton in their first Season in the Premier League and feel confident about securing a Low end mid table position. 20/21 League 2 Winners 21/22 League 1 4th - lost Play-offs 22/23 League 1 Winners 23/24 Championship 10th 24/25 Championship 7th 25/26 Championship 1st (Won league on Final day when Hull bottled against already relegated Plymouth) 26/27 ???
  7. The number of games he plays and his game ratings will affect his climb up the social structure of the club. I had an 18 year old LB join the club (Bolton) with 18 Leadership. He also started in the "Other" group. By end of year one he had supplanted the existing starting LB through better game ratings (7.19 vs 6.98) better Training ( 9.1 vs 8.6). By the start of his second season at the club he was already "influential" and part of the secondary group. The biggest issue i faced was the 29 year old existing LB getting his panties all twisted when I downgraded him from Regular Starter to Squad at start of second season.
  8. Under Training/Mentoring You can add them to an existing group (use your Assistant to set up if you want) or create a group and add them to that.
  9. Had this happen in a similar manner and noticed that win ratio is a probable deciding factor in these cases. You won 28 and he won 29 and the game gave the award to him.
  10. Why is Poor Performance not included in the Code Of Conduct agreement? Surely an agreement could be reached regarding this? I use the following "rules" in relation to Poor Performances - Friendlies/ much Bigger Club - nothing. Match Rating 6.3 or less - 3 Warnings then the fines start with a fine increase each time. If I have to fine a Player 2 weeks wages twice within the same year that player is transfer listed. So that is 7 disciplinary actions before the "final straw" performance.
  11. Why is there no recourse for the Manager to discipline a Loaned Player for a poor performance.?? We cannot fine them, we cannot contact their home club to complain, we cannot even give them a verbal warning. All we can do is point fingers etc and talk to them. Now in the actual footballing world I am sure that a Manager that is paying (Fee/Salary) would have a pathway to contact the parent club manager/loan manager and request assistance in dealing with consistent poor performances. Any disciplinary actions could then be implemented by the Parent Club.
  12. Are you referring the the constant yapping in your ear by your assistant manager in the Dugout box. If so - I totally agree - there needs to be a way to switch the entire thing off or give us the FM20 ability to select which advice we want. In a 24 team league I really don't want bu Assistant telling me every time a goal is scored on match day, or telling me that Player X is really good at crossing and we should close him down, or that Player x has given us everything and should be replaced with 5 minutes left to play, or Player x as a bruise and should be replaced - Bruise??????? I really enjoy most of the changes but the Match screen between highlights has gone backwards in my opinion and I still prefer Voice tone over gestures
  13. As mmitch19 stated you now have to manually remove the availability of each player. Then when the email pops up again make sure that the "Automatically" tick box is un-ticked. In the responsibilities tab under "Match" there is the ability to tell your U23 or U18 manager to contact you regarding the availability of your First Team players for their respective squads. However I think this is bugged as I have mine set to "Never" yet still get the request from the U18's manage before every game. I prefer to manually assign players because the game does not take into consideration the fitness levels of of your entire squad. So irregardless if you have 7 players that are "tired" and need to rested for a week or so and replaced by players from your squad in the next game - sorry all these have now played for your U18 in a friendly and are knackered as well.
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