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  1. Why is Poor Performance not included in the Code Of Conduct agreement? Surely an agreement could be reached regarding this? I use the following "rules" in relation to Poor Performances - Friendlies/ much Bigger Club - nothing. Match Rating 6.3 or less - 3 Warnings then the fines start with a fine increase each time. If I have to fine a Player 2 weeks wages twice within the same year that player is transfer listed. So that is 7 disciplinary actions before the "final straw" performance.
  2. Why is there no recourse for the Manager to discipline a Loaned Player for a poor performance.?? We cannot fine them, we cannot contact their home club to complain, we cannot even give them a verbal warning. All we can do is point fingers etc and talk to them. Now in the actual footballing world I am sure that a Manager that is paying (Fee/Salary) would have a pathway to contact the parent club manager/loan manager and request assistance in dealing with consistent poor performances. Any disciplinary actions could then be implemented by the Parent Club.
  3. And Biden does what the Russians could never achieve - a communist government in charge of America LOL
  4. Seeing the same thing on my Non-League to Legend Save. Currently at Sunderland - just promoted to Premier league. Board set "Sign Players under 23" as Required. Recruitment meetings full of 30+ players with Championship level skills. DoF (16 CA and 17 PA) keeps wanting to buy 2 star PA players for my U23 side. It is almost as if the DoF/Recruitment meetings/Scouts are locked into previous season League reputation and are not incorporated into the Board requirements
  5. Poor performance by a loanee should result in a discussion with parent club about a reduction in fees/salary by home club or should be part of the initial loan negotiations. This is one of the reasons I very rarely loan players as I have no recourse to affect their performance levels. Poor performance fines should form part of the Code of Conduct agreement. I currently have to man manage this ( i am a disciplinarian) 6.3 or lower 2 warnings then fines increase after each poor performance. If i get to 2 week fine next is transfer listed. Any player that uses the "my team did not allow me to pla
  6. Are you referring the the constant yapping in your ear by your assistant manager in the Dugout box. If so - I totally agree - there needs to be a way to switch the entire thing off or give us the FM20 ability to select which advice we want. In a 24 team league I really don't want bu Assistant telling me every time a goal is scored on match day, or telling me that Player X is really good at crossing and we should close him down, or that Player x has given us everything and should be replaced with 5 minutes left to play, or Player x as a bruise and should be replaced - Bruise??????? I reall
  7. As mmitch19 stated you now have to manually remove the availability of each player. Then when the email pops up again make sure that the "Automatically" tick box is un-ticked. In the responsibilities tab under "Match" there is the ability to tell your U23 or U18 manager to contact you regarding the availability of your First Team players for their respective squads. However I think this is bugged as I have mine set to "Never" yet still get the request from the U18's manage before every game. I prefer to manually assign players because the game does not take into consideration the fitness level
  8. Thanks for the comments but I think that the board had already taken into consideration the wages of an incoming Free Transfer which, when he arrived 2 weeks later!!, pushed my wage budget into the red. A simple budget adjustment resolved that issue. Still feel that the Boards reaction was a bit over-the-top and should be replaced with something like - Your Wage budget is forecast to be overspent with your recent transfer activity please adjust budgets or we will be forced to adjust your budgets for you.
  9. Just received an email from Director I am under budget and Board are "Happy"
  10. Despite having set "Ask which first team players are available for this team" to NEVER the U18 Manager sends me a email every week asking me to identify First team players for 18 duties. Not game breaking just irritating.
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