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  1. I'd say the basic framework looks sturdy and stable, but I'm mostly interested in what the libero does He will make or break the tactic.
  2. I did not see these. I demand linkage to such wonderful creations
  3. You say that as if it were a bad thing
  4. @ManUtd1 I don't suppose you'd like to do a write-up of one or both of those tactics on Strikerless?
  5. If you're looking at breaking down a tight defensive formation, it's all about finding space in the final third somehow. Against these compact defences, space is restricted, which nullifies the effect of through balls, balls over the top and crosses. With so many players crowding the box, you're going to have a torrid time breaking through. You may get lucky with the odd flukey ball or flash of brilliance, but overall, sticking to a game plan that clearly isn't working is akin to trying to break down a door using your head as a battering ram. Eventually, you're going to make a dent, but it's going to be a painful affair. Don't be this guy... Going into full-blown overload mode is not the answer you are looking for either. This is not the game plan you are looking for... Seriously, it doesn't make sense. If you are already facing a cohesive, compact defence, which is packing the penalty area with bodies, what good will it do to add more bodies to the fray, restricting the amount of space even further? That's right, it's about as useful as tits on a boar. What might work is simply playing a bit deeper. This either lures the defenders forward or it means your players generate pockets of space for themselves. Either way, space is found on the pitch. If you have a few players moving around upfront, they will make use of that space, provided they have the footballing intelligence to recognise these pockets of space.
  6. I am loving this effort. Globetrotting in FM will be so much more enjoyable with the Japanese league intact and functional.