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  1. Getting international tactical familiarity up is a nightmare, because every time you have to withdraw a player due to injury or suspension, familiarity takes a hit.
  2. An Enganche role has elements that work in this respect, though you need the right player to make it work as a targetman.
  3. Some decent new signings, mate.
  4. Awww... Well deserved transfer, though it's a shame to see you leaving Holland.
  5. A 4-6-0 wide can work https://strikerless.com/2017/04/22/the-decapitated-buffalo-a-strikerless-production/ Not my own work, but still effective.
  6. Some excellent new signings. They should help you cement a spot in midtable this season.
  7. Excellent start to the season!
  8. I'd say a title is still very much on the cards. Come on!
  9. This could be your year, mate. Some stellar signings!
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