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  1. Whatever suits you, Lee
  2. Who-ever wants to get involved. Wetransfer is fine by me.
  3. Upload the save, we'll help out with the scouting
  4. Just survive the drop this season, you can compete for a play-off spot next season. We can crowdsource a team together, mate.
  5. What @HerrFrietsaus means is that we treat the save as a relay-race. We play for 6 months and pass it along to the next in line. The problem is that we cannot load the save anymore, which is a problem that has started since Frietsaus started using the public beta setting.
  6. Did someone mention strikerless?
  7. I'd say the basic framework looks sturdy and stable, but I'm mostly interested in what the libero does He will make or break the tactic.
  8. I did not see these. I demand linkage to such wonderful creations
  9. You say that as if it were a bad thing
  10. @ManUtd1 I don't suppose you'd like to do a write-up of one or both of those tactics on Strikerless?